Is MORPHE Cruelty Free?

Is Morphe Cruelty Free?

Good news, eyeshadow palette, and bronzer lovers, Morphe Cosmetics is cruelty-free! That means that this versatile cosmetics company does not do any of the following:

  • Test their ingredients or finished products on animals
  • Work with suppliers that test on animals
  • Let third party companies test on animals for them
  • Sell in areas like mainland China where animal testing is required by law

How can you beat that? Seeing that a major company like this one employs cruelty-free practices is like music to our ears… Well, our eyes. Because we’re reading, not listening. But you get the picture.

Morphe is also a privately owned company, so there isn’t a shady parent company to consider in their cruelty-free status. Sometimes, a beauty or cosmetics brand can be completely cruelty-free, but can also be owned by a company that is not cruelty-free, which puts them in a bit of a grey area for some people. But we’ll try not to hold it against them.

Luckily, am is completely free and clear of anything that would threaten their cruelty-free status, including selling in areas that may test on animals despite the company’s guidelines and preferences. Not selling products in mainland China is an admirable decision; these cruelty-free companies are choosing the health and safety of voiceless animals over additional profits.

Currently, Morphe isn’t Leaping Bunny certified, but this seems to be more of an oversight than a warning sign. Morphe has confirmed on several occasions that they’re completely cruelty-free, and so far, no one has found a reason to doubt that.

Now, you may be wondering: what are some of the most popular Morphe cosmetics, and where can you find them besides their website?

First, let’s talk about some of their most popular products:


They also offer a wide variety of other makeup products, brushes, tools, value sets, fragrances, and body and nail products. For shoppers looking to kick their cruelty-free shopping up a notch, they have an entire category of 100% vegan products to choose from. 

Best of all, most of their products are bright and vibrant with really attractive packaging, so they make great gifts for all of the cosmetics lovers on your shopping list. Their website offers free shipping on orders over $60, which is a bit high, but if you’re shopping for yourself and one or two other people, it could be worth online ordering and skipping the store.

You can also join their email list to get their “exclusive offers and discounts.” This is all the information they offer on the website, so we’re not sure if the offerings will be worth another email subscription, but it’s worth a shot since you can always unsubscribe later.

Morphe cosmetics are very popular at the chain retailer Ulta in the U.S., along with Morphe stores, and through their website. In Canada, you can also shop through their website, or shop their products at most Sephora stores. They’re also sold through one authorized Amazon seller and you can find that seller here.

By now, you should have a good idea of whether or not you want to shop for Morphe Cosmetics if you haven’t been already. If you’re still on the fence, they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, or you just want some alternatives to look through, here are some other popular products from other cruelty-free companies:

If you have a company that you prefer to shop through and you’re wondering if they’re cruelty-free, you can search the company on Leaping Bunny’s website. But if you don’t see them on there, don’t get too discouraged. It’s possible that they’re just not certified yet.

You can follow up on your search by Google searching the name of the company, plus “cruelty-free,” and seeing what comes up. The company may have put out statements, or other articles may have been written in regard to their cruelty-free status. And if all else fails, give the company a call or email and ask!

These versatile and socially conscious companies offer product lines that you can feel good about and be proud to support. If you’re looking for a very budget-friendly brand to try out, we’d recommend ELF or Physician’s Formula. Most of the others are mid-range and high-end brands, covering a wide range of budgets and prices in between.

In the past, it may have been difficult to find cruelty-free brands to shop from, especially if you were on a budget, but that’s not the case anymore. There are now hundreds of brands making this incredible and important change, and more get added to the list every day.

Obviously, animal safety is the biggest priority in being a cruelty-free shopper, but it helps that there are a lot of other benefits, too. On top of also being way more budget-friendly than most people believe before they check them out, cruelty-free products are typically better for you, too.

Companies that care about protecting animals are much more likely to care about the ingredients they’re putting into their products and how they affect their customers. As a result, they’re often made without the harmful chemicals and dyes that other products are made with.

So, now is the time to clear the clutter from your cosmetics drawer.

Ditch the costly, chemical-laden, animal-tested products you were forced to use in the past, and choose ones that are better for the animals, better for you, better for your budget, and overall, more mindful and healthier. You can feel good about the choices you’re making, and even better knowing that you’re contributing to a positive change in the ways of the world. Happy conscious shopping, friends!