Is Philosophy Cruelty Free?

Is Philosophy Cruelty Free?

Despite their thinly veiled attempts at claiming to be, Philosophy is not cruelty-free. Their official policy states that they are committed to using alternatives in their product development so that animal testing isn’t required to ensure product safety. They don’t perform any animal testing or allow third parties to do it for them… Can you sense the “but” coming?

Here it is: butPhilosophy allows animal testing on their products or base ingredients when it is required by law. If a company alters its policies to end animal testing at home but continues to sell its products in places like mainland China, where animal testing is required by law, they can’t be considered cruelty-free.

hyaluronic glow moisturizer (39$)

Further, Philosophy is owned by a larger company called Coty, and this company does test on animals. When a beauty or skincare brand claims that they don’t test on animals but is owned by a company that does, this always raises a few extra questions. In this case, it’s clear in any direction that Philosophy is not cruelty-free.

Now, we know that Philosophy has some pretty popular beauty and skincare products, and fragrances, too. And the hardest part of making the switch to an entirely cruelty-free lineup of beauty and skincare products is finding the right ones. Once you do, you’ll never go back.

It’s true, ask any of your cruelty-free friends! Turns out, they’re pretty addicting once you find your favorites. So, to help make the transition easier, we’ve rounded up the best swaps to make if you’re a former Philosophy lover looking for your perfect cruelty-free alternative.

The most popular Philosophy product may be the Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Shower, Bath, and Shave Gel. If you’ve grown attached to this particular product, don’t worry, there’s a way that you can get your fix and still feel good about it. Try Beauty Counter’s Citrus Mimosa Body Wash. When you sign up for their emails, they’ll give you 20% off your first order, so there’s something else you can feel good about, too!

You’ll get to try this incredible alternative at a decently discounted price, find a cruelty-free replacement for your favorite body wash, and maybe find some other great swaps along the way.

Beauty Counter is also offering an additional incentive right now: for each order received, they’re donating one Charcoal Cleansing Bar to a healthcare worker. This is a company truly worth supporting.

Body Wash Citrus Mimosa (25$)

Beauty Counter offers a ton of other great products, too. From moisturizers, cleansers, and primers to lipsticks, concealers, and masks, they’ve got pretty much all of your beauty product needs covered. And if there’s anything missing, we’ve put together a handy list of other cruelty-free companies you can try out, too. We’ll get to those in a minute.

One last note about Beauty Counter first: on top of being cruelty-free, they’re also very cautious about the ingredients they put into their products. They keep what they call a “never list” full of 1,800 questionable chemicals and ingredients that they won’t allow to be used in any of their mindful products. How incredible is that?

Now, on to our list of some of the most popular cruelty-free brands for you to test out at home:

You can find more information about these popular brands and their best-selling products right on their websites or through the Leaping Bunny and PETA. Each of these brands sells excellent cruelty-free options that will cover all of your skin, beauty, and hair product needs. Many of them also have vegan options, which is important if you’re looking for products that are not only cruelty-free but don’t use animal byproducts, either.

As if that’s not enough, many other companies are making the switch to cruelty-free practices and following their lead by the dozens! This list is growing every day as more companies recognize the benefits of alternative products in a market full of conscious shoppers. Cruelty-free consumers are part of something much bigger than themselves, and that’s something to be really proud of.

On top of shopping with a clear conscience and supporting an incredible cause for the voiceless, there many other benefits of switching to cruelty-free products and companies:

  • You’re promoting change and keeping innocent animals safe from outdated, unnecessary, and cruel policies
  • Cruelty-free products are almost always better for you and your skin than traditional products are
  • Fewer chemicals and synthetics (swapped for healthier ingredients) means fewer allergic reactions, rashes, breakouts, and other skin irritations or inflammations
  • Healthier ingredients are better for moisturizing and keeping your skin happy
  • Shopping cruelty-free often leads to more mindful shopping decisions, helping you clear the clutter from your cabinets, drawers, and shelves and condensing down to only what you need and love
  • Many of the companies on our list offer additional incentives to get you to try their products because they’re confident you’ll love them once you try them; this might mean heavy discounts, BOGOs, free shipping, samples, and more

Before we wrap things up, let’s answer the one question left that many people ask before making the switch: can I afford cruelty-free products? And the good news is that the answer is an immediate and confident yes! While some brands might be on the more expensive side, most of the cruelty-free brands on our list are just as affordable as their traditional counterparts. Physician’s Formula, The Body Shop, and ELF are particularly affordable.

