Vapour Organic Beauty: My Review

Vapour Organic Beauty – my full review on this brand!

Have you ever thought about the sustainability of your beauty regime?

Ever looked at the powder you are ready to dust on your face and asked, “What is this?” If you have great! If not, don’t be down about it. Ideally, cosmetics should not have to be something we question.

However the beauty industry has some really nasty habits beneath the glam. Fortunately there are many clean beauty companies coming into view.

Vapour Organic Beauty is the one I am buzzing about. They turned my world green, with an all-natural, organic beauty line. The products are top notch.

vapour organic beauty
Vapour Organic Beauty (25$)

I feel good, I look good, and mother earth is happy too.

Dirty Secrets

The beauty industry rakes in about $500 billion per year globally.

Ads market products through visuals of striking models, in elegant poses, leading luxury lifestyles.

This lucid dream disappears once you break the seal. From conception to sales counter, products plague the environment.

Plastic is used reprehensibly; water sources are drained; ingredients are synthetic, cause horrible health effects, are tested on animals, and lethal to the ecosystem.

Read more about the beauty industry’s dirty laundry here.

Beauty Industry Plastic Waste

120 billion—with a Bunits of packaging are created in the cosmetic industry each year.

A third of the plastic in the landfill is credited to the beauty industry!

beauty industry

Why? Package design holds one clue. Intriguing branding has a role in cosmetic sales.

Consumers often make purchases based on the outside vs. the inside.

Not to mention, mechanics are a factor. Many products are portioned into tiny devices.

Single-use plastics or mixed component containers are usually the go-to.

A large majority, are not recycled.

There is plastic in products as well, micro beads and glitter dominate the beauty industry. Often these tiny pieces infiltrate our water systems and sadly the ocean.

Thankfully legislation to ban their use is gaining speed.

Read here to know more about plastic waste in the beauty industry.

The Big Blue

There is a problem of water. Water is the number one ingredient in products.

After World War II, products were designed to be drain friendly. Water is used throughout the entire process of production from harnessing ingredients to texture purposes.

The demand for water could soon outweigh the supply.

This is especially true in drought prone nations where many ingredients are sourced.

More Issues

In case you are not aware, the beauty industry likes to scent products artificially. Perfume ingredients are highly toxic and have been known to be the underlying cause for a variety of diseases.

vapour organic beauty

It is nice to smell good, but do not kill yourself for it. Scented products pollute our air with toxic VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

A recent study discovered chemicals used for fragrance, are just as detrimental to air quality as car emissions.

Skin Deep

Beauty products are used on our bodies, absorbed into our system. It is startling to know that some of the most popular ingredients are toxic. To name a few: phthalates, lead, parabens, peg compounds, butylated compounds, carbon black, siloxanes, etc.

Do you know what they do?

vapour organic beauty

These ingredients take no issue in penetrating your skin and wreaking havoc. Many mess with hormones, cause allergies and affect organ development.

Here is more about the damaging effects of these ingredients.

Safety first, last, and always with organic beauty

Need help finding safe beauty products, but don’t have time to research? Curious about what exactly is swimming around in those bottles?

Get the Think Dirty app.

You can scan barcodes on products at the store, to see what is beneath the veil.

They have a rating system from 0-10 (safe to dangerous) for all products in their library. They list the ingredients, side effects, and have articles and studies to back up the ratings.

You can add new products too, their archives are always expanding. Keep track of your favorite clean beauty products in your “bathroom.”

Bonus you can go social and spy on other bathrooms.

I try to keep my bathroom rating at a 3. One day I will get to 0.

Clean with Vapour Oragnic Beauty

Sustainability measures the impact of the end-to-end process of a product. Co-Founders Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley get this right with Vapour Organic Beauty.

vapour organic beauty

They came together, to reveal natural beauty within and around us. The company hails from Taos, New Mexico. The high desert valley inspires a wild nature to their line.

This cosmetic company has built a reputation for clean beauty products.

They are taking the industry by storm with honorable mentions from Elle and Allure. But beyond the chatter, the products are good.

They take business transparency seriously. As a customer visiting their site, I always feel clear about what I am buying.

The brand upholds integrity in the supply chain with ingredient purity. Most of all they have set a high standard of health and sustainability for the environment.

Values and morals are everything

  • Ingredient Purity

Vapour is selective when it comes to ingredients.

They retain “Champion Safety Status” from the Environmental Working Group and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

The entire lifecycle of an ingredient is scrutinized. This ensures it is supportive in the ecosystem.

Everything is natural and organic. The company is no friend to pesticides and agricultural woes suffered by such use. Farming these ingredients needs to be nurturing for local wildlife.

And of course, farmers should be healthy cultivating the ingredients.

What’s not in these products?!

There are NO artificial fragrances.

Vapour Organic Beauty gets those olfactory senses going with pure essential oils and natural fruit flavors.

Next, these products do NOT contain synthetic FD&C and Lake colorants. These are petroleum-based pigments that may contain coal, tar or heavy metals.

They have been known to contribute to cancer. NO carcinogens here! Vapour has opted to use mineral pigments and carmine for radiant hues.

  • Performance  

When clean beauty lines came into the game, products could not stand next to conventional make-up. Often products would fade fast. Colors were not as vibrant.

Your make-up would not last a full day. Reapplication was vital. Products had a tendency to dry skin out.

vapour organic beauty

Vapour Organic Beauty is revolutionizing clean beauty because they are steadfast about performance.

The make-up is lightweight, and the colors flawless.

Due to purity of the ingredients you are not just putting a make-up on. It is beneficial for the skin, nourishing from the inside out.  

  • Transparency

Do not let the beauty industry fool you. As discussed earlier some of the prettiest things are the ugliest.

This company does not hide anything. They have achieved a high quality product, from pure ingredients that they dare to show off. Hop over to the website to see this handy dandy ingredient glossary.

  • Environmental Respect

Currently they are set at 50% renewable energy.

Soon, by 2022 it will be 100%.

If that is not enough, this company is close to waterless.

97% of their products are made WITHOUT water.

Since so much inspiration is derived from the stunning desert landscape, Vapour has no intention of tainting it.

  • Recycling

They tout a wonderful recycling program.

vapour organic beauty

Vapour Organic Beauty has partnered with Terra-Cycle a company that accepts ALL types of used plastic containers to re-purpose. Send back your empties to Vapour.

They are happy to give you a $15 credit for their store.

  • Cruelty-Free

These products are never tested on animals. They do not sell to countries that require animal testing.

vapour organic beauty

They are classified as a Leaping Bunny, or rather a certified cruelty-free brand.

