101 Products you can find in a Zero Waste Store

Zero waste store – the new alternative green shop where you can find plastic-free & sustainable products.

If I could design my perfect one-stop zero waste store there are countless items I’d want to offer as zero waste alternatives to single use, plastic, disposables. Obviously, I can’t list them all here, but I have put together a list of 101 products you can find in a zero waste store.

Every item on this list is something you can buy today from any zero waste store if you wanted to. I handpicked each of these products for the efforts their manufacturers are making toward sustainability. 

For each product you can expect to learn:

  1. What makes this product better than the traditional?
  2. What materials and ingredients were used?
  3. How is it packaged?

And last but not least:

  • What is the most exciting thing about this product?

Without further ado, let’s start with products for the heart of your home, the kitchen!


1. Dish Washing Brush

EcoRoots Dish Washing Brush (11.00$)

All components of this dish washing brush can be composted or recycled at the end of its life. Plus, the head is replaceable when bristles wear out!

The handle and brush head are made from sustainably grown wood and the bristles are made of sisal fiber.  This brush is packaged and shipped to you completely plastic free!

Here’s the best part:

The wood makes for a stylish and neutral color who decided cleaning products should be made from obnoxious green or blue plastic? They never match anything!

2. Net Bag

EcoRoots Organic Net Grocery Bag (15.00$)

Reusable, durable, washable these net grocery bags are more compact for storage than most tote style reusable bags. They will fit in your purse or backpack for last minute or unplanned shopping trips.

Not only that,

These bags are free of synthetic fibers and use GOTS certified organic cotton instead. Like the dish brush this bag is guaranteed to be shipped 100% plastic free.  But, my favorite thing about these bags are the versatility. The net design gives flexibility to the bag so it can stretch to accommodate various size and shape items.

3. Produce Bags

EcoRoots Reusable Produce Bags Set of 9 (24.97$)

Plastic free way to keep your produce organized for easy checkout. The drawstring means you’ll never have to worry about things falling out! Won’t rip even when up against sharp ears of corn.

Made with high quality organic cotton, free of synthetic fibers, double stitched for durability, and shipped 100% plastic free.

I love that this set comes with bulk bags as well. The tighter woven fabric is great for bulk grains and even flours!

4. Silicone Sandwich Bags

zero waste essentials
Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags (11.97$)

Reusable, freezer safe, heat safe up to 400ºF, and dishwasher safe.

These zip-top bags are plastic free, non-toxic silicone. They come packaged in recyclable cardboard.

I have quite a few reusable, silicone bags and I love that you can easily store frozen leftovers and the heat them up simply by popping the bag into boiling water! I recommend sanitizing them in boiling water occasionally and making sure they have plenty of ventilation when drying.

5. Stainless Steel Containers

Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers (27.99$)

Stackable, easy closing air-tight lids, durable and long-lasting, and will not discolor over time like plastic containers.

These stainless-steel containers can stand up to high heat. These are made with versatile 304 stainless steel. I love that you can prep food in advance in these, or store leftovers then easily cook or reheat right in the pot! You can even cook with them in your pressure cooker without their lids.

6. Beeswax Wraps

Bee’s Wrap – Assorted Set of 3 (18.00$)

Unlike cling wrap, these bee’s wraps will only stick to themselves when warmed by your hands. They can also be composted, or even used as a natural fire starter when worn out!

Bee’s wraps are handmade using GOTS certified organic cotton and coated with sustainable beeswax sourced in the US, jojoba oil, and tree resin. Ships packaged in recyclable cardboard.

I love how easy these are easy to mold to the shape you need them and go from stiff in the fridge to moldable again in seconds once they hit the room temperature air.

7. Vegan Wraps

Vegan Food Wrap

These vegan wraps work just like bee’s wraps but without the bee’s! They are made using pure candelilla wax and Fair Trade organic cotton.

With minimal, recyclable packaging these are a great option for those who want to ditch plastic wrap but want a vegan option to do so.

8. Bamboo Cutlery

Bamboo Cutlery Set of 5 (12.97$)

Reusable, lightweight, and easy to pack along with you, this cutlery set will transform how you eat on the go. Since these are made with fast growing bamboo, they can be composted when they break or wear out. Shipped 100% plastic free

This set is perfect because it comes with everything you need for plastic free dining in any situation!

9. Dish Washing Block

Dishwashing Block (14.00$)

No more ugly dish soap bottle on the side of your sink, this block is built to last! If you’re like and could never justify putting your packaged liquid detergent in another package, you know there’s not much you can do to make that bottle look nice.

These NoToxLife dish washing blocks are made with actual soap, not synthetic detergent, but are backed up with the grease fighting power of saponin. It’s guaranteed to ship plastic free.

But that’s not even the best part:

One of these babies can replace up to three bottles of traditional detergent!

10. Straws

Stainless Steel Straws (3.00$)

Can be used thousands of times and easy to clean. Dishwasher safe and made with durable stainless steel. These come in 100% plastic free in recyclable packaging.

Here’s why I can’t live without these:

As much as I love cold refreshing beverages, they hurt my teeth! Straws allow me to enjoy my favorite drinks icy cold and now without plastic!