Some of ELF’s products even sell for $1! More often, they’ll land in the $6-$10 range, which is still pretty incredible for the quality you’re getting. Beauty product buyers swear by their concealers, primers, eyeshadows, and liquid eyeliners. Search through the cruelty-free brand list until you find the one that offers exactly what you’re looking for and matches up to your budget. It’s there, trust me!

Is Laneige Cruelty Free?

Is Laneige Cruelty Free?

No, Laneige beauty brand is not cruelty-free. The ingredients they use and the finished products themselves may be tested on animals. Additionally, their products are sold in countries like mainland China where animal testing is not only permitted but is often also legally required.

Laneige skincare is available in multiple stores in mainland China, which requires their consent on each product being tested on animals where and when the Chinese authorities see fit. Their products are also sold in several other countries with questionable animal testing laws and requirements.  

Now, this may be unfortunate news for Laneige lovers, but don’t worry, we’ll give you some alternatives to try out. Laneige is known for its skincare, body product, and lip care lines. Here are some of their most popular products:

  • Water sleeping masks
  • Lip sleeping mask
  • Lip balms
  • Water bank moisture creams
  • Foundation cushions
  • Toners
  • Lipsticks
  • Cream skin refiners
Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (25$)

But these particular products aren’t cruelty-free, and many of them contain animal ingredients or byproducts, so they’re not vegan either. So, if you’re currently living that cruelty-free and vegan life, or you’re working on making the transition, here’s how you can get similar products that align better with your ethical views:

First, try the agave nighttime lip mask from Bite Beauty. This product is comparable to Laneige’s popular lip mask. The original Bite Beauty lip mask gives you a full day of hydration with a nice and subtle hint of color, while the nighttime edition offers a great smell and taste with plumping and hydrating as added benefits. The nighttime mask is just a bit thicker and comes in a jar so it’ll last longer.

Bite Beauty’s lip line offers a lot of excellent alternatives to Laneige’s lip products, and many people who make the switch report liking the smells and sizes better, too. You can find them at Sephora, along with the other cruelty-free and vegan products in their lineup, like lips balms, lip crayons, foundations, lip scrubs and serums, and skin primers.

Agave+ Daytime Vegan Lip Balm (14$)

As if that’s not enough, when it comes to cruelty-free product purchases, there are tons of other options to try. Some of your beauty and skincare products may already be cruelty-free, so be sure to check the labels before you start throwing things out. Look for stamps or seals from the Leaping Bunny, PETA’s certification, or a cruelty-free claim you can investigate further.

Here’s a list of other popular brands that are confirmed to be cruelty-free:

The best thing about this list? It’s growing every day! More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of offering cruelty-free and vegan alternatives to win over conscious shoppers and keep their customers happy. These are just some of the many that have made the move to cruelty-free policies and nixed the unnecessary animal testing policies of the past.

So, what does cruelty-free shopping mean for you? A clear conscience may be the primary reason you decided to make the switch, but luckily for you, there are quite a few other benefits to making the switch, too. On top of supporting an incredible cause, promoting change with others, and keeping innocent animals safe, these products are typically better for you, too.

Think about it: it makes perfect sense that companies who care about animal testing would also care about the ingredients they’re subjecting their customers to more than traditional companies would. Instead of hard to pronounce chemicals, sulfates, preservatives, parabens, additives, dyes, and synthetics, they’re much more likely to swap traditional ingredients out for healthier ones that you and your skin can feel good about.

Here are just some common better-for-you ingredients that beauty and cosmetics companies are taking advantage of these days:

  • Organic herbal blends
  • Coconut milk
  • Chamomile
  • Vitamins and essential oils
  • Plant extracts    

They’re better for your conscience and your skin, what could be better than that? Actually, we’re not done yet! These natural ingredients add a few benefits of their own; they’re less likely to cause breakouts or allergic reactions, and many of them are also known to decrease the presence of other troubling skin reactions like a rash, dryness, irritation, and inflammation.

When you’re done gazing at the Leaping Bunny on the label and enjoying the natural, healthy glow of your skin from your new cruelty-free products, you might notice that they’re helping you make more mindful shopping decisions, too. When you choose only cruelty-free products, it narrows down your options a bit, in turn saving you time, space, and money. The benefits just keep coming!

