15 Sustainable Backpacks For Every Budget

Sustainable backpacks for every budgets!

So you are an environmentalist and need to carry stuff around? Maybe your backpack broke. Maybe it just isn’t cutting it for you anymore. You need a new one.

But you recognize that the fashion industry is one of the most wasteful in the world. And that many companies who promise to be sustainable and environmentally-friendly are just greenwashing.

Oh no, you think, if only someone had an easy to read list of all of the best and most sustainable companies to buy backpacks from!

Is very important for me to find a sustainable backpack brand that is ethically made, a product that creates less waste, and treats the workers and the environment right.

Fret not, your sustainable-prayers have been answered!

Look no farther than this list with all the BEST sustainable backpack options. I really have it all-affordable bags, expensive bags, sleek bags, bulky bags, bags made from bottles, and even bags made from bananas.

Peruse and then choose!

1. Tentree

Brooklyn Backpack (68$)
  • Price: $$
  • Material: REPREVE recycled polyester, BLOOM foam padding
  • Bonus: B-Corp certified, plants ten trees for each bag purchased, transparent production process

Tentree’s backpacks are simple in their design, and simply sustainable- they not only use REPREVE recycled polyester to make them, they also use BLOOM foam padding.

BLOOM foam padding is a HUGE deal; it is the first plant-based foam.

And it gets better.

Not only is BLOOM plant-based, it is made from surplus algae that is harming the ecosystems they grow in, threatening them with deadly algae blooms.

Tentree not only clears murky water to create its foam, it also strives for clarity in regard to its production process.

Tentree is COMPLETELY transparent about  what is used in the creation of its products. Each product that Tentree creates has an eco-log, which records how much water was used to create the product, how much waste was created by the product, and how much CO2 was emitted in the creation of the product.

Even more impressive, Tentree is B-Corp certified! To be a B-Corp is a huge honor, only the businesses with the highest standards in regard to how they treat the environment, society, and their employees can become certified.

The best part of Tentree’s products though is that for each one you purchase, they will plant ten trees!

The name makes a little more sense now, doesn’t it?

Their goal is to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.

These eco friendly backpacks range in price from $65 to $118, depending on what model you are interested in. The Brooklyn and Motion backpacks are better suited for school, while the Mobius is more geared towards hiking.

2. Rewilder

  • Price: $$
  • Material: Upcycled industrial trash
  • Bonus: Unique look, strong return policy

Rewilder’s bags are truly unique!

Rewilder is a small, American business, who handcrafts all of their bags in Los Angeles.

All of the bags are completely, 100% made out of upcycled industrial trash.

What kind of trash you wonder?

Well, one example is beer filters. Yes, you read that right. Rewilder came up with the genius idea to take beer filters from American beer manufacturing plants and turn them into a lightweight cloth for their backpacks. The idea is all the more genius when you consider that beer manufacturing plants go through 100,000 tons of filters every year.

That is a TON of waste.

Other materials that Rewilder repurposes include: car cover fabric used by the container shipping industry, airbag material from the end of rolls that factories normally throw out, and backdrops for entertainment events.

In other words, odds and ends, that create far too much unnecessary waste.

All of Rewilder’s bags are less than $120.

That isn’t because they skimp on quality.

To prove it, Rewilder has a 30 day return policy with no questions asked. If a bag you have had for a while is damaged or experienced wear and tear, Rewilder will take it back from you and repair it, or upcycle it into a new bag. If you want the new bag, they will give it to you at a 35% discount to thank you for recycling the bag.

3. Stubble & Co

The Backpack (110$)
  • Price: $$$
  • Material: Recycled plastic
  • Bonus: Water-resistant, multi-use

Stubble & Co is an internationally recognized brand, whose Adventure Bag is a phenomenon, receiving rave reviews from all who own it.

The bag is made mostly from recycled plastic and is HIGHLY functional. You can take it traveling, on adventures into nature, to school, or to work. It is weatherproof, sturdy, has a ton of room, and lots of compartments for you to organize your belongings in.  

Not only is it functional and sustainable, it is also built to last!

Not all of the bag is made of recycled plastic. This is because in some parts of the bag, using the recycled plastic fabric would have compromised its durability. Stubble & Co wants you to have this bag for life, so they valued the bag’s long-term ability to perform over using recycled elements for those parts.

Back this project on Kickstarter!

 As of now, the bag is $110.

4. thredUP

thredUP Second-Hand Backpack
  • Price: $
  • Material: Range of materials
  • Bonus: Second-hand bags

Out with the new, and in with the old!

A great sustainable backpack choice is a second-hand backpack. The online second-hand store thredUp has some incredible options. They have a huge amount of backpacks to choose from, that could appeal to anyone, of any age, gender, or style.

The prices are incredible, and range from $13.99 to as high as $50. These incredible prices aren’t because the bags are falling apart or poor quality. On the contrary all of the bags are all merely gently-used and come from great brands.

Thredup’s mission is to make people think of second hand, first.

The fashion industry is incredibly wasteful, and that is because they keep on pumping out new products, and we keep buying them.

It is unbelievable!

Every year, consumers, on average throw away 70 pounds of clothes and shoes, per a person!

Even if you are not interested in a thredUp backpack for yourself, consider donating to second-hand stores the next time you want to throw out clothes, shoes, or accessories!

5. Fjällräven

KÅNKEN Backpack (80$)
  • Price: $$
  • Material: Recycled plastic bottles
  • Bonus: Trendy, lots of color options

You are definitely going to recognize this brand.

Fjällräven’s backpacks are everywhere! Most people don’t even know that these quirky-yet-fashionable bags are sustainable. Their most popular bag, the Re-Kånken backpack is made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles.

This is because Fjällräven doesn’t just want you to appreciate nature, but also support it.

Not only is the fabric sustainable, so is the dye!

Fjällräven uses SpinDye technology on the Re-Kånken so it takes less water, energy, and chemicals to create.


And not only are the bags sustainable, the company is also humane. They based their code of conduct on the Fair Labor Association’s Workplace Code of Conduct. This code emphasizes the importance of sustainability, human rights, and environmental protection.

Fjällräven is a progressive company, and they hope to continue to make progress in regard to sustainability, hoping to go carbon neutral by 2025.

These eco friendly backpacks prices range from $55 to $225.  

6. Patagonia

Women’s Tamangito Backpack 20L (79$)
  • Price: $$$
  • Material: Recycled nylon, recycled water bottles
  • Bonus: Water-repellant, Fair Trade certified, they donate 10% of profits to environmental groups

Patagonia has always prioritized the planet and people.

They are a company that was a sustainability leader since before it was trendy to be one.

They are known for having incredible quality products.

This goes as far as them wanting people to buy LESS from them.

That’s right, a business who wants you to buy LESS.

They want their products to last your entire life. The Ironclad Guarantee promises to repair or even replace any product that you’re not satisfied with

They aren’t perfect, no company is.

But, they are transparent about their faults, and areas of production that are not sustainable, because they believe in accountability. 

Their bags are made out of recycled materials- from recycled water bottles to recycled nylon. They are dyed with a solution that saves half a gallon of water per bag and uses 96% less CO2 than normal dyes. The packs can withstand any weather. They are incredibly versatile in what they can be used for. They are meant to meet all your needs, to carry whatever you have to, but not to be sturdy to the point of clunky.

The bags can be expensive, starting at $79, however they will be your bag for life. Also, 10% of pre-tax profits go to environmental groups. So when you buy, you will also be donating to great causes.


STATE Bags Bedford Backpack (175$)
  • Price: $$
  • Material: Canva
  • Bonus:  When you buy a bag another is given to an at-risk youth

Can you be stylish AND sustainable?

STATE says yes, with their sleek line of vegan-friendly, earth-friendly bags.

The price of these bags ranges from $55–$140. However, you are not just buying one bag, but rather two. For every bag that you buy, STATE fills another with school supplies and hand delivers it to students in need in Brooklyn.

So not only are you giving back to the planet, but also children in need.

They have incredibly useful features like water bottle holder, numerous compartments of different sizes, and soft padded easily adjustable straps. Because of this, and the bags elegant and simple design, they are perfect for going to school.

The only downside of these bags is that only some of them are sustainable.

Some are made with 100% Recycled Polyester while others are not. Make sure to check before you buy.

8. Lo & Sons

The Prospect Backpack (495$)
  • Price: $$$
  • Material: Recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton
  • Bonus: Sleek, multi-functional

Lo & Sons prides itself on its “thoughtfully designed” backpacks.

The thoughtfulness comes into play in two components of their sustainable backpacks.

The first is the backpack’s sleek, elegant design. They look sophisticated, but are fully functional, with lots of different sized pockets and compartments within them. They are perfect for work, school, or travel and many of them even have two functions in one, with one changing from a backpack into a suitcase, and another changing from a backpack into a tote.

The second component is how sustainable the backpacks are. Lo & Sons is striving to use more sustainable materials in their bags, with one collection that features fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, and another that features canvas that was made from cotton that was grown without pesticides or chemicals.

Lo & Sons is striving to start packing products in biodegradable poly bags. These bags will break down in landfills instead of filling them up. They are also starting to design products that will be made from plant based fibers.

Lo & Sons isn’t just striving to not do harm.

They also want to work reverse environmental damage.

They are part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and they have partnered with The Renewal Workshop.

While these bags won’t hurt the environment, they will hurt your wallet, with prices ranging from $118–$428.

9. Millican Roll Pack

Smith The Roll Pack 25L (190$)
  • Price: $$$
  • Material: Bionic Canvas, Bionic Yarn, Organic Cotton
  • Bonus: Cutting-edge environmentally-friendly fabric

Millican is an INCREDIBLY innovative company.

They pioneered the use of Bionic Yarn and Bionic Canvas.

Which are great names, for a simply sustainable product.

Millican recovers plastic from shorelines and waterways. They then turn that plastic into Bionic Yarn. The yarn ends up being made from the plastic, natural fibers and recycled polyester. They recently engineered Bionic Canvas, which is made of 65% recycled content. They also use 100% organic cotton to make their bags. When weaving the fabric they try to create as little waste as possible.

The fabric is not only environmentally-friendly, it also includes the features of being abrasion-resistant and weatherproof!

They make a range of backpacks for a range of purposes-school, work, travel, adventures, you name it!

These backpacks are minimalist, and perhaps not the most stylish option on this list, but definitely one of the more sustainable ones.

They bags aren’t just planet-friendly, they are also people-friendly. They are ethically made in by Millican’s garment specialist in Vietnam and the UK.

Prices for these vegan backpacks start at about $147.

10. United By Blue

25L Transit Pack (88$)
  • Price: $$
  • Material: Organic cotton, recycled polyester, vegetable tanned leather
  • Bonus: B-Corp certified, remove a pound of trash from the ocean

Not only are you paying for a backpack when you buy from United By Blue, you are also paying for a pound of trash to be removed from the ocean! They have removed 1,638,501 pounds of trash so far!

They aren’t just saving fish, but also animals.

United By Blue uses vegetable tanned leather in their bags, which is a vegan substitute for leather. They also use organic cotton and recycled polyester.

This backpack is perfect for adventures, so after you are busy saving nature by buying it, go experience it.

The price of the backpacks ranges from $78–$168. Some of the functions the backpacks have include water bottle pockets, laptop sleeves, different sized compartments, and water repellent material.

These bags are a commitment for life-they have a lifetime guarantee.

United by Blue is a certified B Corp. This means they are the best of the best, that they are not just a business, but also kind to people and the planet. This honor is only bestowed upon the most ethical socially and environmentally conscious businesses.


  • Price: $$$
  • Material: Bannatex, cotton canvas, vegan leather
  • Bonus: Bag made from bananas

This bag will absolutely be a-PEEL-ing to you.

Because it is made from banana fibers!

All of QWSTION’s bags are made from banana fibers from the Abacá plant.

This material is called Bannatex. It is durable, waterproof, and biodegradable, and is the first fabric in the world to be made out of a banana plant. The bags also use high-density cotton canvas and leather. However, the leather is made using an eco-friendly vegetable tanning method.

It is BANANA’s how sustainable these backpacks are! (Last banana joke I promise)

Like a banana, these bags are sleek! They have a minimalist aesthetic that is perfect for work, school, or travel and come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. They put a water repellant coating on the bags, so don’t be afraid to travel with them.

The company is based in Zurich, Switzerland. They use ethical manufacturing, and are monitored by the Business and Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), which makes sure European manufacturing standards are used in companies outside Europe, since many of the bags are made in China.

The only downside is that these bags are expensive, starting at $260.

12. GOT Bag

  • Price: $$
  • Material: Recycled ocean plastic
  • Bonus: Made from 3.5 kg of ocean plastic

The GOT bags are 100% made out of recycled plastic from the ocean.

They not only come from the water, they are also resistant to it, with cutting-edge water proof technology, a BIO-PU coating.

This bag is versatile, and multi-purpose, suiting school, work, travel, or adventures. It’s versatility is rooted in its excellent features, like a removeable laptop bags, a flexible roll top, and tons of space for your belongings.

These features were concocted during the two years it took the GOT owners to design the bag. The owners wanted them to be as high-quality and sustainable as possible.

GOT uses its connections with SEAQUAL and a network of 1,500 fishermen who remove plastic from the water they fish in to collect plastic to make the bags. Each backpack is made from 3.5 kg of plastic that was removed from the ocean.

The bags start at $100, and are meant to last, with a two-year warranty.


W-PACK NAVY (149$)

Price: $$$

Material: Recycled Sails

Bonus: B-Corp certified, one-of-a-kind bags

These bags are on sale! I mean, MADE from sails.

How cool is that?

MAFIA uses recycled kitesurfing, windsurfing, and sailboat sails to make their bags. 80% of the bags are made from the recycled sails, and the rest of the material is sourced from suppliers in the USA, near the company’s headquarters in San Francisco.

Browse their bags on their website, it will show what they are currently offering! Each bag lists out the materials that were used in its creation, so you will know where the rope and fabric actually came from that made the bag. They have a few pack options, all of which are stylish, with pops of color. Unlike some of the other bags on this list, you can definitely tell they were upcycled, but that works in their favor.

Also, MAFIA is also a certified B-Corp, so you know that they are putting as much good into the world as they claim to be!

Their price ranges from $149–$195 but these bags have a lifetime guarantee. If you have an old sail and donate it to them, they will even make you a bag, free of charge.

Wait until everyone catches WIND of these!

14. Solgaard

Shore-Tex™ Daypack (95$)
  • Price: $$
  • Material: Recycled ocean plastic
  • Bonus: Sleek urban look, removes five pounds of plastic from the ocean with each purchase

These bags are perfect for walking in the city, or walking in the woods, with a demure style, and incredible features!

For example, their bags have a solar-powered charger for your phone, smaller compartments for valuables, and anti-theft lock.

These are also eco friendly backpacks.

They all use recycled ocean plastic!

Even better, for every backpack purchased, Solgaard removes five pounds of plastic from the ocean through their partnership with The Plastic Bank.

Solgaard is trying to improve as a company, and is currently in the process of removing all single-used plastics from their production and shipping process.

The bags start at a very affordable $95.

15. Kathmandu Eco-Friendly Backpacks

Federate Adapt Women’s Pack (160$)
  • Price: $$$
  • Material: REPREVE, recycled polyester
  • Bonus: This bag is made of, can you guess? I will give you a hint, it has been featured on this list approximately a thousand times. DING DING DING. RECYCLED PLASTIC!

We have a winner.

Kathmandu uses REPREVE to make its bags, an eco-friendly fabric that is made from recycled plastic. They also use recycled polyester, and in some spots, normal polyester, in their bags. 

Kathmandu is a widely trusted, sustainable brand. Their range of backpacks range in purpose, some are better suited for school and work, while others are better for adventures and hiking.

They have great features, like lots of pockets and zippers, detachable shoulder straps, eyelet locking docks, and removable packing cells.

The bags start at $178, but are so functional and durable, that price is a steal!

What was your favorite sustainable backpack from the list?

Is Bare Minerals Cruelty Free?

Is Bare Minerals Cruelty Free?

We know what you came here for, so we’ll get right to the point and I won’t make you wait: Bare Minerals is cruelty-free! This forward-thinking mid-range makeup brand doesn’t test their ingredients or finished products on animals, and they don’t allow their suppliers or other third parties to do this kind of testing for them, either.

But wait – there’s more: in addition to creating happy, healthy testing procedures for their ingredients and products, they also refuse to sell their cruelty-free products in places where animal testing is legally required (mainland China, for one).

Bare Minerals is a truly cruelty-free brand.

This particular brand offers a wide variety of makeup and skincare products, which they sell in the United States, Canada, and Europe. From lip glosses to night serums, they should have pretty much all of your beauty needs covered.

BareMinerals Beauty Products

Here are just a few of their most popular products:

  • BarePro liquid foundation
  • BarePro 16-hour full coverage concealer duo
  • Original foundation with SPF 15
  • Active cell renewal night serum
  • BarePro GLOW highlighter
  • Crystalline glow bronzer and highlighter palette (comes with a handy brush)
  • Gen Nude blush trio (goes great with the Gen Nude radiant lipstick)

You can also find hydrating gels, moisturizers, mascaras, and more. If you’re not sure which shades or products you need, their website has quick, fun, and easy tests to take that will guide you in the right direction.

When we choose cruelty-free brands like this one, we’re lending our voice to the mice, cats, and dogs that don’t have one. We’re letting companies know that it’s not necessary and it’s just not okay. We’re putting the health of our animals, ourselves, and our planet first.

We know that you care about buying cruelty-free and we’re here to guide you on your worthy journey. Although Bare Minerals is cruelty-free, it’s always nice to have options to choose from.

Here are a few other caring and socially conscious companies that are completely cruelty-free:

It gets better: the companies listed above are just a handful of the more popular companies that have decided to go cruelty-free. Altogether, there are hundreds of brands that have already implemented cruelty-free practices, or they’re in the process of doing that right now. Today’s consumers are speaking their minds and following through with their actions, and big companies are finally starting to listen.

Vital Power Eye Gel Cream (22.40$)

When you purchase products from Bare Minerals or one of the other companies listed above, that means that you’re supporting a business that makes positive, healthy choices with both animals and their consumers in mind. They’re saying, “we know this is what you want and we’re going to give it to you.”

As if that’s not enough, cruelty-free products are not just better because of the way they’re tested, but they’re also usually better for the people using them, too. These products are typically made with fewer chemicals and dyes, so they’re clean and healthy alternatives that are much less likely to clog your pores, cause allergic reactions, or other lead to other irritations.

What’s better than investing in products that are better for the animals, better for you, and sometimes even better for the planet, too?

Keep buying products you can feel good about. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly brands (like ELF), still affordable but with a wider range of options (like The Body Shop), or splurge-worthy products (like the ones put out by Jeffree Star or Kat Von D), cruelty-free shopping has something for everyone.

And we’re not through yet. Cruelty-free products also make fantastic gifts for all of the socially conscious individuals on your gift list. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, or something a bit more casual, you can buy a gift that both you and the receiver can feel good about, all while supporting great businesses that are driving change in some pretty big ways.

While we all know people we love that are obvious Earth lovers and animal protectors, they aren’t the only ones that will love these products. When people see the words “cruelty-free”, spot the adorable little Leaping Bunny logo, or see that a product is PETA certified, they often feel inspired to make this change in their lives, too.

We can promote awareness, drive change, make positive choices for our animals and ourselves, buy on a budget, and be part of an incredible moment in history, too. What could be better than that?

BareMinerals MATTE SPF 15 Foundation (23.61$)

The list of businesses going cruelty-free is growing every day, so we know we’ll have more and more choices as the days, months, and years go on. Now is the time to make a positive, healthy change, and be a part of the movement.

