Reusable Razor: Upgrade to one and leave plastic behind

Want to upgrade your disposable plastic razor to a reusable razor? Well, you landed in the right place.

disposable razors

Disposable razor

Plastic razors are having a devastating effect on the environment.

Here is why a reusable razor is the way to go:

  • it is eco-friendly because it eliminates plastic waste;
  • you get a closer shave so you do not have to go all cave-woman for climate change;
  • you don’t have to break the bank doing it.

Gillete Venus Says…

If you are following manufacturers recommendations then your disposable razor does not sit in your shower for long.

Am I right?

Well, Gillete Venus endorses only using their disposable razor 5-10 times. This is due to the potential for bacteria growth and moisture causing rust. Both are harmful to you. This health and safety measure means a lot of discarded razors.

How many?

In the 1990’s The Environmental Protection agency released a startling statistic. America produced 2 billion plastic razors.

venus razor

A more recent report revealed that in 2018, 163 million consumers in the United States used disposable razors.

Where is that plastic going?

The disposable razor is NOT sustainable.


There is no simple way to recycle plastic razors. It is a small device with a complex design.

The contemporary razor blends metal and plastic and does not disassemble easily. This makes recycling difficult. The metal blade poses serious health risks to those handling the device.

Not to mention it is time-consuming. Suffice it to say, most recycling centers do not find breaking down razors profitable.

plastic razors

So if you toss it in the recycling bin, odds are it is sorted and sent to the landfill.

There is some good news!

While you are transitioning to a reusable razor, you can participate in Terracycle’s program to recycle the last of your plastic razors.

Check to see if a recycling box is located near you!

Or check to see if your local recycling center will properly break it down. Some do! Fair warning though, continuing the cycle of buying plastic and recycling is a band-aid on a festering razor burn.   

Zero-waste shaving with a reusable razor

safety razor

Safety razors are reusable razors often misperceived as dangerous.

Many women have scenes of Carrie flashing in their head. Bear in mind the word “safe.” These are not straight razors found in Barbershops and Salons. They are in fact very similar to their plastic counterparts.

They were first invented in 1901. They have made a comeback due to their durability, sustainability and close shave.

Safety razors are made with a strong polished metal.

The design allows for disposable metal blades to be inserted under a protective housing. Making for a safe and smooth shave.   

My pick

The rose-gold safety razor from EcoRoots is my favorite.

reusable razor
EcoRoots Rose Gold Safety Razor (32$)

When I decided to green up my bathroom, I targeted my disposable razor first. I invested in a Zero-Waste Shaving Kit for Woman from EcoRoots.

The kit includes: a shiny rose-gold double-edged safety razor for women, an organic shaving soap bar, and 15 stainless steel replacement blades.

The entire kit was only $48.

reusable razor
EcoRoots Zero Waste Shaving Kit For Women (48$)

In no time, it was shipped to my door in a completely plastic-free (no air bubbles—awesome!), recyclable package. Talk about a goodie box!

If you only need the razor it comes with 5 free stainless steel replacement blades.

Go for it!

This has made my shave clean, sustainable, and cost way less.

EcoRoots has a $3.50 refill pack with 10 blades.

The disposable heads I used to buy, for my plastic razor, would cost around $20 for 4 measly blades!

reusable razor
EcoRoots Rose Gold Safety Razor (32$)

I was paying that every couple of months. I never have to worry about replacing the actual razor because it has a high polished finish, preventing rust. This rose-gold reusable razor will probably outlast me.

Safety first

I know shaving with a safety razor seems intimidating; it was for me, at first. Like all new things practice makes perfect.

It differs from shaving with disposable razors in a couple ways.

Some plastic razors are designed with rotating heads, so they sculpt around your body.

This safety razor does not have a rotating head.

Hold the ergonomic handle and place the razor edge flush against your skin. The razor should make a 30-degree angle to the area you are shaving. Practice by touching the rounded top of the razor to your skin.

reusable razor

With the handle sticking straight up, rock down to find that angle. Another notable variation is pressure.

The razor head is weighted to give the perfect amount of pressure as you glide along. Don’t press too hard; in fact minimal effort is needed.

A closer shave

Ladies, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of shaving with a safety razor.

Whip out the bubble bath!

Here are some of my tips:

For your first shave, take it easy, go slow.

reusable razor

Prep with EcoRoots organic shave soap, it is a game changer.

I am a sensitive gal and I get bumps. The shave soap will clean the area of dead skin, allowing for an easier, silky smooth shave.

zero waste shaving

Every body is different and some parts are trickier than others.

With the shinbone, instead of shaving vertically up from the ankle to the knee, I like to go in a short crisscrossing motion up to the knee. I lay my knee flat to create more surface area.

In the bikini area, make the skin taut, and remember very little pressure. And take care of your rose-gold baby.

zero waste shaving

It is such a chic tool. Dry it off and make it a decorative feature in your bathroom.

I promise it will get a lot of attention!

1 2 3 Recycling

When you start to experience dragging on the skin, it is time to change the blade.

reusable razor
Rose Gold Safety Razor (32$)

To change blades hold the sides of the head with your thumb and forefinger. With the other hand unscrew the handle out completely.

The blade is snuggled between the curved top and the blade holder that screws to the handle. Set the head of the razor down, with the bottom of the blade holder handle-side down. Take the rounded top off. By gripping the sides take the blade out.

Please note: used razor blades should go in a separate biohazard box. You can fashion one out of cardboard! Don’t forget to recycle.

Put a new blade on top of the blade holder by matching the handle hole with the middle of the blade. The rounded top goes back on, and the handle screws back in.

EcoRoots has video of this here.

Life in plastic it is not fantastic

Plastic is consuming us.

reusable razor

If only we would have known the repercussions of its’ existence.

Hindsight is 20/20. In any event, it is 2019 and plastic is everywhere.

Look around you, how many types of plastic do you see?

How much of that plastic can be recycled? If it cannot be recycled, then it will end up buried in the landfill for thousands of years. Or worse it could get shipped overseas to another country, tasked to deal with it.

Or even worse, it could wind up in the ocean suffocating our precious aquatic ecosystem.

Say goodbye to plastic razors

Take action on the individual level.

Make small changes to live a zero-waste lifestyle.

Here is one that is easy. Start a plastic-free shaving routine.

safety razor for women

Switching to a reusable razor gives you a few more notches in that climate hero belt. For a limited time only you can help the world.

Be Mother Natures’ saving grace! End her suffering while simultaneously being ” Venus “, full of fire and desire. Try a safety razor for woman.

It is an impactful step towards living sustainably.

YayForEarth & Buying Simple, Zero-Waste, Organic Face Lotions

YayForEarth – the must have natural product in your daily beauty routine.

Have you ever noticed how skincare products always have chemicals you can’t even pronounce on the ingredients list?

For example, mainstream makeup ingredients look like the periodic table. Similarly, drugstore face lotions always have paragraphs of chemicals and percentages that make zero sense to us.

So what are they doing in our products? More importantly, what are they doing to our bodies?

By now you’ll have realized that these ingredients are not good for you.

I’ll elaborate more on this issue later, but for now I want to share something with you.

The good news with cosmetics is that you don’t have to settle for toxic products.

News flash: conscious consumers like you and I are pushing for better, healthier products.

Don’t get left behind in the green movement.

Moreover, take advantage of its benefits.

Skip those plastic-packaged tubes of chemicals they call lotions and moisturizers. They are not improving your life in any way.

Seriously, there are plenty of other options out there that are eco-friendly and healthy.

Don’t worry.

You don’t have to shop around much further. I’ve discovered a simple, natural solution.

Are you ready to give your skin a break?

Here’s the scoop.

I recommend YayForEarth’s organic sensitive skin face lotion.

Before I give you my take on the product, (Spoiler alert: I love it!) I want to share the creator’s idea behind it.

YayForEarth: Their Zero Waste and Eco-Friendly Philosophy

Environmentalist and blogger Stevie Van Horn believes in protecting our planet by creating eco-friendly products.


Needless to say, I was hooked just with Stevie’s waste-free and earth-friendly philosophy, but there was more to her story.

That’s where this sensitive skin face lotion comes in!


She created YayForEarth’s face lotion for her own sensitive skin after realizing no commercial products could help.

Now, I understand why she did.

Here are some reasons why I love her product so much:

  • All of the ingredients are responsibly sourced.
  • The jar containers (glass and metal) are reusable.
  • 100% zero-waste! Yay – I love that!
  • The face lotion contains no toxic ingredients.
  • To top it off, the product contains no palm oil, fillers, or plastic.

Don’t believe me?

Check it out here for yourself.

Now onto my review!

The verdict on this organic, natural face lotion:

First of all, it’s difficult to find skincare products that aren’t plastic packaged.

Nod if you agree with me.

Secondly, it’s even more difficult to find one that doesn’t contain any plastic, palm oil, and harmful chemicals.

Lastly, it’s a miracle if you find a product that works for your skin type at all.

I’m sure you’ve been there.

You think, “Finally, a product that’s responsibly sourced and all-natural,” only to find out that it is horrible for your oily skin. Yikes!

Don’t let this be you.

Lucky for you (and me), the YayForEarth sensitive skin face lotions works for all skin types. Yes, you read that right. ALL SKIN TYPES!



I’ve had this lotion for a few weeks now and use it twice a day as recommended–once in the morning and once at night. Simple enough.

If you choose, you can still apply makeup and/or sunscreen on top of it, or go bare and show off your glowing skin.

And the best part?

It’s made of only olive oil, beeswax, organic shea butter, and organic pomegranate seed oil.


That’s all? Yes.

No harmful chemicals. No unknown ingredients. All natural.

olive oil

Surprisingly enough, the lotion doesn’t make my skin feel greasy even though it has an oil base.

I’m always scared of oil-based moisturizers for this exact reason, but I’m glad I took a risk on this one. I have spent way too much money and time on face moisturizers that either just dry out my skin or irritate it.

Hands down, this is one of the best face lotions I’ve ever purchased, and that includes more mainstream and expensive brands.


Think I’m exaggerating?

Try it out yourself!

Fortunately, YayForEarth offers the lotion in four sizes–one, two, four, or eight ounce jars.

Order a small jar if you want just enough to test it out. (I have got mine from EcoRoots store but you can find it in many other places).

I promise you: you won’t regret it!

My skin is extremely hydrated and smooth.

More importantly, I haven’t had any allergic reactions or skin irritation from the lotion.


I’m always in search of safe products.

What I mean is, I want to know what I put on my body. I understand that anything that we smear, dab, and rub onto our face is absorbed into our skin.