With more cruelty-free product options than ever before, now is a great time to clear the clutter from wherever you keep your cosmetics and beauty and skincare products. Cruelty-free products are ones that you can feel good about for so many reasons. With comparable prices, ethical practices, and healthier ingredients, it’s pretty easy to make the switch. And to feel really good about it, too. Use your product purchases to promote a cause you care about and say no to massive brands that care more about profit than the health and safety of both lab animals and their customers. You can be a part of the movement and we’re happy to be on this journey with you.  

Is MORPHE Cruelty Free?

Is Morphe Cruelty Free?

Good news, eyeshadow palette, and bronzer lovers, Morphe Cosmetics is cruelty-free! That means that this versatile cosmetics company does not do any of the following:

  • Test their ingredients or finished products on animals
  • Work with suppliers that test on animals
  • Let third party companies test on animals for them
  • Sell in areas like mainland China where animal testing is required by law

How can you beat that? Seeing that a major company like this one employs cruelty-free practices is like music to our ears… Well, our eyes. Because we’re reading, not listening. But you get the picture.

Morphe is also a privately owned company, so there isn’t a shady parent company to consider in their cruelty-free status. Sometimes, a beauty or cosmetics brand can be completely cruelty-free, but can also be owned by a company that is not cruelty-free, which puts them in a bit of a grey area for some people. But we’ll try not to hold it against them.

Luckily, am is completely free and clear of anything that would threaten their cruelty-free status, including selling in areas that may test on animals despite the company’s guidelines and preferences. Not selling products in mainland China is an admirable decision; these cruelty-free companies are choosing the health and safety of voiceless animals over additional profits.

Currently, Morphe isn’t Leaping Bunny certified, but this seems to be more of an oversight than a warning sign. Morphe has confirmed on several occasions that they’re completely cruelty-free, and so far, no one has found a reason to doubt that.

Now, you may be wondering: what are some of the most popular Morphe cosmetics, and where can you find them besides their website?

First, let’s talk about some of their most popular products:


They also offer a wide variety of other makeup products, brushes, tools, value sets, fragrances, and body and nail products. For shoppers looking to kick their cruelty-free shopping up a notch, they have an entire category of 100% vegan products to choose from. 

Best of all, most of their products are bright and vibrant with really attractive packaging, so they make great gifts for all of the cosmetics lovers on your shopping list. Their website offers free shipping on orders over $60, which is a bit high, but if you’re shopping for yourself and one or two other people, it could be worth online ordering and skipping the store.

You can also join their email list to get their “exclusive offers and discounts.” This is all the information they offer on the website, so we’re not sure if the offerings will be worth another email subscription, but it’s worth a shot since you can always unsubscribe later.

Morphe cosmetics are very popular at the chain retailer Ulta in the U.S., along with Morphe stores, and through their website. In Canada, you can also shop through their website, or shop their products at most Sephora stores. They’re also sold through one authorized Amazon seller and you can find that seller here.

By now, you should have a good idea of whether or not you want to shop for Morphe Cosmetics if you haven’t been already. If you’re still on the fence, they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, or you just want some alternatives to look through, here are some other popular products from other cruelty-free companies:

If you have a company that you prefer to shop through and you’re wondering if they’re cruelty-free, you can search the company on Leaping Bunny’s website. But if you don’t see them on there, don’t get too discouraged. It’s possible that they’re just not certified yet.

You can follow up on your search by Google searching the name of the company, plus “cruelty-free,” and seeing what comes up. The company may have put out statements, or other articles may have been written in regard to their cruelty-free status. And if all else fails, give the company a call or email and ask!

These versatile and socially conscious companies offer product lines that you can feel good about and be proud to support. If you’re looking for a very budget-friendly brand to try out, we’d recommend ELF or Physician’s Formula. Most of the others are mid-range and high-end brands, covering a wide range of budgets and prices in between.

In the past, it may have been difficult to find cruelty-free brands to shop from, especially if you were on a budget, but that’s not the case anymore. There are now hundreds of brands making this incredible and important change, and more get added to the list every day.

Obviously, animal safety is the biggest priority in being a cruelty-free shopper, but it helps that there are a lot of other benefits, too. On top of also being way more budget-friendly than most people believe before they check them out, cruelty-free products are typically better for you, too.