On top of all of the benefits we’ve talked about already, switching to cruelty-free cosmetics and beauty supplies can help you make more mindful purchases instead of cluttering up your space with a collection of products you don’t really need or use more than once.

When you shop through their website, Bare Minerals will send you a free sample of one of their other products with each order. This way, you can try out more cruelty-free options to replace the alternatives that are currently in your rotation. And you don’t have to spend any extra money to do it!

There are many more reasons to choose cruelty-free products than there are not to. So, why wait any longer to make the switch? Get started today, and enjoy your happy, healthy shopping!

9 Cruelty Free Hair Products You Will Adore

Cruelty free hair products, check out the list and where exactly to find it.

If you’ve dealt with hair woes like myself, then you know finding just the right hair products can make or break your whole look — or your morale, let’s be real.

It’s even harder when you’ve landed on the perfect series of products to scrub into your scalp and follicles, only to find your ethics no longer line up with the products themselves.

Well, not to worry; I’ve done all the legwork of finding hair care products that are not just cruelty free, but really give your hair a whole new lease on life.

These cruelty free hair products run the gamut from shampoos to sea salt balms, but they all do without harsh chemicals or animal testing.

Whatever you find on this list, you’ll find something new to perk up your winter-dulled coif.

Shampoos (and Conditioners)

1. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo

I love neem and tea tree oil in my hair care regimen, and this is exemplary of what it is I love about it. Nothing feels as good as massaging this shampoo into your scalp. You’ve never known a clean, refreshed feeling like this one, with a luscious blend of lavender and peppermint adjoining the titular tea tree oil. Paul Mitchell’s shampoo is gentle, and formulated without harsh detergents – though it’s used best when my hair is full of product and hasn’t had a good wash in a few days. One of my favorite things about the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo is that it’s  color safe, so anyone else who dyes their hair can breathe easy.

Despite Paul Mitchell’s long enduring reputation primarily for luxury, salon quality hair care, Paul Mitchell is also an industry leader for sustainably sourcing natural ingredients from their solar-powered farm in Hawaii, to where they harvest marula oil in Africa. You’ll also find that their entire product line is paraben, sulfate, and gluten free, and totally vegan.

It doesn’t stop there: Paul Mitchell has been producing cruelty free hair products since their conception in 1980. How many other legendary cosmetic brands can say the same?

2. Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Shampoo

Giovanni’s Frizz Be Gone Shampoo is the ideal shampoo for a more gentle clean, that specifically addresses frizz and flyaways. This bottle of shampoo contains an intensely hydrating blend of coconut oil, shea butter, almond, jojoba, and argan oils — meaning that your untamable mane will finally behave. I have naturally wavy hair, that tends to get dry and limp in the winter time, but this shampoo means I no longer dread the day I need to give my hair a wash; Giovanni’s Frizz Be Gone Shampoo will keep all the texture you love, without the attitude and dryness.

Giovanni has attributed twenty benefits to this shampoo, including the following: strengthens hair, prevents split ends, protects hair color, prevents breakage, etc. I’m happy if my shampoo even has one benefit, so I’m beyond thrilled with the results of this multitasking hair care wonder.

If you’re at all familiar with natural hair care, then Giovanni should ring a bell; they’re one of the pioneering natural hair care brands to strive for salon-grade quality for their entire line.

3. EcoRoots Plastic-Free Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

I am most partial to a good set of solid shampoos and conditioners – which is why this blog entry would be woefully incomplete if I failed to mention this low-waste option. One of the brands to know is EcoRoots, with their line of solid shampoos and conditioners and plastic-free packaging. If you’re not already acquainted with this brand, you’ll soon remember them by amazing plastic-free products (as Rose Gold Safety Razor) and zero-waste bars.  And as I’ve mentioned, EcoRoots shampoo & conditioner bars comes in zero packaging, and always shipped in plastic-free and recyclable materials.

I love their zero waste solid shampoo & conditioner bars, for a more frequent wash, that still leaves my wavy hair texture intact, and shiny. EcoRoots shampoo & conditioner bars comes formulated with Coconut Oil, Pro-Vitamin Complex and Lemon Peel which helps soothe tangles, and improve porosity. As a whole, you’ll find their formulas free of phthalates, silicone, parabens, and packaging, in addition to their cruelty free status.

These last an incredibly long time, as long as you store them properly between use (It’s best to keep them in a container out of the shower or tub so they don’t get wet and mushy while you’re not looking).


4. Ouai Wave Spray

Ouai is a brand known for their celebrity endorsement and origins (founded by Jen Atkin, Kim Kardashian’s hair stylist) – and if even one beauty influencer has ever slid across your screen, this little amber bottle, with it’s sleek white and silver label, has surely left an impression.

Let me tell you: the hype is real. Using Ouai’s Wave Spray is a sensory experience to be believed. From the moment you remove the white cap of the spray bottle, you’ll immediately notice the heady floral, warm, and voluptuous fragrance of this spray. Every time I dispense it brings me to a balmy summer night, and the overhang of Magnolia blossoms and Rose De Mai, the silky feeling of salt water on myskin, and hair. Ugh, I love it.

Furthermore, I’ve never used a Wave Spray quite like this one. It doesn’t leave your hair at all crunchy the way some others will, and instead leaves your hair still soft and touchable, with added definition and body. Meaning, not only can you do without crunchy waves, but you can do without the resulting dryness. That’s right folks: Ouai’s Wave Spray will treat your hair even as it styles it. And who can say no to a hairspray that doubles as a perfume? We love an excuse to be minimalist.

And yes, Ouai as a whole is a line of cruelty free hair products, even as they primarily present as just a luxury hair styling, before anything else. You also will see that they employ gentle, natural ingredients, without anything drying and harsh.

5. John Masters Organics  Leave-in Conditioning Mist with Green Tea & Calendula

This is the perfect hair mist for moving into spring months, as the weather warms up, and we start spending more time outside. Just like how we worry about how UV rays affect our skin, we should also think of how UV rays damage our hair. True, you won’t have to worry about the cancerous repercussions you would have with your skin, but the sun can dry out your hair like nothing else.

Not only does John Masters Organics Leave-in Conditioning Mist protect your coif from the elements, but it also soothes frizz and breakage resulting from the sun’s unwelcome side effects. This spray gives a little more definition to your hair, and keeps the driest hair looking silky smooth. Calendula Extract and Broccoli see oil combine to fully hydrate your strands, while green tea extract imbues this John Masters Organics miraculous mist with antioxidants, which helps fight damage from free radicals in the environment.

I like to keep this little bottle in my bag while I’m on the go, so I can give myself a refreshing spritz, if my hair starts feeling flat throughout the day – and I can’t deny that the fresh, sweet scent alone perks me up.

6. Verb Dry Shampoo

What would this list even be if we didn’t mention a cruelty free dry shampoo option? We’re not monsters. Of course, when looking for a dry shampoo option, it can be nearly impossible to find a brand that does away with the aerosol spray can packaging that comes ubiquitous with almost any dry shampoo on the market.

Verb has discovered the ideal and only way dry shampoo powder should come packaged, and that’s a bottle with a pointed twist-to-open nozzle. Not only will it save your black shirts from getting dusted over, but it’ll save your oily, limp roots, from that midweek grease-build up. This stuff honestly is more than just a cut above the rest – not only will your hair feel smooth and clean to the touch, but you won’t have any of that gritty, sticky texture you get with pretty much any other dry shampoo.

Verb’s Dry Shampoo is also one of the few I’ve ever tried that doesn’t give my dark hair a white, dusty cast.

Verb is an excellent, super modern brand, with real people in mind – and not just big bucks. They formulate without gluten, parabens, harmful sulfates or animal testing. Keep an eye out for Verb, because their whole product line is worth looking into. Of course, I recommend you start with this A+ dry shampoo life saver.

Leave-in Treatments

 7. Pacifica Salty Waves Beach Hair Balm

This is truly a summer time miracle balm, one that is not to be trifled with. Pacifica’s Salty Waves Beach Hair Balm is so much more than any salt spray can give you. Not only will you find that this hair balm  gives you the desired texture and grit you get from a much-needed dive in the Pacific, but it also fully nourishes and hydrates your sun-fried locks. You can use this as an after-shower hair treatment, to seal in some extra moisture, or you can add a little to dry hair for more waves and verve. This is the ideal choice to bring in mellow summer vibes.

Pacifica is an excellent brand in the natural beauty sphere, and if you didn’t know about them, allow me to introduce you. Pacifica’s entire product line is totally vegan and cruelty free – just like it says on their packaging and website header. Furthermore, if you have any concern about recycling their plastic packaged products, feel free to take advantage of their Preserve Recycling program.

8. Shea Moisture – Sugarcane Extract & Meadowfoam Seed Silicone Free Miracle Styler Leave In Treatment

Shea Moisture’s Silicone Free Miracle Styler Leave-In Treatment is a truly special offering from Shea Moisture’s product line. Using a blend of meadofoam and sugarcane extract, this leave-in treatment lays down a dose of hydration and protection to your locks, without weighing it down with silicone. If you feel like traditional leave in treatments are leaving your hair limp, yet still somehow not adequately moisturized, Shea Moisture’s silicone free Leave In Treatment is the secret to a great head of shiny, volumized hair.

Shea Moisture is one of my favorite hair care brands you can get at just about any drug or grocery store. Their products are formulated with textured hair in mind, but I think if you’ve ever dealt with hair that’s just dry or color-damaged, you should take a look at Shea Moisture too. It doesn’t hurt that Shea Moisture is totally cruelty free, with programs to support women’s empowerment via scholarships and other programs.

9. Lush R&B Hair Treatment

LUSH Hair Treatment (25.95$)

Lush’s R&B Hair Treatment is my favorite of Lush’s many cruelty free hair products for very good reason. It’s best used on thick or textured hair, since it packs a serious burst of moisturizing compounds that may weigh down finer strands. Still, if you deal with dry hair especially, there’s nothing like Lush’s R&B to tame down and heal that dehydration. R&B is a heady concoction of coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado butter, oatmeal and olive oil. That’s not even mentioning its mouth scent of jasmine and orange blossom. Ever since I first used Lush’s R&B to treat some color damage a few years back, I notice the beautiful floral, tropical fragrance, any time I pass by a fellow customer on the street.

Hopefully you know about Lush, but if you don’t, this is a groundbreaking company in the bath and beauty space. Not only are they entirely cruelty free, but you’ll find that they’ve had a long held and very robust recycling program, on top of already conscientious packaging choices for all their products. Lush was created to bring a powerful line of natural earth-friendly products into the world, and they’ve definitely succeeded.

If you didn’t know before it was possible to find an organic and cruelty free hair products without animal testing, that also seriously works, you definitely know now. This list is not only a testament to good hair, but good hair that also has solid ethics.

You can go as flashy and influencer-savvy as you like with Ouai’s Wave Spray, or stick to the more familiar, but no less robust, R&B treatment stocked at Lush. There’s a product for every mood, style, and budget, you just have to find it.

Make the switch to sustainable and cruelty free products today, because waste and animal testing isn’t doing your hair any favors.

 Tell us which of these cruelty free hair products you’re mane is loving!

17 Cruelty Free Moisturizer to Try Out

Cruelty-free moisturizer – are there any out there?

Spring is in the air, but if you live in the center United States, like me, real spring time could be months away still. This is the point in the year when your skin is really struggling along, with almost four months of wind chill and indoor heating that’s been battering at your face.

Your skin needs some intense, no holds barred, Tender Loving Care right about now. A spa day isn’t going to cut it at this point, you need something to get you through the day without another dry patch breaking out.

Am I right or am I right?

If you’re as desperate as I am at this point, you’re probably itching to just slather yourself in the next petroleum-based, mineral oil substance you can get your hands on. But let me talk you down from the ledge – there’s no need to sacrifice cruelty free ethics at the altar of good skin. Very much the opposite in fact!

Finding a new moisturizer can be daunting work however, so we took on the trial and error so you don’t have to. We’ve compiled today a comprehensive list of the absolute best cruelty free moisturizers, for any skin type or condition. We have sunscreens, light gel creams, super rich ointments, all produced by companies that value simplicity, sustainability, and treating animals with respect.

That’s right: these 17 moisturizers all range in prices, consistencies, and ingredients, but every single one is completely cruelty free – and I’m willing to bet you it’s miles better than the alternative. Say good bye to harmful addititives and animal testing and say hello to your new favorite moisturizer.

Without further ado, I present the best 17 vegan moisturizers.

The 17 Best Cruelty Free Moisturizer

1. Tatcha Water Cream

Tatcha The Water Cream (68$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Not Sure
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all plastic, glass, and paper packaging is recyclable.

If you thought this list wouldn’t have anything luxurious to offer, think again. Tatcha’s the ultimate glam skincare line, no matter your stance on its cruelty free and botanical formulations.

I first became familiar with Tatcha with their Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder, that hit the beauty blogs a few years ago. Ever since I’ve kept an eye on Tatcha, with it’s deluxe ingredients and a backbone in Japanese beauty traditions – which includes Japan’s rigorous standards for the safety and purity of any cosmetic products. Japan is actually known for having the most rigorous standards for cosmetics, the world over. This also means Tatcha’s entire line is plant-based and cruelty free.  Fun fact about the background of this wonderful brand: Tatcha’s founder, Victoria Tsai sought to create a brand that paid direct homage to the Geisha’s ancient beauty regimine. That’s how you know these totally cruelty free moisturizers, serums, and essences really do work.

This.  Moisturizer. I’m getting a little emotional thinking about it.  A single application of this stuff is the gallon of water your skin is thirsting after – with the natural power of algae, rice, and green tea, and even a bit of 23-karat gold. Which is to say, this is the most lavish, beautifully fragranced, richly-textured, gallon of water you or your skin has ever drank.

Tatcha’s Water Cream is perfect for anyone who combats oiliness or acne breakouts since this formula is light, even while it’s deeply humidifying.

One of the cool things about Tatcha’s Water Cream is that it also comes with a small metal spatula for a more hygienic application; now you can really embody your fantasy of being an alluring courtesan or princess in your daily skin care routine.

2. Lano Face Base Vitamin E Day Cream

  • Cruelty Free?Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? No

Lano serves up a truly unique and very effective dry-skin saver. If you’ve tried and loved their lanolin-based wonder ointment, then you’ll love this Day Cream.

If you’re not aware of this skin care indie darling, then allow me to introduce you. Lano is indeed cruelty free, though the brand’s key ingredient, lanolin is derived from the wax residue on shorn sheeps’ wool. Because sheeps’ wool grows continuously, however, (and most importantly, Lano’s humane farming practices) you’ll find this is one of the very few examples where an animal biproduct is being used without animal cruelty. I wouldn’t throw my money at any product with lanolin, but this moisturizer is worth every penny.

Lano’s Face Base Vitamin E Day Cream will get you through the winter and beyond, especially if you deal with chronically dry skin. Lanolin, their titular ingredient, closely mirrors the molecular structure of humans’ skin oils, thus making this a natural choice for dry skin in serious need of some nourishment. You’ll also find soothing colloidal oatmeal, creamy milk, and detoxifying Vitamin E oil in this miraculous moisturizer. Anyone in these last couple months of winter weather – no need to thank me.

3. Andalou Naturals Sensitive  1000 Roses Beautiful Day Cream

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Day Cream (13.74$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all packaging is 100% recyclable and BPA free.

If you’re craving the warmth and the floral growth of spring, then this moisturizer should more than just pique your interest. It’s also more than a beautiful name on a jar alone, however.  This really does contain Alpine Rose stem cells and rosehip oil, to generate the cruelty free moisturizer your skin, soul and senses have been craving all winter. This is perfect for anyone whose face has been feeling particularly chapped and stinging with the application of your mildest moisturizers, as it was devised with sensitive skin in mind. Andalou’s Sensitive 1000 Roses Beautiful Day Cream will replenish the most dehydrated cheeks.

Andalou Naturals is also a completely cruelty free and sustainably-minded company, as a whole — and it’s one that gets serious results. Not only is all of their packaging recyclable, but they also have created unique formulations, without synthetic scents, texturizing agents, or any typical ingredients that should make any sustainably-minded consumer recoil. In fact, Andalou has developed a trademarked fruit stem cell extraction you can’t find in any other products.

Even with all that, Andalou Naturals is an affordable bath and beauty brand worth your attention, one you can find at Target, Whole Foods or Amazon (linked above).

4. Perricone MD Nourishing Moisturizer

Hypoallergenic Nourishing Moisturizer (32.42$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, like most of Perricone’s packaging, the jar is made from glass.

Perricone MD is the ultimate brand for anyone with one eye on luxury and the other on practicality. You can tell just from their cobalt, amber, and citrine colored glass bottles, the clean and beautiful design of their labels that their cruelty free moisturizers, face washes and serums are put together with intention . These aren’t just a gaggle of pretty jars and bottles to decorate your medicine cabinet – these products get to work. Each one of their products is backed by serious research and development, with board-certified dermatologist and best-selling author, Dr. Nicholas Perricone at the helm. The ingredients list of each product is meticulously chosen to bring out the best in your skin year round, with a bevy of botanical and organic compounds. Even better, Perricone MD has taken a firm stance as an entirely cruelty free brand.

Perricone MD’s Nourishing Moisturizer is the one to beat, out of all their beautiful formulations. When I say nourishment, this moisturizer delivers capital-N Nourishment. It’s like a cloud of fragrance-free and totally non-comedogenic, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, and Shea butter, rolling over your totally parched, wind-burned face as the ultimate nourishment. Literally, this is like a glass of water for your pores.

Anyone looking for their moisturizer to totally rejuvenate their belief in the power of skincare: look no further.

5. Yes To Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer

Yes To Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer (11.85$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes, all formulas are 95% organic
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all packing is 100% recyclable

Anyone who has some temperamental skin will know that dry skin can create a vicious cycle when not treated correctly. First your skin is dry and flaking, so you go a little too hard with the heavy oils and creams, so next thing you know, even while dry patches persist, a volley of pimples strikes. Now you’re left trying to juggle astringent acne care against the smothering power of a uber-rich face lotion – not an ideal position to be found in. But no longer do we have to fret, my friends.

Yes To, beloved organic bath and beauty brand, has this absolutely facesaving offering.

Right about now is when we all need a little something to bring some balance to our skin, and this is just the thing for it. Light and refreshing to the touch, but still packs a punch with some sebum busting ingredients alongside nourishing antioxidants, Yes To’s Tomatoes Daily Balancing cruelty free doesn’t mess around. If you’ve just about had it with your winter-skin woes, this one’s for you.

Breathe easy knowing that when you buy this lotion, you’ll be not only purchasing a great moisturizer, but Yes To is also a company that uses totally recyclable packaging, 95% natural ingredients, and financial contributions to nonprofits to support women internationally.

6. Mad Hippie Triple C Night Cream

Triple C Night Cream (32.99$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all of Mad Hippie’s packing is completely recyclable – either via your own recycling bin, or Mad Hippie’s Terracycling program.

Some of you see the above moniker as proof alone that this night cream is thoughtfully produced, while others might give pause to the thought of a mad hippie turned scientist. Let me set the record straight for you from the outset: this Triple C Night Cream was awarded Betternutrition’s Best of Natural Beauty for 2020.

You guys, listen to me when I say this stuff is like giving your face a warm bath – except without the drying effects of hot water, and all the moisture your chapped cheeks are lacking.

The ingredients list reads like a poem to natural beauty, with cloudberry, Reishi (AKA the “mushroom of immortality” in Chinese medicine), Shea Butter and turmeric extract. Oh, yes, we stan. This is the vegan moisturizer you always hoped would come true, here to save you from dry, unbalanced and uncooperative skin.