Even if we watch our diet and exercise, it means nothing if we don’t pay attention to our skincare products.

So why does YayForEarth’s all-natural and organic promise carry so much weight?

Let’s take a closer look.

Why this natural face lotion matters:

Remember those ingredients made of harsh chemicals in commercial face lotions? You guessed it. Your skin absorbs those chemicals and seep into your body.

The scary part is some of these chemicals pretend to be hormones.

In a nutshell,these pretend hormones mess up our hormone systems.

Are you getting horrible flashbacks to high school physiology? No worries.

I can help explain.

The system that controls our hormones is called our endocrine system. It regulates pretty much everything in our bodies from body temperature to reproductive organ functions.

See where I’m going with this?

So when chemicals in cosmetics enter our bloodstream, our bodies get confused. Our bodies get thrown into chaos. We call these chemicals endocrine-disrupting chemicals. The simple truth is, we should not be using products that contain these chemicals.

So why do they exist?

Usually, companies use a lot of these chemicals as preservatives.

Put simply, water and other ingredients in cosmetics make it easy for bacteria and germs to thrive.

Admittedly, these chemicals were created for safety reasons, but we need to transform cosmetics today. These ingredients are not safe.

They are doing more harm than good.

Don’t get me wrong, some types of preservatives are necessary.

However, we should explore natural alternatives.

For example, we can experiment with essential oils and beeswax, which is a natural antibacterial substance.

Furthermore, we should handle and store our products more responsibly.

Chances are that you store your products in your bathroom behind the mirror. Bad idea!

Bathrooms get hot and moisture can build inside your cosmetic products.

To prolong your product’s shelf life and ward off bacteria, let me present you with three other pieces of advice.

Here are some easy and safe handling practices to try out:

  1. Store products in cool spaces away from heat and moisture.
  2. Use an applicator when using products without a pump. Or if necessary, wash your hands before applying the product with your fingertips.
  3. Do not share products.

Got it?

On top of these tips, be mindful of what you buy in the first place.

Make sure you read the ingredients list on anything and everything you purchase.

We may not avoid preservatives or endocrine-disrupting chemicals at all costs, but when it comes to face lotion, you are set.

Choose organic, natural products. YayForEarth is an amazing alternative to conventional cosmetics.

Treat your skin and the planet better.

Trust me, you’ll be glad you made this change.

Check out YayForEarth and let me know what you think!

A Plastic Free Shop [For All Your Needs]

Looking for a plastic free shop for all your needs?

You know there are sustainable, plastic-free products out there, but do you ever have a hard time finding exactly what you are looking for?

plastic free shop

Boy, do I have something to share with you.

Check it out:

Eco Roots is your one-stop shop to everything plastic-free, reusable, and eco-friendly.

Do you need some new sustainable beauty, home, or kitchen products? Seriously, this zero waste store has you covered. Not on board yet?

plastic free shop

Keep reading:

The world generates at least 3.5 million tons of plastic and other solid waste each and every day. Yikes!

plastic free shop

Do not be alarmed:

We have the ability to change our habits. We do not have to contribute to this statistic. By choosing to consume less plastic and invest in reusable, long-lasting products, you are making a huge, positive impact on the world.

It gets better:

Eco Roots makes pursuing a plastic-free life so much easier. It has been a huge resource for me in my own transition towards living a more sustainable life. Curious to how this plastic-free shop came about?

plastic free shop

Here’s the back story:

Eco Roots was founded by a nature-loving couple that became bothered by the realization that plastic was taking over their lives and the world around them.

Believing that change comes from within, they started this plastic-free shop to inform people on the reality of plastic consumption and it’s negative effects.

Although there is a rising surge of plastic-free products out on the market, Eco Roots is unique and different.

Here are my top three reasons why I love this zero waste online store:

1. It’s A Completely Plastic-Free Shop

I hate when I purchase an “eco-friendly” product online just to receive it packaged in styrofoam and covered in plastic. It is such an oxymoron. However, when Eco Roots says “plastic-free”, they really mean it.

plastic free shop

Here’s the deal:

There is not a single product in Eco Root’s shop that has even an ounce of plastic in it. All of the materials of each and every product are carefully considered. All products can either biodegrade or be completely recycled. This means using materials like stainless steel and bamboo.

plastic free shop

It gets even better:

Their mission does not just end there. Eco Roots is committed to using plastic-free packing materials, as well. Many companies use things like polyethylene plastic bags, plastic packing tape, and styrofoam peanuts to protect their products during shipping. This does not have to be the case.

Eco Roots is not like other companies. They are committed to getting rid of plastic in packaging materials.

plastic free shop

That is why they use cardboard, craft paper tape, cornstarch peanuts and recycled paper to ship their products. All of these materials are compostable or recyclable.

Finally, a completely plastic-free store!

We are so accustomed to seeing plastic everywhere, that it may be hard to imagine products without it. One example of a product that has been reimagined by Eco Roots are their shampoo bars.

plastic free shop
EcoRoots Zero Waste Shampoo Bars (10.50$)

Here’s how it works:

Most of the shampoos and beauty products we are used to come in single-use plastic bottles.

Shampoo bars eliminate the need for plastic because they come as a soap bar without any packaging. What a clever way of avoiding plastic!

There’s more:

Some other products you will find in Eco Roots zero waste store are bamboo toothbrushes, reusable produce bags, and stainless steel straws.

plastic free shop
EcoRoots Reusable Produce Bags (25$) & Bamboo Toothbrush (14.90$)

All of their products are affordable, well-designed, and will help you live a more sustainable life.

plastic free shop
EcoRoots Stainless Steel Straws (3.00$)


Eco Roots is a honest company providing people with plastic-free and natural alternatives to their favorite products. You have to check it out!

2. Ocean Conservancy Efforts

The ocean is one of the greatest wonders of the world. It is full of so many amazing ecosystems that include a wide array of plants and animals. Many of us feel a great sense of awe from the ocean.

Most humans love going to the beach. We love swimming, snorkeling, and taking the sights in. There is nothing like being near the sea. If we love the ocean so much, then why are we polluting it every single day?

Swallow this:

Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic find their way into the oceans. That is the equivalent of setting five garbage bags full of trash on every foot on coastline around the world.

There is a positive:

Organizations and small companies like Eco Roots want to help clean up our oceans. Not only does Eco Roots prevent waste from going into our ocean by creating zero waste products, but they take it a step further:

Eco Roots donates a small part of each and every sale to Ocean Conservancy.

Here’s what they do:

Ocean Conservancy is an organization that is committed to protect the ocean from climate change and pollution. They use their funding to create science-based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it. They also organize global coastal clean ups.

In fact:

Though their coastal clean ups, Ocean Conservancy has collected 314 millions pounds of trash since 1986. There has been over 15 million volunteers that have helped with these kind of projects.

Isn’t that awesome?

We really can make a change when we come together.

Ocean Conservancy wants to make people aware that our trash is harming marine life and polluting our water. Tackling this problem begins on land, with us making small changes in our life.

ocean conservancy

Listen up:

They say that by reducing our plastic intake, especially of single-use plastic products, we can significantly reduce the amount of trash funneling into the ocean. Well, there is an easy way to do that.

Invest in reusable products so you do not have to use single-use plastics. Eco Roots makes that simple by offering a ton of plastic-free, zero waste products!

Check it out:

Try their reusable bamboo cutlery so you no longer have to use single-use, plastic forks and knives.

plastic free shop
EcoRoots Bamboo Cutlery (12.90$)

You could also try this stainless steel tumblr so you no longer have to use single-use cups. It’s so easy and better for the planet.

zero waste store
EcoRoots Tumbler (9.85$)

I love Eco Roots!

3. High Quality Products

I would not be hyping up this company if I did not personally love their products. Seriously, every product is such great quality! It makes perfect sense and is in line with their mission.

Think about it:

Right now, we are are living in a “throw away culture.” It is the norm to use single-use items or to constantly have to replace cheap, low-quality products.

It does not have to be this way:

If we invest in high-quality products, they will last longer and we will feel less inclined to replace them.

When we do this we are creating less waste and helping the planet!

One product that Eco Roots carries that really demonstrates this idea is their Rose Gold Safety Razor. This razor may be a little bit more money than you normally spend on razors, but it will last you forever.

zero waste razor
EcoRoots Rose Gold Safety Razor (32$)

Here’s the deal:

For $32 you get this amazingly beautiful zero waste rose gold razor.

Not only is it gorgeous, but it also feels comfortable in your hand and really gets a great shave. Keep using the razor handle and just replace the cheap, recyclable stainless steel blades when it gets dull.

Think about it:

By investing in this awesome razor that almost feels more like a art object rather than a product you use every day, you are really helping the planet by creating less waste. It will last you for such a long time!

It’s really a win-win solution.

We are used to cheap, replaceable, and disposable products.

We need to rewire our brains to think more broadly and smartly about the things we value and consume. If we want to combat climate change and reduce the pollution of our planet, this transition is integral.

EcoRoots YayForEarth Zero Waste Face Lotion (25$)

This notion runs deep into Eco Root’s mission. They have a vision for a clean, healthy, and plastic-free planet and want to help us as consumers to help the world get to that place.

meow meow tweet
More Plastic Free Products for a Plastic Free Living

Eco Roots reminds us that there was a time in human history that we lived fine without plastic. Our grandparents and our ancestors before them used to use reusable bags and shopped local before all of this plastic nonsense was invented.

We did it before and we can do it again.

If you love our planet and want to leave it healthy and beautiful for generations to come, I invite you to step up and do your part.

Seriously, it really is not that hard. By investing in reusable rather than replaceable, you are making strides in generating less pollution.

Let’s do it together:

Try to analyze the products you choose to consume and think about how you can improve your daily habits to be more sustainable.

Eco Roots is a great resource in making this transition.

With that, I would like to leave you with this Native American proverb:

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Let’s make this world a better place. Thank you for reading!

4 Zero Waste Laundry Detergent Brands You Should Know

Do you love our planet? I sure do!

Our Earth needs all of our help now more than ever. If we want to prevent the catastrophes of climate change from taking place, we all need to chip in and do our part.

zero waste laundry detergent

Here’s what you can do:

Everyday is an opportunity to make a positive change in the world.

We can easily live more sustainability by reducing our consumption of plastic and implementing more eco-friendly alternatives into our daily lives.

Let’s break it down:

There is a lot of different areas of our lives to consider when trying to pursue a zero waste goal. That’s why I like to break it down and focus in on tiny sections. It makes it all seem more manageable.