Companies that care about protecting animals are much more likely to care about the ingredients they’re putting into their products and how they affect their customers. As a result, they’re often made without the harmful chemicals and dyes that other products are made with.

So, now is the time to clear the clutter from your cosmetics drawer.

Ditch the costly, chemical-laden, animal-tested products you were forced to use in the past, and choose ones that are better for the animals, better for you, better for your budget, and overall, more mindful and healthier. You can feel good about the choices you’re making, and even better knowing that you’re contributing to a positive change in the ways of the world. Happy conscious shopping, friends!

Is Biore Cruelty Free?

To the disappointment of many Biore beauty product lovers, Biore is not a cruelty-free brand. Biore sells its products in mainland China, and they have mandatory animal testing laws, so even if this brand doesn’t directly test on animals, they have given permission for the testing to be done in other markets.

Biore, owned by Japan-based parent company Kao, is known for its pore strips, daily face washes, and charcoal cleansers. They’ve been an incredibly popular brand over the years, and their products are sold worldwide, so many people were upset to learn about their loose animal testing policies.

In addition to agreeing to animal testing where it is required, some of their products also contain animal or by-product ingredients, so vegan shoppers aren’t any luckier in this case. If you’re one of the people that was upset by this news, don’t worry: there are plenty of alternatives.

Before we talk about the alternatives, we want to clear one thing up many people think that beauty and cosmetics products are just tested on mice or lab rats. This may help them justify their decisions, but it’s simply not true. When products are tested on animals, there are few regulations on the type of animal. Traditional products may be tested on mice and rabbits, but they’re tested on cats and dogs, too.

A good way to think about it is if the product has chemicals and dyes in it that you wouldn’t want touching your pet, why should it be tested on other animals? Not to get too dark on you, but lab animals, regardless of what kind they are, are often kept in tiny cages before, during, and after testing, and many of them end up blinded, maimed or even killed. So, next time you hear someone say “they’re just lab rats,” you can set the record straight.

Now, the alternatives will differ by company depending on which products you’re looking for, so we’ll break it down into their two most popular categories: strips and cleansers. If you’re looking for pore strips to replace your Biore ones, the best cruelty-free alternative we’ve found is the one put out by Formula 10.0.6.

The product is called “Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask”. They work exactly the same way as the Biore ones, so you won’t have a new process to get used to. But why would you forget what you were going there for? Because Formula 10.0.6 offers tons of other great products, too!

They offer a pretty wide range of moisturizers, skin treatments, cleansers, masks, and scrubs, so you might be able to replace some of your other traditional products while you’re there, too. This brand isn’t one of the big ones yet, but they’ve been gaining popularity over the years because they’re cruelty-free and they offer so many different products to choose from. Most of their products are also vegan. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to their deep-cleaning face washes or charcoal cleansers, it’s hard to beat Burt’s Bees. Their soapbark and chamomile deep cleansing cream may be made with very different ingredients from what you’d find in Biore, but at least we can pronounce these ones! The natural ingredients in the cleanser are great for cleaning (soapbark), replenishing (chamomile and coconut oil), and refreshing (menthol).

When it comes to cruelty-free and vegan shopping, there are plenty of other options to test out. If you have products at home that know you love, look for the Leaping Bunny seal, the PETA certification, or cruelty-free claims on the packaging. But don’t stop there: if you don’t see any certifications and only see uncertified claims, do a quick Google search to confirm.

You can also search and the Leaping Bunny’s website to confirm that they haven’t been recently added. Many companies have been making false claims about being cruelty-free recently in an attempt to stay relevant and keep their profits up as more and more people choose cruelty-free alternatives, so you can’t be too careful.

Here are some other really popular cruelty-free beauty and cosmetics brands that are waiting for you to come try them out:

These are just a few of the forward-thinking companies that have made the move to cruelty-free policies, and more are getting added to the list each day. The best way to keep on top of changes that are occurring in this area is to perform regular searches, look for updates, follow PETA or the Leaping Bunny, and read our posts on cruelty-free company statuses!

Few things are better than knowing you’re supporting an important cause, helping to keep voiceless animals safe, and driving change with likeminded people. But in case you need more, cruelty-free products are usually made with better ingredients, too.