Mad Hippie as a brand is dedicated to conservation and sustainability, with a robust Terracycling program in place for any products of theirs you might buy with plastic packaging. They also work with Save the Elephants and the Whole Planet Foundation to really put their money where their mouth is. Let your money go to this moisturizer if you’re in doubt. This brand might be the one to beat.

7. Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food Body Cream (15.87$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all of Weleda’s packing is completely recyclable – either via your own recycling bin, or Weleda’s Terracycling program.

You can’t have a list of organic, cruelty-free beauty and not mention Weleda, and it would be a worse crime to not mention Skin Food on this list in particular. I’ve used Skin Food for years to get me through the winter time, and is the moisturizer I judge all others against. In fact, I knew at the outset that this would find a place in the best 17 Cruelty Free Moisturizers, and I was right to assume as much.

This moisturizer gives a deep and long lasting moisture replenishment, and makes an excellent primer before makeup. Skin Food is a lotion that won’t evaporate after a couple hours, and leaves your skin luminous, silky and soft. I love that it can multitask as a hand cream as well, since we all know if your face is dry, so are your cuticles. Skin Food has a thick, ointment-like texture, with a surprisingly fresh, citrusy scent courtesy of its organic ingredients.

Skin Food isn’t the only vegan moisturizer in Weleda’s product line.

Weleda has been cruelty free as a whole for some time, with a history of using botanical ingredients for nearly a century. You’ll also find that Weleda has been certified by NATRUE, Europe’s certification for sustainability and staying cruelty free.

8. Raw Elements Face and Body Certified Natural Sunscreen

Face & Body Reef Safe Sunscreen (19.99$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes the packaging is completely recyclable

Anyone in the market for a plastic free moisturizer, you can stop your search now. You read that right: Raw Elements’ Face and Body Certified Natural Sunscreen comes in a nice little tin.

I had to include this one, first because even if we have plenty of overcast days to go before it’s spring, everyone still needs a good sunscreen. Even if the sun is behind cloud cover, or if you’re just not particularly susceptible to sunburns, everyone needs to protect their skin from the sun’s penetrating rays. If you’re here, I’m assuming you don’t need a refresher on the effects of global warming, but I’ll just say the sun’s effects on your skin are getting stronger.

With a deeply skin-quenching combination of sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, mango butter, and the invigorating properties of green tea, rosemary oil extract, and coffee beans, this Face and Body Sunscreen is the perfect lotion to bring you into warmer climes.

Raw Elements has earned a host of certifications, such as the Environmental Working Group, which rates the safety and performance if sunscreens, the coveted Leaping Bunny, and the Natural Products Association certification. Furthermore, Raw Elements has gone as far as establishing World Reef Day in 2019, to urge awareness for the pollution affecting the ocean’s coral reefs. That’s definitely a couple steps beyond being a cream alone. Despite all that, Raw Elements remains an affordable brand, definitely worth your investment.

9. Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer

  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, packaging is recyclable

Juice Beauty is a brand you’ll see at almost any Whole Foods, but have you given it a try? I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while now, and this one is maybe my favorite of their many beautifully and lotions. Juice Beauty’s Nutrient Moisturizer is formulated to nourish all skin types, whether it’s dryness, oiliness, or signs of age you’re looking to address. The ingredients found in this lotion are gentle and soothing, without the use of petroleum, parabens, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Instead Juice Beauty has made a wonderful blend of primrose, linseed, borage and grape seed oils, packed with necessary vitamins and minerals.

Not only does Juice Beauty work to produce exclusively sustainably farmed, organic and vegan face washes, and toners, this excellent company also has partnered with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners and the Environmental Working Group to spread a message of not only eco-consciousness, but social consciousness as well. It’s important to remember the effects the environment has on humanity, and us on an individual level.

10. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream

Rich Moist Soothing Cream (22.00$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? No, though their ingredients are alcohol-free, paraben-free, and free of artificial coloring.
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? No

If you’re like me, you might be fascinated by the 10. 20, sometimes 30 step Korean beauty routine, but a little too overwhelmed to dip your toes in yourself. Lo and behold, I came across the perfect place to start for anyone, no matter your experience level: Klairs’ Rich Moist Soothing Cream is the perfect vegan moisturizer for sensitive skin – anyone who knows K-beauty knows Soko Glam, and what high praise it is to have earned a slot on 2017 Soko Glam Best of K-beauty Awards.  This goes on like butter, if butter was full of jojoba oil, ceramides, and fruit seed extracts and not animal fat and other ingredients we generally avoid. This lotion instead has everything you’ve been needing in your skin care routine. This Rich Moist Soothing Cream gently restores your moisture barrier, and leaves you with the dewy complexion you thought only the stuff of Instagram filters.

Like many products you’ll find in the K-beauty market, Klairs is a very reasonably priced company. Even still, you’ll find that this is one of the few brands that is totally cruelty free, with an inclination towards eco-consciousness. Their entire line of skincare is crafted without animal testing or byproducts, and with simple, clean ingredients plucked from nature. Klairs has rightfully earned its reputation as a Korean beauty brand for the environmentally concerned consumer.

11. Origins Ginzing Oil-Free Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer

Origins Ginzing Moisturizer Cream (29.80$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, packaging is recyclable

Who doesn’t need a little pick me up this time of year? Well, so does your face, and Origins Ginzing Oil-Free Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer is just the vegan moisturizer for the job. Origins has created a super revitalizing blend of coffee, ginseng, grapefruit, and spearmint to give you the ultimate refreshed glow we all wish we had after months of hibernation. Let me amend my earlier statement: Origins Ginzing is more than a pick me up, it’s a jolt to your senses. This lotion is perfect for anyone with more oily, acne-prone skin, and is ideal for brooking the transition from spring into summer months.

Origins is one of the staple skincare lines you can find at Sephora, and there’s a good reason it’s such a mainstay. Not only does Origins pick its ingredients with a high standard for purity and efficacy, but Origins keeps their eye on humane animal treatment (as in, no animal cruelty, or biproducts other than their cruelty free sourced beeswax and honey), as well as reforestation efforts.

If you’re looking for a moisturizer to rocket you into spring time,, this should be it.

12. Coola Classic Face Organic Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50

COOLA Organi Daily Face Sunscreen (32$)
  • Cruelty Free?
  • Organic?
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, packaging is recyclable.

If you’ve been looking for an organic sunscreen then you may have come across Coola in your search – it’s named on just about every best-of sunscreen list you can find, organic or not, and for good reason. This is a more traditional version of the sunscreen-moisturizer, if Raw Elements’ tinned sun protection seems too unfamiliar to you.

Coola’s Organic Sunscreen Lotion does so much more than protect your face from getting grilled – it’s packed with luscious antioxidants in their patented Plant Protection mixture, a blend that’ll give you a real dose of hydration. This lotion will last you 80 minutes of sweaty outdoor activity, so it doesn’t skimp on the sun protection either. I recommend you go with this SPF 50 over the SPF 30, so you can get maximum amount of coverage.

Coola as a brand makes a whole line of vegan moisturizers and balms, all with wellness and an active lifestyle in mind. They use Farm to Face ingredients, so no pesticides, preservatives, or texturizers make their way into Coola’s  products — only the purest and most natural for your face and body if you look to Coola for sun protection or just an excellent day time lotion.

13. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream

Jasmine & Vitamin E Hawaiian Moisture Cream (13.20$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all packaging is recyclable.

Alba Botanica is one you can find just about anywhere – I’ve seen it at my grocery store, drug store, Target, Whole Foods, and Amazon (linked above). That’s because this brand makes affordable, skincare that really works. In fact, I think they do a particularly impressive job of taking high end formulas and pricing it for those of us who can’t afford the high end price tag – all without animal testing, fillers and unwanted and unnecessary chemicals. That’s right; no need to sacrifice your ethics in order to afford good skincare. 

This is a great cruelty moisturizer in particular, for pretty much any skin type, as it’s lightweight, hypoallergenic, and pH balanced, with the mellowing effects of jojoba, vitamin e, and sweet almond oil. Jasmine and papaya extracts punch this formula up, to protect your skin from free radicals. I’ve used this cream many times in the past, and it was a pleasure to revisit it for this list.

When you purchase any of Alba Botanica’s moisturizers, body lotions and hair care products, you’re supporting a company that produces biodegradable formulas, keeps their sunscreens reef friendly, and has banned microbeads from their products. Everything they make is thoughtfully produced, so you know when you buy their Hawaiian Moisture Cream, it’s beautifying  yourself and the planet.

14. Mineral Fusion Intense Hydration Face Cream

Mineral Fusion Intense Hydration Cream (17.82$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all of their products come in 100% recyclable, and printed with soy inks.

Mineral Fusion is a brand I’ve been aware of for some time, but until recently I didn’t realize they had their own skincare line. I’ve loved their makeup and nail polishes for years, and I honestly thought that was the extent of their product line. 

Looking back, I can’t believe what a massive oversight that was, so I’m here now to spread the good word of Mineral Fusion’s Intense Hydration Face Cream as one of the best cruelty free face moisturizers on the market. This tube of lotion seriously gave a new life to my dull and dry weather & indoor-heat worked over face. Not only does this moisturizer contain the requisite Hyaluronic Acid any good super-hydrating moisturizer needs, but it also contains antioxidant peptides to give your complexion a little more collagen and bounce. This also helps clear and calm your skin, after the harsh treatment your face has gotten, November through February.

Mineral Fusion’s brand as a whole is very no nonsense when it comes to keeping their products cruelty free, vegan, and paraben free, all backed by some serious science and research. Mineral Fusion also works closely with women’s empowerment nonprofit, Dress for Success, to help women break out of the poverty cycle at an international. This is in addition to their EWG verification, so not only do they care about the planet, but they care about the people that live on it. You won’t find that with your average mega corporation.

You won’t go wrong with this product, should you choose it.

15. Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme

Natural Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme (48$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all of their products come in 100% recyclable packaging.

One of the first cruelty free moisturizer I knew I wanted to get my hands on when I set out to make the ultimate list, was Herbivore’s standout Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme. I mean, if I’m a sucker for anything, it’s for packaging, and I fell head over heels for this little ultra-minimalist jar of light pink, whipped lotion. Just looking at the jar sitting next to me makes me feel like I’ve been steamed and oiled up in the finest, rose-scented  spa of my dreams. The best part is that the packaging and presentation is the least of what makes this cream a fantasy turned real.

Herbivore has invented a combination of completely natural ingredients, without anything remotely synthetic.

Seriously, not even 1% Herbivore’s Pink Cloud moisture creme contains synthetic additives. Herbivore intentionally sought to create a lotion that contained only ingredients found in nature, and what they came up with is absolutely dreamy.  Its unique solution of White Tea Extract, Kukui Oil, and Rose Water makes for a light lotion that leaves your skin glowing and soft, but never oily.

Herbivore is the brand to know if you’re looking for a brand that’s both ethically-minded and concerned about keeping your beauty routine aesthetics on lock.

16. DERMA E Advanced Peptides and Collagen Moisturizer

Advanced Peptide & Collagen Moisturizer (21$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all products come in 100% recyclable packaging.

Derma E is a cornerstone of clean skincare and sustainable manufacturing and it would be insane to leave them off a list like this one. Derma E’s Advanced peptides and Collagen Moisturizer is especially close to my heart, with a roster of rarefied elements, like Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, and C-Ester to boost your collagen. This formula is perfect for anyone looking to firm up your face and neck line, which also happens to have some great benefits for acne-prone skin. It accomplishes all this while maintaining its cruelty free, soy free, vegan, and GMO free status. Even better, this vegan moisturizer comes with Wind Energy certification, so you can feel better about your carbon footprint while serving your need for good skin care.

Derma E is very serious about clean beauty, with a rigorous standard for the safety and potency of their ingredients. So rigorous, in fact, that Derma E has created a Refuse to Use list of over 2,700 ingredients used frequently in skin and health care that are not only toxic to humans, but also to our environment. Derma E’s Refuse to Use list has been in effect since 1984, so it’s basically built into their company DNA to stick with clean and sustainable beauty.

This incredible little lotion would be a great place for anyone to start with sustainable beauty products. 

17. Embryolisse Lait-Créme Concentrè

Lait-Crème Concentré Face & Body Moisturizer (28$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? No

I wasn’t expecting to find this French drug-store favorite when I sought out cruelty free moisturizers, so imagine my surprise when I did nonetheless. French skincare is revered for good reason after all.

Emryolisse’s Lait-Creme Concentrate is a great example of what it’s all about, with simple, plant-derived ingredients, that does all the leg-work for your skin, so you can wear less makeup and age gracefully but not perfectly. Using Lait-Créme Concentrè won’t only make you chic, it will really give you a deep down, much needed, flush of hydration. This is the product to get you through the last of the winter season, so your skin is ready to glow when spring has sprung.

This is one of the many examples on this list that shows quality skin care shouldn’t come with animal testing. Embryolisse isn’t like many of the other companies on this list since they are not a strictly natural beauty company, but they prove that even then you can find an incredibly powerful moisturizer without animal testing.

Ooh la la!  Let that be your incentive for trying out this cruelty free cult favorite.

Conclusion: These cruelty free moisturizers are life changing.

These 17 brands have shown me a few important things about sustainability and its place in the beauty industry.

First, it’s evident to me that taking a strong ethical stance as a consumer reaps you higher quality products. No more am I, or should anyone else, be a slave to mineral oil or petroleum, or multinational conglomerates that make their money on the backs of poorly paid labor.

Have I mentioned animal testing? You see a beauty product without a cruelty free certification these days, and you should know it’s far from your only option. 

Move over L’Oreal and Unilever, we’re caring about the environment and keeping our skincare, moisturizers and all, cruelty free in 2020 and beyond. If you’ve hesitated in setting aside your Vaseline or Ponds, or some other holdover from a time past, these 17 cruelty free moisturizers are a signal it’s time to move on!

Seriously, there is a completely cruelty free moisturizer for any concern, any time of year, and any occasion. You can lavish yourself with Tatcha’s Water Cream, and adorn yourself with lotion like a princess, or slather your nose and brow in Coola’s surf-ready sunscreen. In the brutal winter you can moisturize in style with Embryolisse’s Lait-Creme Concentre, or get serious with Weleda’s totally essential Skin Food ointment. I had imagined when I set out to find cruelty free moisturizers the selection might be more limited, but it’s far from it.

No matter your place in the realm of sustainability, whether you’re just starting to dip your toes in, or you’re a seasoned, zero-waste super star, everyone can agree that finding new skincare products can be a thorny mess to untangle. With that in mind, we leave you with these 17 moisturizers, so you can kick back, relax, and moisturize.

Give up your old moisturizer that maybe you picked out at random, overwhelmed with choices, at your local drug store – or maybe it was recommended to you even, but without consideration to animal testing or the environment. Use it up (because we don’t believe in waste around here, of course), and then pick something that works for your skin and the planet. One of these 17 moisturizers is the one that deserves your money, so which will you choose?

Tell me which cruelty free moisturizer is your favorite?

11 Zero Waste Mascara That You Should Consider

Zero Waste Mascara – check out these 10 brands that I reviewed + 1 easy DIY if you are looking to reduce your waste.

What’s the most difficult part about makeup shopping? Is it finding the right shade of blush to complement your skin tone? Testing the right eye shadow texture to prevent acne breakout? Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll agree that finding the perfect mascara is also at the top of the list.

It’s rare to find one that ticks all the boxes.

  • Does not smudge.
  • Resists water and sweat.
  • Prevents clumping.
  • Does not dry out in the container.

When you add on zero waste, organic, and sustainable criteria, it seems even more impossible to find the right one.

I bet you’ve come across different DIY recipes for zero waste mascara. And maybe you’ve even tried some out and loved the results. But if you don’t have much time or don’t have all the ingredients you need to make the perfect organic, sustainable & zero waste mascara, I’ve got good news. We conducted some good old research and combined it with trustworthy reviews from our zero waste warriors to help you find the zero waste mascara that works for you. We’ve investigated the best ones that tackle all common mascara problems.

I know it’s a tall order, but there are amazing brands that somehow meet all of the basic criteria I listed above. Moreover, I dug a little deeper and evaluated these brands on other standards.

Here’s the deal.

When I was researching all the highly praised alternatives to drugstore mascaras, I looked at three crucial factors. These are the three basic things you should look for when shopping for any cosmetic product.

One, is it cruelty free? A cruelty free certification or claim on a product means the company does not test its products or ingredients on animals. This is different from vegan products where no ingredients are sourced from animals. What this means is a product may not be fully vegan, but it can still be cruelty free. For example, a lipstick that has lanolin (a natural wax from sheep wool) is not completely vegan, but it may be cruelty-free if the lipstick was not tested on animals.

Companies that are Leaping Bunny certified will use a logo of a bunny mid-jump flanked by stars. This logo means the company met high standards set by the Leaping Bunny Program. A company agrees for specialists to assess their supply chain to ensure that the company is cruelty-free. And this certification is on-going, meaning the company is always making sure that their production, distribution, and disposal processes never harm any animals.

The bottom line is this. It’s never a good sign if a company tests on animals. Personally, this not only makes me question the organization’s moral code, but the safety of their ingredients. Which brings me to the next criteria.


Two, are the ingredients organic? While not all makeup ingredients can be food-grade, they should be organic (where possible) and safe. Anything we put on our skin is readily absorbed into our bodies, so we should be cautious about what we use everyday. This is especially true for mascara.

Think about it. Odds are, a little bit of product will get into your actual eyes every time you use mascara. To make matters worse, the area around our eyes is one of the most sensitive spots on our bodies–so we should treat it with extra care. Granted, there are a lot of related subcategories we can file under this second criteria. One example is whether or not a mascara is made with palm oil. Another is if the ingredients are 100% vegan. But for this article, I’ve included specific details under each specific product review below where appropriate.

It’s also helpful to remember  that what counts as “organic” or “natural” may differ from one country (or even state) or another. For instance, a product may only be 80% organic in one country but is still considered organic under certain specifications in another country. This doesn’t automatically mean that the other 20% are made of harsh chemicals; it could be the case that the other 20% is made of byproducts that simply can’t come from organic sources.

At the end of the day, the choice is ultimately up to you and what you’re most comfortable with. Always conduct further research if you’re hesitant to try a product just based off of the website reviews.

Aside from ingredients and testing procedures, I ask, is the packaging recyclable? At the very least, is it reusable or refillable? It’s difficult for companies to get this part 100% right because of the mascara wand. Sadly, it’s usually made of different types of non-recyclable plastics. What’s more, most people simply throw away mascara containers because many recycling facilities do not accept them or the containers themselves are not properly labeled. So what can we do?

Luckily, many companies now offer refillable containers in recyclable packaging. In fact, we can start by cutting out plastic right from the start so we don’t have to worry about recycling or repurposing once the product runs out. What I mean is, we can actively choose products that don’t use non-recyclable or non-reusable plastics at all. There are plenty of eco-friendly packaged cosmetics, so why not take advantage of your options?

The less waste we purchase from the get-go, the better in the long run. Many companies take it even a step further and source their outer packaging from recycled or upcycled materials.

Fortunately, most of the top picks we reviewed do have recyclable packaging, so you can add zero waste mascara to your sustainability bucket list.

Now, let’s check out our best bets. Stay with me because this might be a lot of information, but trust me–you’ll be glad you did your research for the perfect eco-friendly zero waste mascara. Here we go.

Zero Waste Mascara Alternatives

1. Tarte – Best overall

Tarte Essential Mascara (25.50$)
  • Is it Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? No
  • Is the packaging recyclable? Yes

Tarte is helping to revolutionize the way we approach our daily cosmetics ritual. Tarte`s end goal is to be the first zero waste cosmetics producer through sustainable practices, inclusive policies, transparency, and transformation.