  • Giving Back

Both founders have been affected by cancer. So, product donations, to cancer patients undergoing treatment, bring light in such a dark hour.

This year they have picked up a few more charities.  

Products go to breast cancer survivors of the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation and the Lipstick Angels a group that provides bedside beauty services to seriously ill cancer patients.

  • Packaging Journey

Vapour Organic Beauty is the first to admit they have a packaging dilemma. They are always open to improvement.

organic beauty

Any ideas? The founders have traveled around the world and experimented with different methods of packaging, landing with no clear answer. In the mean time they encourage recycling with Terra-Cycle.

My Top Vapour Organic Beauty Products

  1. Velvet Glow Foundation
vapour organic beauty
Vapour Organic Beauty Velvet Glow Foundation (48$)

I go out the door with this one. In the event that I wake up late, with no time to put my face on, this foundation is a life-saver.

It makes my skin feel soft, like a babies bum.

Probably because of the array of oils: Desert Date, Macadamia, Sweet Almond, and Jojoba. I swear it is not oily!

Some magic happens during application because it is a matte finish. A little goes a long way.

My beauty regime requires some layering and Velvet Glow is buildable without feeling cakey. The line has inclusive skin tones for all beauties. The website has high quality pictures, to find the right match.

The mineral pigments highlight my natural undertones. I never feel like I am wearing a mask, it is all me.

2. Highlight Stick

vapour organic beauty
Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer (25$)

This stick makes me shine so bright. Conditioning with avocado and jojoba oils. Orange peel wax makes it last all day.

Which is good because I like to highlight like I am fresh out of a moon bath. I bet that is why they named it Moonlight. It is a nice light gold with the perfect iridescence that says, “pardon me, forest tree nymph dancing through.” Best part, NO GLITTER!

3. High-Voltage Lipstick

vapour organic beauty
Vapour Organic Beauty Lipstick (25$)

It is startling to think there are so many artificial colors in lipstick. Once I realized everything I was putting on my mouth, I started to think less of myself.

Those intense pigments can be addicting, but I refuse to put my health at risk for lip shade. For my vogue statements during the week, I decided to give these eco-friendly lipsticks a try. Blaze is the perfect desert red.

vapour organic beauty

A poppy color, with a matte finish. It conveys all the punch with no added muck.

Beauty that makes you truly feel good

The beauty industry is part of the environmental crises. They are at a crossroads and a drastic change is needed.

We as the consumer need to be part of that conversation. You, me, us can dictate which way the market goes.

Every purchase holds power.

vapour organic beauty

Awareness and integration of better living practices have a grand effect on the current state of affairs.

Kristine Keheley from Vapour put it wonderfully “…if each of us finds our own small way to contribute to making the world a little cleaner and more conscious, then all of those small acts move the needle and the world is made better.”

With Vapour Organic Beauty I know that what I am using is made from the earth. When I wash it off, it is going back without any injury.

Ready to give clean beauty a go? 

Keepcup! The Best Reusable Coffee Cup

Keepcup & Coffee on the brain

My day doesn’t start until coffee.

It is my life force, my blood. Coffee sets my day to meet pressing deadlines and hit my goals. It is the perfect libation for morning exchanges with my tribe.

reusable cup

Year round I crave different variations from nutty espresso shots, foamy cappuccinos, sweet pumpkin spice latte’s, and peppermint mochas.

Summer heat calls for iced java.

Chilly winter days are no match for this cuppa of comfort. I’m not the only one either, 50% of Americans over the age of 18 years (that is 150 million) drink coffee every day. But I digress. This is not a musing about how delicious coffee is.

Disposable cups litter my coffee experience. Specifically the plastic in the cup invades my caffeine daydream.

Here are the facts

Disposable coffee cup waste is an issue that is often overlooked.

So many to-go cups are piling up in the environment!

plastic cups

In the United States alone, 400 million cups of coffee are consumed per day. About 16 billion disposable coffee cups are used each year.

Very few waste recycling centers can recycle all these cups. They need to be heat and leak proof ergo the paper with a plastic lining.

Due to these components disposable cups are very hard to repurpose.

Still major coffee chains promote these cups as recyclable. Consumers with good intentions, toss the cups in the recycle bin.

In reality, we have been building mountains of cups in the landfill.

Recyclable cup—not really!

A lot of companies pride themselves on using recyclable take away cups. Yet fail at actually recycling them.

Only about 1% of disposable cups are recycled.

disposable cups

The material is paper that is bonded to plastic, and cannot be processed at a run-of-the-mill recycling center. Contamination by drink liquids is another factor to contend with.

Recycled materials often get rejected because they cannot be reconstituted into a sanitary product.

What about compostable cups?

Compostable cups are a great answer, IF they are being disposed of properly.

However, many wind up getting sorted into the wrong bin.

A compostable cup is designed to breakdown in the environment.

compostable cup

This material will also contaminate the recyclables. Again, the recyclable material may be rejected and pushed to the landfill.

A compostable cup in the landfill will compost but ideally those materials are meant for a higher purpose.

Zero-Waste Daily Grind

Bottom line coffee is a wonderful drink and our caffeine addiction does not require a single-use plastic container.

The best way to decrease disposable cup waste is to halt use and switch to a reusable cup.

KeepCup (29.97$)

An eco-friendly coffee cup is empowering and just might get you a free coffee! Fortunately, many companies are rising to the plastic crisis, making to-go coffee zero-waste.

Which is the best?

Keepcup is a barista standard, sustainable, to-go cup.

Insert this reusable cup for all your coffee-on-the-go needs. It is a fun way to drink coffee and show you care for the world.

keep cup

The company has a nature-first mentality while creating a fully customizable drinking cup. There are so many varieties to choose from. You are sure to make even the snobbiest of coffee connoisseurs go green.  

The Biz

It all came about in 2007, when founders Jamie and Abigail Forsyth opened a café.

They witnessed intensifying disposable cup waste in their shop. After realizing the plastic in 20 disposable coffee cups could be used for 1 reusable cup, the company start a plan into action to reduce waste.

Together they designed the refillable Keepcup. It is a cup for the customer, the barista, and the earth.

Fast-forward to now and they have a thriving global business with major shipping hubs in Australia, the UK, and the USA.

The Keepcup way

Reducing their carbon footprint is all in the mission.

The plastics and silicone used are BPA/BPS free. The website operates with full disclosure of all their chosen materials.

KeepCup (44.18$)

Packaging materials are made from recycled cardboard and paper. Solar power runs their Australian office, and as of 2019, the UK office.

The company LOVES when new customers purchase products from local suppliers to minimize the environmental woes of shipping.