What if I told you that just by switching up your laundry routine, you could help the planet tremendously? Yes, just your laundry routine alone can make a huge impact on the Earth!

Here’s how:

Many traditional detergents do not completely biodegrade. They also contain phosphates, which build up in waterways. Additionally, these build ups can cause big algae blooms which then deprive fish and plants of oxygen.

There’s more:

Besides contaminating rivers and oceans with toxic heavy metals like cadmium and arsenic, traditional detergents are almost always packaged in plastic. Many times, these containers are not reusable or recyclable.

This is making a huge negative impact on the environment.

You may start to wonder, “How do I avoid this?” Walking down the laundry aisle in your local store might feel like a daunting task.

Plastic! Chemicals! Everywhere!

Don’t worry:

There are a ton of companies out there that are realizing that there needs to be big changes to the way the laundry detergent industry operates. These are solutions out there that do not use harmful chemicals or plastic.

Today, I would like to share with you my top three zero waste laundry detergents.

Let’s get into it:

My Top 4 Zero Waste Laundry Detergents

All of the solutions that I am going to share with you today are completely plastic-free. They also are free of any toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Thank god!

zero waste laundry detergent

For each product, I will tell you about why I personally love it, why it is more sustainable, and how to dispose of it.

Let’s do it:

1. Dropps

Dropp`s Naural Laundry Detergent Pods (13-31.99$)

When I first discovered Dropps Natural Laundry Detergent Pods, I first fell in love with it because of the packaging.

It was the first plastic-free detergent I ever came by, so I was impressed that it came in a cardboard box.

There’s more:

Dropps comes in a box of 160 pre-measured laundry pods. I love pods because there’s no measuring or possibility of spills. It makes doing laundry that much easier!

It’s so simple:

Just pop in a pod with a load of laundry. They are super versatile. They work with virtually all washers, including standard and high efficiency washing machines. In addition, they also work with all fabrics and colors.

Dropps’ core belief is that customers can have it all. Their product is economical, safe, effective,  and convenient. This is a completely clean solution, which means that it is safe for humans and the environment. It’s called convenience with a conscience.

Dropps is more sustainable because the exterior of the pod is actually plant-based. This means that it is natural and environmentally-friendly. Since it is plant-based, it is completely biodegradable and will not harm any of our waterways.

It gets better:

The Dropps formula is free of harsh chemicals. It is enzyme-free, NPE-free, Phosphate-free, and chlorine-free, meaning that it will not pollute the water or cause algae blooms.

In addition, because it is so natural, it also is very gentle and great for sensitive skin. I love it!

Since Dropps is committed to being clean, it only comes naturally that they also are cruelty-free. They never test on animals and actually have made it onto PETA’s official list of cruelty-free products.

It get’s better:

Once the package is empty and you have used up all of your pods, you do not have to contribute to landfill trash.

Unlike many detergents that are made from non-recyclable plastic, Dropps packaging is made from cardboard. It can either be recycled or composted.


Dropps Natural Laundry Detergent Pods are safe and easy to use.

I highly recommend checking them out!

2. TruEarth

TruEarth is a small business based in Canada and I really love their values and their zero waste laundry detergent. They believe little hinges swing big doors and small actions add up to big changes.

We all have the power to choose. I love to use products that empower people to choose sustainability, without compromising convenience.

Each Tru Earth eco-strip packs ultra-concentrated, convenient, eco-friendly cleaning power into a tiny, pre-measured strip of laundry detergent that you just toss in the wash.

1 strip = 1 load! Each package is enough for 32 loads! 

A few things that I love about this zero waste laundry detergent:

  • The compostable packaging
  • No measuring & no mess
  • Dissolves completely in Hot or Cold Water
  • Works in all washing machines, including HE. Front loads or top loads.
  • Help keep 700,000,000 plastic jugs out of landfills per year

This is why Tru Earth Eco-Strips laundry detergent has a dramatically smaller eco-footprint than liquid and powder detergents. Its packaging uses less plastic, and its lightweight reduces transportation fuel consumption and global-warming carbon emissions by 94% compared to today’s leading-brand liquid and powder detergent. Not only are TruEarth Eco-Strips incredibly convenient, but are also hypoallergenic, vegan friendly, and paraben-free and are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

3. NaturOli

The world is full of amazing, magical things. Seriously, I learn something new everyday and am constantly being stunned by Earth’s bountiful beauty. Have you ever heard of soap nuts?

Here’s the deal:

Soap nuts are the dried husk of the soapberry nut. These berries contain a natural soap called Saponin. Since the soapberry nut is actually really classified as a berry, it is safe for people who may have nut allergies.

One of my favorite zero waste laundry detergents is NaturOli.

In fact, this product is not really a detergent at all.

This company uses the amazing natural cleaning properties of the soapberry nut as a laundry cleaning agent.

Here’s how it works:

NaturOli is sold in four pound bags of soapberries. This is the equivalent to 960 loads of laundry!

Seriously, it will last you for a few years. I originally fell in love with this product just because of how unique and clever it is.

It’s quite simple to use:

Put 5-6 nuts in the cloth bag that is provided. Throw it into the laundry and wash your clothes just as you normally do. Guess what! The nuts can actually be reused for 6-10 more loads. Once they start to become soft and grey, they should be swapped out for new ones.

Since soap nuts come from a plant and have no additives, they are naturally chemical-free. They are safe, economical, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable. They are great for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

There’s more:

Not only is NaturOli more sustainable because it contains no harsh or polluting chemicals, but it is also are completely waste-free.

Once the berries start to get soft, simply compost them. They are packaged in a muslin sack which can be reused or composted.

Try it out:

NaturOli Soap Nut Laundry Soap is a true zero waste laundry detergent solution!

4. TerraWash

Terra Wash Laundry Sachet – Detergent Substitute (49.90$)

I have one more sustainable laundry soap to share with you guys!

This one is called TerraWash. This is a technology that originated in Japan.

I love it because of how simple and reusable it is.

Here’s the deal:

TerraWash is a small reusable packet filled with a balls of magnesium. It is a great alternative to regular laundry detergent. The ions in the magnesium cause a catalytic reaction, which helps wash the clothing.

It gets better:

One Terrawash packet is good for 365 washes.

That means that even if you did laundry every single day, this would last you a year! It is very economical and also safe for the environment.

Here’s how it is sustainable:

Magnesium is completely chemical-free, so it will not pollute our waterways. It also requires less water than ordinary detergents and contains absolutely no toxins.

It works great:

The laundry sachet is fragrance-free, so it is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Even though it is odorless, it is great at removing bad smells from clothing. It also works on all types of clothing, fabrics, and colors.

Since magnesium is naturally antibacterial, Terrawash is great at keeping your laundry machine clean and fresh. No more weird smells here!

There’s more:

Terrawash is very easy to dispose of.

The outer packaging is made of cardboard, so it can be recycled or composted. The magnesium in Terrawash will eventually all dissolve. The outer sachet can be composted.

Terrawash is great if you live in a small place because it does not take up a lot of room. I always recommend it to my friends because it is easy, sustainable, and economical. I hope that you try it out!

Here’s a recap:

Dropps, TruEarth, NaturOli, and Terrawash are all amazing zero waste laundry detergents for different reasons.

All of these solutions are chemical-free, zero waste, and sustainable. Choose whichever one fits your lifestyle best!

Dropps is great because it is similar to the pod method many people are already familiar with, but it uses way more eco-friendly materials. The pre-measured pods make doing laundry very easy and are very straight forward.

TruEarth is great because is very affordable and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. 100% plastic-free, vegan, free of chemicals, and compostable packaging. When you use Tru Earth Eco-Strips, you will really feel confident that you are taking care of your family, and their future on this planet.

I love NaturOli because soap nuts come literally straight from the Earth. There is no additional processing and it is all biodegradable. I think that this is a really clever and sustainable solution for someone looking to change things up.

Terrawash is great because it can be reused so many times. This is great for someone who does not really like doing their laundry because it is so easy. Seriously, it will completely transform your laundry routine!

I hope after reading about these zero waste laundry detergents, you will consider washing away your old habits of using polluting, chemical detergents and attempt to try a new sustainable alternative.

Thanks for reading!

5 Waste Free Shampoo Alternatives

Waste free shampoo as an plastic-free alternative for your hair? Why not!

Haircare is a part of our daily routine. Styling, washing, conditioning, and even just brushing through the strands to remove tangles and knots that build up overnight or throughout the day.

waste free shampoo

Why do we do this?

Because we care about our hair, we want that thick, shining, luxurious hair from the commercials. We want those gorgeous waves that they promise us.

What we don’t think about is the cost at which we achieve these things. We are not thinking about what those shampoos are made of and what they are doing to our hair or what they are doing to the environment.

We remain ignorant of what is happening behind the scenes when these bottles are being mass-produced.

Choose waste free shampoo alternatives and be aware of how the products you consume affect our environment.

We are so conditioned to seeing shampoo come in little plastic bottles that we sometimes can’t see past it.

These bottles contain products that damage our hair rather than heal it and end up in landfills, which if measured for a year could fill 1,164 football fields or more.

This type of hair care is detrimental to our hair and our environment, making it necessary to find waste free shampoo alternatives to maintain health.

Committing to a change will not be easy, but to help you, here are the top 5 waste free shampoo alternatives that I have discovered:

1. Bicarb And Vinegar

waste free shampoo

You may be more than a little hesitant to try this method, but I promise it works great for specific hair types (mainly those with curly hair).

You may ask why I thought of trying this, and honestly, it was a surprise to me too. I was unsure of what it might do to my hair and how it might react, but that later flew out the window once I began using it. 

Once you’ve tried it, it may be hard to switch back after seeing the results.

First, you need to understand how much and how long the bicarb and vinegar should be left on your hair.

Technically, the bicarb is the shampoo replacement, and I use about a teaspoon to wash my hair. The vinegar is the conditioner, and I use approximately 1/8th cup of white vinegar diluted with warm water.

My hair is only about shoulder length so the portions may need to be adjusted for significantly longer or shorter hair.

Before use, I mix the bicarb with a little bit of water to make a watery solution, and then I rub it into my hair like regular shampoo, use the vinegar mix by pouring it gently through your hair and rinsing in less than a minute. Do this about every 3-5 days as necessary.

While the process is quite simple and the results are outstanding, I still get a lot of funny looks and a good bit of questions when I recommend it as a replacement for shampoo.

The most common question being:

Won’t I smell like vinegar?

No, you won’t. I understand why you might think so, but the white vinegar smell dissipates almost immediately while apple cider vinegar might take a little longer. If you’re really worried, just add 1-2 drops of essential oil to the vinegar rinse before using it.