For starters, all of their refillable products like their blush and eyeshadow compacts are housed in sustainable and reusable bamboo. As for outer packaging, their refills don’t use additional wasteful materials. Instead, their refills are sent in paper envelopes filled with wildflower seeds you can grow in your own backyard.

Tarte’s mascara is packaged in a compostable bamboo case with a recyclable plastic tube. The company is 75% waste-free, but the fact that their mascara tubes are recyclable and compostable is already a big deal! We hope that other companies follow suit.

With that said, their products are completely vegan, but only about 75% organic. Don’t worry–they’re working hard to make it 100%. In the meantime, the amazing organic mascara ingredients lineup includes carnauba palm wax instead of traditional palm oil, bayberry fruit wax, camellia leaf extract, and jojoba seed oil.

Their lengthening and volumizing mascara is ideal for anyone who tends to be extra active throughout the day. Even sweat or rain won’t give you the dreaded raccoon eye look. So if you’re prone to forgetting you’re wearing mascara and accidentally rub your eyes often, this is the mascara for you. You shouldn’t have to worry about accidentally smudging your makeup all day, and Tarte has you covered.

This mascara weighs 0.24 ounces or 10 grams.

2. Ilia – The natural lash mascara

Natural Lash Mascara (28$)

  • Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the packaging recyclable?

You may have heard of ILIA–they’re popular in the zero waste community. And for good reason! This means handmade, organic, and ethically sourced products. What’s more, their packaging is either recyclable or refillable. (They even have a recycling program where you can return containers).

Buildable and flake-free, this 99% naturally derived mascara lifts, curls, lengthens, and adds just the right amount of volume.

ILIA’s lightweight and nourishing mascara is made with a blend of organic Bee and Carnauba Waxes to weightlessly condition each lash, while still keeping them lifted throughout the day.

Gentle enough for sensitive eyes, the 99% naturally derived formula also contains organic Shea Butter and fortifying Arginine (keratin) to help boost and enhance your lashes.

After testing over 100 mascara wands, we landed on our patented dual-sided brush for a perfectly natural application. Use the shorter side to curl and create volume, then the longer bristles to lift, lengthen and separate.

ILIA’s Limitless Lash Mascara can be effortlessly removed with water at the end of the day – no scrubbing or tugging required.

This zero waste mascara is available in black. 

The product weighs 0.3 ounces or  8.5 grams.

3. Kjaer Weis – Refillable luxury mascara

Lush Up Mascara (40$)
  • Is it Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the packaging recyclable?  Yes

Who better to give makeup advice than a makeup artist?

Kjaer Weis is a sustainable luxury cosmetics brand founded by Danish makeup wizard Kirsten Kjaer Weis.  She was inspired by Scandinavia’s minimalism and New Yorks’ electric, bold energy. Yes, she fused these contradictory themes together along with an eco-friendly business plan. And voila, Kjaer Weis was born in 2010. What’s unique about this company is that it offers a refill system where you can infinitely refill and reuse each compact, mascara, or lipstick case. Kjaer Weis partnered with a prestigious designer to craft timeless, refillable, metal compacts that were sustainable and fashionable.

This is great news! Beyond the compact items, this also means the Kjaer Weis mascara wand and “inner case” are recyclable–two of the most commonly discarded makeup items. Once you get your new refill in the mail or from a partner store, it’s easy to install. Check their website to see if there is a partner store near you so you don’t have to order from online.

I know luxury cosmetics may seem off-putting when it comes to upfront cost, but Kjaer Weis’ high-quality ingredients are totally worth it. Think of the quality of production and what you’re supporting with your choice. Their products are certified organic by the CCPB, which stands for Consorzio Per Il Controllo Prodotti Biologici or in English, the Consortium for Biological Control Products.

Listen to this. This Italy-based organization has one of the most rigorous criteria for companies, and Kjaer Weis meets them all. 

For the zero waste mascara, you can choose between volume or length (or treat yourself and get both!), but either way you’re choosing between all-natural ingredients. So it’s a win-win. And get this: rosehip seed oil, lavander, castor seed oil, rosemary extract, and chestnut extract are just some of the top-shelf items on their list. All in all, Kjaer Weis’ mascara achieves a natural look, but it’s easy to build up and apply several coats for a more dramatic eye. She is a makeup artist after all, so she recognizes various needs across the board, whether it be for the client rushing to work or prepping for a wedding dinner rehearsal.

So glam up your look with an elegant mascara in a refillable container.  If you want a luxurious go-to mascara, Kjaer Weis’ high-quality lengthening or volumizing mascara is your best choice.

One refill weighs 0.19 ounces or 5.4 grams.

4. Zao Organic Makeup – Refillable bamboo case

ZAO Volume Mascara (33$)
  • Is it Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the packaging recyclable? Yes

Zao Organic Makeup is a classy makeup brand with products made in Italy and France. Zao, a combination of Zen and Tao practices, is built on respect for the planet. David Reccole wanted to highlight the power of sustainable, organic ingredients.

Consequently, all Zao makeup products have a low to zero carbon footprint and an all-natural composition. Zao Organic Makeup’s professional credentials are long, but one of their most noteworthy contributions is setting the bar high for organic certifications. They even have a specialized lab in Milan where many other makeup products from different companies are crafted.

Now, about their zero waste mascara. You can purchase the mascara with or without a refillable bamboo case and cotton bag. Think: you don’t have to dig through your bag  every time you want to reapply mascara anymore. It saves you time and is much more hygienic.  And you don’t have to keep using and throwing away plastic or metal containers either. Since bamboo is such a sustainable resource, Zao Organic Makeup is using it as a refillable case for most of their products–clean, chic, and eco-friendly.

While Zao Organic Makeup meets organic standards in most countries and states, this mascara contains 100% natural ingredients but only 40% organic ingredients. Unfortunately, this doesn’t meet organic certification in California, but in many other states and countries, they pass with flying colors.

Their ingredients are either derived from organic farming or processed from organic ingredients. For instance, their organic bamboo leaf hydrosol is a moisturizing substance that helps keep lashes healthy. But make no mistake–this mascara packs a punch. It’s meant to create an intense eye by providing volume and thickness.

If you want an easily buildable zero waste mascara for more formal occasions, Zao Organic Makeup is an ideal choice.

It weighs 0.30 ounces or 8.6 grams.

5. RMS beauty  – Best food-grade mascara

RMS Mascara (28$)
  • Is it Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the packaging recyclable? Yes

RMS Beauty products are made of food grade ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, and tamanu oil. One of their key priorities? Delivering items that have gone through the least amount of processing as possible to seal in natural nutrients and nourish skin. All of their ingredients are high-quality, organic ingredients that are officially certified.

Let’s look at one example: tamanu oil. This extract comes from the tamanu tree nut, which is native to Asian and Pacific countries. It’s known to help combat dry skin, wrinkles, and scars. In RMS Beauty Products, tamanu oil is used as a natural preservative and prevents formation of free radicals.

Founder Rose-Marie realizes the importance of synthetic additives, chemicals, and GMOs. I don’t know about you, but I feel comfortable when a company’s philosophy is based on the idea that each and every ingredient should be safe, beneficial, and sustainable. In their holistic production process, RMS Beauty ensures that each ingredient is never bleached or stripped of its natural properties. On one hand, this preserves beneficial properties and on the other, avoids use of chemicals to treat the ingredients.

This is just one of the reasons why their mascara is very promising.

When it comes to their mascara, you have two options. One formula focuses on volume and the other on definition. The volumizing mascara is crafted with plant-based waxes and naturally-occuring minerals to give your lashes a noticeable lift. (Note that this product contains gluten). RMS Beauty uses the keyword “emollient” for their volumizing mascara because it moisturizes both hair and skin, ensuring safety for very sensitive skin.

By contrast, the defining formula is thick and luxurious to accentuate each lash and bring out your eyes without being uncomfortably cakey. Both mascaras are made of non-GMO and non-nano ingredients. Both also come in a traditional mascara tube with a built-in wand.

Try RMS Beauty Product’s defining mascara for a bold look without the hassle of fake lashes. If you want a more natural makeup remover, this mascara is best paired with RMS Beauty’s raw coconut cream.

One container weighs 0.23 ounces or 6.5 grams.

6. 100percent pure – Most color options from fruit pigments

Ultra Lengthening Mascara (26$)
  • Is it Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the packaging recyclable? Yes

Check this out: fruit pigmented mascara. Yes, you heard that right. If you’ve ever wanted to try a blueberry or a dark chocolate tinted mascara, here is your chance. And that’s not all there is to it with 100% PURE. The three founders Susie Wang, James Wang, and Ric Kostick all believe in positive change through healthy, high-quality products. Among many organic products and social programs, 100% PURE is committed to helping all beings on Earth live a healthy life.

At 100% PURE, they don’t just create safe and nourishing cosmetics. They also donate healthy food to dog shelters and donate to tree planting organizations. With each order, they donate either one bowl of vegan dog food to a partner shelter or pay the cost of one tree to be planted by a partner organization. You can choose which donation they make. Amazing, right? They’re clearly committed to making life easier for humans and animals, but how does their mascara hold up?

Let’s check it out. I know you can relate when I say mascaras are rarely available in colors other than black or brown. This isn’t that big a deal when you have dark hair, but for lighter hair or for those days when you want to switch it up, it does make a difference.

You’ll be glad to hear that 100% PURE’s fruit pigmented mascara is available in four tantalizing hues–blueberry, black tea, blackberry or dark chocolate. This mascara is suitable for people with sensitive skin seeking a lengthening mascara. The natural conditioners and pigments in the mascara help nurture hair and skin while keeping clumps at bay.

I know it may feel counterproductive to use food-based cosmetics but think about it. Makeup used to be made of naturally-occuring minerals and plant pigments. It was only when we started making cosmetics in labs and factories that we steered away from makeup’s natural roots. Something that lasts for an unbelievable amount of time (drugstore makeup) is made that way with preservatives and additives. By contrast, 100% PURE’s cosmetics are free of synthetic dyes and harsh ingredients.

You wouldn’t expect organic food to last as long as genetically modified produce, so let’s start setting the same standards for organic makeup. Nowadays, organic products are superior to synthetic products in so many ways. And it’s time we realize the potential of food-based cosmetics. It’s time to show that natural cosmetics are just as good, if not better than synthetic products.

Try 100% PURE’s mascara and you’ll see that it resists water just as well as your old mascara. To top it off, the packaging is recyclable and it is never tested on animals.

It weighs 0.35 ounces of 10 grams.

7. Bésame Cosmetics – Vintage-inspired

  • Is it Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? No
  • Is the packaging recyclable? Yes

Bésame Cosmetics is inspired by vintage makeup of the 1920s and 1940s. Think bold red lip, strong, pronounced eyes and lashes. It’s definitely a vibe, and if you’re a fan of minimalism and high impact cosmetics, this cake mascara is the top choice. Makeup in the early to mid 1900s  was less about carefully blended eyeshadows and just the right shade of contour cream. Instead, manufacturers focused more on  the most effective solution with minimal product. These products emulated on-screen makeup and admirable movie stars. One such product is cake mascara.

As the name implies, Bésame’s cake mascara is available in a semi-solid form packed into a square tin container. The tin is collectible–it’s a deep red borered by a golden ornate design. It’s painfully Since vintage products are minimal by design, they are also multipurpose. Customers then didn’t have the convenience of thousands of products in one single store aisle. Keeping with the high-impact minimalism ideology, Bésame crafted this product to be used in various ways. You can use this cake mascara as an eyeliner or eyebrow filler. Just make sure you have the right type of brush for the desired effect. A flat or sharp brush is best for applying eyeliner and a brush or spoolie is best for eyebrows.

Alternatively, you can use a fine-tipped brush to fill in sparse areas in your brows–but use a very light hand! Cake mascaras can build up quickly and you don’t want solid blocks as eyebrows. To use as a mascara, first make sure the brush is damp. Then, take a drop of water and mix it into the cake using the provided brush. Let your lashes dry between coats to avoid clumping. To remove, use a gentle skin cleanser and warm water. 

This mascara is ideal for someone looking for something versatile–finish your brows, eyes, and lashes with just one product. I don’t know about you, but taking just one eye product on-the-go is so much less stressful than lugging around three different containers.

The Bésame mascara cake weighs 0.39 ounces or 11 grams.

Note: while the tin and paper packaging are recyclable, the brush comes in a plastic bag.

8. Antonym

Antonym Mascara (26$)

  • Is it Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the packaging recyclable? No

Antonym prides itself in using primarily vegan and organic ingredients. Founder and makeup director Valerie Giraud wanted to bridge the gap between quality and organic certification. She noticed that natural makeup products tended to be less pigmented and offered a softer look, but she wanted to fill this hole in the market. So she founded Antonym in 2013 as a way to make high end, cruelty-free makeup products available to everyone.

Granted,the container and wand for this mascara isn’t recyclable, but Antonym uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper to make recyclable outer packaging. Remember that the FSC is a nonprofit that promotes sustainable forestry. Why is this important? This means Antonym uses packaging that’s sourced from environmentally-friendly forests and suppliers.

Furthermore, their brushes are not made with animal products. Unfortunately, a lot of companies use hair from animals like mink, sable, and even squirrel for makeup brushes. Some companies advertise these animal brushes as luxurious and cruelty-free. Sadly, more often than not, these animals were trapped and used for their hair. However, Antonym brushes are certified vegan by The Vegan Awareness Foundation.

The only non-vegan ingredient they use is organic beeswax in products like lipstick and their organic Lola Lash Too mascara. Note that 98.8% of this mascara is made from natural materials  and 17.7% are made of organically-farmed ingredients. This might seem like a low number, but they are officially certified by Ecocert standards. Follow this link if you want to find out more about the certification process. I love their organic baked blush too.

But about their organic ingredients. Beeswax and carnauba wax gives lashes a plumped look for a fake-lash look with all-natural ingredients. Furthermore, beeswax also ties the ingredients together so it’s not just powder or liquid, but a pleasant mix between the two. Essentially, it’s what gives the mascara “body,” so to speak.

The rest of the mascara is made of rich ingredients like shea butter and sweet almond oil. In case you were wondering, sweet almond oil helps hair grow but keeps lashes apart to avoid unsightly clumps. If you’ve had enough of irritated skin and eyes from unnatural mascaras, give this one a try. You don’t need harsh makeup removers to take it off–simply use water and a reusable cotton pad or cloth.

This mascara weighs 1.12 ounces or 31 grams.

9. Bee You Organics – Available in travel size

  • Is it Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the packaging recyclable? Yes

Bee You Organics is a trustworthy brand. It’s a family-run business which was founded by Larissa, now a mother of two, when she realized mainstream cosmetics did not cater to sensitive skin. Furthermore, she understands the importance of organic and natural ingredients, as well as fair trade and sustainable practices. As a result, Bee You Organics products are handcrafted, organic, and environmentally sustainable.

For starters, their mascara contains no alcohol, which is known to dry and irritate skin. What does help is a mixture of castor-, jojoba-, and coconut oil and carnauba wax. The Black mascara is pigmented with activated charcoal and the Brown mascara is tinted with cocoa powder.

When choosing a mascara color, black is always a safe bet. However, if you have lighter hair and want a softer look, opt for the brown mascara. To use, insert the wand into the mascara container and then slowly sweep the brush alongside the jar opening. Make sure all sides are covered evenly to avoid clumps. Slowly build up to your desired thickness. When finished, you can keep the wand in a separate clean, mascara tube or in the provided cotton bag.

This product is available in a travel size  (0.17 ounces or 4.8 grams) or full size (0.34 ounces or 9.6 grams).

If you need another reason to check out Bee You Organics, you’d be glad to learn that they partner with a wildlife organization that takes old mascara wands and cleans wild animals with them. Think cute, fuzzy squirrels getting a brush-down to remove small insects and dirt. What could be cuter? Or more socially and environmentally-friendly?

10. Clean Faced Organics – Handmade volumizing mascara or multipurpose mascara

  • Is it Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the packaging recyclable? Yes

CleanFacedCosmetics is run by a single, dedicated employee out of an Etsy shop. This is great for multiple reasons–no harsh chemicals are used, most products are either zero waste or very close to it, and the products are handmade and of high quality. Additionally, supporting small businesses is always a bonus! In this case, you’re supporting someone who advocates zero waste habits and safe cosmetics.

Good news: there are actually two mascaras available from CleanFacedCosmetics. The first is their volumizing mascara. It comes in a glass container covered with an aluminum lid and a bamboo handle brush. But no pressure. If you don’t need a brush, just leave a note in your order. This brush is currently made of plastic spools, though the shop owner is actively searching for a plant-based alternative.

Like other products that don’t use alcohol and other synthetic ingredients, this zero waste mascara takes a few minutes to dry. However, this minor inconvenience is easily overlooked with the healthy and beneficial ingredients. Agave syrup, for one, seals in moisture and helps your lashes build volume. Castor oil helps condition your hair for healthy, long lashes.

If you’re looking for something more multifunctional, their vegan cake mascara can also be used as a liner, brow gel, and eyeshadow. Bamboo-handle brushes and applicators along with cotton bags are included if you need them. The cake mascara is crafted with castor oil, candelilla wax, activated charcoal, and kaolin. The key ingredient is castor oil which provides moisture and encourages hair growth.

To use, mix a drop of oil of your choice. Make sure it’s safe for use on skin, so consider well-researched options like olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil. Mix the oil with the cake using your brush. Note that you only need to do this prior to your first use and when/if the cake becomes dry. Proceed to use as a liner using the brush, as an eyeshadow using your finger or brush, as a brow filler using the spoolie or fine-tipped brush, and as a mascara using the spoolie.

Clean brushes with mild soap and water.

There are no specific weight/volume measurements on the site, but are similarly sized to other products on our list.

If you simply love making your own products and want to master your very own mascara recipe, here is a DIY zero waste mascara to help you get started.

11. DIY zero waste mascara

What you’ll need:

  • Refillable container
  • Container for excess product
  • 3 grams activated charcoal
  • 3 grams beeswax or bentonite clay (Optional, but good for thickening the mixture)
  • 5-8 drops of skin-safe oil (coconut, olive, castor, etc.)
  • 2-5 drops of Vitamin E oil

Believe it or not, the instructions are fairly easy and take little time. Ready?

  • Heat an inch or two of water in a saucepan until bubbles form.
  • Mix ingredients in a separate glass container.
  • Place this glass container in the simmering water until the ingredients are melted.
  • Mix with a clean stirrer or utensil.

If you use beeswax or clay, the mixture will be cakey and more solid. In this case, it’s ideal to pour the mixture into a  shallow container like a reusable metal tin like an empty eye shadow metal compact. If you skipped out on the beeswax or clay, your mixture will likely be more watery, so you can use a mascara tube for easier application later on. Let the mixture cool and secure with a lid.

To use the mascara cake, dampen your brush before applying to loosen the mixture. To use the mascara tube, use like any other mascara and apply with a spoolie. Be careful not to apply too much product at once to avoid clumps.

Save the excess product in an airtight container for maximum shelf life. Use the bulk ingredients for other DIY recipes. In the meantime, enjoy your mascara for months!

So we’ve reached the end of our list.

Let’s reiterate the most important points.

Mascara is an invaluable makeup tool–one coat can elevate your look from “just woke up and rushed out of the house” to “charmingly natural, but somehow put-together.” An easy-to-use and dependable mascara is the simplest tool you can add to your daily routine.

Before grabbing the first mascara on the aisle, I hope you looked over our list of the top zero waste mascaras available. When doing your own research, remember to check if the product is cruelty-free, organic, and recyclable (both outer and inner packaging).

If a product is cruelty-free, they will have been certified by the Leaping Bunny Program. You’ll see a leaping bunny sticker somewhere in the product description or the website.