Rave Review

These travel cups are amazing.

I chose the “Roast” glass Keepcup to curtail my disposable cup use.

KeepCup (44.18$)

It has been such a handy thing for my busy day. It is made of tempered clear glass, with an espresso colored lid and a cream-colored grip band.

I went with glass because it is easier to clean and it is less plastic in my life. Plus it has durability that is built to last. If you explore the shop they have a plethora of colors and styles to fit you.

Grande Vanilla Latte for…

With this cup in tow there is no guessing what size coffee I am buying. Likewise, barista’s never have to adjust the amount they are pouring.

Keepcup sizing mirrors common cup sizes ranging from espresso cups to bubble teas.

KeepCup (29.97$)

On the website they have a size guide for major chains so you know which cup to pick.

Pop the top and it is ready to go.

The lid comes off with such ease. No endless twisting or sticky buttons!

What I hear most is how seamless it is for barista’s to make drinks.

Keepcup is made to mimic the paper cup and fit under coffee machines. They can steam milk, make shots, stir, spoon, grip, and/or pour all without missing a beat.

There are fill lines molded inside the cup so your barista can stay in rhythm with the recipes.

What a relief when they are knee deep in orders.

Press that lid back on and I am out the door. For my iced or smoothie days I plug a reusable straw into the hole and sip away.

The whole experience is such a treat!

Reuse again and again and again

Cleaning has been a breeze.

Usually I rinse or hand-wash it after a coffee run.

KeepCup Reusable Cup

When it is time for a deep clean Keepcup is safe to go in the dishwasher. Per their cleaning instructions, I take off the lid/plastic band and put everything on the top rack. If the grip or the lid ever wears out, replacement parts are readily available.

Bonus! Discounts! No Tax!

The best part of choosing to use a sustainable Keep cup is the markdown. Many coffee shops offer discounts or extra points for bringing a refillable cup.

Starbucks has offered a discount since opening. Sadly only 1.8%, of all their drinks sold are in a reusable cup. Some companies are beginning to charge a cup tax or fee.

KeepCup Reusable Cork Cup

Dodge that with a Keepcup!

Better for Everyone

My Keep cup runneth over with green freedom and yours can too.

This company has made a product with the intent to reinstitute the idea of smart plastic use.

Our world is teeming with single-use plastics.

One person can do so much by choosing the zero-waste path. Commit to switching to an environmentally responsible coffee habit.


Simply reduce the amount of disposable cups coming into your life.

Bring a cup with you.

Show all those paper cup lovers that convenience is not sacrificed with a Keepcup. Hey, there may be a perk in it too.

Dental Lace: Learn How to Revamp Your Flossing Routine

Dental Lace one easy step to live more sustainable.

I bet that when you think about your habits regarding personal waste, dental hygiene is not the first thing that comes to mind.

There’s more to it:

If you have been on the zero waste bus for some time now, chances are bamboo toothbrushes and alternative, plastic-free toothpaste products are already on your radar, but there are other things to consider.

bamboo toothbrush
EcoRoots Bamboo Toothbursh (14.90)

Think about this:

If everyone in the United States flossed the amount recommended by the American Dental Association, we would have enough landfill waste to fill a six story high football field in just a year.

That is 2.18 billion dispensers of floss!

You may be wondering:

How exactly does one floss their teeth without consuming plastic? If you were to investigate the dental hygiene aisle at your local store, you would find plastic floss housed in plastic dispensers sold right next to those ungodly daily disposable plastic picks.

You may think, “Should I just boycott flossing?”

dental lace

No! Flossing is an important part of a good daily dental hygiene routine. It promotes healthy gums, prevents tooth decay, and helps remove plaque. So what is the alternative?!

It is simple:

Dental Lace! To put it simply, Dental Lace is a product that defies the plastic bounds of traditional floss. It is a stylish, refillable solution that is completely plastic-free!

vegan floss
Dental Lace Zero Waste Floss (13.99$)

Here is why I recommend it:

Dental Lace: What’s not to love?

There really is virtually nothing negative about Dental Lace.

I recommend to everyone I know who is trying to transform their lives to be more eco-friendly.

Here are my top reasons why I love Dental Lace:

1. Refillable System

I have definitely said it before, but I adore refillable systems.

Remember reduce, reuse, recycle? We often forget that you are supposed to apply these principles in order and I think refillable systems are a great way of reducing our impact.

dental lace

You may be wondering:

How does it work?

Well, upon your first purchase, you will buy one of the sets that contain the reusable Dental Lace container and floss. Once you use it all up, you can just buy floss refills and put them in your empty container.

Not only is it more sustainable, but it saves you money as well! The packaging can and will last you for years to come.

2. Floss Material

Okay, so we spoke before about how flosses are made from plastic, but what exactly is Dental Lace made of?

Dental Lace is made from 100% Mulberry Silk.

It also has a Candelilla wax coating, which is plant-based and therefore, vegan. You get 33 yards of it per spool, which lasts a good amount of time.

The good news is that the floss is compostable, making it zero waste. Dental Lace also sells this adorable little table top composting bin which is perfect for your discarded floss and any other compostable bathroom trash.

There is more:

Many traditional floss manufacturers coat their product with a Teflon-like substance that contains PFCs. They do this to allow the floss the easily glide between your teeth and reduce bleeding of the gums.

So what is so bad about that?

PFCs may add beneficial properties to the product, but they are in fact, toxic chemicals. Yes, floss manufacturers are literally poisoning us.

Get this:

The continued use of products that contain these chemicals has been linked to thyroid disease, hormone instability, immune system damage, ADHD, impaired reproduction, and fetal development problems. Yikes!

Don’t worry, Dental Lace does not use PFCs or any other toxic chemicals in their product. Just safe, healthy flossing!

3. Packaging Materials

Since this product is 100% zero waste, all packaging materials are non-plastic and are either recyclable or compostable.

Here is the breakdown:

The container that holds the floss in is glass. It can be reused, repurposed, or recycled. The top is made of stainless steel, which can be recycled.

Oh, I forgot to mention! The lid has a built-in cutter, so flossing every morning is very easy.

When your Dental Lace arrives, it will be packaged in cardboard. Luckily, this means that it can be composted or recycled. Also, the floss comes in a small, compostable bag that is made from the lactic acid in plants.


The packaging materials are completely zero waste! It is so easy to transform our dental hygiene routines to be more eco-friendly.

4. Aesthetic

Jodi Breau, the founder of Dental Lace, actually had the idea for this product while first considering aesthetics, not the environment. One day after lunch, she was flossing and was thinking about how someone should make a prettier floss container, so she did it!