These better ingredients might include things like organic herbal blends, chamomile, coconut milk, kale and other plant extracts, essential oils, and vitamins. With fewer synthetic dyes, sulfates, preservatives, and parabens and more natural ingredients like the ones listed above (and many others), cruelty-free products are usually much better for your skin.

What does that mean for you? Likely, a few things:

  • Fewer breakouts
  • Less of a chance of an allergic reaction
  • Decrease in other skin irritations like rashes, inflammation, dry flakes, and breakouts

And let’s be real here, all of us could benefit from fewer skin irritations! When you’re done marveling at your glowing skin from using these products, you’ll notice that they’re also helping you make more mindful beauty and cosmetic product choices.

Narrowing down your options so that you only have cruelty-free products in your lineup saves you time when you’re shopping and space when you bring your products home.

Cruelty-free is tested in more ethical ways, it’s better for you, doesn’t break the bank, and gives you the chance to take a stand for something you care about. There are plenty of brands out there that know these things and choose not to test on animals because of it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Is NYX Cruelty Free?

Yes, NYX is cruelty-free. This popular makeup brand has confirmed that they follow cruelty-free policies for their products. They opt out of testing their preferred ingredients or finished makeup products on animals, and they don’t let any third-parties do it for them either. They’re also not sold in places like China where they require animal testing by law. NYX is certified by PETA, so we know that they took the extra steps to provide proof and documentation of their cruelty-free testing processes.

NYX is a popular choice for makeup products like lip glosses, liners, highlighters, pigments, eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, and liquid lipsticks. Like several other cruelty-free companies, NYX is owned by a parent company that isn’t cruelty-free: L’Oréal. But this doesn’t have any impact on the smaller brand’s policies (at least when it comes to testing).

So, where can you find NYX if you haven’t tried them out yet? The expansive and versatile makeup lines offered by NYX are available in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Europe. Like most brands these days, you can order everything they have to offer online and have it shipped right to your door.

Here are some of the most popular makeup products put out by NYX:

The Ultimate Edit petite shadow palette, Ultimate Shadow palette, makeup setting, and finish sprays are other favorites. Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift for a fellow cruelty-free shopper, they’ve got plenty of options to choose from and their website is very easy to navigate.

As if that’s not enough, they’ve also got a handy section on their website that separates vegan formulated products from the others, for those who are looking to take their cruelty-free purchases an ethical step further. These particular makeup products don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients or byproducts. Each option on their website is one you can feel good about.

By now, you should have a pretty solid idea of whether or not NYX has the makeup products that you’re looking for. If they’ve fallen flat in your cruelty-free product search, or you simply want other options to work your way through, too, we’ve got it covered.

Here is a short list of some other popular cruelty-free companies:

And what’s even better than seeing this incredible list of passionate cruelty-free companies? The fact that this list is growing all the time! Beauty, makeup, and skincare brands are making the change to cruelty-free policies as they see a growing demand for these alternative products. More and more people are choosing cruelty-free and vegan products, so naturally, companies are making the shift to keep up with the demand. Companies with old, outdated policies that allow testing on animals will soon find that they’re obsolete.

Both PETA and the Leaping Bunny work to certify companies as cruelty-free, and you can easily search their websites for these companies if you find that you’re unsure of something already in your lineup. If you don’t see the cute bunny stamp or the PETA seal of approval on the packaging of the products you have at home, don’t toss them just yet – there’s one more step you can take. Take a moment to google search the company for more information on their policies. Not every company that follows cruelty-free policies takes the time or has had long enough yet to get certified.

Although it’s not 100% necessary to be certified, it does help us know that they’re telling the truth and that we can be confident in our choices. And equipped with this information and a drive to make cruelty-free purchases and support a good cause, you can make more mindful choices, too. You’ll be thrilled when you look to your beauty product and makeup lineup and know that they’re full of happy, healthy, cruelty-free products.

While we’re on the topic of being healthy, it’s important to know that cruelty-free products aren’t just healthier for the animals, they’re usually healthier for us, too. Many people don’t realize this before they make the switch. Companies that are about animals typically care more about their shoppers. They use healthier ingredients than their traditional counterparts. With fewer additives, chemicals, or synthetics, these products will do your body good. This means fewer allergic reactions, rashes, acne breakouts, or other irritations.