If a product is organic, you’ll find various stickers, logos, and certifications under the product. If you’re based in the U.S., you’ll see “NOP” certified or “USDA” on the label. If you’re based in Europe, you’ll encounter the white leaf made of stars on a green background.

Check the container itself or the packaging to determine whether a product is recyclable.

Beyond these three standards, the rest is up to you. As you can see, there is a wide range of zero waste cosmetics and mascaras available. There are fruit-pigmented mascaras, food-grade mascaras, multipurpose mascara cakes, and even DIY options.

As always, consider what you value most and compare that with your best options. Let us know which product you decided to try or make–we’re interested to see how natural cosmetics have changed your life for the better.

13 Eco Friendly Planner You Need to Know About

Eco friendly planner — definitely not the first thing on your mind when you want to start living sustainably, but still oh so important!

Have you ever noticed how people focus on just a few small things when thinking about living an eco-friendly lifestyle?

We tend to think of the classic sustainable swaps like using a reusable water bottle, bringing reusable bags to the grocery store and avoiding plastic straws.

But there is so much more that we can be doing!

Our everyday lives are FILLED with things that aren’t great for the planet in the long run. Things we barely think of as being polluters of the environment.

Our phones, computers, bedsheets, hair ties, clothing, and even our planners, are harming our planet.

How? They ALL contribute to waste in our world today. Electronic waste, fabric waste, and paper waste come from so many of the products that we use on a daily basis.

But wait. Can’t you just recycle the paper from your planner after you’re finished with it?

Yep, you totally can. But there’s more than just paper to consider!

So, what helps qualify a planner as eco-friendly?


Planners can come with lots of extra odds and ends like the cover, ribbon bookmark, spiral binding, elastic tie to keep it shut, plastic tabs, and extra plastic folders for organization.

Most of these extras can’t be recycled, so it’s important to look for a eco friendly planner that has mostly all recyclable components!

(Sadly, not all of the planners in this list fit that standard, BUT we tried our best people!)

Made from Recycled or Sustainable Materials

Using materials like recycled paper, recycled wire, 100% cotton binding thread, cork or any other sustainable material is awesome because it’s repurposing materials that might’ve gone to waste otherwise!

It’s a huge help in reducing your carbon footprint because the higher the percentage of recycled paper that was used, the fewer trees were cut down to help make that planner! Theoretically… 😉

FSC Certification

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and this certification basically means that the paper that’s used has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible way, which is super important!

Packing Materials

Look out for companies that use sustainable packing materials like biodegradable packing peanuts, and recycled boxes. And it’s best if the business avoids plastic packaging all together!

Fill-in-the-Blank Dates

Having a date-less, year-less planner can help you waste less just in case you don’t end up using your planner for a few months or don’t need to start using it until a certain month.

No worries with a dateless planner because you can start and stop using it any time, and it will always be ready the next time you need it!

So, wouldn’t the best solution actually be to use a digital planner on your phone or computer instead?

Just ditch the paper altogether, right?


Yeah, that’s a super awesome point.

And if you’re ready to ditch a physical, paper planner all together, then you are a unique type of human and you should definitely go for it. I applaud all your digital organization skills.

BUT, I know there are plenty of us who put our life and soul into our physical planners, and we’re just not ready to take that digital step yet. And THAT’S OKAY.

There’s hope for the physical, right in front of your face, planner lovers of the world!

As you were probably hoping, I’ve researched and reviewed 13 eco-friendly planners that will definitely meet your planner needs while reducing waste and pursuing sustainability all at the same time!

So, let’s jump right in and find the best eco-friendly planner for your personal organization style!

1. That journal or planner you already have!

I know… You’ve got to be kidding me right? I’m here to find a new planner not just to use that old journal I already have.

I get it. We all love the feeling of searching for a brand new planner, full of possibilities. But if you really want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, it always starts with using the stuff you already have. Even though it’s the least exciting and glamorous option, it really is the best thing to do to reduce waste!

We all have that lonely journal on our shelf that we bought because it was adorable and we NEEDED to get it. We tell ourselves… Oh, I’ll totally start journaling more now since I have this super adorable, totally useful, amazing little journal.

BUT, at least for me, I always fool myself into thinking that I’m way more committed to journaling that I actually am.

So, all that to say.

Use that damn journal that’s been waiting to be loved on since day one. Have a DIY moment and mark that baby up to be the best personalized planner you ever dreamed of. AND it’ll satisfy your every need. Why? ‘Cause, YOU made it!

Hella personalized, right?

But honestly, I get it if you’re just not ready to dive into the DIY world and you’re hoping to actually use that journal for journaling someday.

So, for my non-DIY-lovers, here are 12 awesome store-bought options for your next eco-friendly planner.

2.   Wisdom Supply Co.’s 2020 Weekly Planner

100% Recyclable Planner (20$)

 It seriously says it all right there on the front! “I’M NOT LANDFILL”

This planner is an awesome, eco-friendly planner option because it is completely 100% recyclable. There are no extra odds and ends that must be thrown into a landfill because everything, including the cover, is recyclable.

It features a simple, easy-to-look-at weekly layout, perfect for anyone looking for ultimate simplicity in their next planner.

Not only is their planner a great eco-friendly option, but Wisdom Supply Co. is also a Certified B Corporation that takes their role in pursuing sustainability very seriously. Wisdom Supply Co. also ranks in the top 10% of all B corps in the “Environment” category!

3.   House of Doolittle Daily and Monthly 24/7 Planner

100% Post-Consumer Recycled Planner with Soy Inks (24.91$)

Simplicity is key right?

This eco-friendly planner is definitely simple. None of that over the top stuff and only the key essentials.

In terms of eco-friendliness, this planner has 100% post-consumer (recycled) paper that is also chlorine-free and FSC certified.

In addition to all of that, the wire for the spiral binding is made from 90% recycled materials and the cover is made from 50% recycled materials!

If you’re looking for a simple, easy to use, eco-friendly planner, this might be the planner for you!

4. AT-A-GLANCE Watercolors Recycled Weekly-Monthly Planner

Recycled Weekly Monthly Planner (20.03$)


AT-A-GLANCE Planners always show up with clean layouts, plenty of room for all of your planning scribbles, and this one is just that much better because it’s eco-friendly too!

This one is made with plenty of recycled materials. The cover is 30% recycled, the paper is 30% recycled and the wire binding is made from 90% recycled wire.

Yay, At-A-Glance planner now available for 2022, get yours here.

5. 2021 Weekly Ponderlily Planner

Recyclable Planner

This simple planner sends out chic and sophisticated vibes while also checking that eco-friendly box!

Ponderlily commits to sustainable practices in the production and packaging of their products.

Their planner is made with FSC recyclable paper, uses soy-based inks, and also features a cover that’s made with 100% REACH compliant, rayon cloth (which basically means that the cloth is safe to use and doesn’t require the use of harmful chemicals to create it).

For packaging, they use recyclable mailers and biodegradable tape, and biodegradable packing peanuts instead of using bubble wrap!

The planner can also help you intentionally set your goals for the each month in areas like wellness, relaxation, friends and family, and finances. And also take time to reflect on past months!

You’ll definitely be reminded to take time to reflect each week with prompts like:

  • Recharge
  • Positive habits
  • Reasons to celebrate this week

If you are searching for an intentional, reflective planner that is still eco-friendly then this might the planner for you!

Something to note: this eco friendly planner is designed as an hourly planner and the times are listed from 5:00am-22:00pm, just to let you know!

6. Classic 2021 Agenda by Elevation Eco

This 2021/2022 planner from May Designs will be PERFECT for you if you’re looking for a planner that has a dividable format!

Protect the environment, stay organized. Elevation Eco is made only with vegetable-based inks and recycled paper. At the end of the year, simply recycle the planner.

So how are these gorgeous planners actually eco-friendly?

  1. The spine is bound with thread by a sewing machine. Why’s that so awesome? Because most books are bound with glue that’s you can’t recycle or reuse. Binding with thread eliminates that problem!
  2. The covers are made out of canvas. And the canvas is partly made from recycled post-consumer paper waste. Another plus with canvas is that it will last a really long time! This brand is serious about recycling paper waste and lowering its carbon footprint.
  3. Handmade in the US. It’s always nice to know that whatever you’re buying isn’t coming straight from an automated factory in China and is actually made by a real human being in the US.

7. Stone Paper Daily Planner

Stone Paper Daily Planner (12.99$)


This stone paper planner might not be the most glamorous option, but it is seriously eco-friendly. Love these ONYX product.

Here’s why:

  • The cover is made from cork. And cork is an awesomely sustainable resource because the trees that cork comes from don’t need to be cut down in order to harvest the cork.
  • The paper is made from stone and recycled construction debris. HOW COOL IS THAT. Just casually jotting down your daily plans on recycled stone, no biggie. And the cool part about stone paper is that it doesn’t require water or bleach in the production process.
  • And lastly, they ship with 100% plastic-free packaging.

If you love simple layouts and are looking for something easy-to-use and eco-friendly, this might just be the perfect planner for you! Check more from ONYX & GREEN here.

8.  The Daily Planner by Lavendaire

Recycled Paper Planner With Vegan Leather Cover (26$)

This is the type of planner that will help you mindfully center yourself before you start your busy day and help you reflect on all of the things you were able to accomplish by the end of your day.

I love this planner because it focuses on the importance of practicing mindfulness in our day to day lives.

These are the daily prompts you’ll find in this planner:

  • Today I want to feel:
  • Today’s focus:
  • Most important tasks:
  • To Do:
  • Self Care:
  • I’m grateful for:
  • Today’s wins:
  • Notes:

So, how does this qualify as an eco-friendly planner?

It is printed on recycled FSC certified paper, has a vegan leather cover (better than real leather), features fill-in-the-blank dates and it is packaged and shipped with recycled materials (and no plastic).

Sadly, this planner is not completely recyclable because of the cover and ribbon bookmark, so if you are looking for a completely recyclable planner, this may not be the one for you.

But, if you are looking for an intentional and mindfulness-focused planner that is still eco-friendly than this might be the one for you!

9. Etsy Daily Page Planner

The Daily Page Planner (54.99$)

This planner helps you focus on personal wellness goals to achieve each day, and it’ll help you cross off all the things on your daily to-do list.

Keep track of your daily hydration with those adorable little cups next to your H20 goal, plan out your meals, and organize your daily to-do’s — all in one place!

As far as eco-friendly goes, the cover and the pages are both 100% recyclable, it’s produced with 60% renewable energy, it’s shipped and packaged in recyclable materials, it has fill-in-the-blank dates, and according to the Etsy seller, a tree is planted for every planner sold.

And to add to all of that, buying from Etsy is such an awesome way to support small business owners!

10. Earth Greetings 2021 Diary

Vegetable Based Ink Planner (18.98$)

This planner features a clean layout with beautiful art on each page designed by Claire Ishino, an Australian artist.

Not only does this planner use vegetable-based ink printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, but Earth Greetings is also a carbon-neutral company that commits to 100% carbon offsetting their products by planting trees.

And to add to all of that, Earth Greetings also donates 10% of their profits to environmental organizations.

The planner itself has a simple, clean design and features goal setting at the beginning of each month and plenty of extra space for notes and doodles.

11. Etsy 2021 Weekly Planner

Etsy Weekly Planner (15.68$)

This one is just adorably small, right?

It would be perfect for anyone that is looking for something little and eco-friendly. And something that supports small business!

As for the binding, it’s definitely not your classic glued-together book.

It’s actually bound together with thread that is waxed with either beeswax or soya wax (vegan option). And you can customize what kind of wax you’d like to have for your very own planner!

I love the adorable monstera leaf stamping work done on the cover which is made from recycled gray boards. The paper inside is also 100% recycled paper.

And to add to all of that, you can request personal customization for your planner.

If you’re looking to practice your language skills, this planner is also available in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, and English!

12. Green Dreamer 2020 Planner 

Green Dreamer Recycled Paper Planner (36.99$)

If you’re looking for something a bit more stylish, interactive, and environmentally-focused, the Green Dreamer 2020 planner might be for you.

I love this planner because it’s not only made with 100% recycled paper and soy-based ink— it also includes:

  • Important environmental awareness dates to actually remember this year
  • Motivational quotes to inspire you daily
  • Daily prompts to express your gratitude and intentions for each day
  • 101 Tips to Thrive in your everyday life (things like exercise, eating, and sustainability tips)
  • And honestly, so many more awesome features.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Green Dreamer also commits to shipping with completely plastic-free packaging and recycled cardboard boxes.

And I know you weren’t even expecting anything else, but purchasing one of their planners also supports reforestation. 1 tree is planted for every planner that’s purchased.

13. Sasha Kretova Planners

100% Recycled Paper Planner (8$)

Sasha is a designer and illustrator from Finland. She designs beautiful things like notebooks, planners, stickers, postcards, pins and more!

So. Her products are amazing and super eco-conscious and you’re probably wondering why I put her at the end of the list. Well, she currently doesn’t have any planners listed on her website… BUT I bet that you can totally email her and ask her personally to make you a planner!

I had to add Sasha to the list because all of her products are intentionally created with sustainability in mind.

Her hand-bound books are made with Evolution Business 160 gsm paper that’s FSC and low carbon emission certified and it’s made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. She also either recycle or reuses all of the waste paper that’s created from making her products.

The covers of her books are made with 100% recycled carton and cardboard and are bound with 100% cotton binding thread.

Think you found your dream planner?

If yes, AMAZING! I’m so glad this post was helpful in finding the perfect eco-friendly planner that fits your vibe and sustainability goals!

If not, I hope this post was at least helpful in understanding what makes a planner or notebook more eco-friendly and sustainable and how you can look out for things like:

  • 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • Vegetable-based inks
  • Recyclable covers and pages
  • Fill-in-the-blank dateless planners
  • No plastic tabs or folders
  • FSC certification
  • Certified B Corps
  • Supporting local or small businesses
  • And supporting companies that take sustainability seriously

Do these planners meet your sustainability standards? If not, how do you think these brands could improve their sustainability efforts in their planner designs?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Fair Trade Furniture [Your Ultimate Guide]

Fair trade furniture & sustainable accessory for your home.

Are you struggling to find furniture that fits both your values and your individual style?

That’s real!

Finding furniture that brings the perfect amount of personality to your home can get overwhelming in itself. And when you add your values into the mix, it can feel like an impossible task to find something that will work for you.

Luckily, this is the perfect guide to ease the pain.

Below, you’ll discover 15 places to find the ideal fair trade furniture for you.

I carefully reviewed each vendor and their furniture based on the following criteria:

  • Ethical, fair trade practices
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • High-quality
  • Sustainably sourced wood

So let’s jump right in and find the best fair trade furniture for you!

1. VivaTerra

Types of Furniture: side tables, benches, desks, sofas, stools, dining tables, shelves, chairs

Features: fair trade, eco-friendly, some items made in the USA

Where to Buy: Online only

Price: $-$$

VivaTerra — which means “living earth” — aims to work in harmony with nature by providing products that are eco-conscious, sustainable, and ethically made.

They source products that are handcrafted, made from recycled or reclaimed materials, made with natural materials, made in the USA and created with sustainably harvested wood.

Choose from materials like: vintage fir, reclaimed furniture, upholstered furniture, wood furniture, and metal furniture.

VivaTerra is the perfect choice for anyone looking for furniture that will feel modern and unique while also being eco-friendly and responsibly made!

2. Made Trade 

Types of furniture: bed frames, chairs, desks, dressers, nightstands, sofas, dining tables, coffee tables, shelves

Features: fair trade, heritage, made in the USA, people of color owned, women-owned, sustainable, vegan

Where to Buy: Online only


Made Trade is a woman-owned, family-run company that holds itself to a high ethical standard they call being “ethically elevated.”

They source their products from lots of different vendors and make sure that all of the furniture they sell meets their high standards!

An awesome feature is that you can shop by your values on their website. Whether you’re looking for specifically fair trade furniture, furniture made in the USA or sustainable furniture, you’ll be able to find it here.

They offer a huge variety of types of furniture, but definitely expect to pay for the value you’re getting! No cheapy, low-quality stuff here, so don’t expect to pay like it is.

3. Avocado

Types of Furniture: mattresses, bed frames, end tables, dressers

Features: fair trade, organic mattresses, vegan mattresses, made in the USA, climate-neutral certified, use of reclaimed wood

Where to Buy: Online only

Price: $$$

You can stay sustainable and ethical with Avocado’s beautiful furniture collection.

If you’re looking for a completely sustainable mattress that is organic, fair trade, biodegradable/recyclable, non-toxic certified and just all-around amazing, this is the mattress company for you.

Avocado is a company that makes their products with social responsibility and equality in mind. Whether it’s those in India who harvest cotton or wool or those in Los Angeles who craft their mattresses and dressers together, all are valued equally and treated with respect.

Their dressers, end tables, and bed frames are made with 100% reclaimed solid douglas fir wood. All of the wood is sourced locally in California (without harming any trees in the process!).

4. West Elm 

Types of Furniture: dressers, dining tables, nightstands, desks, media consoles, bed frames, cribs, coffee tables, side tables

Features: fair trade, FSC-certified wood

Where to Buy: Online and in-store

Price: $$-$$$

West Elm is well-known all over the world as a reliable company in all things furniture, home decor, linens, and kitchenware. And now they offer collections focused on fair trade, organics, and sustainably sourced materials too!

While offering a huge selection of certified fair trade furniture (made with FSC-certified wood), their fair trade program impacts over 12,000 workers and requires each factory to go through a 12-stage verification process to make sure that there are safe working conditions and fair wages for all.

Anyone looking for modern designs made with social responsibility in mind will find hundreds of beautiful options at West Elm.

Click on the shop for good tab on their website to explore their sustainable and socially responsible collections.

5. Vermont Woods Studios 

Types of Furniture: bed frames, dressers, nightstands, dining tables, dining chairs, bar chairs, china cabinets, media consoles, coffee tables, end tables, accent tables, rocking chairs, desks, filing cabinets, bookcases

Features: handcrafted in Vermont, guaranteed for life, fully customizable, sustainably sourced North American wood, use of natural hardwoods, dedicated to fighting against deforestation

Where to Buy: Online or in-store in Vernon, Vermont

Price: $$$

Vermont Woods Studios strives to impact positive change in the world of furniture. They’re fighting against deforestation of rainforests by making furniture that’s made from sustainably sourced wood from North America.

They protect animal habitats and preserve the lifetime of the forests by only taking from healthy, well-managed forests.

And to add to all of that, they’ve planted over 60,000 trees in their effort to help reforestation in the Amazon!

Ok. So they’re super sustainable and responsible, but how’s their actual furniture?


Each piece is handcrafted by woodworkers who, by the way, are paid fairly and work in safe working conditions.

You can also search for furniture by location if you’re located in Vermont and would like to have your furniture made locally.

If you’re looking for quality furniture made with sustainability in mind, this might just be the perfect furniture for you!

6. The Citizenry

Types of Furniture: chairs, ottomans side tables, coffee tables, nightstands, bath furniture

Features: fair trade practices, handcrafted

Where to Buy: Online

Price: $$-$$$

The Citizenry partners with artisans around the world and works with them to create beautiful, handmade products. They focus on celebrating the people behind their products and the stories they share through what they make.

Providing fair wages and safe working environments for their artisan partners is central to their values.

Each product is individually handcrafted, so no mass-produced, factory furniture here! You can count on getting a one-of-a-kind handmade product when you buy from the Citizenry.

If you’re looking for modern yet truly unique designs in classic earth tones, the Citizenry might just have the furniture you’ve been dreaming of.

7. Etsy Reclaimed Furniture

Types of Furniture: desks, dining tables, coffee tables, shelves, side tables, dressers, bed frames

Features: handcrafted, made in the USA, fair trade, reclaimed wood, supporting small business owners

Where to Buy: Online

Price: $-$$$

Etsy is an awesome place to find handcrafted, fair trade furniture made by talented, small business owners.