Dental Lace Zero Waste Floss (13.99$)

The containers of Dental Lace come in all different colors and designs. They are all so beautiful and there is definitely a style for everyone out there. Dental Lace containers are way more stylish than traditional floss.

It gets better:

Once Jodi found out about how floss is negatively impacting the environment, she decided to make a product that was both aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly. Dental Lace rocks!

5. Price Point

Floss is pretty cheap, and Dental Lace is no different. The first pack that you buy that includes the container is only $13.99.

Refills that contain two spools of floss are only $9.99.

Think about it:

It may be slightly more expensive than regular, conventional floss, but you will have some peace of mind knowing you are doing something positive for the environment and yourself!

Remember, Dental Lace is toxic-free and also comes in a pretty container.

It is totally worth it! I love flossing with zero-waste.

6. Flavor

When I told some friends that I have been flossing my teeth with silk, they were intrigued. How does it taste? How does it feel?

Well, it is quite similar to regular floss. It feels just like it. It’s waxed and minty. The flavor is super fresh and keeps your breath smelling great. It’s flavored with natural mint flavors. I love it!

Dental Lace: The Very Few Cons

There are so many amazing factors of Dental Lace, but with every great thing, there have to be some drawbacks.

Stay with me:

The only negative thing that I can find about this product is that since it is made of silk, it technically is not vegan.

Don’t worry:

Dental Lace recently realized that they were not appealing to vegans, so they added a new product to their website.

Dental Lace Zero Waste Floss (13.99$)

Now, they sell plant-based floss alongside their silk floss. It is made from polylactic acid and is compostable.

It is really awesome when a company realizes its flaws and publicly improves upon them. I love that Dental Lace has a vegan option, but they still sell the non-vegan option.

Hear me out:

If you are the kind of person who does not want to support a company that is not completely vegan, that is understandable.

Here’s an alternative for you:

Lucky Teeth is a company that sells all-natural, organic, and eco-friendly products for your teeth.

dental lace
Lucky Teeth Vegan Floss (9.99$)

This includes toothpaste, toothbrushes, and you guessed it, floss!

Lucky Teeth sells a Glass floss container made of Organic Bamboo Fiber. Since it is made from plant fibers, it is completely vegan.

It is infused with activated charcoal, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil.

This blend is antiviral, antibacterial, soothing, eases pain, anti-inflammatory, and eliminates germs. Wow!

It gets better:

The floss is biodegradable and breaks down in approximately 60-90 days.

dental lace
Bamboo Charcoal Biodegradable Floss (9.99$)

Like Dental Lace, the floss comes in a glass bottle with a stainless steel lid, so it is recyclable. All of the outer packaging is compostable kraft paper.

Love it!

Transforming Our Lives to Be More Eco-Friendly

Let’s be real, compostable floss alone is not going to change the world. You know what will create real, impactful change, though?

All of our collective actions and efforts to live more sustainably is greater in total than the sum of each and every part. This is called synergy.

However, when we start to tell our friends and family about our efforts and they start catching onto these sustainable ways of living, the group really starts to make a positive impact.

These efforts may start to influence the way people think about consumption. It may eventually change the way that manufacturers make things. Eventually, it could even trickle up and influence people in positions of power, which can make institutional environmental changes.

dental lace

Floss is a tiny, important part of our daily lives.

Switching to a more sustainable solution like Dental Lace or Lucky Teeth is a great way to start making a bigger positive impact in your life.

Be the change you would like to see in the world!

12 Affordable Ethical Clothing Companies [2020]

Today I will go through my favorite affordable ethical clothing brands,

While jumping into a zero-waste lifestyle, you probably have learned how to avoid packaging, purchase reusable products, and generally be more conscious of the environmental impacts of your daily decisions.

However, have you ever thought about how the clothing you choose to wear plays into this?

Affordable Ethical Clothing

Listen to this:

The most commonly used material to make clothing today is polyester.

It takes 70 million barrels of oil yearly to produce and takes 200 years to decompose. Yikes!

Material choice plays a huge role in how a garment affects the environment, however, there is a myriad of problematic elements to the fashion industry. Certain materials are resource and labor-intensive. They also are not biodegradable and take hundreds of years to break down.

Not only are we eating up resources quickly to produce the clothing, but then the industry deems certain looks “out of style” within a few weeks. This ideology makes people get rid of clothing at an alarming rate.

Swallow this:

Americans tend to throw out around 81 pounds of clothing per year.

clothing waste

While some clothing gets reused or recycled, a huge portion of it finds it’s way into the landfill.

It’s quite a silly environmental catastrophe to have when it is so easily avoidable.

Some solutions are to shop secondhand and invest in quality pieces. For example, stop following trends and become more conscious of the fashion brands you choose to support.

Many affordable clothing companies outsource their production to lesser developed countries. They do this because the labor is cheap and there are fewer industry standards to be held accountable for.

A large majority of people that manufacture the clothing we wear are not paid fair wages and are forced to work in poor, unsafe conditions.

Listen to this:

90% of clothing production workers interviewed in Bangladesh cannot afford enough food for themselves and their families, forcing them to regularly skip meals or go into debt.

sustainable brands

We can be smarter about the clothing companies we choose to purchase from.

Today I will be sharing my top 12 affordable ethical clothing brands.

Affordable Ethical Clothing Brands

That is to say, what does it take to qualify to be an ethical clothing brand?

To me, a large part of it is environmental awareness.

I support brands that are trying to minimize their footprint and use materials that are safer for us and the environment.

Ethical production is a huge part of it, as well. I only support clothing brands that are transparent about the standards and practices of their manufacturing facilities.

no fast fashion

It is imperative that these clothing brands are paying their workers the wages that they deserve to make a good life for themselves and their families.

Lastly, price is important to me. I think that in order to be inclusive, clothing brands need to find a way to make affordable ethical clothes for everybody. These clothing brands may be slightly more money than your typical fast fashion retailer, but the quality makes it worth it because the garments will last so much longer.

Okay, here we go. This is my top 12 list of affordable ethical clothing brands:

1. Everlane

Everlane is a warrior when it comes to what they call “radical transparency.”

This means that they put a lot of time and energy into finding the best factories to partner with to produce their clothing.

Affordable Ethical Clothing

Get this:

They often visit these facilities and score them to make sure that they are up to standard on fair wages, reasonable hours, and environmental expectations. On every single garment listed on Everlane’s website, they tell you the exact factory the piece was produced in.

There’s more:

Everlane is also radically transparent about cost, which makes them one of my top affordable ethical clothing brands. They break down the material, labor, and transport costs of each item and then compare their price to the typical retail markup of other companies.