In case you might be wondering, what ingredients do cruelty-free companies use instead? The answer varies, but it might be coconut milk instead of a strongly scented chemical, organic shea butter instead of an impossible-to-pronounce synthetic, or a variety of other positive swaps. When you start shopping for cruelty-free products to replace or supplement the stuff you have at home, check the labels (or the list of ingredients in the corresponding online descriptions). You’ll be surprised to find how much more recognizable and familiar these ingredients are to you.

Cruelty-free products are better for the animals that have escaped the labs, your body and skin, and your peace of mind. Often, they’re better for the environment, and may even be better for your budget, too. Plus, they’re easy to find, they make great gifts, and many cruelty-free companies offer excellent incentives and discounts for new and return customers. With only NYX and the list or other cruelty-free companies above, you can replace all of the traditional products in your beauty product, skincare, haircare, makeup, and nail polish collections – and you’ll be so glad that you did!

Is Smashbox Cruelty Free?

Smashbox is cruelty-free. This mid-range makeup brand doesn’t test ingredients or products on animals. Neither do their suppliers or other third parties. Smashbox isn’t sold in countries where animal testing is legally required. They are currently PETA certified and sold in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Smashbox is a cruelty-free company you can feel proud supporting!

Some people are concerned when they see that a cruelty-free company is owned by a company that isn’t cruelty-free. This is actually more common than it sounds. Urban Decay is a great example. They’re cruelty-free, but they’re owned by L’Oréal, who is not cruelty-free. Smashbox is cruelty-free, but they’re owned by Estee Lauder and Estee Lauder is not cruelty-free.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, nothing really. Like L’Oréal, Estee Lauder just doesn’t force the other companies they own to follow their same policies. This may mean that keeping their cruelty-free status was a condition in the buyout agreement. It may mean that they’re working toward all of their companies being cruelty-free and they just haven’t made it yet. There are a few reasons a cruelty-free company may be owned by one with less ethical policies. But in any case, a truly cruelty-free company shouldn’t be punished for the choices that were made by a parent company.

As for us cruelty-free shoppers, it just means that Smashbox has the funding and notoriety to continue selling quality cruelty-free makeup products. And in order to be certified by PETA, a company needs to provide extensive documentation and proof of their cruelty-free policies. PETA, Leaping Bunny, and other certifications aren’t entirely necessary, but they do make us feel better. It’s nice to have reliable evidence that the products we’re purchasing are really cruelty-free instead of having to guess or go off of their word. That’s not to say that we don’t believe companies that say they’re cruelty-free but haven’t gone through the certification process. Just that sometimes we like to have a little more information.  

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Smashbox products:

Smashbox was rated #1 in the U.S. for cruelty-free face primers. So, if you’re looking for a good cruelty-free face primer to add to your beauty routine, your search is over! They’ve got a handy primer finder on the website to help you pick out your perfect shades. And there’s a foundation finder, too. Plus, you can earn points with every order (they call it Smash Cash) to earn perks.

As if that’s not enough, when you join, you’ll get 15% off your first purchase, a $5 credit after you earn 50 points, free shipping, and two free samples. These are some great incentives to test them out! They have a wide range of makeup, primer, BB cream, face, lip products, and more. Their highlighter duos and perfecting powders are popular cruelty-free options, too.

But if you’re looking for alternatives or other beauty products, there’s a growing list of amazing cruelty-free companies to try out. They range from super affordable (like ELF) to mid-range (like Kat Von D) to more high-end (like Urban Decay). There’s something for every budget and beauty lineup. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Best of all, this list is growing every day. These companies are part of the movement to normalize cruelty-free policies and others are joining them every day. When you see the PETA certification or the adorable Leaping Bunny stamp on a beauty product bottle in your home, you know that you’re contributing to something important. The companies listed above easily have all of your makeup, skin, beauty, and hair care needs covered. Many of them sell nail polish and gift sets, too. And some even offer vegan options if you’re ready to take it a step further.

If we continue to choose cruelty-free products over traditional alternatives, this list will never stop growing. Big and small companies with outdated animal testing policies will see that we don’t need them anymore. They’ll see that it’s time to change or become obsolete. This is a major win for the animals that don’t have the voice to defend themselves. It’s a win for the shoppers that enjoy making a difference and having a clear conscience. But what most people don’t realize is that it’s a win for your skin, too.