2. Waste Free Shampoo Bars And Conditioners

waste free shampoo
EcoRoots Zero Waste Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Bars (10.50$)

An easy solution for those not willing to attempt the bicarb and vinegar mix is the use of as solid shampoo and conditioners bars.

My personal favorite is the Coco Lime Shampoo Bar & Summer Breeze set from Ecoroots.

waste free shampoo
EcoRoots Summer Breeze Shampoo Bar (10.50$)

They’re the perfect combination of eco-friendly and hair-friendly while allowing you to buy rather than make which is really helpful for those of us who don’t have that little extra time (or motivation) to try and create our shampoo and conditioner.

Go check this blog post for more information about zero waste shampoo bars.

But how is this better than regular shampoo?

Get this:

It’s all about what it’s made of.

Shampoo and conditioner bars do not have plastic containers and are shipped in biodegradable cardboard packages – zero plastic involved.

The bars are sulfate-free, silicone-freeparaben-free, and are 100% vegan.

EcoRoots 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner Bar (10.50$)

With their all-natural and organic ingredients, they’re able to be used entirely without leaving the soapy residue in our sewage system and tanks, making it better for the environment and better for the home. That’s not where the benefits stop.

There’s more:

These specific shampoo bars are coconut oil and cocoa butter based, leaving it an SLS-free shampoo bar that doesn’t strip the natural oils or color out of your hair.

It also contains sunflower oil which boosts shine and moisture and rose water, which has anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal sensitive scalps.

The bars are even super simple to use! You only need to massage the bar into wet hair to produce a creamy foam then rinse with water and follow up with a conditioning bar.

Just remember to leave the bar out to air dry, or you might go through it quicker than initially planned.

Tip: I use this sisal bag to extend the life of my shampoo bar.

3. Buy Shampoo In Bulk

waste free shampoo

We’ve all bought our groceries in bulk from one of those waste-reducing bulk shopping stores, but have you ever thought of purchasing your non-perishables from one as well? No?

Let me enlighten you:

Buying in bulk using your containers means less waste overall.

Sure, it doesn’t completely eliminate the waste produced from using a shampoo that comes from the store. You still have the ingredients it uses, the process used to create the shampoo as well as the containers that they are stored in at the shopping center.

What it does mean is that you are effectively reducing the amount of waste produced when you’re shopping, especially if you’re reusing the same bottles each time.

The different shampoos and their benefits will depend on what the store carries, but hopefully, they have an all-natural, SLS-free option available that will keep your hair healthy.

If not, then choose the option that seems best for you.

The benefit of this method is that there is not much change to your usual hair care routine while there is a positive impact on the environment.

Here’s the easy way to do it:

Go shopping at one of your favorite stores to try and find a nice set of (preferably) glass bottles or dispensers that you can store you’re shampoo and conditioner in.

Try and make sure that they’re able to be stored easily in your shower and allow easy access (i.e., a nozzle or squirt top) to your shampoo. If you don’t, there is a good chance that you’ll become frustrated, give up, and switch back to the conventional shampoos.

Next, find a bulk shopping store. If the store is far away, take a larger container to fill rather than bringing your small ones.

Making one trip is less time consuming and having the extra at home will help you in the long run. After that, you’re all set!

4. DIY Dry Shampoo

waste free shampoo

What better way to reduce waste created by shampoo bottles than reducing your shampoo use?

Well, at least by cheating the system. The newest trend is all about using dry shampoo instead of washing your hair each day (which isn’t recommended anyway) and creating less waste.

It will be surprising to you how little your hair will be affected once you completely transition and give your hair time to adjust but to make sure that you keep your hair healthy, try a homemade natural shampoo.

Try this:

  • ¼ cup arrowroot powder or organic cornstarch OR two tablespoons arrowroot/cornstarch and two tablespoons cocoa powder
  • Five drops of essential oil in the scent of your choice
  • Old make-up brush for application and mixture

Mix the essential oil into the arrowroot or cornstarch and store it in a small jar or powder container.

When needed, apply with the make-up brush to the roots or oily parts of your hair. You don’t have to apply with the brush, but it makes it easier for use on styled hair and prevents you from having to comb through as much.

The best thing about this recipe is that it can be modified to be a wet/dry spray shampoo.

All you have to do is add 1 cup warm water and 1.4 cup vodka, rubbing alcohol, or witch hazel (depending on how risky you want to be with the scent). Put it all into a small spray bottle and apply it to your roots or on the oily parts of your hair. Let it air dry and then feel free to style as usual.

Quick tip:

When trying this waste-free shampoo method, only use the arrowroot and not the cocoa powder recipe if you have blonde or light-colored hair.

Use the recipe with the cocoa powder if you have dark brown or black colored hair. Otherwise, you will see the powder or spray sitting where you have sprayed (or spread) it.

5. Avoid SLS Shampoo Products

One of the ingredients that you may or may not have been warned about: SLS, or sodium lauryl sulfate.

SLS is better known as the thing that makes your shampoo soapy and foamy.

It’s used to break the bonds between molecules in your hair, allowing the shampoo and your hair to interact more effectively, making it easier to remove dirt and oil from your hair.

So why are we avoiding it?

The problem:

It’s a harsh cleaner.

SLS is a cleaner that is used in all sorts of cleaning products like toothpaste, mouthwashes, and garage-floor cleaners. Something used to that degree cannot be safe or healthy for your hair.

Sure, the cleaner removes the dirt from your hair and gives it a nice clean reset, but it also happens to strip the hair of its natural oils making your hair dry and brittle and increases your heads irritation.

This is not exactly an alternative method, but it is one heck of a good reason to switch to an all-natural shampoo.

Why wouldn’t you want the best for your hair and scalp?

Switching To Waste Free Shampoo

It’s time to break free from our conditioning and pick a waste free shampoo that works for us rather than what we are taught is best for our hair.

waste free shampoo

We need to realize what the ingredients of these products are doing to our hair and our environment and what we need to change to do better. It’s all about making choices that benefit us and the planet in the long run.

So, here’s the question:

Which shampoo is best for you?

Zero Waste Essentials

In this post, I will go over my favorite zero waste essentials.

Many people want to live sustainable, healthy lives, but find it to be difficult. Some people may even consider the zero waste lifestyle an extreme way of living.

When I tell family members or friends how I live my life plastic-free, an overwhelming look comes over their faces.

Plastic is all around us. What measures does someone have to go to in order to completely avoid it?

The answer I tell most people is, “It’s not as hard as you would think.”

It takes a little bit of time to adjust, but anyone can do it. You just have to commit to it and have an open mind.

Be critical of the products you choose to consume.

Think about the impact they may be having on the environment and research if there are any better alternatives.

Luckily, you are not in this alone and there are so many resources out there.

It took me some time to figure out what products worked for me and my lifestyle, but I think I finally got it pretty much nailed down.

I would like to share my ultimate zero waste essentials guide with you.

Here are some of my favorite sustainable, plastic-free, and natural zero waste essentials:

On-the-Go Zero Waste Essentials

Reusable Water Bottle

zero waste essentials
Hydro Flask 18 oz Water Bottle (39.99-99.99$)

Reduce: In the United States, 1,500 plastic bottles are discarded every second. An easy way to avoid adding to this statistic is to carry around your own water bottle.

I love the Hydro Flask because it is simple and keeps your drink cold/hot for a very long time.

Reuse: Do not leave the house without this one! Refill over and over again with whatever beverage you like. Hand wash in between uses to keep it clean.

I always recommend this product to people who are just starting to pursue a zero waste lifestyle because it’s a really easy alternative to transition to.

Recycle: The Hydro Flask is a very durable product. It will last you for years if you take care of it. If for some reason you do not want it anymore, do not worry. The flask is made of stainless steel and is 100% recyclable.

Stainless Steel Tumblr

zero waste essentials
EcoRoots Stainless Steel Tumbler Silver/Rose Gold (9.85$)

Reduce: It is no surprise that we are completely overusing plastic and that this is causing catastrophic environmental impacts. Half a trillion disposable cups are made around the world each year. Yikes!

One way to avoid contributing to this statistic is to avoid single-use cups and get this stainless steel tumblr

Reuse: I personally love the versatility of this tumblr. It can be used for any of your favorite beverages. It’s simple, durable, and eco-friendly.

Oh, and it comes in both a gold and rose gold finish.

Such a cute zero waste essential!

Recycle: There really is no reason to ever have to get rid of these, but if you need to, just recycle them! They are completely made of stainless steel.

Coffee Cup

zero waste essentials
Hydro Flask Coffee Mug (38.99-89.95$)

Reduce: Morning rituals are an important step to starting off a productive day. For many of us, this includes coffee.

Baristas hand us 2.7 million disposable coffee cups each day. You do not need to ditch your favorite coffee shop in order to be more eco-friendly, you just need to carry this awesome reusable coffee cup around.

Reuse: We are all creatures of habit. If stopping at a cafe before you catch the train in the morning or grabbing a coffee after lunch is a daily routine for you, come prepared!

Simply carry this product in your bag or keep it in your car. Just remember to give it a quick rinse before reusing it.

Recycle: This cup is sturdy and long-lasting. In fact, it comes with a lifetime guarantee! If you ever did want to dispose of this coffee cup, it can easily be recycled since it is stainless steel.

Bamboo Cutlery

zero waste essentials
EcoRoots Bamboo Cutlery (12.90$)

Reduce: Being zero waste does not mean that you have to stop eating at on-the-go restaurants, it just means you need to think ahead a little.

Plastic utensils are very unnecessary, especially if you are equipped with this awesome Bamboo Cutlery Set.

Think of all the plastic forks you are going to prevent from polluting our Earth!

Reuse: I love this particular set because it includes a fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks and a straw.

Seriously, what more could you ask for! It also all rolls up into a small canvas pouch which makes it so easy to keep in your bag. Once you are done with your meal, just hand wash the utensils and repack them for next time.

Recycle: Not only is bamboo naturally regenerative and environmentally low-impact to produce, it is also biodegradable.

EcoRoots uses 100% compostable or recyclable materials to package your order. Also, check it out their blog post about bamboo cutlery.

No landfill waste here!

Reusable Silicone Bags

zero waste essentials
Stasher Silicone Bags (15.99$)

Reduce: Plastic zip bags are kitchen essentials for many people because of their convenience.

Have you ever considered their environmental impact, though?

The average American family uses around 500 of these bags each year. Since there is no way to recycle or compost them, they are all going straight to landfill. There is a great alternative. Try these reusable silicone food bags!