I love these wide-leg cropped pants that they make. Like most of their products, they are simple and classic.

sustainable brands
Everlane Wide Leg Pants (68$)

Everlane does not follow the trends of the fast fashion world. They make pieces that are timeless, made to last, and will never go out of style.

2. People Tree

People Tree is a leader in sustainable and fair trade fashion.

They promote organic farming, avoid polluting substances, practice water recycling in production, promote environmentally responsible initiatives, and much more.

Get this:

The organic cotton that People Tree uses is Global Organic Textile Standard Certified.

This type of cotton has met strict environmental and social standards. They also do not use any harmful, polluting dyes.

People Tree is also Fair Trade certified which means that all of the farmers, manufacturers, and workers that help bring a piece of clothing to life are given sustainable wages and safe working conditions.

You can help:

When you support a Fair Trade certified company, you are supporting the sustainable development of villages in developing countries.

You are helping people feed their families and feel empowered.

This 100% organic cotton People Tree jumper is heavenly. It’s comfy, cozy, and only $55!

zero waste brands
People Tree Organic Cotton Jumper (55$)

This piece is made in the Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills in India, which is People Tree’s main manufacturer of Fair Trade, certified organic cotton garments. Finally, cute, affordable, and guilt-free clothes!

3. Prana

If you love fitness, yoga, and sustainability, you need to check out Prana.

They make amazing environmentally conscious clothing items that fit perfectly into your lifestyle. This is another Fair-Trade certified, organic cotton using brand, but wait, there’s more:

ethical brands

Prana is really smart about seeing where there is waste in other industries and figuring out how to use that in their supply chain. For instance, instead of using virgin wool, they use recycled wool that is reclaimed from textile waste. This reduces overall energy consumption by cutting down on the resources needed for fiber processing.

Similarly, they use “responsible down” in their winter pieces. They use the feathers from animals that are used by the food industry. These facilities are also RDS certified which means the animals are free from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, fear, and distress.

I am obsessed with this organic cotton headband that is only $10! It comes in a wide variety of fun colors and is perfect for any on-the-go person.

It keeps your hair out of your face and the sweat from running into your eyes. I love this product and I love Prana!

ethical brands
Prana Organic Headband (10$)

4. HARA the Label

If you are having a hard time finding cute, sustainability-focused undergarments, look no further than HARA the Label.

Their mission is to bring change and awareness to the fashion industry through the ethical and sustainable production of their pieces.

One sustainable aspect of HARA’s production is that they use bamboo fabric.

Bamboo grows quickly and requires no irrigation systems or harmful pesticides. It provides 30% more oxygen than trees and can be harvested over and over again, making it one of the most sustainable raw materials.

There’s more:

Once the bamboo is processed into fabric, they only uses natural dyes to give it color. These dyes are plant-based and safe for both your skin and the planet!

HARA the Label also tries to have the entirety of their supply chain in one location to reduce the emissions caused by transportation.

sustainable fabrics
Hara The Label Pumpkin Cut Bra (37$)

All of HARA the Label’s bras and undies are super cute, but my favorite would have to be the leo high cut bra. This rectangle cut bamboo fabric bra is so comfortable that you will forget you have it on. All of the amazing colors are made with natural dyes and it is only $37!

5. Reformation

The reason why Reformation makes my list of the top affordable ethical clothing brands is because of how transparent they are on their sustainability efforts. Every single year, they post an updated report on the amount of resources saved and used in comparison to the previous year.

It gets better:

Reformation has invested in green building infrastructure so their manufacturing facilities are as efficient as possible.

They also believing in offsetting their footprint. This means that they track the resources they use then invest in programs that help replenish them. Whether that means replanting rainforests or restoring water, Reformation is making a difference.

Affordable Ethical Clothing
Reformation Crystal Bodysuit (48$)

If you love classic, high-fashion sustainable clothing, you will love their inventory.

I love this everyday bodysuit that is only $48. Oh, and get this, it is made from TENCEL, a fabric that comes from Eucalyptus trees. It only takes half an acre to produce one ton of material and is not resource or labor intensive!

6. Kotn

Kotn is focused on making wonderful clothing from ethically-sourced Egyptian cotton. Since Egyptian cotton is such great quality, many fast fashion brands switched over to cheaper alternatives which devastated local farms and businesses.

sustainable brands

Kotn is striving to reinvigorate this industry and empower the people of the area.

Kotn does direct trade with farms which provides farmers with better business practices and gives customers a fair price. In addition, they work closely with factories to ensure that their employees are being paid fairly and have safe, clean working conditions.

ethical brands
Kotn Fitted Henley (28$)

I love this fitted henley that is only $28. It’s so great for everyday use. It can be worn alone or be layered. The best part is that it is made from 100% Egyptian cotton which people also refer to as “white gold.”

7. Poetry

Remember before how I mentioned how the fast fashion industry quickly deems trends outdated?

Well Poetry is trying to combat that. At the heart of their mission, Poetry is aiming to create long term pieces that can be worn in multiple seasons.

ethical fabrics

Here’s the scoop:

With subtle shades and tactile fabrics, Poetry uses natural materials to create their garments.

They work closely with various cotton and alpaca farms to ensure an ethically-produced, high-quality product.

I personally love all of the linen pieces that Poetry carries because they are light and airy. This striped 100% linen top is so adorable and it is only $69! I love how subtle the pattern and color is. This is a piece that would look and feel great on anyone.

ethical fabrics
Poetry Striped Linen Top (69$)

8. Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn’s slogan is “honoring mother earth” and they do not miss the mark! If you love sustainable, feminine clothes you will love this brand.

They believe in doing things the right way.

Affordable Ethical Clothing

Here’s how:

Christy Dawn only uses deadstock fabrics.

This means instead of creating new fabric to make garments out of, they source waste from other clothing manufacturers.

This prevents all that waste from going to landfill and gives it a second life.

In addition, they produce all of their clothing in Los Angeles. They pay their seamstresses well and provide health benefits. If that’s not sustainable, ethical fashion, I’m not sure what is!

Affordable Ethical Clothing
Christy Dawn The Delphine Dress (167$)

I am in love with the Delphine dress. At $167, this dress may be for a special occasion, but the quality is amazing. It will last you for years. I love the bright flowery pattern and the flow cut on the dress. Wow!

9. Mate the Label

Mate the Label is a Los Angeles based clothing company that is reimagining vintage graphics and essential pieces for everyone’s wardrobe.

ethical clothing

Here’s the deal:

With sustainability and ethics placed in the foreground, Mate creates garments in small batches. Also, all the factories that produce the clothing are within a 5 mile radius of the design headquarters.