There are hundreds of amazing pieces on Etsy just waiting to be loved! New items are posted each day, so keep your eye out, you never know when someone will post your that piece you’ve been dreaming of!

Another amazing side to Etsy is that many sellers do customized orders! You can customize your piece to be exactly as you envisioned it. Just ask!

I’d recommend narrowing down your search by setting filters like handmade, and USA shop location. Just be sure to clarify with the seller that they handmade/reclaimed/upcycled the piece themselves, before buying.

8. Chairish

Types of Furniture: bed frames, dressers, shelves, nightstands, vanities, benches, ottomans, dining chairs, sofas, stools, coffee tables, dining tables, accent tables

Features: used, vintage, antique

Where to Buy: Online only

Price: $-$$$

Chairish is the perfect place for buying and selling vintage or used furniture. You’ll be able to find plenty of unique, memorable pieces on Chairish that you definitely wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else!

Even though Charish isn’t technically a fair-trade seller, they made the list because selling used furniture means that there’s not much to worry about with fair trade practices. Because you’re buying the furniture from it’s previous owner!

If you’re looking for something that matches your vintage vibes and ethical standards, this site will definitely be a hit for you.

9. The Joinery

Types of Furniture: bed frames, nightstands, dressers, mattresses, dining tables, dining chairs, sofas, lounge chairs, coffee tables, end tables, media consoles, desks, bookcases, file cabinets, coat racks

Features: handcrafted in Oregon, use of solid hardwoods, “furniture for life” guarantee, certified B corps

Where to Buy: Online or in-store in Portland, Oregon

Price: $$$

The Joinery is a business that puts its heart and soul into the pieces they create. Each piece is created by an individual woodworker in Oregon. The Joinery makes sure that they’re treated fairly through their socially responsible labor practices.

Their furniture is made from a variety of solid hardwoods like Cherry, Western Walnut, Eastern Walnut, Maple and Oregon White Oak.

If you’ve been envisioning your dream dining table or desk, the Joinery will work with you to make that dream a reality!

And to add to all of that, the Joinery is a Certified B Corporation that’s recognized for its environmental efforts. They get their wood locally from environmentally responsible sources in Oregon and Washington. And the majority of their wood is FSC-certified.

If you’re searching for handcrafted wood furniture that’s made with the environment and people in mind, this might be the perfect fit for you.

10. Resource Furniture

Types of Furniture: wall beds, coffee tables, desks, dining tables, side tables, benches, ottomans, dining chairs, folding chairs, sofas, stools, recliners, shelves, cabinets, media consoles, mattresses

Features: space-saving furniture, modern, environmentally friendly, fair wages and work environments, high quality

Where to Buy: Online or in-store in various showrooms across the USA, Canada, and Mexico

Price: Must request a quote

Are you living in a small apartment or home with minimal space? Do you want to add more roominess and versatility to your living spaces? Are you itching to change up your living space with ease on any given day?

If yes, Resource Furniture is definitely for you. They specialize in space-saving furniture that allows spaces to be super versatile.

Yep, it’s that awesome kind of transforming furniture that can fold a bed up into the wall, turn a sofa into any shape you want, and expand your kitchen table from fitting 4 to fitting 8. All while remaining a sustainable company that values its workers, the health of our planet, and its customers.

Nope, it won’t be cheap. But it’ll make your home stand out from the crowd and wow all your friends and fam at your next get-together!

11. Simbly

Types of Furniture: dining table, coffee table, desk, bench

Features: climate positive furniture, eco-friendly materials, plant a tree for every product sold, made in the USA, eco-friendly packaging, use of non-toxic materials and finishes

Where to Buy: Online (also sold by Made Trade[12]  and West Elm[13] )

Price: $$

Simbly creates furniture that’s positively impacting our environment, rather than hurting it.

Their wood comes from sustainably managed and FSC-certified forests. All of their products are made in Asheville, North Carolina (which lessens their carbon footprint by reducing travel miles to create their products).

If you’re concerned about the use of toxic chemicals, there’s no need to worry here. All of Simbly’s products are made with non-toxic materials and food-grade finishes to keep you breathing happy and worry-free.

Their products are also super affordable. So you can still buy ethically and sustainably, even if you don’t have all the money in the world.

If you’re looking for fair trade furniture that’s sustainably made while staying modern, simple, and affordable, Simbly’s furniture was made for you!

12. Urban Woods 

Types of Furniture: bed frames, bookcases, coffee tables, dining tables, desks, end tables, media console tables

Features: made from reclaimed, solid wood, made in the USA, use of non-toxic, water-based materials, commitment to sustainability, fair wages and safe work environment

Where to Buy: Online and in various showrooms

Price: $$$

Urban Woods creates sustainably made furniture by using reclaimed, solid wood and non-toxic finishes.

They use reclaimed wood to reduce wood waste in California and to fight against deforestation. All of their furniture is created in Los Angeles, CA.

They’re also super conscious of the types of glues and stains that they use on their furniture. You won’t find any toxic products here. Everything is made with water-based/water-soluble, non-toxic materials. No need to worry!

And to add to all the ways that Urban Woods is eco-friendly, they also make sure that all of their employees are paid fair wages and work in safe conditions.

Urban Woods furniture will be a great fit for you if you’re looking for beautifully made furniture that’s created with both the forests and people’s health in mind.

13. MIO

Types of Furniture: stools, shelves, coffee tables, dining tables, desks

Features: commitment to sustainability, fair trade, use renewable and recyclable materials, FSC-certified wood, made in the USA

Where to Buy: Online Only

Price: $$

MIO creates furniture that’s both modern and eco-friendly. As a certified B corporation, MIO is committed to making products that are sustainable. Each of their products differs in what sustainable practices were used to make it.

Their coffee table is locally sourced and made from renewable sources. But their flip stools have even more sustainability features like having an environmental finish, being recyclable, and being made from both renewable and recycled materials.

Each product is different, but it’s amazing how transparent this company is about the process of making their products!

If you’re looking to buy from a company that is super transparent about their sustainability and ethical practices and a company that makes high-quality furniture, MIO might just be a perfect fit for you!

14. Urbangreen Furniture

Types of Furniture: mattresses, bed frames, nightstands, dressers, sofas, coffee tables, end tables, bookcases, dining tables, filing cabinets

Features: FSC-certified and locally sourced wood, eco-friendly, made in the USA, customizable, use of low-toxicity finishes, handcrafted

Where to Buy: Online or in-store in New York

Price: $$-$$$

Urbangreen Furniture makes sure that its furniture is environmentally-friendly and sustainably made. They are based in Brooklyn, New York and all of their products are handcrafted by local craftsman in New York

They make sure that the furniture they’re creating is safe for the environment and safe for you too!

They use low-toxic finishes that exceed Federal standards so that you don’t have to worry about breathing in any sort of scary toxins when you bring their furniture into your home.

And you can be sure that Urbangreen is treating their working fairly and justly through their ethical work standards.

Also, if you’re looking for a company that will create the piece you’ve been dreaming of, UrbanGreen Furniture can work with you to make that dream come true!

15. Sabai

Types of Furniture: sofas, sectionals, and ottomans

Features: eco-friendly, fair trade practices, easy to assemble, sustainable packaging, FSC-certified wood, use of natural and recycled fibers, made in the USA

Where to Buy: Online only

Price: $$

Sabai makes sofas that are affordable, modern, and sustainably made.

The fabrics they use are made from natural fibers and recycled water bottles. All of the wood used to make their sofas is FSC-certified. AND they use certiPUR-US certified foam (which basically means that their foam doesn’t have any scary stuff in it like mercury, lead, formaldehyde or other sketchy toxins).

To add to their sustainability factor, they also make sure that all of their sofas are made ethically and with social responsibility in mind. Everything they produce is made in High Point, North Carolina.

When you order, you are able to personalize your sofa with your choice of fabric, wood, and cushions.

If you’re ready for a super sustainable, ethically made sofa, Sabai is definitely the perfect destination for you to find that dream couch.

So, did you find the fair trade furniture you’ve been dreaming of?

Hopefully, you did! And if you did, I’d love to hear which company is your favorite on this list and why!

If you weren’t so lucky in finding the perfect furniture today, what other businesses or companies do you think need to be added to this list?

Let me know in the comments below!

101 Products you can find in a Zero Waste Store

Zero waste store – the new alternative green shop where you can find plastic-free & sustainable products.

If I could design my perfect one-stop zero waste store there are countless items I’d want to offer as zero waste alternatives to single use, plastic, disposables. Obviously, I can’t list them all here, but I have put together a list of 101 products you can find in a zero waste store.

Every item on this list is something you can buy today from any zero waste store if you wanted to. I handpicked each of these products for the efforts their manufacturers are making toward sustainability. 

For each product you can expect to learn:

  1. What makes this product better than the traditional?
  2. What materials and ingredients were used?
  3. How is it packaged?

And last but not least:

  • What is the most exciting thing about this product?

Without further ado, let’s start with products for the heart of your home, the kitchen!


1. Dish Washing Brush

EcoRoots Dish Washing Brush (11.00$)

All components of this dish washing brush can be composted or recycled at the end of its life. Plus, the head is replaceable when bristles wear out!

The handle and brush head are made from sustainably grown wood and the bristles are made of sisal fiber.  This brush is packaged and shipped to you completely plastic free!

Here’s the best part:

The wood makes for a stylish and neutral color who decided cleaning products should be made from obnoxious green or blue plastic? They never match anything!

2. Net Bag

EcoRoots Organic Net Grocery Bag (15.00$)

Reusable, durable, washable these net grocery bags are more compact for storage than most tote style reusable bags. They will fit in your purse or backpack for last minute or unplanned shopping trips.

Not only that,

These bags are free of synthetic fibers and use GOTS certified organic cotton instead. Like the dish brush this bag is guaranteed to be shipped 100% plastic free.  But, my favorite thing about these bags are the versatility. The net design gives flexibility to the bag so it can stretch to accommodate various size and shape items.

3. Produce Bags

EcoRoots Reusable Produce Bags Set of 9 (24.97$)

Plastic free way to keep your produce organized for easy checkout. The drawstring means you’ll never have to worry about things falling out! Won’t rip even when up against sharp ears of corn.

Made with high quality organic cotton, free of synthetic fibers, double stitched for durability, and shipped 100% plastic free.

I love that this set comes with bulk bags as well. The tighter woven fabric is great for bulk grains and even flours!

4. Silicone Sandwich Bags

zero waste essentials
Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags (11.97$)

Reusable, freezer safe, heat safe up to 400ºF, and dishwasher safe.

These zip-top bags are plastic free, non-toxic silicone. They come packaged in recyclable cardboard.

I have quite a few reusable, silicone bags and I love that you can easily store frozen leftovers and the heat them up simply by popping the bag into boiling water! I recommend sanitizing them in boiling water occasionally and making sure they have plenty of ventilation when drying.

5. Stainless Steel Containers

Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers (27.99$)

Stackable, easy closing air-tight lids, durable and long-lasting, and will not discolor over time like plastic containers.

These stainless-steel containers can stand up to high heat. These are made with versatile 304 stainless steel. I love that you can prep food in advance in these, or store leftovers then easily cook or reheat right in the pot! You can even cook with them in your pressure cooker without their lids.

6. Beeswax Wraps

Bee’s Wrap – Assorted Set of 3 (18.00$)

Unlike cling wrap, these bee’s wraps will only stick to themselves when warmed by your hands. They can also be composted, or even used as a natural fire starter when worn out!

Bee’s wraps are handmade using GOTS certified organic cotton and coated with sustainable beeswax sourced in the US, jojoba oil, and tree resin. Ships packaged in recyclable cardboard.

I love how easy these are easy to mold to the shape you need them and go from stiff in the fridge to moldable again in seconds once they hit the room temperature air.

7. Vegan Wraps

Vegan Food Wrap

These vegan wraps work just like bee’s wraps but without the bee’s! They are made using pure candelilla wax and Fair Trade organic cotton.

With minimal, recyclable packaging these are a great option for those who want to ditch plastic wrap but want a vegan option to do so.

8. Bamboo Cutlery

Bamboo Cutlery Set of 5 (12.97$)

Reusable, lightweight, and easy to pack along with you, this cutlery set will transform how you eat on the go. Since these are made with fast growing bamboo, they can be composted when they break or wear out. Shipped 100% plastic free

This set is perfect because it comes with everything you need for plastic free dining in any situation!

9. Dish Washing Block

Dishwashing Block (14.00$)

No more ugly dish soap bottle on the side of your sink, this block is built to last! If you’re like and could never justify putting your packaged liquid detergent in another package, you know there’s not much you can do to make that bottle look nice.

These NoToxLife dish washing blocks are made with actual soap, not synthetic detergent, but are backed up with the grease fighting power of saponin. It’s guaranteed to ship plastic free.

But that’s not even the best part:

One of these babies can replace up to three bottles of traditional detergent!

10. Straws

Stainless Steel Straws (3.00$)

Can be used thousands of times and easy to clean. Dishwasher safe and made with durable stainless steel. These come in 100% plastic free in recyclable packaging.

Here’s why I can’t live without these:

As much as I love cold refreshing beverages, they hurt my teeth! Straws allow me to enjoy my favorite drinks icy cold and now without plastic!

11. Stainless Steel Ice

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes (17.95$)

These cubes will chill your drink without diluting it. With stainless steel ice there’s no need to waste water to make ice, great way to cut down on unnecessary water use in areas experiencing a shortage.

This item may come packaged in plastic when shipped, but primary product packaging is cardboard These babies are made with durable, smooth stainless steel that is dishwasher safe and won’t scratch your glasses.

I like that these come with a sleek case and tongs, so you won’t have to freeze your fingers to get one in your glass.

12. Pot Scrubber

Pot Scrubber (6.97$)

Since this scrubber is made from natural renewable materials it is compostable at end of life unlike plastic or steel wool versions.

The handle of this scrubber is tough, damage resistant beechwood and it has scrubbing bristles made from a hard plant fiber sometimes called tampico. You can rest easy knowing that this brush will arrive at your doorstep in 100% plastic free shipping materials.

This scrubber is a perfect match for tough cooked on food and works great on my collection of cast iron cookware!

13. Reusable Jars

Reusable Jars Set of 4 (19.99$)

Light weight and shatter-resistant canisters last longer than plastic containers and are easy to open and reseal.

Crystal clear acrylic and silicone gaskets for tight seal make these a great option for storing dry goods.

The primary packaging seems to be cardboard but may come packaged with some amount of plastic. Once you get home with your haul of bulk goods, canisters like these make it easy to store and organize them!

14. Tumbler

Reusable Tumbler (9.85$)

Vacuum walled tumblers will keep drinks colder longer than Styrofoam. Plus, they are reusable, will still fit in your cup holder, and are dishwasher safe.

These tumblers are made with stainless steel and the lid is BPA free. This tumbler comes shipped plastic-free.

Having one of these handy means plastic free beverages on the go!

I have a reusable to-go cup that lives in my car for impulsive drink runs. Particularly nice to have on road trips.

15. Coffee Cup

KeepCup Coffee Cup (30.00$)

Who wouldn’t love this reusable, microwave safe to-go coffee mug?  

They are made from tempered glass, with a BPA free polypropylene lid insulating sleeve made from sustainably sourced cork.

The glass is high quality and light weight, so don’t go around dropping it on concrete!

These mugs come packaged in recyclable or compostable cardboard. The glass version is the absent-minded person—aka me friendly as it can be reheated in the microwave!

16. Wooden Spatula

Wooden Spatula (5.99$)

Never fear melting plastic on a hot pan again with this wooden flapjack flipper! Great for flipping other things too, like vegan burgers!

This spatula, and the other oxo products in this line are made from natural solid beechwood and comes with very minimal packaging.

On top of that you’ll never have to worry about damaging seasoning on your cast iron or scratching your stainless steel with this bad boy!

17. Copper Pot Scrubber

Cooper Pot Scrubber (12.99$)

Plows through cooked on food and rust and won’t leave scratches on your ceramic, stainless steel, or other surfaces.

Unlike a plastic scrubber or steel wool, this scrubber is machine washable and reusable! The secret is that its non-abrasive copper! Comes with little packaging and I love that this is a multi-use product, great for scrubbing all kinds of things from your old bike to the kitchen sink!

18. Lunchbox

Bento Lunch Box (28.89$)

Pack your lunch entirely without plastic! This bento style box comes with reusable, perfectly sized insert-containers, nesting sections, and plenty of space for a full-sized sandwich and much more.

This box is made with high quality stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty.  The packaging is practically non-existent.

And, as someone who is not a big fan of my foods getting too friendly with one another, I love the ability to organize and separate everything nicely, which is why these bento boxes get a shelf in my dream zero waste store!

19. Cloth Napkins

Cloth Napkins (18.99$)

These come in a variety of color and size options, and unlike the disposable kind are machine washable and reusable! The ones I picked out are 100% cotton and contain no synthetic fibers.

These may come packaged in plastic, but that is one plastic bag versus many in the case of the paper disposable kind. Not only will these make you feel classy at dinner time, you’ll cut down on daily mealtime waste with one easy change.

20. Loofah

Loofah (3.90$)

Scrub—your dishes or your body—synthetic free with a sustainable plant that is fast and easy to grow! These are the dried core of the Luffa gourd, which means this sponge alternative is vegan! Unfortunately, these be shipped wrapped in plastic.

I love the customizability of luffa, it’s so easy to slice into smaller pieces with a bread knife for a multitude of uses. When the time comes, toss it on the compost pile!

21. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Manson Jar Soap Dispenser (13.99$)

Refillable with homemade or bulk purchased cleaning or self-care items, these dispenser jars make a great addition to your zero waste home. Ball mason jar lids are often standardized in size, meaning that this pump should fit any standard Ball mason jar and will likely fit other regular canning jars.

The jar of course is glass and the dispenser is made with 304 stainless steel components. These are shipped in cardboard, which can be composted or recycled.

I have always had a special place in my heart for glass products, and I love the aesthetic as well as the practicality of these

22. Spice Jars

Spice Jars (14.97$)

Even if you haven’t made a recent visit to a bulk spice purveyor, these reusable and refillable spice jars can serve you well. They come with labels and shaker tops and are made of glass and metal.

I like to use these kinds of jars to store homemade spice mixes such as my take on ranch seasoning.

23. Vegetable Peeler

Vegetable Peeler (9.97$)

This veggie peeler is plastic free, dishwasher safe, and will make quick work of carrots potatoes and more. Since these are stainless steel from head to toe, these guys can be recycled if they ever need to be! These may be shipped in some amount of plastic, but it should be minimal.  


Not only are these sleek looking and durable, they also come with a lifetime warranty in case the blades fail to stay sharp! Definity a great item for a zero waste shop to carry.

24. Bottle Brush

Wooden Bottle Brush (7.99$)

How are you going to clean all your reusable water bottles, coffee mugs and tumblers you ask?

With a plastic free bottle brush of course!

This brush is made with beechwood and natural horsehair bristles, which makes it compostable at the end of its life. This brush comes in minimal packaging.

A good bottle brush is a must have for any zero waste home, it makes a once frustrating task into something fast and easy!

25. Cleaning Kit

EcoRoost Cleaning Kit (29.99$)

With a dish soap block to ditch the bottle, a bamboo soap tray to keep everything dry and longer lasting, and a plastic free dish washing brush with replaceable head, what more could you ask for?

Well, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Natural, compostable, recyclable, and low water impact materials
  • Packaged 100% plastic free

In short, this kit is everything you need to start washing dishes plastic free!

26. Market Kit

string bag
EcoRoots Market Kit (32.50$)

A mesh bag great for larger items, produce bags to keep things organized and bulk bags for smaller things like grains and flours.