Reuse: I love these bags because they are just as convenient, but way more sustainable. They are self-sealing and keep food amazingly fresh. They are also microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.

Once you are finished using them, just wash them and they are ready to be used over and over again!

Recycle: The simple design of these bags make them stay strong for years of use. If you eventually feel as though you want to replace one of your bags, they can be recycled.

Reef Safe Sunscreen

zero waste essentials
Raw Elements Face and Body Certified Natural Sunscreen  (19.99$)

Reduce: Not only are we polluting the oceans with plastic, but global warming is resulting in the destruction of coral reefs. Many of the sunscreens that we wear contain chemicals that are harmful to reefs, but this Raw Elements sunscreen is different because it is completely reef-safe.

This sunscreen is my favorite because it is also plastic-free, cruelty-free, and very moisturizing.

Reuse: Simply apply this sunscreen before sun exposure. It works wonderfully on both your body and your face! Since this formula is so gentle, it can easily become a part of your daily skin care routine.

This product is soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, cruelty-free, and certified organic. Just remember to reapply every 80 minutes if you are directly in the sun!

Recycle: The container that this sunscreen comes in is completely plastic-free and made of tin. I love the size and shape of it because it is easy to throw into your bag when you are on-the-go.

The tin can either be reused once it is empty or recycled.

Natural Bath & Beauty Necessities

Reusable Facial Rounds

zero waste essentials
EcoRoots Reusable Facial Rounds (10.95$)

Reduce: If you are into makeup or skincare, chances are you may use disposable cotton pads to apply certain products. What if I told you that there was a zero waste alternative?

I love the EcoRoots reusable cotton pads. They are way more sustainable!

Reuse: It’s easy! Simply put your favorite cream, lotion, toner, cleanser, or makeup remover onto one of the pads and apply it to your skin.

Throw them into the wash, air dry, and then you are all set to use them again. Don’t worry, the pack comes as a set of ten, so you won’t have to constantly be doing laundry!

Recycle: These cotton rounds are made from organic-certified, sustainable, and biodegradable fabric. If you wish to dispose of your cotton rounds, just compost them.

Menstrual Cup

zero waste essentials
MahinaCup Menstrual Cup (42$)

Reduce: Not only are periods messy, painful, and annoying, but they also are huge creators of waste. On average, women generate 250-300 pounds of feminine hygiene trash in her lifetime.

Luckily, menstrual cups are a great, cost-effective, and more sustainable option.

I personally recommend the New Moon Mahina Menstrual Cup.

Reuse: Unlike most feminine hygiene products that get thrown in the trash, this menstrual cup can be rinsed and reused.

When using the bathroom, simply remove, empty, clean, and reinsert. The cup can be left in for up to 12 hours. Since the cup is reused and you do not need to buy more each month, you will end up saving money. It’s an economic and sustainable solution!

Recycle: The Mahina cup is made to last up to 10 years. After that time, the cup might start to show wear, and you may want to replace it.

Since it is made completely from high quality medical-grade silicone, it can be recycled.

Natural Toothpaste

zero waste essentials
Davids Natural Toothpaste (10.97$)

Reduce: Our daily routines can easily be modified to be more eco-friendly. Whenever I finish a tube of toothpaste, I never know what to do with it.

Can it be recycled? Do I have to just throw it in the trash?

Luckily, with David’s Natural Toothpaste, that ambiguity is eliminated.

Reuse: This toothpaste works just like any other toothpaste, but better. It is all-natural, Fluoride-free, SLS-free, vegan, and fights plaque!

I love it because it isn’t gritty and goes onto your toothbrush very smoothly. The blend of mint oils in this formula makes it taste and smell so fresh and amazing.

Recycle: This toothpaste tube is made from metal, so it is easily recyclable, unlike most toothpaste packaging.

I also love that it comes with a free metal tube squeezer to help make sure you use every last drop in the container.

You will never want to go back to your old toothpaste!

Bamboo Toothbrush

zero waste essentials
EcoRoots Bamboo Toothbrush (14.90$)

Reduce: Every product that we interact with has some sort of impact on the environment. It may surprise you that 50 million pounds of waste end up in the landfill each year from just toothbrushes alone.

Isn’t that crazy? Luckily there are Natural Bamboo Toothbrushes that eliminate the creation of waste.

Reuse: Not only are these toothbrushes more stylish, but they are more sustainable, as well. Bamboo is naturally regenerative and does not require a lot of resources or land to grow.

Bamboo is also anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial, so it is the perfect material to make a toothbrush out of!

Recycle: Since bamboo is a natural material, it easily biodegrades. Simply compost the handle of the toothbrush once you need to replace it.

Shampoo Bar

zero waste essentials
EcoRoots Shampoo & Conditioner Bars (10.50$)

Reduce: Think about this: 120 billion units of packaging are produced each year from the beauty industry alone.

The silly thing is that many of these products do not really even need packaging. That’s why I love zero waste shampoo bars. They eliminate the need for plastic by being in the form of a bar and they work just as great!

I love the wide variety of EcoRoots shampoo bars. There is a scent for everyone!

Reuse: It’s quite simple. Gently massage the bar into your hair until it starts to foam. Rinse just like regular shampoo and you are all set! Just allow the bar to dry in between uses and it can be used for up to 75 washes.

Recycle: There is literally zero waste when it comes to shampoo bars. Once they are done, you are left with nothing to dispose of.

Say goodbye to plastic bottles, folks! I love this zero waste essential.

Safety Razor

zero waste essentials
EcoRoots Rose Gold Safety Razor (32$)

Reduce: This EcoRoots Rose Gold Safety Razor is one of my favorite sustainable products for many reasons.

First off, it saves two billion plastic razors from making their way into the landfill each year. It also is beautiful and gets such a close, smooth shave every single time. I could not recommend this product more. ❤️

Reuse: It’s really quite simple once you get the hang of it.

Instead of tossing the whole razor once the blade gets dull, simply pop a new stainless steel blade into the gorgeous rose gold handle. It may seem like an investment at first, but you can buy new blades for next to nothing. This product is more economical and sustainable!

Recycle: This product is completely plastic-free. The handle can be reused over and over again, but it can be recycled. Once a stainless steel blade is dull, it also can be recycled.

However, be sure to check with your local recycling facility to see how they recommend to safely recycle sharp objects.

Face Lotion Yay For Earth

zero waste essentials
YayForEarth Face Lotion (25$)

Reduce: I have a long list of my favorite zero waste beauty products, but the Yay For Earth Face Lotion always lands at the top. It is completely plastic-free and is so luxuriously moisturizing.

It can be applied at any time throughout the day to balance, calm, and hydrate your skin. It’s a great product to incorporate into your daily skincare routine.

Reuse: This formula is completely organic and all-natural. Since this is an oil-based moisturizer, a little goes a long way. This small container will definitely last you longer than you would expect. Whenever I apply this on my skin, it gives me such a healthy, beautiful glow. I just can’t get enough!

Recycle: The packaging of this product is plastic-free. It comes in a little glass jar with the cutest sunshine illustration on it.

Whenever I finish one, I usually end up repurposing the jar just because it is too adorable to get rid of. However, it is 100% recyclable.

Plastic-Free Deodorant Stick

Zero Waste Deodorant (15.95$)

Reduce: Finding a plastic-free deodorant stick is no easy feat.

That’s why I always point my friends in the direction of this Soap & Salve Co. Deodorant stick. It is also USDA organic, cruelty-free, and works amazingly! You will not have to worry about body odor or plastic pollution with this product!

Reuse: Simply apply this product in the morning and you will be set for the day! The coconut oil in this formula will allow your skin to feel moisturized and will naturally neutralize odors. There is no added scent to this product, so it will work wonderfully even on the most sensitive of skins.

Recycle: Good news! This deodorant stick is packaged in a cardboard tube. This means that it is 100% compostable and recyclable.

I love that is is completely plastic-free. This biodegradable deodorant stick rocks!

I also love this brand and this BACKING SODA FREE OPTION!

Green Home & Kitchen Go To’s

Reusable Produce Bags

zero waste essentials
EcoRoots Reusable Produce Bags (25$)

Reduce: Every second, 160,000 plastic bags are used around the world. Many people do not realize that this figure also includes the plastic bags that we use in the grocery store for produce. The good news is that there are alternatives to carry our fruits and veggies in.

I love these awesome EcoRoots Reusable Cotton Produce Bags.

Reuse: It’s simple! I just store my reusable produce bags with my shopping tote bags. Whenever I am about to go to the grocery store, I grab all of my bags so I am ready to shop plastic-free. Just put your produce in the bags as you normally do.

I love this particular set because it comes with nine bags and has the tare weight written on each one.

Recycle: These bags can be used over and over again! They are completely biodegradable since they are made of organic cotton.

There is a stainless steel cord on each bag, but this can be cut off and recycled separately.

Mesh String Bag

string bag
EcoRoots Mesh String Bag (15$)

Reduce: Since we are on the topic of plastic bags, I’ll share with you my favorite sustainable bag: the EcoRoots Organic String Bag.

I call this my “market bag” because I love bringing it to farmer’s markets. It looks so cute full of veggies, fruits, herbs, flowers, etc.

Reuse: This bag folds up super small, so it is perfect to store in another bag. It has a long handle and stretches. It even holds up to 40 pounds! I love how multifunctional it is. I’ve used it as a beach bag, laundry bag, and shopping bag before.

Recycle: Since this mesh bag is made of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, it is completely compostable. Hey, if you are planning on disposing of one of these, just send it to me instead because I seriously love it so much!

Stainless Steel Food Containers

Reduce: Not only are plastic food containers bad for the environment, they also tend to get stained, warped, and just generally degrade over time. That is why I recommend these Stainless Steel Food Containers. They are super durable, plastic-free, leak-proof, and smell-proof.

These are a zero waste kitchen essential!

Reuse: These are great for lunch, leftovers, and camping trips. Fill it with your favorite food and snugly secure the top with the latches. Store it in the fridge or in your lunchbox until you are ready to eat.

I love this set because it comes with three different sizes that all nest inside one another for storage.

Recycle: These food containers are made to last. Seriously, they do not even stain or warp. If you did want to get rid of them, they are made from stainless steel and can be recycled.

Stainless Steel Straws

zero waste straws

Reduce: We all love turtles, so we should switch to stainless steel straws. The plastic that we consume often ends up in our oceans. If we stop consuming plastic, then we can help fight the waste issue and protect wildlife.