They use organic, clean materials in their products, as well.

All of Mate the Label’s clothes are simple, comfortable and great for everyday use. I especially love the Alex Crew t-shirt which is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

sustainable clothing
Mate The Label Alex Crew T-shirt (68$)

Such a great brand!

10. Outerknown

Although it is important to put your customer first, it is also imperative to put the planet first, which is exactly what Outerknown is doing.

They believe that there are two parts of sustainability: people and the environment.

Outerknown uses raw materials that are not making a negative impact on the planet.

There’s more:

They are a global company, but only work with companies and suppliers that abide by the guidelines of the Fair Labor Association.

In doing so, they have started to think beyond clothing.

They aspire to create deep changes in labor and environmental practices all over the world through transparency, collaboration, and shared values.

I love the simplicity of the Neptune tank.

ethical clothing
Outerknown Neptune Tank (48$)

Made from a blend of hemp and TENCEL, this tank is environmentally friendly and comfortable. At only $48, you are really getting a bang for your buck on this tank that can be worn throughout the year.

11. Organic Basics

It’s all in the name when it comes to Organic Basics. The company produces basics such as underwear and t-shirts for the environmentally conscious.

Organic Basics are a carbon balanced company which means they offset their carbon.

They use profits in order to invest in carbon reducing projects such as solar or wind energy.

Affordable Clothing

There’s more:

They only work with trusted, certified factory partners. These are places that share in the same sustainable vision and practice fair labor. This means employees are paid, respected, and are given safe working conditions.

I love the SilverTech Active Leggings and always wear them when I go to yoga. For each article of clothing, this company shows a resource comparison to other fast fashion brands. For instance, by buying these leggings instead of a cheaper, less sustainable alternative, you are helping save 58 gallons of water. See?

Affordable Clothing
Organic Basics Active Leggings (94$)

You can make a difference by choosing which brands to buy from!

12. Pact

Pact is a great one stop shop for affordable ethical clothing.

They only use 100% organic cotton because it is better for the environment and only work with ethical factories. When you are wearing clothing that is ethical, sustainable, and comfortable, you are bound to feel confident.

organic clothing

Pact also promises their customers to not be “gross.” This simply means that they do not use any dyes or pesticides that are bad for humans and the planet. Their approach is clean and nice.  They would rather have a safe and healthy customer than cut corners to make a cheaper product.

I can’t even put into words how soft their hoodies are. Seriously, it’s like slipping a cloud onto your body and it’s only $45! Made from organic cotton which helps save water, you’ll feel great while wearing this hoodie!

zero waste clothing
Pact Classic Zip Hoodie (45$)

I hope that you now understand what it means to be an ethical clothing brand.

Choosing sustainable materials, partnering with fair trade certified factories, and rethinking the way we use resources are all integral to a great fashion brand. 

sustainable ethical brands

By choosing to support brands that care about offsetting their footprint and making a difference, we are showing companies what we want to see out of the fashion industry. There need to be standards for people to be held accountable for.

Wearing clean, ethical, sustainable clothes do not need to drain your bank account. I hope that you will take a look at some of the brands I recommended today and consider some affordable options.

Remember, we can make a difference!

12 Zero Waste Makeup Brands [my favorite ones]

zero waste makeup

In today’s article, I will go over my favorite zero waste makeup brands,

Let’s begin:

It is very apparent that there is a global waste problem, but not a lot of people are bringing attention to it. On average, individuals generate around three pounds of non-recycled, non-composted trash each day.

zero waste makeup

This trash is going straight to landfill, and when you think about how many people there are in the world, you can imagine how quickly this all adds up!

Before you get too upset, let me tell you one thing: you possess the power to easily lessen your contribution to this problem.

There is a rising amount of buzz on the zero waste movement, a sustainable lifestyle that nearly eliminates the creation of waste in one’s life.

zero waste makeup

In fact, many zero wasters can fit all of the trash they have generated over the course of several years into a mason jar.

It may seem extreme, but all it really takes is a little extra thought regarding your consumption habits and seeking more sustainable alternatives to your everyday essentials.

Quitting trash-making cold turkey is difficult, and I will not deny that.

However, it is very easy to start introducing more sustainable practices into your life at a gradual pace.

Remember when you learned about reduce, reuse, recycle as a child? Well, zero waste folks are really just pros at that basic model.

It is about saying “no” to things that will eventually end up in the landfill  and “yes” to products that can be reused for years to come, recycled, or composted.

It is best to take it one step at a time when making long-lasting habitual changes.

Focus in on one area of your life and think critically about how your choices are affecting the planet. Some topics to consider are food, personal care, and cleaning.

zero waste makeup

Today, I am going to focus on make up and tell you how to make your daily routine more eco-friendly.

Once you slowly tackle all these different areas of your life, you will be living zero waste in no time!

One added perk of pursuing a more eco-friendly lifestyle is that by incorporating more products made from natural ingredients into your life, your health will benefit.

There is a misconception that if a store is selling a product, that automatically means that it is safe for consumers.

However, studies have shown that on average, women are exposed to 168 chemicals a day just by using personal care products.

zero waste makeup

These hidden toxins often times create reproductive issues, alter hormone levels, and cause cancer. Yikes!

When shopping for beauty products, you may notice that some brands advocate that they are cruelty-free. Even if you are not an animal rights activist, there are legitimate reasons why this is worth caring about.

If a company fears that something they have added to their product may be harmful to humans, then they will first test it on rabbits or mice. If they were putting their customer first, they would not even consider using potentially toxic chemicals and would just use natural alternatives.

zero waste makeup

The easiest way to avoid chemicals and products tested on animals is to take full charge and make it yourself.

One really easy solution you could incorporate into your beauty routine is a DIY makeup remover.

There are a few different recipes that you can find online, but my personal favorite is super simple: 3 tablespoons of witch hazel and 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil. It is all natural and will make your face feel refreshed after a long day.

If you are not one to make your own products, no worries,

Here are some of my favorite natural, cruelty-free and zero waste makeup brands that are on the market:

1. Axiology

Axiology is a company that provides beautiful lipsticks and lip liners. Their mission is ensuring that every product is 100% “evil-free”, which means that all of their items are vegan, natural, and cruelty-free.

zero waste makeup

They use post-consumer cardboard packaging and aluminum applicators can both be recycled. Their shades are really gorgeous and their branding is spot on.

Sometimes, I wish that their selection had more to offer than just lip colors, but their dedication to lip care has really set them apart from other companies. 

zero waste makeup

Overall, Axiology’s lip products are eco-friendly, high quality, and come at a very fair price point.