All the bags are made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Arrives at your door without any plastic packaging.

Start zero waste shopping today, because this kit has everything you need to start getting your groceries, no plastic needed!

27. Sporks

Reusable Spork (7$)

This overengineered spork is durable, lightweight, and corrosion resistant. Which makes it great for camping and back-packing. Plus, it’s reusable and dishwasher safe!

As the name suggests the titanium spork is made from 100% titanium.  It ships without plastic, but that’s not even the best part about this item

This spork actually has a fully functional spoon unlike its dinky plastic competitors.  

Bath & Beauty

28. Refillable Hair Styling Products

Simply Curls carries styling products for a variety of hair types but specializing in curly hair care. Their formulas are plant based with no silicones, parabens, or common allergens

You’ll love their refillable products, which come in stainless steel containers. Send them back where they will be sanitized, refilled, and sent back to you to enjoy! I love that they stock many CGM friendly products. It’s a great way to do zero waste styling for those who don’t have time to DIY.

29. Safety Razor

EcoRoots Safety Razor (32.50$)

This gorgeous rose gold razor is easy to clean, has replaceable blades and a sturdy plastic free handle. The razor comes with replacement blades, so you don’t have to worry about buying more for a while. The whole razor is made with a highly polished, corrosion resistant finish. Enjoy the peace of mind of plastic free shipping.

The best part?

If you are like me and like to let things grow a bit, a safety razor means never have to worry about clogged blades again!

30. Shaving Soap

Organic Shaving Soap (9.57$)

Solid formula means easy traveling, and unlike traditional foams you can see your hair as you shave.

This bar is made without harsh detergents and with organic, vegan, ingredients instead. The bar is packaged plastic free and I love that it moisturizes as you shave.

31. Post-Shave Oil

Lavender Lemongrass Body Oil (22.00$)

Oil based formula means a little goes a long way. Plus, it comes in a reusable or recyclable glass bottle with pump for easy application.

Moisturizing blend of oils to soothe post shave skin: sunflower, hemp, jojoba and coconut will soothe post-shave skin. I love incorporating the sweet, calming scent of lavender into my self-care routines whenever I can.

32. Last Swab

Reusable Bud (9.99$)

This replacement for the cotton bud, whose stems are usually plastic, is reusable and easy to sanitize.

Since it is made with sturdy long-lasting materials, this should be, as the name implies, your last swab. Both versions Packaged plastic free and comes with a corn-based travel case. The case makes it easy to take on the go

Plus, it comes in a make-up applicator version as well!

32. David’s Toothpaste

Davids Toothpaste (10.97$)

This toothpaste is made without SLS and other harmful synthetic ingredients. The formula is fluoride free and comes in a charcoal version as well. David’s always comes packaged in a recyclable aluminum tube with stainless steel tube key for easy squeezing.

I love this brand as a fluoride-free non-toxic option for young kids.

33. Georganics Toothpaste

Georganics Toothpaste (9.99$)

A different approach to toothpaste, Georganics paste comes in a plastic free glass jar, and whitens through a polishing effect.

Fluoride and SLS free, this toothpaste is made with an organic, high mineral content, formula.

It’s awesome to know that Georganics’ products are handmade with locally sourced ingredients in the UK.

34. Georganics Mouthwash Tablets

Georganics Mouthwash Tablets

Enjoy no-hassle travel with these solid mouthwash tablets! Since this is a denser product, you aren’t paying to ship water. These tablets are made with vegan and organic ingredients.

No SLS. No fluoride. No worries.

The come packaged in a recyclable or reusable glass jar.  

I can’t get over the idea of longer lasting fresh breath without that huge plastic jug! These should be in every zero waste store!

35. DentTabs

DentTabs (10.39$)

Want waste free toothpaste but need a fluoride version? I’ve got you covered! These are solid tooth tablets, making them great for both travel and everyday use.

Simply chew, polish, and rinse!


DentTabs are made in Germany and come in fluoride and fluoride free versions. They come packaged in a fully compostable paper pouch. These are possibly my favorite item in this section because it is so easy to keep yourself—or your kids—accountable by counting out tabs for the week then making sure they all get used!

36. Tongue Scraper

Tongue Scraper (8.99$)

Plastic free construction and made with medical grade stainless steel. Comes with two travel cases for fresh breath anywhere you go!

Get to the root of bad breath without impossible to recycle scrapers.

If you have struggles with tonsil stones, a good tongue scraper is probably one of the best purchases you can make. Now you can take steps to better oral hygiene without having to buy an impossible to recycle product!

37. Bamboo Floss

dental lace
Bamboo Floss (9.99$)

Was there ever a floss before plastic floss? I am not sure, but the future of floss is plastic free and biodegradable!

To top it off, it’s vegan too! Free of synthetic coatings, this bamboo floss of the future comes from bamboo fiber. Used floss can be composted and it comes in glass jar with metal dispenser-lid.


Who knew there was a solution to make my dentist and the planet happy!

38. Bamboo Toothbrushes

Bamboo Toothbrush Set of 4 (14.90$)

Do you replace your toothbrush every three month as the ADA recommends?

If you do, buy a bamboo brush next time!

These little wonders can be composted at the end of their lives unlike traditional brushes, which, often cannot even be recycled! Handle is made from fast-growing, antimicrobial; bamboo and it comes packaged 100% plastic free!

Keeps your teeth clean without contributing to the landfill.

39. Dental Kit

Dental Kit (29.00$)

This kit comes with one year’s supply of bamboo toothbrushes, a bottle of David’s toothpaste, and one vegan floss.

It’s all packaged plastic free and is everything you need to begin plastic free dental hygiene!

40. Shampoo Bars

Solid Shampoo Bars (10.50$)

Who decided all our health and beauty products should come bottled in plastic?

I’m not sure, but whoever they were, they totally missed the magic of bars:   Dense product, means no more paying for water weight!

These shampoo bars use natural, plant-based ingredients, come in a variety of scents and are vegan and cruelty free. Order this bar and you’ll receive it packaged without plastic!

Shampoo bars are great for traveling, TSA won’t care how many ounces it is if it’s solid!

41. Conditioner Bars

Solid Conditioner Bars (10.50$)

These pair great with a shampoo bar or can be used as a co-wash.  They offer a variety of moisturizing formulas including ingredients like coconut, Moroccan, and jojoba oils.

Just like the shampoo bars these little gems are packaged plastic free.

I especially love that these conditioner bars are made with 100% CGM (curly girl method) friendly ingredients!

42. Bar Facial Soap

Facial Bar Soap (12.50$)

This gentle soap is great for dry skin and is made with pore cleansing charcoal and anti-bacterial tea tree. This is another solid bar with plastic free packaging!

It’s great to see that this formula is detergent free, so it won’t dry out your skin!

43. Bar Body Soap

shea moisture soap
Bar Body Soap (10$)

Say goodbye to the big bulky bottle on the side of the tub!

This body soap bar is made with vegan ingredients and lots of moisturizing oils such as shea, sunflower, and coconut to name a few. Again, this one is packaged plastic free

The unique peppermint grapefruit scent of this bar makes it a great addition to your self-care collection!

44. Soap Saver Bag

Soap Saver Bag (5.97$)

These bags make it so easy to keep your bar soap products from melting away, simply hang to dry!

You may also find that they help produce a quick lather. Since these are made from sisal, they are compostable at end of life.

Not only that, these bags are versatile and can be used to collect small soap scraps so you can use Every. Last. Bit.

45. Soap Dish

Bamboo Soap Dish (7.87$)

Do all of the new soap bars in your life need a plastic free place to call home?

I got your back!

These soap dishes help keep solid soaps dry and prevent melting! Plus, they are made from bamboo, which is naturally anti-microbial, they come packaged plastic free.

I know aesthetics aren’t everything, but you can’t help but appreciate the nice geometric style and neutral color which helps these trays fit into most any decor

46. Soap Travel Box

Don’t give in to the travel size gimmick!

Bring along your favorite bar soaps without having to buy a plastic container instead. While these aren’t being marketed for this, these tin-plated steel containers should fit most small to medium soap bar sizes.

It’s nice to know you can keep using your favorite plastic free products wherever life takes you!

47. Reusable Cotton Rounds

Reusable Cotton Rounds (10.97$)

These reusable cotton rounds, are machine washable, made of GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo fiber!

They are packaged plastic free and are compostable when the time comes.

Use them for washing, applying moisturizers, or even makeup, just about anything to do with your face.

48. Forest Friendly TP

100% Recycled Toilet Paper

Not quite ready to go TP free? These rolls come individually wrapped in recycled paper. Who Gives a Crap carries options for recycled and sustainably grown bamboo TP.  Plus, their TP is safe for composting toilets and septic systems too!

My favorite part?

Never worrying about running out. Subscribe to have it delivered right to your door!

49. Washable Period Pads

Reusable Period Pads (18.50$)

Reusable, comfortable, and washable. Reusable Period Pads are the waste free pad replacement you’ve been looking for.

They come in a variety of styles and absorbency and are great for those with sensitivities to synthetic pads.

Rest easy knowing they are made with certified organic cotton

Since they are made with cloth you can finally ditch the “diaper” feel.

50. Period Panties

Thinx Period Panties (39$)

We all already have a favorite pair of panties for that time of the month, why not take it one step further?

Thinx are like reusable pads, but without extra bulk. A variety of styles to fit your flow make it easy to create a plan for your cycle. They have GOTS organic certified options too.

On top of it all,

I love their body and period positive marketing!

51. Lena Cup

Lena Menstrual Cup (29.99$)

Menstrual cups catch blood, not absorb it.

This means they won’t cause drying or irritation.

Lena cup is made with medical grade silicone and can be sanitized for reuse for years to come.

What is absolutely amazing about these is that you can forget you are on your period, maybe, for up to 12 hours depending on your flow.

52. Body Lotion Balm

Plaine Products, come to you in reusable aluminum bottles.

Order your first with a pump then, when you order a refill, simply move the pump to the refill and send back your empties! Ingredients are natural, biodegradable, vegan and suitable for sensitive skin.

Or you can choose a solid balm version, 100% zero-waste.

Are you wondering how to use it? Very easy.

Rub and massage the balm bar freely on the skin. The bar will melt with your own heat. How cool is this?

53. Shea Butter Body & Hand Cream

Shea Butter Body & Hand Cream (17.00$)

Comes in a plastic free, recyclable tin and is made with organic ingredients including soothing shea butter, lavender, and jojoba oil to hold in moisture.

I am a big fan of products like this that can be used for several purposes! This shea butter moisturizer is perfect for winter chapped lips and hands. For face, I love this rosehip zero-waste face moisturizer. This is made with clean ingredients and has plastic-free packaging.

54. Vegan Lip Balm

Vegan Lip Balm (14.00$)

Paper push-pop style tube= No Plastic!

This vegan lip balm is made with organic ingredients and ships plastic free!

I like that I get to pick from three yummy scent options: Rosemary Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange Tangerine, and Coconut Cacao.

55. Yay for Earth

YayforEarth Face Lotion (12.00$-25.00$)

This zero waste face lotion comes in either a one-ounce tin (travel version) or two-ounce glass jar.

Natural, organic ingredients combine forces to create a great daily moisturizer

A little goes a long way with this one!

56. Wooden Hairbrush

Wooden Hair Brush (8.98$)

Plastic free handle, check. Wooden bristles, check.  Rubber air cushion to help prevent tangling, check. If you were looking for a great plastic free brush, I may have found the one!

Bonus: the natural version causes less static than plastic brushes and helps to transfer oils from roots to ends.

Wider-spaced, thicker bristles are ideal for detangling thick hair. What more could a girl ask for?

57. Zero Waste Tinted SPF Moisturizer

zero waste essentials
Zero Waste Tinted Sunscreen (17.99$)

If BB cream had a zero waste baby, this would be it! In addition to being packaged in a reusable, recyclable tin, this tinted moisturizer is reef safe, broad spectrum, and SPF 30!

Great as a daily facial moisturizer and sunscreen two in one!

58. Zero Waste Sunscreen

Zero Waste Sunscreen (19.99$)

From the same company, this sunscreen uses non-nano Zinc and natural, cruelty-free ingredients.

This stuff is water resistant upwards of 80 minutes and extremely moisturizing! That’s better than you can say about your average plastic packaged equivalent!  

59. Zero Waste Deodorant

Zero Waste Deodorant (15.97$)

Moisturizing coconut oil is the first ingredient in this coco-stick. The cardboard push pop design is back to deliver odor fighting power to your pits! This stick has baking soda to neutralize bacteria and cornstarch to absorb sweat.

Plus, it’s free of pore-clogging aluminum!

Try it scented only by the natural scent of virgin coconut oil or try the lemongrass tea tree version! For more info check this article to find your favorite plastic free deodorant.

60. Baking soda free Deodorant

Baking Soda Free Deo (14.00$)

Similar tube design to the coco-sticks, this deo-stick is vegan and also free of aluminum.  

Utilizes magnesium to fight bacterial growth and arrowroot to absorb moisture Comes in three lovely scents and is a great for those sensitive to baking soda formulas! You can also check this deodorant cream option. Learn more about deodorant cream here.

61. Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone (9.97$)

If you buy this, you are buying a rock.

A completely natural, volcanic rock, that makes a perfect natural alternative to harsh chemical exfoliants.

Callouses be gone!

This may come packaged in a small amount of plastic but should last for a very long time!

Yes, you are buying a rock, but a useful one!

62. Bandage Strip Patch

Compostable Bandage Stip Patch (8.99$)

Compostable, sustainable, and hypoallergenic. Who knew you could get all that in a bandage?

Made of 100% organic bamboo and mineral-based adhesives, Patch bandages are vegan and latex free.
These are perfect for all the clumsy people in your life, even if you are the clumsy one.

63. Jade Roller

Jade Roller (6.99$)

This jade roller is made without plastic but may come packaged in a small amount of it.

Reduce wrinkles? Increase circulation?


But one thing is for certain, these rollers make a great addition to your self-care routine. The cool stone roller is like a relaxing massage for your face.

64. Toilet Brush

Bet you wouldn’t expect this description for a toilet brush:

  • Beechwood handle and stand.

Compostable except for the loop of steel in the brush head.

It’s not often you can say that a toilet brush looks like a product that was created with quality in mind, this one is the exception to the rule!

65. Zero Waste Travel Kit

This kit provides a plastic free alternative to the typical trash we generate on trips it comes with:

  • Silicone travel size bottles for personal care items on the go
  • Compact utensil kit and stainless-steel straw,
  • Silicone sandwich bag and stainless-steel container for snacks or whatever else you may need

Hit the road without the trash and never go back!

66. Natural Bath Sponge

This is the real deal, renewable, wool sea sponge, not plastic. They are soft and luxurious when wet which is how they got their name.

Plus, natural sponges make your products last longer because they lather better than washcloths or synthetic loofahs.

If you buy from local harvesters, ones you live near or when you visit areas where they are common you can often buy them package free.

Home & Living

67. Soy Wax Candles

Soy Wax Candles (25$)

These vegan candles come in glass and are made from American grown soy with organic cotton wicks. Scents range from musky Patchouli and Tobacco to floral Rose Garden.

A perfect gift for the aromaphile in your life or as a treat for yourself!

68. Organic Bamboo Sheets

These are sheets made from your favorite fast growing, sustainable wonder material.  Breathable and cooling these certified 100% organic bamboo sheets are a bit pricey but worth the investment!

69. Natural Duvet

Do you want a GOTS certified organic cotton Duvet made with Oeko-Tex approved dyes that is synthetic and static free? Here it is! I couldn’t find out if this cover will come packaged in plastic, but you can rest easy knowing it was produced with sustainability in mind.

70. Biodegradable Phone Case

Compostable Phone Case (39.00$)

Pela cases are compostable and made from a waste product of flax production. Why use create a product that will last forever for a phone you’ll only keep for two years max? They come free of plastic packaging and I love that each one has a unique look to it.

71. Water Bottle

zero waste essentials
Reusable Water Bottle (34.95$)

Double walled stainless-steel bottles like these keep cold things cold and hot things hot far longer than most plastic versions. I hardly go anywhere without my favorite water bottle; it makes it easy to stay hydrated without single use plastics.

72. Urban Composting :Vermibag &Urban Worm Bag

Do you have worms? Well, why not? Both of these are continuous flow through vermicomposting systems.

This means worms are the primary things breaking down your food scraps, so, there should be minimal to no odor! These systems don’t require sifting or plastic trays and are great for creating healthy compost in small homes or apartments.


73. Unpaper Towels

Use them again and again, compost when you are done! These are GOTS certified, unbleached, and organic cotton. There’s more! I’ve selected an option for you that is produced in a carbon neutral solar powered factory! These unpaper towels are shipped in minimal, sustainable packaging and are great to pair with natural cleaning products!

74. Forest Friendly Paper Towels

Made from a blend of bamboo and sugar cane these paper towels are welcome in the compost bin if free of cleaning chemicals. Shipped wrapped in recycled paper and delivered right to your door!

Who Gives A Crap also donates 50% of their profits toward building toilets for people in need. It seems like they really do “give a crap” after all!

75. Spray Bottles

Reusable Spray Bottles – 2 Pack (19.98$)

Reusable glass spray bottles can be used again and again with no concerns about leaching. These ones are amber colored glass which protects their contents from UV damage.

These ones come with labels for easy organizing!

76. Refillable Cleaning Products

Blueland’s Forever Bottles are built to last and be refilled with tablet-based cleaning solutions. One tablet makes 20 oz of cleaning solution or 9 oz of hand soap.

All packaging is fully recyclable, and the tablet packets can be composted or recycled. Blueland has made a simple and practical zero waste cleaning system.

77. Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls (8.95$)

These are an alternative to synthetic dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener. Made from natural wool fiber, dryer balls will also help speed up drying process. I love to drip on a few drops of my favorite essential oils for a fresh scent!

78. Microfiber Catcher

The Cora Ball collects synthetic the micro-fibers released during your wash cycle to prevent them from entering water ways.

Millions of tiny synthetic fibers are released in the average wash cycle, the Cora ball is proven to be effective in collecting a significant number of those fibers.

Get the full life out of your synthetics without washing them down the drain!

79. Bamboo Fleece Duster

Washable and reusable duster made from a blend of bamboo and organic cotton fleece with a wooden handle.

Dust is a big problem in my house so having a zero waste option like this is amazing!

80. Reusable Swedish Dish Cloth

Reusable Dish Cloth (6.50$)

Fabric cloths not cutting it? Try these super absorbent reusable dish cloths! These are a blend of cellulose and cotton which composts easily. A single cloth can outlive 15 rolls of traditional paper towels.


Plus, they come in fun cute colors!

81. Zero Waste Detergents

I have found three great zero waste detergent possibilities, check them out!

Zero Waste Laundry:  Fragrance free, dye free, plastic free, laundry detergent sheets. Need I say more?

laundry detergent sheets
Dropps Detergent Sheets (19.95$)

Soap Nuts: The naturally saponin rich fruit of the soap berry tree, simply toss a few in a linen pouch and wash away!

Soap Nuts (26.90$)

82. Reusable Sachet:

Harnesses the antimicrobial cleaning power of magnesium. One sachet lasts up to 365 loads or one year!

Pet Products

83. Cat Brush

Cat Brush (9.50$)

Keep your kitty happy without a plastic grooming brush! This sustainably packaged brush is made with dense natural pig bristle to help collect loose fur and has a stylish, varnished beechwood handle.

84. Dog Brush

Dog Brush (28.99$)

Don’t forget Fido! This plastic free design has two sides: one with wooden bristles and the other with pig bristle.  The natural rubber cushion allows for tug free grooming. Should come packaged free of plastic.