You may be surprised to find that cruelty-free products are almost always made with better ingredients than traditional ones. They tend to have fewer chemical, synthetic, or additive products mixed in. Instead, cruelty-free companies go for things like coconut milk that are healthier and more effective. And healthier ingredients mean happier skin. This might be what you need to put an end to those pesky breakouts, rashes, and allergic reactions, too.

As you start shopping for your cruelty-free products, take some time to read the labels or the online product descriptions. You’ll find the information you need to choose the best products to create a new lineup. But you’ll also notice ingredients that are much easier to pronounce. You’ll notice healthy ingredients that you recognize. Ones that don’t sound made up or cover half the bottle. And over time, you’ll notice that you don’t even miss the products you used to use.

You can find everything you need at one of these amazing cruelty-free companies. And you can find gifts to convert your friends and family members, too!

Is Urban Decay Cruelty Free?

Yes, Urban Decay is cruelty-free. They don’t test their ingredients or completed products on animals. And they don’t let their suppliers or other companies do it either. Urban Decay’s beauty product and nail polish lines aren’t sold anywhere that requires animal testing by law (think mainland China). They are, however, owned by a company that is not cruelty-free.

So, what does this mean? This situation can get a bit confusing. We know that L’Oréal owns Urban Decay. And that L’Oréal is not cruelty-free, but Urban Decay is… It may sound strange, but it’s not all that uncommon. This particular company just doesn’t force all of its brands to follow the same policies. Sometimes, across the board, the brands are allowed to make their own decisions regarding their animal testing policies.

Here’s why: bigger brands buy smaller ones (or even similarly sized or larger ones) every day. A cruelty-free company might agree to being acquired by a larger company if they’re allowed to maintain their cruelty-free status. There are other reasons a cruelty-free brand might be owned by a company that allows animal testing, too. This is just one of the more common ones. Either way, there’s really nothing to worry about with the non-cruelty-free parent. Urban Decay was simply acquired by a larger company that could help them grow.

For us, this just means that Urban Decay can keep doing what they do, get their products out there, and remain an easily accessible cruelty-free option. Urban Decay is PETA certified, so we know that they’ve provided the proof and documentation they needed to confirm that their testing policies are truly cruelty-free. As such, this is a brand you can feel good about.

Even better: supporting Urban Decay instead of brands like L’Oréal shows non-cruelty-free companies where the consumers’ priorities are. Soon, they’ll be forced to choose between updating their hurtful policies or becoming obsolete. Luckily, Urban Decay’s mid-range makeup and nail polish lines are easy to find. They’re available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe.  

Among the most popular Urban Decay products are:

As if that’s not enough, they’ve got a long list of other fantastic products, too. Urban Decay has all of your cruelty-free makeup, brush, and beauty product needs covered. You should expect to pay a bit more than you would for a traditional beauty product or a budget cruelty-free beauty product. If you’re not sure if the higher quality is worth the extra price, order some samples or a product or two to try out before you replace everything in your makeup bag. But if you already know that you’re looking for something more affordable or you just want to have some alternatives to choose from, here are some other great cruelty-free companies to try out:

These fantastic companies are normalizing cruelty-free policies. They’re offering high-quality products with cute Leaping Bunny and strong PETA certifications on their bottles. You can find all of the skincare, beauty products, nail polish, and hair care that you need in the links above. Many of them offer vegan options, too. Not only are these products cruelty-free, but they’re also free of animal byproducts like beeswax and lanolin.

The best part: this list keeps never stops growing. These companies and conscious consumers are encouraging other companies to join the cruelty-free movement and it’s easy to see that it’s working. But it’s not just a win for animals and the cruelty-free shoppers, it’s a win for your skin, too. These cruelty-free options are often made with healthier ingredients than regular beauty and cosmetic products.

You’ll have to check the labels or online product information to see which ones are the best for what you’re looking for (dry skin or oily skin, straight hair or wavy hair, etc.). And while you’re there, you’ll notice that these products contain fewer chemicals and impossible to pronounce synthetics and additives. Instead, you’ll see much more natural ingredients like shea butter and coconut milk.

No wonder so many people are making the switch! Healthier skin is happier skin. Your happy, healthy, cruelty-free new purchases will be less likely to cause you to break out with acne or a rash, have an allergic reaction, or experience inflammation. And last but not least, most cruelty-free beauty products are just as affordable as their traditional alternatives. Urban Decay happens to be a bit pricier, but some people are happy to pay the extra for the quality they’re getting. And others find that they can get everything they’re looking for from more budget-friendly cruelty-free lineups like the ones they offer at ELF and Physician’s Formula. So, they’re better for the animals, better for your skin, better for the planet, and you can still buy them on a budget.