2. ZAO Organic Makeup

Unlike Axiology, Zao Organic Makeup can be your one-stop shop to beauty care and make-up.

zero waste makeup

They offer face cleansers, eye shadows, lipsticks, brushes, and more.

My favorite thing about ZAO is that they offer a replenishment system, so you can buy a refill to pop into your bamboo case or applicator to replace it. Not only is this better for the environment, but it makes it less expensive to restock your favorite products when they run out.

zero waste makeup

The only caveat is that some of the refill pods use plastic.

ZAO Organic’s website says that the plastic they use can be recycled and that they are currently working on solutions that would completely eliminate plastic from their product.

3. Elate Clean Cosmetics

Elate Clean offers a bunch of “conscious beauty” products that are cruelty-free and sustainable.

zero waste makeup

All of their packaging is made of bamboo, which regenerates after being harvested and also is biodegradable.

They sell their palette compacts separate from their actual eye shadows. Which allows you to create your own palette and refill as you use them up.

One thing that I am on the fence on about Elate is that they say that if you follow a zero waste lifestyle. You can contact them and they will pack your order using less packaging, which is great.

However, I sort of wish that it was within their mission to minimize packaging for all customers. Not just those who ask for it.

4. Tata Harper

If you are looking to really indulge yourself into some great skincare products,

Tata Harper is the place to go.

zero waste makeup

Their price point is a bit higher than many of the other companies mentioned, but the quality makes it worth it.

My absolute favorite thing about Tata is that they do everything themselves at their farm in Vermont. All of their manufacturing happens there and they even grow some of their own ingredients.

I really appreciate that they sort their collection according to common skin concerns such sensitive skin, discoloration, blemish prone, etc, because it makes it easy to find what you need.

zero waste makeup

Another plus is that all of their products are packaged in glass, which can be easily recycled or reused.


Although ILIA is a nature-conscious brand that carries a wide range of makeup, I have a special place in my heart for their lipsticks.

zero waste makeup

They have gorgeous, highly pigmented shades that go on so smoothly. I also love their color hazes, which can be used on your lips, cheeks, or eyes. All of their packaging is made from either recycled aluminum, glass, or recycled paper, which is all recyclable.

ILIA is super transparent about their ingredients and lists everything they use on their site.

6. Fat and The Moon

Fat and the Moon is my personal favorite on this list. Their approach comes from an herbalist perspective. So they really understand how to use the healing powers and properties of plants in their products.

zero waste makeup

Their makeup, or “adornment” section as they like to call it, is not huge, but they have so many other general self-care products that you never even knew you needed.

They also have an amazing toiletries section that has great sustainable alternatives to your everyday essentials such as:

toothpaste, deodorant, and shaving cream.

Everything is all-natural and their packaging is super cute. I could not recommend Fat and The Moon more!

7. Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis is a very glamorous makeup company. Even though their branding feels very high fashion, their price points are affordable and they are very environmentally friendly.

zero waste makeup

They also have a refillable system, which minimizes waste.

They also are certified organic in Europe, which holds more weight than a similar certification in America or Canada. Europe is more strict which means that Kjaer Weis legitimately uses all organic ingredients with no questions asked.

8. Antonym Cosmetics

Antonym is another company that utilizes bamboo as a sustainable packaging material.

My favorite products from them are their blushes because the way they are made makes them look like marbled art pieces.

zero waste makeup

All of their other products are really great and are all made from natural ingredients.

They have a long list of impressive certifications including Ecocert (natural and organic ingredient certified), FSC (sustainable paper production for packaging), leaping bunny (cruelty-free certified), and a vegan certification.

9. RMS Beauty

If you love minimal design, you are going to love RMS Beauty. Their packaging and branding is all very clean and minimal.

All of their products are made to protect you from the harm of synthetic ingredients.

zero waste makeup

They also mention how some manufacturing processes, even if they are with organic materials, can be toxic, so they do not use these. RMS Beauty products are classics that you can feel good about using. 

10. URB Apothecary

URB Apothecary is definitely another one of my favorites on this list.

Their founder is really interested in the healing capabilities of plants, so all of their ingredients are meant to enhance this belief and use botanical to help you.

zero waste makeup

Everything is all natural, free of chemicals, and cruelty-free. Aside from their wide array of beauty products, they have a small section of home goods as well.

You can tell that the company has a good eye for design based on their packaging and curation of products.

11. Couleur Caramel

If you are looking for amazing French beauty products, Couleur Caramel should be your destination.

They believe in a mutual respect for their customer and the environment because you should not have to feel guilty about your beauty routine.

zero waste makeup

The only drawback is that their website can be a little hard to navigate and shop on, unless you speak French.

There are some American companies that carry this brand, like a eco-beauty supply store called Ecco Verde.

12. Vapor Beauty

Vapor Beauty is an amazing source for great skincare products.

They try to blur the line between makeup and beauty because their foundations, primers, and concealers contain ingredients that help calm your blemishes.

zero waste makeup

One of my favorite parts of their website is their “clean swaps” section where they take popular, non sustainable zero waste makeup products and they suggest their alternatives.

I find this to be a super useful tool for someone who is transforming their beauty routine.

Using more sustainable, natural, cruelty-free products can transform your life, and that is why I hope you will consider trying some of the beauty brands I mentioned.

zero waste makeup

Even if you do not decide to go fully zero waste, a little more consciousness about your consumption habits can go a long way.

Consider transforming your beauty routine to make yourself feel better because looking and feeling beautiful does not have to come at the cost of destroying the planet!

What is your favorite low-waste makeup routine?

My favorite online vintage & second hand stores

I love finding hidden gems in second hand stores. Nothing like finding a vintage one-of-one from a small thrifty boutique.  What makes it even better is when I know I’ll get it for a great price. 

Most people in the world wear second hand clothes so why not look for some ‘hidden gems’ for yourself right? 

Believe it or not, there are wins across the board for wearing thrifty clothes

I have saved tons of money visiting websites of my favorite thrift shops.

vintage second hand stores

There’s plenty of high-quality clothes and of sustainable material.  The prices for second hand clothes are much more reasonable. 

Shockingly, there has been 10 million tons of clothes that have ended up in landfills in the previous year.  The average American throws away about 80 pounds of clothes every year alone. 

It’s very beneficial to shop for secondhand clothes because you are saving the environment while saving in your bank account at the same time. 

Resale shopping saves so many unique, good quality clothes from being wasted. 

Most clothes casually thrown away aren’t even recycled in any way.  That explains why the vast amount of clothes the population wears temporarily ends up at landfills.  