85. Dog Shampoo Bar

Dog Shampoo Bar (8.50$)

Solid, organic certified, your pup will be pampered by the soothing oats and oils of this shampoo bar! Keep itchy skin and pests at bay all without plastic packaging!

With this bar you can respect your pet, and the planet!

86. Dog Paw Salve

This wax comes in a recyclable tin and uses organic ingredients to condition dry cracked paw pads. Better yet It’s non-toxic just in case your pup decides to lick it off!

87. Zero Waste Pick-up Bags

Zero Waste Pick-up Bags (8.99$)

Stop wrapping poo in plastic!  I will never understand why this is the way we decided to deal with pet waste. The no touch system of these eco-poop scoop bags will guarantee you won’t go back! The bags are made of biodegradable recycled paper and come packaged plastic free.

Kids and Family

88. Zero Waste sunscreen for kids

Zero Waste Sunscreen (17.99$)

Sensitive skin formula, and organic ingredients selected with kiddos in mind. Like the other sunscreens on this list this one is packaged in a recyclable, reusable tin, is reef safe, and uses non-nano zinc.  This formula is also moisturizing and water resistant for over 80 minutes.  

89. Organic Diapers

Honest diapers are made with a high amount of plant-based, organic and sustainable materials. These are a great option for those not ready to jump into cloth diapering. Honest diapers are not entirely biodegradable, but a good compromise option.

90. Cloth Wipes

These wipes are washable, reusable, and hypoallergenic. They are made with SKAL certified, unbleached, organic cotton, are synthetic free and can be composted when no longer needed!

Best of all they are,

Sewn in the USA!

91. Baby Bits Wipes Solution

Simply add water to your wipe warmer for a gentle, vegetarian, cleansing wipes solution. Baby bits are good for sensitive skin. You can also use this solution in any other applications where you may have used baby wipes. For example: as teat wipes for dairy animals or even a quick refresh for you between showers.

92. Baby Brush

The soft natural goat bristles of this brush were designed to be gentle on baby’s scalp. This whole brush is biodegradable as it is made from wood and goat hair!

93. Baby Bibs

These adorable bibs are made with organic cotton, magnetic clasps and lined with leakproof TPU. While they are not fully biodegradable, they are reusable, washable, and sustainably produced

94. Kids Toothbrush

Kids Toothbrush (8.99$)

These are the Kid size version of bamboo toothbrushes. The handle is fully biodegradable, and the bristles are of BPA free nylon made in Germany. These come in a couple of cute colors to tell kids brushes apart and have a handle that is easier to grip with tiny hands.

95. Kids Water Bottle

When dropping off your kiddo at soccer practice, or whatever-practice, a refillable and BPA free water bottle is a great alternative to the disposable version. These come in fun patterns so that your kids will love them as much as you do.

96. Baby Bottle

This is a stainless-steel bottle so that means reusability without leaching concerns. The nipple is made from medical grade silicone nipple and the lid is BPA free. Steel is a reusable option without the worry of your clumsy-self breaking glass ones.

Zero Waste Makeup

97. Axiology Lip Colors

Axiology Lip Stick (30$)

These lipsticks come in 100% recyclable packaging and tubes. Axiology products are vegan and never tested on animals. Their focus on lip care means they’ve got it this part of your makeup routine on lock.

98. Zao Shadows and More

ZAO Make Up Products

Zao’s makeup comes in refillable bamboo compacts and cases. Their powders are made with bamboo, organic rice powder, and moisturizing organic flax seed oil and are manufactured in Europe

As of 2019 Zao began to transition all remaining plastic packages to cardboard.

99. Elate Cosmetics Foundation

Elate Loose Powder

Elate offers liquid, pressed, and loose powder foundations options. All their items are packaged with minimal, recyclable, plastics or none at all

When one of Elate’s products has a minor flaw, they sell them at discount to decrease waste.

 How cool is that?

100. Tata Harper Serums, Creams and Cleansers

Tata Harper Products

Farm to face is not a phrase we often here, but that is exactly how Tata Harper’s products are made! Most of their packaging is glass apart from pumps and other parts that are required for functionality. Tata Harper’s boxes are 100% postconsumer material. 

This is some seriously luxurious stuff and all of it is made ethically

Beat that!

101. ILIA Multi-Stick

ILIA Multi-Stick (34$)

When a product is multi-use that means one product’s worth of packaging for more than one function. The ILIA multi-sticks can be used as lip and cheek color! Plus, they are packaged in recycled, recyclable, and sustainable packaging!

Whew, what a list!

Did I get them all?

I hope this list gives you an idea of how many things in our lives produce waste and the kind of creative people who are working to change that!

Let me know what other things you’d want in your ideal zero waste store!

Pela Case: 3 Things You Should Know Before You Try It

Pela Case – in this article you will find out more about this plastic-free cell phone cases brand.

You know what’s unusual but is very ingenious? Biodegradable phone cases.

Think about it. Most phone cases are made of disposable plastic. And since most people upgrade their phones regularly, they also shop for new cases pretty frequently.

What happens to all this plastic? It adds up. We either hoard them or throw them away in the trash without properly recycling them. In most cases, they can’t be recycled, which is unfortunate but it is reality.

Nevertheless, there is always a silver lining to any grave situation. The great news is resourceful citizens invent new ways to reduce waste everyday. This includes people like  Jeremy Lang, inventor of Pela case–a biodegradable phone case.

Yes, you heard that right. Biodegradable phone case.

I’ll explain.

3 things to know about the Pela Case

1. The Pela Case company is focused on family and the planet

Like many environmental activists, Jeremy Lang’s mission is personal. At a beach in Hawaii, his young son unearthed plastic, and Jeremy was moved to explore how he could decrease plastic production and pollution. At its core, Pela case is focused on providing a safe and healthy planet for current and future generations.

Moreover, Jeremy emphasizes the importance of community, creativity, consciousness, and courage. I won’t get into the details, but these are respectable values that I admire and share. I also believe in seeking new ways of thinking and living to make real change.

As for the product itself, it is guaranteed safe even for young children. What this means it that the case does not contain BPA, phthalates, cadmium or lead.

So what? Even if your child gets ahold of your phone, rest assured that at least the case meets children’s safety standards in the U.S., Canada, and most countries.

On the other hand, traditional phone cases are mass produced in factories using materials like polyurethane (plastic), silicone, metal, or any combination of these three. These are usually non-recyclable (or difficult to recycle) and certainly not compostable, but Pela changes the game.

What’s more, Pela does not package their products they use recycled and recyclable (or compostable) paper to help prevent even more plastic waste.

2. The Pela Case is made of 100% compostable bioplastics

Here’s the deal.

There’s regular unrecyclable plastic and then there’s bioplastic.

The Pela Case is made of 35 to 40% renewable materials like natural plant fibers. Additionally, they add in flax shive–which is traditionally an unused waste from harvesting flax seed oil.

Sky Blue (Turtle Edition) Eco-Friendly iPhone XS Case (42.94$)

Although the rest of the phone is made of nonrenewable resources, the case is still biodegradable. (They’re working hard to reach 100% renewable status!).

To recycle the Pela Case, simply toss it in your personal compost bin or in your municipal compost bin if your city accepts bioplastics.

Alternatively, you can send in your old case back to Pela to be reborn as another one of their products. In return, you’ll score 20% off of your next purchase. Saving money and the planet? Count me in!

Now I know when you hear bioplastics or plant-based materials, you might think it isn’t sturdy or durable. At least not for a phone case. In this case, you’d be wrong. The Pela Case is made to absorb shock, so your phone will live through most accidental drops.

Moreover, it isn’t bulky like a lot of protective cases. It’s thin and minimal–but its impact is remarkable. Are you ready for this astonishing statistic? Pela has prevented more than 290,461 pounds of plastic from being made. And that’s just from their phone cases, not to mention their other products. But more on that later.

3. They Pela case is available for both iPhone and Android owners

Maybe the most important question you have about the case is whether it will fit your phone. If you’re a Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, or Google Pixel owner the answer is yes. For iPhone users, Pela offers cases from iPhone model 5 and 5S all the way up to the latest model, the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Honey (Bee Edition) Eco-Friendly iPhone 11 Pro Max Case (49.95$)

For Samsung users, Pela has cases from model Galaxy S7 through Galaxy A50 and Samsung Galaxy S10. Additionally, the company makes cases for Google, from models Google Pixel 2 to Google Pixel 4 and 4L.

Honey (Bee Edition) Samsung S10 Eco-Friendly Phone Case (49.95$)

The last brand they cover is Huawei, a popular electronics company based in China. Pela offers cases for the Huawei P20 Lite, Huawei P30, and Huawei P30 Pro.

Sea Shell Huawei P20 Lite Eco-Friendly Phone Case (39.95$)

Pela is a Canadian-US company, and you can easily order the products online. However, if you need a phone case now (or really want to try one after being inspired by this article!) then you can head to most major phone stores or department stores like Target. Click here to see if there are any stores available near you.

If you’re particular about color and design, don’t worry. Pela offers a line of colors from classic black to pastel lavender. They also have limited edition cases like their Bee edition cases and Ripple Effect whose profits will help provide clean water to Kenyan residents.

A brief history of smartphone cases

Although the first touchscreen smartphone was invented by Nokia way back in 2000, phone cases were not a thing until Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007. Suddenly, we needed a market for cases and screen protectors.

Phone cases do more than save your phone from scratches and dings. When a new phone costs around one thousand dollars, it’s only natural to want to protect it. After all, a simple slip out of your hand could shatter your screen and hurt your wallet.

With that said, phone cases are just another form of self expression for most people. Different designs, colors, and materials allow the user to showcase their fancy new phone and their personality. What’s more, there are other imaginative cases like those brown leather phone cases that double as a wallet.

Another popular phone case is one with an external battery attached to the back. These are useful for people who might be out for day events or folks who work longer hours and need their phone to last.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a smartphone case, it is no secret that the industry can be more eco-friendly.

So why should you consider Pela and other sustainable phone cases?

Pela’s impact and other products to try

Beyond converting over 520,000 people to a biodegradable phone case, Pela is also committed to other environmental causes. Like EcoRoots, Patagonia, and other eco-friendly businesses, they’re part of 1% for the Planet, which is a global organization where companies pledge to donate at least 1% of annual profits to environmental causes each year.

This means donating to nonprofits who are committed to helping the planet. They’ve contributed to organizations like Water.org, Surfrider Foundation, and Save The Waves Coalition.

Aside from phone cases, Pela also offers zero waste liquid screen protectors. Pela’s zero waste screen protectors comes in a liquid form that will harden on your screen–amazing! Other plastic screen protectors are usually wrapped and packaged in plastic. More importantly, they’re not recycled. They’re thrown away.

Lastly, here is another important issue Pela is addressing. What to do with old phone cases? If you’re not sure about your phone case company’s recycling policies, here are great ideas to help you declutter your home without making more waste.

If you want to avoid plastic cases altogether (bio or not), you can try wooden or plant fiber products. Bamboo is a classic choice for its durability and flexibility. Other surprising options include woven palm leaves, cork, or repurposed fabrics.

Lastly, you can try recycled plastic bottle cases, which kills two birds with one stone. You’re preventing production of new plastic and helping clean up oceans and landfills.

What’s the big idea? There are tons of great inventions out there that address waste pollution and excess. One of the biggest barriers to eco-friendly living is lack of information, so you can take this opportunity to share one life-changing tip to your friends and family today.

Beyond renewable phone cases

So we’ve established that disposable smartphone cases are not sustainable. But you know what’s even worse? Pollution from our electronics-obsessed culture.

The simple truth is, marketing makes us think we need a newer product even though we already have that same product with nearly the same exact features. Sure, a new smartphone might be slimmer or have a slightly better camera, but that’s it. This marketing scheme is called perceived obsolescence and it results in so many negative consequences for our planet.

When companies mine for metals and other materials for phones, they use resources and energy to do so. Moreover, customers are eager to buy whatever companies make at frequent intervals. Every year, over 65 million metric tons of e-waste are produced every year, ending up in landfills, polluting the earth, water sources, and harming e-waste recyclers with chemicals.

My point is this. The smartphone business is far from being environmentally-friendly. This is why companies like Pela are so valuable, because we are now only starting to notice our lack of compassion for the planet.

I’ll leave you with this thought: Next time a new phone or other electronic is released, ask yourself whether you need or want it for superficial reasons. There’s no shame in owning an older model of anything–especially if it still works!

Pela Case 100% Compostable – Eco-Friendly (39.95$)

If you simply must have a new gadget either for work or any outstanding reason, it’s best to recycle your old machine. Consider donating it to an organization or a friend.  If anything else, make sure it’s recycled properly because, as Pela’s Jeremy Lang advocates, even the smallest actions are impactful.

3 Things I Love About Urban Oreganics

Urban Oreganics – simple and eco-friendly wellness store.

I am always on the look out for shops that share my values. Simple products, sustainable production practices, and zero or low waste packaging. This isn’t always an easy combination to find.

Here’s why:

Natural product companies are often more concerned about what’s in their products than what they put their products in.

When I find companies that do both it is always exciting that’s why today we are looking at Urban Oreganics.

No, that wasn’t a typo.

Urban Oreganics is a small company run by a husband and wife duo out of Portland, Oregon. Get it now?

Organics + Oregon=Oreganics!

Whether they’ve already won you over, or set your teeth on edge, with that pun stick around because there is so much more to learn about this growing company.

I’ve put together the three biggest things that keep bringing me back to this store and the people who run it, so without further ado, let’s get into it!

One: Humble Beginnings

Cory & Emily’s journey to starting UO began when Emily was pregnant with their first child. Like many new mom’s Emily started taking a closer look at her lifestyle.

It was the knowledge that she was sharing her body with another life that made her wonder about the things she was putting on her skin. This may seem a little paranoid to the more skeptical reader.

But consider this:

Many of the things we put on our skin can be absorbed into our bloodstreams.

In fact, this is how medications like those for motion sickness, nicotine addiction, and even birth control can be applied in patches. The patches deliver the medicine through the skins ability to absorb.

Stay with me, now!

While we can’t know the exact rate at which every potentially harmful chemical applied to the skin may absorb at, we do know that some may absorb in a matter of seconds.

The longer your exposure to any topical, the more danger there is of potentially unwanted things getting into your bloodstream.


This is what was on Emily’s mind when she started UO.

At first, Emily was making these products for personal use, to protect her health and the health of the child sharing her blood.

Luckily for us,

She decided to share the love via her online store. Not only did this business opportunity allow the couple to make products they were proud to call their own, it has also allowed the two of them to put their family first.

This passion can is obvious in their line of Mama/Little products with the gentle baby shampoo and wash bar, the moisturizing baby oil, and baby butter. This is a company that wouldn’t sell anything they wouldn’t use themselves or recommend to their loved ones.

Urban Oreganic’s products are all handmade and never tested on animals and that is something that they never plan to change.

Both Cory and Emily now work full time creating products they love and collaborating with brands that share their passion for healthier people and planet.

If that’s not the dream I’m not sure what is!

Two: Guilt Free Luxuries

Think back to when you first started looking closer at the products in your life. Whether that was last week or ten years ago, from food to fashion, to cleaning, and cosmetics:

There were somethings you’d have to give up entirely to stick to your guns.

At least that’s what I thought. This is why it’s so exciting to find stores that stock ——natural and sustainable versions of products you thought you’d have to live without.

It’s liberating.

While a lot of natural brands focus solely on utility, Urban Oreganics is there for you when you just need some me time as well.

On top of that, you can count on them to make sure that every item you purchase from their shop is made of the highest quality, vegan, cruelty free, and natural ingredients.

From deliciously scented cleansing bars—that are sure to make for a lovely bath—to the indulgent face masks and body scrubs, UO has everything you need to help you look good and feel good without harming your body or the planet.

First let’s talk about the face wash that started it all…

Cleansing Grains:


Urban Oreganic’s dry formula facial cleanser may seem a bit strange at first, but no water means that this wash is shelf stable without all the preservatives that traditional products use.

It also lets you control the consistency by customizing your ratio of product to water.

As the name suggests, this formula uses natural grains—along with matcha and French green clay—to soothe and refresh your skin.  

This was the first product that Emily sold online when starting UO and it’s still a popular one among customers today!

Next up, a little something for the gentlemen…

Beard Tonic:


This woodsy smelling, moisturizing, and itch fighting tonic will help you tame anything from the budding beard to the well-established facial forest!

In a sleek black-glass bottle, this tonic will serve your stubble well with the moisturizing power of avocado and camellia seed oil.

Regular application should help with dryness and—with time—help your beard become less coarse and wiry.

With bright uplifting notes from lavender and lime as well as the rustic scents of cedarwood and vetiver oils, you’ll smell as good as you look.

Last, but not least something for a relaxing soak…

Vanilla+Rose Bath Salts:


Made with Himalayan pink salt, rose petals, and soothing essential oils these Bath salts will transport you to your own personal spa day!

You can trust that all of Urban Oreganic’s products come with all of the quality without the compromise.

Remember, when you use any of these products, they didn’t come off an industrial factory line, they were made with love. And with ingredients that are not only good for your body, but also responsible choices for our environment.

After all, taking care of our home here on earth may be the best kind of self-care.

Three: Practically Plastic Free

While the occasional product in the shop may have a plastic lid, sprayer head, or dropper, all of these are reusable, and many are recyclable.

Urban Organics has worked hard to eliminate plastic from as many of their products as they can, with many serving as alternatives to plastic products.

On top of that:

They pack all of their items without the use of things like bubble wrap or styrofoam and are protect them with things like recyclable shredded paper instead.

When I was first introduced to Urban Organics site, I found a number of items for sale that I didn’t even know existed so let me share a couple of those with you!

First up, the LastSwab:

Whether you are used to using disposable cotton swabs for make up applications or personal grooming there is a reusable zero-waste option for you, and you can find it right here at UO.

The sticks of cotton swabs are often made of plastic, couple this with the mass-produced cotton used in the buds and you have a less than ideal product.

With two kinds, one perfect for getting that annoying bit of moisture out of the arch of your ear after a shower, the other tapered for perfect application why not make this swab your LastSwab?

Next, up eco-friendly cosmetics!

UO carries several cosmetics that come in sustainable packaging including a bronzing serum, brow balm, liquid eyeliner, and lipsticks, not to mention adorable pouches to carry them all in!

Finally, the DIY Repurposing Kit:

At Urban Oreganics, they recognize that before turning to recycling to handle out waste products, we should always consider repurposing first!

That’s why they offer a couple of different options on their shop for reusing their glass jars.

Want a cute little candle?

Done! With the candle kit you will get everything you need to turn your old UO jar into a lavender, soy-wax candle.

Want an easy way to label your old jars?

Done! Get a pack of chalkboard labels and the chalk pen for the many future lives of your jar.

Final thoughts:

If it isn’t easy to see why I am loving this shop so much, it may be time for you to take a look for yourself!

There are so many awesome products that I didn’t have time to include in this feature—that I guarantee you will fall in love with—over at Urban Oreganics. There is definitely something for everyone with the wide range hair, body, grooming, personal hygiene, and self-care items.

But my admiration for UO goes further than just that

I can’t tell you how much I love seeing companies strive to make awesome stuff without plastic. It has always been my belief that our creativity as people, to find new ways to do things, was the best way forward regarding the problem of plastic waste.

The reality is that we have created so many of these problems for ourselves as humans.

Many of the products that use plastics, that use artificial ingredients, are products we never needed in the past. It isn’t realistic to ask everyone to give up using the things they love in their everyday lives.

That’s where companies like Urban Oreganics come in!

By reverse engineering, safer, more sustainable, higher quality, versions of the things we know and love, they are helping to shift the tide.

To not only be looking out for the health of their customers, but also the health of the planet, is something we should all admire.