Zero Waste Shaving [My Favorite Safety Razor]

Like all routines, I don’t put much thought into shaving. Even though I might not shave every day, I should’ve noticed how many razors I was throwing away.

It’s amazing how much damage something as simple and small as a disposable razor can do.

Think of it this way, the EPA estimates that 2 billion razors are thrown out each year.

zero waste shaving

How many of these razors are yours? How many do you go through each week, each month, each year?

Considering you can’t recycle these in the U.S.A, it’s a pretty safe assumption that they’re stacking up in our landfills and our environment.

So What Do We Do?

For me, It was easy to see that a step in the right direction consisted of me changing my routine and I needed to find a perfect replacement.

One method I attempted previously was signing up for Harry’s, a shaving club that provides you with a razor handle and sends razor heads monthly (or whenever you request).

zero waste shaving

The problem was that the blades only lasted so long, I went through an average of 6 blades each month. They rusted and dulled to the point where they did more damage to my skin than the hair I was attempting to remove.

Therefore, it was on to the next idea. Reusable safety razors.

Safety razors are not a new idea, but they are not overly popular especially for use in those very sensitive areas where one mistake causes pain for the next week.

Taking a leap out of our comfort zone to try something new when it affects our body so intimately is hard, even when the change would be better for the Earth and better for your skin.

The Switch

I’m not one to start using a product without doing any research, and that goes double when the product affects my skin.

I avoided large scale stores (aka WalMart) and looked through a few options on Amazon, but ultimately I decided upon this Rose Gold Safety Razor from Ecoroots.

zero waste shaving

It was exactly what I needed. Stainless-steel double edged eco-friendly safety razor with plenty of instructions… it also didn’t hurt that it was Rose Gold, my favorite color.

zero waste shaving

My Zero Waste Shaving Experience

zero waste shaving

No offense to the people who already know how to use safety razors, I don’t have the steadiest hand and the initial trial was a slow process.

Holding a heavy metal object was somewhat intimidating at first, making the first couple passes on my legs annoyingly slow.

Tip #1, only shave downwards. I did the mistake of going both ways. I do not recommend.

When I ordered my zero waste razor, I also went ahead and added on their Organic Shaving Soap which was extremely helpful when shaving. It made my legs feel soft and smooth after the shave.

I couldn’t stop rubbing my legs, the difference was amazing.

zero waste shaving

No razor bumps, no dry skin, no cuts. Probably the most successful shave I’ve had in a while.

Although the blades still need to be replaced, they last much longer than ones on plastic razors.

They suggest changing your blades after 7 uses, and as the blades have a high-polish finish to protect from corrosion, they last much longer than plastic.

Make sure to keep the razor in a dry place and rinse it after every use, you want to make your razor last.

For more information about EcoRoots Safety Razor check their article here.

As for the used blades, take them to your local recycling center where they will get put with the stainless steel recycling, or if you don’t feel like making the trip, you can mail them through the Albatross Blade Take Back Program.

You don’t need to mail each individual blade, keep a blade bank instead. A jar or piggy bank that you put all your used razor blades in. Once it’s full, take or mail them for recycling.

Metal Vs. Plastic

zero waste shaving

And the winner is…. Metal. Not surprised? Me neither.

The struggle with usual plastic razors is how easily they break or bend while shaving.

I for one have cut myself way too often to have any REAL attachment to a little pink plastic thing. Not only do the razors fall apart, but they don’t work.

zero waste shaving

How many times do you have to go over that one line of hair left on your leg just to get a few leftover strands? Too many. It should be one and done.

The difference in weight alone makes the switch worth it.

The safety razor has some extra weight to it, as expected, and it feels like I have more control when shaving. I don’t fear the drifting of my hand because I’m more aware of what I’m doing.

zero waste shaving
EcoRoots Rose Gold Safety Razor (32$)

Now, in consideration of looks, the safety razor takes the cake.

Rose gold will forever be my go to color and this razor fits right in. 

Was It Really Worth It? Heck yes.

I am not all about the money, but I’m not against saving some.

This switch was definitely a budget friendly one in the long run.

On average we spend almost $20 for a nice disposable razor with a few blade refills. With the plastic free safety razor you spend the initial $32 and you’re set for the next couple of years.

zero waste shaving

You might shave twice a week, so you might go through a blade each month, maybe two. The disposable razor only lasts for a week before needing having to replace the blades.

This means that zero waste shaving is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your bank account.

Now, if you’re really trying to be eco-friendly, not shaving at all is an option that is 100% zero waste.

I personally don’t have the ability to go without shaving, it would make me uncomfortable and part of being waste free and eco-friendly is being comfortable enough to keep up with it.

Just being aware of what products you’re using and what they’re doing to the environment is perfectly fine, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s all about the little steps.

What’s stopping you from switching?

zero waste shaving