Zero Waste Produce Bags [my review]

When my EcoRoots zero waste produce bags arrived in my mailbox, I was secretly hoping that I had no fruits or veggies left in my fridge so I could run to the store and try them out immediately.

You may be wondering why I was so eager to start using these zero waste produce bags or why you should even care.

In the United States, 100 billion plastic bags are used each year. Besides creating a huge waste problem that is detrimental to marine life, the manufacturing process alone is extremely toxic and harmful to the environment.

8% of our oil resources goes towards the production of plastic bags and each one is typically only used for an average of 12 minutes.

I gave up single-use shopping bags awhile ago, but whenever I was getting groceries, I always found myself reaching for one of those silly plastic produce bags.

I always felt as though I had no other option, but now I do!

Bringing some zero waste produce bags into my life seemed like the next logical step in my journey towards living more sustainable and maybe it is the next step in your’s, too.

Even though there are a few different reusable produce bags on the market, I decided to go with the EcoRoots brand because I liked the company’s philosophy and their product set. They started when they realized how much consumerism is negatively impacting the environment.

zero waste produce bags

Their mission is to create long-lasting products that minimize the creation of waste. Naturally, the packaging of their products is completely recyclable and plastic-free.

My zero waste produce bags arrived in a cardboard box, which I ended up shredding and adding to my composting bin. You could also recycle it if you are not on the composting train yet.

The produce bags are sold in a set of nine and have two different types, mesh and bulk, in various sizes.

The mesh bags have holes in them and are best used for produce, such as apples, oranges, and broccoli. There is a small, medium, and large bag and you get two of each size.

zero waste produce bags

The bulk bags are solid and are more for items you would get in bulk, such as pasta, coffee, and rice. There is only one of each size of the bulk bag in the set.

After receiving my bags, I had to wait a few days to use them. Luckily, the week went by quickly and it was finally Saturday, which meant it was farmer’s market day!

I woke up, had a cup of coffee, and packed my produce bags inside of one another. I then threw them into my reusable canvas bag and walked a few blocks from my house to the market on a gorgeous summer morning. The market was bustling.

The smell of fresh bread and the sight of produce satisfied my senses. Using my produce bags was easy and fun.

Before you knew it, my bag was full of beautiful, local fruits and veggies.

I really like that there is different sized bags because it just seems to make sense. For instance, the small bag is great for strawberries and the large one is best for a bushel of kale.

The small details of the EcoRoots zero waste produce bags is what really makes them a solid product.

Each bag has a stainless steel drawstring cord, so it is easy to secure them closed.

zero waste produce bags

They are made of organic cotton and are completely machine washable.

They are super durable but are also 100% biodegradable if you ever wanted to get rid of them (I am not sure why you would).

Each bag also has the tare weight written on a tag, so your food can be accurately weighed.

I have had so many cashiers and fellow shoppers compliment me on them. It is a great gateway conversation into informing others about the plastic problem and how they can easily live more sustainable.

Since using them at the farmer’s market, I have also brought my produce bags to the grocery store and my local food co-op, which works just as well.

I tend to just leave them in the trunk of my car so I have them whenever I need them.

I really love having both styles of the bag.

The mesh bag is great because it makes it super easy to rinse your produce right inside of it.

Personally, I use the bulk bags more at the store than the market because that is where I stock up on coffee, grains and beans.

I have recently been thinking about buying more bulk bags because three sometimes is not enough and I just use them so much.

zero waste produce bags

They are great! Besides being perfect for produce and food, these bags are awesome to have in your life for other reasons.

When traveling, I sometimes use one of the medium ones for my toiletries.

A few months ago, I was moving apartments and these bags came in super handy when packing random, small miscellaneous items. My friend has the same set and she sometimes uses them for her kid’s toys.

The possibilities for these zero waste produce bags are endless!

If you get the EcoRoots reusable produce bags, I am sure that you will find even more reasons to love them than what I have already mentioned.

The mesh and bulk options just make it so easy to sustainably purchase your food.

I love the material, sizes, and style of this product. I just can not recommend them enough.

zero waste produce bags
EcoRoots Zero Waste Reusable Produce Bags Set of 9 (25$)

If you started using only reusable bags, over the course of your lifetime you would have saved 22,000 plastic bags from reaching the landfill.

Would you be willing to give up single-use plastic bags to lessen your impact on the environment?