Reuse: I particularly love this set because it contains straight straws, bent straws, and straw cleaners. It really is the ultimate sustainable straw set. Either use them at home or carry with you to use them at restaurants, coffee shops, or cafes. They pair nicely with a stainless steel tumblr.

Recycle: Unlike single use straws, these can be reused indefinitely. You could always easily recycle them if you wanted to dispose of them since they are made from stainless steel.

Talk about a zero waste essential right here.

Bee’s Wrap

Reduce: Cling wrap is a product of the past. Made from cheap, filmy plastic, these are impossible to compost or recycle.

Even though I refuse to use plastic wrap, I still want to keep my food fresh. That is why I love Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps.

Reuse: You can wrap cheese, fruit, vegetables, bread, or whatever else you can think of with this product. The beeswax will allow it to keep it’s shape. Simply wash with cool water and a mild soap once finished. Allow the wrap to dry and it is ready to be used again!

Recycle: The only two materials of this product are organic cotton fabric and beeswax, so it is completely biodegradable.

What an awesome zero waste product!

Dish Washing Block

NoToxLife Dish Washing Block (14$)

Reduce: In most cases, packaging really is not even needed.

This amazing Dish Washing Block proves that. Most dish soap comes in a plastic bottle, which is just contributing to the global plastic waste crisis.

This block stands on its own, almost like a bar of soap or a shampoo bar. Seriously, it’s a genius idea that will have you saying “goodbye” to liquid dish soap.

Reuse: Just have this block sit next to the sink. When you want to use it, rub it with a wet brush, sponge, or rag until it starts to lather. Then, just wash your dishes like you normally do. It gets even better. Not only does it wash grease and food off of your dishes, but it can also be used to clean counters, wash out stains in clothing, etc. It truly is an amazing multipurpose zero waste home essential.

Recycle: The block will shrink as you use it. When it’ gone, it’s gone. The only waste created is the small sleeve it is packaged in, but that is made of cardboard, so it can be recycled.

Eco-Friendly Laundry & Cleaning Staples

Laundry Detergent Pods

Reduce: Whenever I walk down the cleaning aisle in the grocery store, anxiety hits me. So many chemicals, dyes, and plastic.

How do I navigate through all of it?

One of the first zero waste laundry products that I came by were these Laundry Detergent Pods. They are fragrance-free, dye-free, chemical-free, cruelty-free, natural, hypoallergenic, and plant-based.

Reuse: These function like any other laundry pod. Just pop one into a load of laundry and you are all set. This box comes with 250 pods. Talk about bang for your buck!

Recycle: I especially love this brand because their packaging is plastic-free. Pods come in a cardboard box, which can either be recycled or composted.

Wool Dryer Balls

Reduce: I hate taking my laundry out of the dryer and having to pick off all the dryer sheets that cling to my clothes. I also hate that once I do that, I have to throw them into the trash. It’s completely unnecessary!

Check out these reusable wool dryer balls. They eliminate the need for those waste-creating dryer sheets.

Reuse: These organic cotton dryer balls can be thrown into your dryer with your laundry. They have no chemicals, are hypoallergenic, and great for those with sensitive skin. Reuse them over and over again and you will have fluffy, soft laundry every single time. They are unscented, but I like to put a few drops of lavender essential oil on mine.

Recycle: Since these are made from all-natural wool, they can be composted. These are total zero waste essentials!

Laundry Stain Stick

Reduce: At one point, I thought that finding a plastic-free stain solution for my clothes was next to impossible. That was until I discovered this Juniper Seed Mercantile Laundry Stain Stick. This handmade, all-natural bar works wonders on stains and does not create any waste!

Reuse: Use this stick to pre-treat stains or grimy spots. Dampen the stain then give it a good scrub. Then, just wash your laundry as you normally do. Voila! No more stains and your clothes look as good as new.

Recycle: There is no outer packaging or bottle to this bar. The only thing is the paper sleeve that it initially comes in, but this can be recycled.

Wooden Cleaning Brush

EcoRoots Wooden Cleaning Brush (11$)

Reduce: Kitchens are full of grease, food staines, and grime. Thats why I love this wooden cleaning brush. I use it for tough spots on dishes, cleaning the oven, etc.

Use this wooden brush and your kitchen will sparkle.

Reuse: Wet with water and then add some natural cleaner to the bristles. Scrub the dirty surface until it is clean and then rinse. It’s that simple!

Recycle: This product lasts a long time, but it can be composted. The handle is made of sustainable wood and the bristles are made of sisal, which is a plant-based fiber.

Reusable Sweeper Pads For Mop

Reduce: There is convenience in just throwing away dirty things, but it is not very good for our planet. That’s why I replaced my disposable sweeper pads for these reusable sweeper pads. Washing them is an extra step, but it is a sacrifice that I am willing to make for our planet.

Reuse: These thick fabric pads can be used as a dry or wet mop. Use water and soap to get your floors to shine. Wash or rinse in between uses.

Recycle: These can be used over and over again, but if they become raggedy, you can dispose of them by composting.

Stainless Steel Furniture Dusting Spray

Reduce: I hate dusting, but I also hate a dusty house. It’s an oxymoron, I know. I do love cleaning my house with sustainable products, though, and that is why I love this zero waste essential Furniture Dusting Spray.

Reuse: This all-natural formula can be sprayed onto the surface and then wiped with a dry cloth. Use on surfaces such as wood, laminate, and other durable surfaces.

Recycle: The best part about this formula is that it comes in a stainless steel bottle. When finished, simply recycle.

What are your favorite zero waste essentials that you use?

9 Easy Steps For A Zero Waste Kitchen

The kitchen is a household hub for the creation of waste. If you are trying to live a more sustainable life, you may feel overwhelmed by your kitchen habits.

Vegetable scraps, spoiled leftovers, and all of that food packaging; where do you even begin?


Turning your kitchen zero waste simply requires you to change your perspective on food and make a few easy household product swaps.

zero waste kitchen

To live sustainably, we need to only use what we need to be less wasteful. In a world of excess, this may seem like a foreign concept, but it really is easy to employ.

Think about this:

Over 1/3 of all food produced globally goes to waste.

zero waste kitchen

If you just open your mind to being a little more conscious about your consumption, you are already well on your way towards living a sustainable life.

In addition, I would like to share with you some easily adaptable tips to transforming your very own zero waste kitchen.

1. Baby Steps: Reusable Bags

We all know that plastic bags are bad for the environment, yet a lot of people still use them.

zero waste kitchen

Get this:

It takes at least 500 years for a plastic bag to fully degrade in the landfill.

That is, if they even make their way to the landfill! Often times, plastic bags end up in waterways and can harm wildlife.

Do not fret:

It is beyond simple to incorporate reusable bags into your daily life. Keep them in your car or get one that folds up and always have it in your purse. Think ahead before leaving your house in the morning.

Do you plan on going grocery shopping after work?

Don’t forget your reusable bag!

If you already are dedicated to reusable shopping bags and want to take it a step further, try eliminating plastic produce bags from your life.

zero waste kitchen
EcoRoots Reusable String & Produce Bags (15$ – 25$)

My favorite alternatives are the EcoRoots String Bag and their set of Cotton Produce Bags.

2. Buying in Bulk & Avoiding Packaging

For some unknown reason, many companies love wrapping their food products in an excessive amount of packaging.

Here’s how you can avoid it:

zero waste kitchen

Buy in bulk! Many health food stores allow you to buy items like pasta, granola, rice, beans, and other grains in bulk. Some stores even sell bulk dish soap, shampoo, and other products like that.

What does this mean exactly?

zero waste kitchen

It means that the store has large, unpackaged containers of each item. You can bring a reusable bag, jar, or container and take as much or as little of the product as you want.

It’s easy:

You just pay by weight!

Buying in bulk is a such a simple way to avoid packaging waste and it tends to be cheaper than it’s pre-packaged cousin.

It’s so worth it!

3. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Have you ever thought about the packaging waste created by cleaning products?

Besides generating waste, many household cleaning solutions contain chemicals that are actually toxic to yourself and the environment. Ah!

zero waste kitchen

Here’s an alternative:

Sure, there are eco-friendly, nontoxic cleaning products on the market, but to be a true zero waster, why don’t you try a do-it-yourself solution?

If you follow any sustainable living blogs, you probably have seen DIY recipes for toothpaste, dish soap, etc.

One of the easiest recipes to start off with is your very own non-toxic all purpose cleaner.

Here’s how to do it:

Get a glass spray bottle and fill it halfway with water. Fill the rest of it with white vinegar and then add 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oil.


You are ready to clean up any mess and did not even have to combat any packaging along the way. Also, the glass spray bottle can be reused over and over again!

4. Swapping Disposable With Reusable

Always think about how you can swap single-use products with things that can be reused.

Remember, reduce, reuse, recycle!

Here’s an idea:

How many napkins do you think get thrown into your garbage each year?

paper napkins

Consider replacing napkins that you dispose of with reusable napkins that can be washed.

It may seem more expensive up front, but investing in some quality napkins is more cost-effective over time since you will not have to constantly keep buying more.

zero waste kitchen

It may seem insignificant, but swallow this:

If 50% of the United States population used one paper napkin per meal three times a day, over 164 billion napkins would be used in a year. If that does not bother you, think about the 11.5 billion gallons of water it takes to produce all of those napkins.


5. Changing Perspectives: Zero Waste Kitchen Products

Our kitchens are chock full of products.

Plates, napkins, cleaning brushes, sponges, cutlery, appliances, etc. If I were to offer you a sustainable solution to every single kitchen product, this blog post would never end.

Take note:

Having knowledge about materials is integral to making your own sustainable decisions. For instance, plastic should be avoided at all costs.

Plastic production emits greenhouse gases and it takes hundreds of years to break down in landfill.

Have you noticed more eco-conscious brands carrying bamboo products?

Here’s why:

Bamboo is a low impact, eco-friendly material. It is very regenerative and requires no pesticides, fertilizer, or irrigation to produce. In fact, it fully matures and is ready to be harvested in just 3-5 years.

bamboo utensils

There’s more:

Unlike plastic, bamboo biodegrades once you are done using it. When purchasing products, always consider the material. If it is made from something natural and can be composted once it’s life is over, then it is a better option than plastic. Try to stay away from synthetic materials.

Some good examples of awesome, eco-friendly kitchen products are the EcoRoots Wooden Dish Brush and Loofah Sponge.

zero waste kitchen
EcoRoots Wooden Dish Brush & Loofah Sponge (8$-11$)

The handles of both of these products are made from wood and the scrub part is made from loofah or sisal. These are both plant-based materials that are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

6. Shop Local

Food is the star of the show when it comes to your zero waste kitchen. You may be wondering:

How do you make your food consumption more sustainable?