It’s more to resale shopping than just saving the environment for discounted prices on clothes. 

You’ll be sure to find high-quality vintage items from even the smallest of second hand stores. 

vintage second hand stores

You’ll be proud to support small businesses that have one-of-a-kind pieces you’ll fall in love with.  Regular clothing stores never have those exclusive, vintage pieces that you happen to find in the small secondhand businesses we support. 

Let’s continue to do that as we’re contributing to eliminating waste in our environments and supporting those businesses that stand behind that same cause.

Here are my favorite vintage and online second hand stores:

1. ThreadUp

vintage second hand stores

On ThredUp’s website,, you can search through a wide range of designer styles for a fraction of the price.  They have great sales and many different search options

You can make money by sending any clothes you no longer use for resale.  They can give store credit, a prepaid gift card, or send money via PayPal. 

According to their website, they only accept less than half of the clothes they receive based on ensuring high-quality resale items.  How’s that for guaranteed quality without spending a pretty penny?

2. Etsy

Searching vintage items on is very convenient too.  Many different sellers have individual items for a variety of brands. 

You can even find vintage designer brands for lower prices than some competitors.  There’s no limit to what you can find on Etsy

vintage second hand stores

Find a few sellers who are more your style and likely have secondhand items you’re interested in.  Save them in your favorites on Esty and now you can access their inventory much easier.

I found this amazing seller on Etsy by the profile name of ‘rawsonchicago’. 

They have an average five-star rating with lots of great reviews. The fabrics have great quality, and everyone loves the fast shipping

The clothing is worth every single penny.  You’ll find great one-of-ones from rawsonchicago on Etsy

vintage second hand stores

Visit and see why other resale shoppers like myself rave about this seller.

3. Ebay has been around for years and it is very similar to Etsy. 

There are tons of search options from searching by the brand, type of clothing, size, color, and more

To get a look at what’s secondhand, simply apply the ‘pre-owned’ filter in your search options. 

I recommend finding some go-to sellers when shopping on eBay and save them to your favorites too, just like Etsy.  Narrow your search so it’s much easier to browse through. 

4. Adored Vintage

Is an online boutique where I can find many different vintage items.  The coolest part is how you can search their vintage items by era.  

vintage second hand stores

Adored Vintage has styles going back as far as the 1910’s!  Talk about an overflow of one-of-one pieces. They provide product descriptions explaining each piece’s physical condition along with the photos of course. 

vintage second hand stores

I could appreciate that since Adored Vintage is an online boutique and it’s not the same as an in-person shopping experience.  It’s a plus when any online second hand store does this. 

But when viewing each product, there are sustainable care directions provide as well.  What a way to preserve amazing clothes with a lot of history. 

Imagine the way we can make an impact on the environment if we preserve clothing and they continue to last for decades.  

Check out, a cool business I found on Instagram

5. Boheme

To my ladies who love Bohemian style clothes, Boheme is great place to grab your secondhand threads

vintage second hand stores

They sell more than just clothes for women and children, but also household items and accessories

Boheme has vintage one-of-ones and the clothing has great quality

vintage second hand stores

If an item is a little more worn, Boheme notifies you in the product description when viewing the item.  And yes, the price will be even cheaper. 

vintage second hand stores

Check out to catch all your Bohemian vibes.

6. Na Nin’s second hand store

Secondhand items are great to buy at Na Nin’s online store. 

vintage second hand stores

They provide product descriptions of flaws of the pre-owned items they sell but encourage to contact them via email if any other questions and concerns arise. 

vintage second hand stores

For Na Nin to be an online store, they establish great trust with their customers.  The products are preserved well and made of quality fabrics.  If you’re a silk lover, they have plenty of those items in their secondhand collection

vintage second hand stores

Go to and see what this small business I found on Instagram has to offer.

7. Ochre

Is another small shop on Instagram I absolutely love. 

Ochre is a small resale store that has some quality vintage items for very cheap prices.  They don’t have a large collection, but you may find an item worth looking at. 

vintage second hand stores

Ochre sells other items too like books and mugs which are also vintage

vintage second hand stores

Supporting small businesses that prevent wasting clothes makes me a proud resale shopper. 

See Ochre’s unique pieces at

8. Depop App

Want to do some thrift shopping on an online store that has somewhat of an Instagram feel?

No problem.  Download the Depop app and see for yourself.  If you go to, you can have the app download link sent straight to your smartphone. 

You set up your shopping profile based on your interests and clothing sizes.  From there scroll down the timeline of products and get a product’s description in the post when you click on it. 

It’s a different experience shopping with Depop but it’s a great way find those sellers with unique, pre-owned clothes.  Depending on the seller, you can even get free shipping on your discounted items. 

How cool is that?

9. Poshmark

Poshmark has the social media feel also.  You can shop as you normally would do in another online store.

But when on your personal homepage when logged in, you’ll see a timeline of people posting about items for resale.  The search options are great, and the network of sellers is huge.  Find the perfect designer item too as there are so many brands to search through.

Secondhand shopping can be beneficial in several ways. 

Wasting clothes is an unnecessary environmental threat.  There are some cool styles out there just waiting to be brought back to life. 

I’ve given you a rundown of my favorite online second hand stores and you should give them a look if you’re not familiar with them. 

Great second hand stores have those ‘hidden gems’ that we can’t let end up in a landfill wasting away

vintage second hand stores

Let’s continue to enjoy our eco-friendly hobby and collect those high-quality, vintage one-of-ones.

Sustainable fabrics are great to look for. 

Search for fabrics made of organic cotton, industrial hemp, organic wool, soy cashmere or silk, and other fabrics that contribute to helping the environment.

Organic cotton has no toxic chemicals or synthetic material in it.  Over a quarter of the world’s pesticides are used in conventional cotton alone (Spector). 

Clothing made of hemp is very sustainable.  As you may know, hemp is a renewable natural resource.  That’s money well spent in a thrift shop for lasting fabrics.

Other fabrics like organic wool, Tencel, and soy cashmere or silk are good to look for on the clothing racks also. 

Organic wool does not contain toxic chemicals and is a highly renewable fabric.

Tencel is a fully biodegradable fabric.  It might be a little harder to find a Tencel piece in the secondhand shops.  However, check it out if you come across any Tencel pieces. 

Soy cashmere and silk can be a good choice because soy fabrics are made from soybeans or even genetically engineered. The fabric being genetically engineered helps decrease the use of natural resources. 

Keep all these eco-friendly fabrics in mind when shopping for new threads.

What’s your favorite online secondhand and vintage shops?