It’s time to get started!

Is CeraVe Cruelty Free?

Is CeraVe cruelty-free? And the simple answer is: no. Unfortunately, CeraVe is not a cruelty-free brand.

Today, more than ever, consumers care about buying cruelty-free products from socially conscious and responsible companies.

But we’re not through with them just yet – the longer answer is that CeraVe, the branch of the cosmetics giant Loreal, does not directly test its ingredients or products on animals for products sold within the United States and other countries, but they do also sell them in other areas with unethical animal testing laws.

This means that they may claim to be cruelty-free because they don’t directly test their products on animals in this market, but they continue to sell them in countries like China that do test their products on animals; all of the profit, but none of the blame.

Yes, you read that right: health laws in China require that animal testing is performed for certain products, so anything CeraVe sells in China may be tested on animals. Their website makes claims that they’re working on driving toward an entirely cruelty-free product line, even for what’s sold in countries with mandatory animal testing, but we’ll wait to see the proof for now.

In the meantime, we’ll give you some happy, healthy, alternative companies that are truly cruelty-free that you can choose to purchase from. But first, let’s do a quick recap of what it really means to be cruelty-free:

In order to really be cruelty-free, a company can’t test ingredients or finished products on animals. We know what you’re thinking: that one’s pretty obvious. But here are some other requirements that aren’t as obvious, at least not right away:

  • The suppliers, in addition to the brand, can’t test ingredients or finished products on animals, either
  • A third-party company can’t test ingredients or finished products on animals for the brand (this is how many companies will try to trick consumers into thinking they’re cruelty-free when they’re not)
  • There can’t even be any animal testing in places where it’s required by law, which means that the brand’s products can’t be sold by retailers in mainland China

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. Here are some of the most popular cruelty-free brand alternatives if you want to stop shopping CeraVe products until they make some positive changes:

These brands range from super affordable drugstore brands like ELF to mid-level beauty brands like Urban Decay to high-end cosmetics companies like Tata Harper or Vapour. So, no matter what your budget or your product needs are, there’s something on the list for everyone!

It gets better: in addition to the ones listed above, there are now hundreds of companies that have either already made the switch, or they’re in the process of doing so, and the list is growing every day. Individual Earth warriors and socially conscious businesses like Tata Harper are fighting for change in some pretty major ways, and we’re all about it. 

They understand that we hunt for the words “cruelty-free”, or the small depiction of an adorable bunny that shows us that a product isn’t tested on animals. Millennials and other up-and-coming generations, in particular, are driving change. We’re eco-warriors and Earth lovers, promoting the health of our planet, ourselves, and our animals.

Personally, we’re beyond inspired by all of the companies that are paying attention to what consumers care about. In addition to the peace of mind we get from choosing products that aren’t tested on lab rats, rabbits, cats, or dogs, there is a wide range of other benefits that make the decision even easier to make.

Cruelty-free products are typically also much healthier than their non-cruelty-free alternatives. This means that you’ll be investing in products that you can feel good about, that are also better for your body and skin. With fewer chemicals and synthetic dyes, these cleaner options are made with ingredients that are less likely to cause allergic reactions, breakouts, or other skin irritations, so it’s a win-win.

As if that isn’t enough, most cruelty-free companies are also creating products that are budget-friendly. Despite what many people think, many of these products are incredibly affordable. After all, these companies want you to make the switch, so offering extra incentives makes perfect sense.

But wait, there’s more: in addition to saving the animals, choosing products that are better for you and your skin, and buying on a budget, your cruelty-free choices have a few other benefits. When your narrow down your product stash to only what is cruelty-free, it helps you make mindful choices, and clear the clutter out of your bathroom or bedroom. But the biggest benefit is the peace of mind you’ll achieve.

Animal testing is just not necessary anymore, and consumers now have the power to create change.

When you choose cruelty-free products, you’re choosing to protect creatures in the world that don’t have the voice or the means to protect themselves. You’re choosing to take a stand and encourage big companies to change their old, outdated practices. You’re choosing products that are better for you, affordable, mindful, healthy, and powerful. And what could possibly be better than that?