As a species, humans have become increasingly distant from our food sources. We go to the grocery store, pick up what we need, and rarely ever think about the amount of water, energy, or time it took to get it on the shelf. Wasting food means wasting those resources.

First off, buy only what you need and really try to avoid throwing away leftovers. Secondly, shop local!

shop local

Here’s why:

Not only does shopping local help support your local economy, but it is great for the environment! Sometimes, produce comes to us from the other side of the country. It travels miles and miles, burning gas and emitting a ton of carbon monoxide along the way.

If you shop local, the produce is coming from a nearby farm, meaning it has to travel less to get to you. It saves a bunch of resources and therefore is more sustainable.

7. Earth-Friendly Food Storage

Now that we have our local produce, how do we sustainably store all of that yummy food?

My pre-zero waste kitchen was equipped with plastic containers, single-use zip bags, and saran wrap. Ew! Yeah, I was that person.

It was super easy to change my habits once I became aware of all the great sustainable alternatives there are out there.

For every single-use plastic product out there, there is a reusable alternative.

Here are some of my favorites:

Replace saran plastic wrap with reusable, beeswax wrap. Many of the ones available come in really cute patterns and designs. You could even make your own beeswax wrap!

zero waste kitchen
Bee`s Wrap (18$)

Instead of using those single-use zip bags for snacks and leftovers, switch over to a reusable silicone solution. These are much sturdier than their flimsy, cheap predecessor, so they can be used over and over again!

zero waste kitchen
Reusable Silicone Bags (8$)

My all-time favorite sustainable food storage product are mason jars. They can be used to store food, pickle veggies, or even just be used as a cup. They are so multi-functional and can be used a million times over again.

zero waste kitchen

8. Not All Waste Is Created Equal

There are three main waste streams: compost, recyclables, and trash. Keeping all of our waste organized and separate is an important step into making sure everything is disposed of properly.

Always check with your local waste management department for guidelines on how to deal with your waste. Every town has different rules and programs.


You want to try to compost as much of your waste as you can. Most people keep their compost in a bucket and bring it to a facility, but you also can start a compost pile in your backyard.

Why does it matter?

Composting transforms waste into a nutrient-rich material that can be used to generate new plant life. In doing so, it prevents the carbon emissions that would have emerged if the waste was sent to landfill.

zero waste compost

Next is recycling. Again, check your local regulations. Some places allow you to mix all of your recyclables, while others ask you to sort it out by material. One of the most important rules in recycling is to always make sure the waste is clean before you place it in the bin.

Here’s why:

If your container is still full of food, chances are the facility is going to have to send it to the landfill instead of being able to recycle it. Bummer, I know, so be sure to rinse!

The last and final option is trash.

You really want to make sure that this is your last resort.

Are you sure it can’t be composted or recycled?

If you are avoiding packaging and purchasing reusable products, you probably aren’t generating that much trash, anyway.

Avoid the landfill at all costs!

9. Goodbye To Single-Use

Single-use coffee cups and water bottles need to go and here’s why:

16 billion coffee cups that are not able to be recycled or composted are used each year. That’s nothing compared to the 480 billion water bottles that get used annually.

reusable over disposable

However, this does not mean that you have to say goodbye to your favorite local coffee shop.

Just start using reusable cups/mugs/bottles! It is really quite easy once you get the hang of it.

I hope now that I broke down some alternatives, you see how obtainable a zero waste kitchen truly is.

Here’s some take away tips: shop local, avoid packaging, and swap disposable with reusable. You got this!

9 Zero Waste Skin Care Products That I Use

There’s no doubt about it:

Taking care of ourselves is important.

In an age where self care is celebrated, we all have our own products, rituals, and routines that help us unwind from the stresses of life.

zero waste skin care

Have you ever thought about how your beauty routine affects the environment?

Chew on this:

120 billion units of plastic packaging are produced every year by the beauty industry alone.

Wow! That is a frightening statistic, but do not fret. You do not have to abandon your self care routine or continue feeling guilty about taking care of yourself.

Think about this:

What if I told you that for every beauty product you love, there is a more eco-friendly alternative out there? You are not alone in this journey!

I am here to help.

Today I will be sharing my top nine zero waste skin care products with you.

Zero Waste Skin Care

So, what exactly is a zero waste skin care product?

It simply means that instead of using plastic packaging, they use materials that have a lower impact on the environment. The material must be recyclable or compostable.

Typically, this means using glass, cardboard, or bamboo.

zero waste skin care

Not all products that consider themselves “zero waste,” are the same, however, often times these products are also cruelty-free, all natural, and do not use toxic chemicals.

Okay, let’s get to it:

Here is my top zero waste skin care products:

1. Earth-Friendly Face Lotion

If you are a sucker for cute packaging, it will not take much to convince you to try the Yay For Earth Zero Waste Face Lotion.

It is organic, all-natural, and comes in the cutest reusable jar with adorable illustrations.

zero waste skin care
YayForEarth Zero-Waste Face Lotion (25$)

This lotion has some amazing properties but also is gentle enough to be used everyday. Once you try it, it will become a staple in your everyday routine.

Check it out:

Olive oil moisturizes your skin and gives your face a beautiful glow.

Shea butter is anti-inflammatory and calms the skin.

Beeswax is anti-bacterial, leaving your skin healthy and clean. Lastly, pomegranate seed oil has wonderful anti-aging properties.

The Yay for Earth Zero-Waste Face Lotion works great on all skin types and a little goes a long way. You only need about half a pea size per application to get the full benefits, so the two ounce jar will most likely last you a few months!

2. Simple Solutions: Argan Oil

If you are not on the oil train yet, you should totally hop on with the Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil.

zero waste skin care
Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil (49$)

My favorite thing about this product is how straight-forward it is.

No additives or extra ingredients, just 100% pure Argan Oil.

Never heard of it before?

Here’s the scoop:

Argan Oil is extremely moisturizing. In fact, it’s nature’s richest source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E. The best part is that it can be used head to toe!

It’s great for the skin, hair, and nails.

Since Argan Oil is so pure, it does not need to be used everyday.

I usually use it if I am having a spa night or if my skin feels super dry in the winter. Once you put it on, you will feel it deeply hydrate your skin and bring it back to life.

This oil will also give your skin the most beautiful, dewy glow!

3. Package-Free Facial Soap

If you are looking for a completely zero waste, natural alternative for daily facial cleanser, look no further than the EcoRoots Shea Rose Clay Facial Soap.

zero waste skin care
EcoRoots Zero-Waste Shea Rose Clay Soap (10.5$)

This soap is plastic-free, cruelty-free, all natural, and vegan.

What more could you ask for?

I love how mild, yet powerful this soap is. It is great for all skin types and could also be used on your whole body.

Smells light and flowery, but it’s properties are strong. The soap is infused with mango butter, rose hip, French pink clay, and creamy coconut milk.

Wait, there’s more:

Since this facial soap comes as a bar, there is virtually no plastic packaging.

However, EcoRoots only uses biodegradable packing materials.

Finally, a zero-waste daily facial cleanser for all skin types!

4. Zero Waste Lip Balm 

Who likes chapped lips or sending trash to landfill?

Uh, no one.

That’s why I know you are going to love Rosebud Perfume Co.s zero-waste strawberry lip balm.

The sweet smell of this lip balm will keep you reaching for more.

zero waste skin care
Rosebud Perfume Co.`s Zero-Waste Lip Balm (8$)

Rosebud Perfume Co.’s mission is to create simple, affordable products that are effective. They do not miss the mark with this product, that’s for sure.

My favorite part about it is the ultra cute vintage-inspired tin can packaging that is 100% recyclable or reusable.

Sometimes I feel like lip balms force you into an endless cycle of reapplying, but this strawberry lip balm is different.

With just one application, your lips will feel hydrated for hours. It also has a very subtle tint that makes your lips look fresh and healthy.

5. Ethical Shea Butter Hand Cream

Say goodbye to cracked, dry, and overworked hands.

L’occitane en Provence’s Shea Butter Hand Cream works wonders.

L’occitane en Provence’s Zero-Waste Shea Butter Hand Cream (29$)

This hand cream usually ends up becoming a lifetime staple product for anyone who tries it.

Here’s why:

Shea butter is rich in fatty acids and has been used by women for centuries. Spring honey soothes the skin, leaving it soft and silky.

Sweet almond oil is high in omega oils which helps nourish dry skin and bring it back to life.

It’s really impressive how transparent L’occitane en Provence is about the ingredients they use. While many other industries exploit the areas in which they source ingredients, this companies seeks to empower.

They ethically employ over 10,000 women in West Africa to process their shea butter using environmentally-friendly methods.

6. Reusable Cotton Facial Rounds

This may be a product you would not initially think about when crafting your perfect zero waste skin care arsenal, but once you try it, you’ll be hooked.

zero waste skin care
EcoRoots Zero-Waste Organic Reusable Facial Rounds (10.95$)

Are cotton pads or cotton balls part of your skin routine? Have you ever thought about how wasteful they are?

No need to worry.

EcoRoots came up with a great concept: organic reusable cotton rounds. It is so simple.

Apply face cream, lotion, or toner to one of the round pads and apply it on your skin. You could also use these cotton pads to remove makeup or wash your face!

Once you are done, wash the pad and use it again!

Ten come in a pack, so you won’t constantly have to be doing laundry. They are made from a mixture of organic cotton and bamboo, so they can be composted after their life is over.

7. Refillable Body Lotion

If you haven’t heard about Plaine Products before, you need to keep reading. This company provides return labels with all of their products so that they can keep reusing bottles and create less waste.

zero waste hair care
Plaine Products Zero-Waste Body Lotion (27$)

How genius! Oh, and everything is non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan.

I would like to bring attention to one product in particular: the Rosemary Mint Vanilla Body Lotion.

This stuff is god sent. It smells so so so good. The rosemary and mint give it a refreshing kick while the vanilla soothes and calms.

Also, the lotion has some aloe and rose hip oil in it so it is extraordinarily hydrating.

I use this lotion every night after I shower. Over time, you will notice a positive improvement in your skin’s texture and appearance from using this great lotion.

8. Reef-Safe, Plastic-Free Sunscreen

It’s pretty ironic that so many people use sunscreen that contributes to the plastic pollution of the ocean while swimming in the ocean.

Sadly, many sunscreen lotions on the market are also extremely harmful to coral reefs.

Raw Elements reef-safe, plastic-free sunscreen wants to change that.

zero waste hair care
Raw Elements Zero-Waste Sunscreen (19.99$)

This SPF 30+ all-natural formula will keep your skin safe from the sun’s harmful rays. It also can be used on both your face and body.

The tin it comes in is recyclable/reusable, so you do not have to feel guilty anymore about taking care of your skin.

There’s more:

This sunscreen is water resistant beyond 80 minutes, so you do not have to spend a lot of time reapplying.

Nourishing vitamins, minerals, and extracts are included into the formula to moisturize your skin as you enjoy the great outdoors.

9. Biodegradable Deodorant Stick

Skin care usually bring moisturizing, exfoliating, and cleansing to mind, but what about sweating?

No one likes to smell bad from body odor, yet many of us now fear deodorant because of the toxic chemicals many brands often include in their product.

zero waste skin care
Soap & Salve Zero-Waste Biodegradable Deodorant (15.95$)

Fear no more with the Soap & Salve Biodegradable Deodorant stick. I have seen many “natural” deodorants in stores, however, they often are still cased in plastic.

I love this product so much because it is plastic-free, chemical-free, and prevents me from smelling bad.

They have two varieties to pick from: non-scented and tea-tree/lemongrass.

Both have coconut oil and baking soda which both have antibacterial properties to help neutralize underarm odor.

Organic cornstarch is also used to absorb perspiration.

It’s great!

Zero-Waste Skincare Products

I hope now that I offered some great alternatives, you will see how easy and affordable it is to convert to a zero-waste skin care routine.

Take care of yourself and the planet!

Zero Waste Produce Bags [my review]

When my EcoRoots zero waste produce bags arrived in my mailbox, I was secretly hoping that I had no fruits or veggies left in my fridge so I could run to the store and try them out immediately.

You may be wondering why I was so eager to start using these zero waste produce bags or why you should even care.

In the United States, 100 billion plastic bags are used each year. Besides creating a huge waste problem that is detrimental to marine life, the manufacturing process alone is extremely toxic and harmful to the environment.

8% of our oil resources goes towards the production of plastic bags and each one is typically only used for an average of 12 minutes.

I gave up single-use shopping bags awhile ago, but whenever I was getting groceries, I always found myself reaching for one of those silly plastic produce bags.

I always felt as though I had no other option, but now I do!

Bringing some zero waste produce bags into my life seemed like the next logical step in my journey towards living more sustainable and maybe it is the next step in your’s, too.

Even though there are a few different reusable produce bags on the market, I decided to go with the EcoRoots brand because I liked the company’s philosophy and their product set. They started when they realized how much consumerism is negatively impacting the environment.

zero waste produce bags

Their mission is to create long-lasting products that minimize the creation of waste. Naturally, the packaging of their products is completely recyclable and plastic-free.

My zero waste produce bags arrived in a cardboard box, which I ended up shredding and adding to my composting bin. You could also recycle it if you are not on the composting train yet.

The produce bags are sold in a set of nine and have two different types, mesh and bulk, in various sizes.

The mesh bags have holes in them and are best used for produce, such as apples, oranges, and broccoli. There is a small, medium, and large bag and you get two of each size.

zero waste produce bags

The bulk bags are solid and are more for items you would get in bulk, such as pasta, coffee, and rice. There is only one of each size of the bulk bag in the set.

After receiving my bags, I had to wait a few days to use them. Luckily, the week went by quickly and it was finally Saturday, which meant it was farmer’s market day!

I woke up, had a cup of coffee, and packed my produce bags inside of one another. I then threw them into my reusable canvas bag and walked a few blocks from my house to the market on a gorgeous summer morning. The market was bustling.

The smell of fresh bread and the sight of produce satisfied my senses. Using my produce bags was easy and fun.

Before you knew it, my bag was full of beautiful, local fruits and veggies.

I really like that there is different sized bags because it just seems to make sense. For instance, the small bag is great for strawberries and the large one is best for a bushel of kale.

The small details of the EcoRoots zero waste produce bags is what really makes them a solid product.

Each bag has a stainless steel drawstring cord, so it is easy to secure them closed.

zero waste produce bags

They are made of organic cotton and are completely machine washable.

They are super durable but are also 100% biodegradable if you ever wanted to get rid of them (I am not sure why you would).

Each bag also has the tare weight written on a tag, so your food can be accurately weighed.

I have had so many cashiers and fellow shoppers compliment me on them. It is a great gateway conversation into informing others about the plastic problem and how they can easily live more sustainable.

Since using them at the farmer’s market, I have also brought my produce bags to the grocery store and my local food co-op, which works just as well.

I tend to just leave them in the trunk of my car so I have them whenever I need them.

I really love having both styles of the bag.

The mesh bag is great because it makes it super easy to rinse your produce right inside of it.

Personally, I use the bulk bags more at the store than the market because that is where I stock up on coffee, grains and beans.

I have recently been thinking about buying more bulk bags because three sometimes is not enough and I just use them so much.

zero waste produce bags

They are great! Besides being perfect for produce and food, these bags are awesome to have in your life for other reasons.

When traveling, I sometimes use one of the medium ones for my toiletries.

A few months ago, I was moving apartments and these bags came in super handy when packing random, small miscellaneous items. My friend has the same set and she sometimes uses them for her kid’s toys.

The possibilities for these zero waste produce bags are endless!

If you get the EcoRoots reusable produce bags, I am sure that you will find even more reasons to love them than what I have already mentioned.

The mesh and bulk options just make it so easy to sustainably purchase your food.

I love the material, sizes, and style of this product. I just can not recommend them enough.

zero waste produce bags
EcoRoots Zero Waste Reusable Produce Bags Set of 9 (25$)

If you started using only reusable bags, over the course of your lifetime you would have saved 22,000 plastic bags from reaching the landfill.

Would you be willing to give up single-use plastic bags to lessen your impact on the environment?

Zero Waste Shaving [My Favorite Safety Razor]

Like all routines, I don’t put much thought into shaving. Even though I might not shave every day, I should’ve noticed how many razors I was throwing away.

It’s amazing how much damage something as simple and small as a disposable razor can do.

Think of it this way, the EPA estimates that 2 billion razors are thrown out each year.

zero waste shaving

How many of these razors are yours? How many do you go through each week, each month, each year?

Considering you can’t recycle these in the U.S.A, it’s a pretty safe assumption that they’re stacking up in our landfills and our environment.

So What Do We Do?

For me, It was easy to see that a step in the right direction consisted of me changing my routine and I needed to find a perfect replacement.

One method I attempted previously was signing up for Harry’s, a shaving club that provides you with a razor handle and sends razor heads monthly (or whenever you request).

zero waste shaving

The problem was that the blades only lasted so long, I went through an average of 6 blades each month. They rusted and dulled to the point where they did more damage to my skin than the hair I was attempting to remove.

Therefore, it was on to the next idea. Reusable safety razors.

Safety razors are not a new idea, but they are not overly popular especially for use in those very sensitive areas where one mistake causes pain for the next week.

Taking a leap out of our comfort zone to try something new when it affects our body so intimately is hard, even when the change would be better for the Earth and better for your skin.

The Switch

I’m not one to start using a product without doing any research, and that goes double when the product affects my skin.

I avoided large scale stores (aka WalMart) and looked through a few options on Amazon, but ultimately I decided upon this Rose Gold Safety Razor from Ecoroots.

zero waste shaving

It was exactly what I needed. Stainless-steel double edged eco-friendly safety razor with plenty of instructions… it also didn’t hurt that it was Rose Gold, my favorite color.

zero waste shaving

My Zero Waste Shaving Experience

zero waste shaving

No offense to the people who already know how to use safety razors, I don’t have the steadiest hand and the initial trial was a slow process.

Holding a heavy metal object was somewhat intimidating at first, making the first couple passes on my legs annoyingly slow.

Tip #1, only shave downwards. I did the mistake of going both ways. I do not recommend.

When I ordered my zero waste razor, I also went ahead and added on their Organic Shaving Soap which was extremely helpful when shaving. It made my legs feel soft and smooth after the shave.

I couldn’t stop rubbing my legs, the difference was amazing.

zero waste shaving

No razor bumps, no dry skin, no cuts. Probably the most successful shave I’ve had in a while.

Although the blades still need to be replaced, they last much longer than ones on plastic razors.

They suggest changing your blades after 7 uses, and as the blades have a high-polish finish to protect from corrosion, they last much longer than plastic.

Make sure to keep the razor in a dry place and rinse it after every use, you want to make your razor last.

For more information about EcoRoots Safety Razor check their article here.

As for the used blades, take them to your local recycling center where they will get put with the stainless steel recycling, or if you don’t feel like making the trip, you can mail them through the Albatross Blade Take Back Program.

You don’t need to mail each individual blade, keep a blade bank instead. A jar or piggy bank that you put all your used razor blades in. Once it’s full, take or mail them for recycling.

Metal Vs. Plastic

zero waste shaving

And the winner is…. Metal. Not surprised? Me neither.

The struggle with usual plastic razors is how easily they break or bend while shaving.

I for one have cut myself way too often to have any REAL attachment to a little pink plastic thing. Not only do the razors fall apart, but they don’t work.

zero waste shaving

How many times do you have to go over that one line of hair left on your leg just to get a few leftover strands? Too many. It should be one and done.

The difference in weight alone makes the switch worth it.

The safety razor has some extra weight to it, as expected, and it feels like I have more control when shaving. I don’t fear the drifting of my hand because I’m more aware of what I’m doing.

zero waste shaving
EcoRoots Rose Gold Safety Razor (32$)

Now, in consideration of looks, the safety razor takes the cake.

Rose gold will forever be my go to color and this razor fits right in. 

Was It Really Worth It? Heck yes.

I am not all about the money, but I’m not against saving some.

This switch was definitely a budget friendly one in the long run.

On average we spend almost $20 for a nice disposable razor with a few blade refills. With the plastic free safety razor you spend the initial $32 and you’re set for the next couple of years.

zero waste shaving

You might shave twice a week, so you might go through a blade each month, maybe two. The disposable razor only lasts for a week before needing having to replace the blades.

This means that zero waste shaving is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your bank account.

Now, if you’re really trying to be eco-friendly, not shaving at all is an option that is 100% zero waste.

I personally don’t have the ability to go without shaving, it would make me uncomfortable and part of being waste free and eco-friendly is being comfortable enough to keep up with it.

Just being aware of what products you’re using and what they’re doing to the environment is perfectly fine, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s all about the little steps.

What’s stopping you from switching?

zero waste shaving