11. Stainless Steel Ice

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes (17.95$)

These cubes will chill your drink without diluting it. With stainless steel ice there’s no need to waste water to make ice, great way to cut down on unnecessary water use in areas experiencing a shortage.

This item may come packaged in plastic when shipped, but primary product packaging is cardboard These babies are made with durable, smooth stainless steel that is dishwasher safe and won’t scratch your glasses.

I like that these come with a sleek case and tongs, so you won’t have to freeze your fingers to get one in your glass.

12. Pot Scrubber

Pot Scrubber (6.97$)

Since this scrubber is made from natural renewable materials it is compostable at end of life unlike plastic or steel wool versions.

The handle of this scrubber is tough, damage resistant beechwood and it has scrubbing bristles made from a hard plant fiber sometimes called tampico. You can rest easy knowing that this brush will arrive at your doorstep in 100% plastic free shipping materials.

This scrubber is a perfect match for tough cooked on food and works great on my collection of cast iron cookware!

13. Reusable Jars

Reusable Jars Set of 4 (19.99$)

Light weight and shatter-resistant canisters last longer than plastic containers and are easy to open and reseal.

Crystal clear acrylic and silicone gaskets for tight seal make these a great option for storing dry goods.

The primary packaging seems to be cardboard but may come packaged with some amount of plastic. Once you get home with your haul of bulk goods, canisters like these make it easy to store and organize them!

14. Tumbler

Reusable Tumbler (9.85$)

Vacuum walled tumblers will keep drinks colder longer than Styrofoam. Plus, they are reusable, will still fit in your cup holder, and are dishwasher safe.

These tumblers are made with stainless steel and the lid is BPA free. This tumbler comes shipped plastic-free.

Having one of these handy means plastic free beverages on the go!

I have a reusable to-go cup that lives in my car for impulsive drink runs. Particularly nice to have on road trips.

15. Coffee Cup

KeepCup Coffee Cup (30.00$)

Who wouldn’t love this reusable, microwave safe to-go coffee mug?  

They are made from tempered glass, with a BPA free polypropylene lid insulating sleeve made from sustainably sourced cork.

The glass is high quality and light weight, so don’t go around dropping it on concrete!

These mugs come packaged in recyclable or compostable cardboard. The glass version is the absent-minded person—aka me friendly as it can be reheated in the microwave!

16. Wooden Spatula

Wooden Spatula (5.99$)

Never fear melting plastic on a hot pan again with this wooden flapjack flipper! Great for flipping other things too, like vegan burgers!

This spatula, and the other oxo products in this line are made from natural solid beechwood and comes with very minimal packaging.

On top of that you’ll never have to worry about damaging seasoning on your cast iron or scratching your stainless steel with this bad boy!

17. Copper Pot Scrubber

Cooper Pot Scrubber (12.99$)

Plows through cooked on food and rust and won’t leave scratches on your ceramic, stainless steel, or other surfaces.

Unlike a plastic scrubber or steel wool, this scrubber is machine washable and reusable! The secret is that its non-abrasive copper! Comes with little packaging and I love that this is a multi-use product, great for scrubbing all kinds of things from your old bike to the kitchen sink!

18. Lunchbox

Bento Lunch Box (28.89$)

Pack your lunch entirely without plastic! This bento style box comes with reusable, perfectly sized insert-containers, nesting sections, and plenty of space for a full-sized sandwich and much more.

This box is made with high quality stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty.  The packaging is practically non-existent.

And, as someone who is not a big fan of my foods getting too friendly with one another, I love the ability to organize and separate everything nicely, which is why these bento boxes get a shelf in my dream zero waste store!

19. Cloth Napkins

Cloth Napkins (18.99$)

These come in a variety of color and size options, and unlike the disposable kind are machine washable and reusable! The ones I picked out are 100% cotton and contain no synthetic fibers.

These may come packaged in plastic, but that is one plastic bag versus many in the case of the paper disposable kind. Not only will these make you feel classy at dinner time, you’ll cut down on daily mealtime waste with one easy change.

20. Loofah

Loofah (3.90$)

Scrub—your dishes or your body—synthetic free with a sustainable plant that is fast and easy to grow! These are the dried core of the Luffa gourd, which means this sponge alternative is vegan! Unfortunately, these be shipped wrapped in plastic.

I love the customizability of luffa, it’s so easy to slice into smaller pieces with a bread knife for a multitude of uses. When the time comes, toss it on the compost pile!

21. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Manson Jar Soap Dispenser (13.99$)

Refillable with homemade or bulk purchased cleaning or self-care items, these dispenser jars make a great addition to your zero waste home. Ball mason jar lids are often standardized in size, meaning that this pump should fit any standard Ball mason jar and will likely fit other regular canning jars.

The jar of course is glass and the dispenser is made with 304 stainless steel components. These are shipped in cardboard, which can be composted or recycled.

I have always had a special place in my heart for glass products, and I love the aesthetic as well as the practicality of these

22. Spice Jars

Spice Jars (14.97$)

Even if you haven’t made a recent visit to a bulk spice purveyor, these reusable and refillable spice jars can serve you well. They come with labels and shaker tops and are made of glass and metal.

I like to use these kinds of jars to store homemade spice mixes such as my take on ranch seasoning.

23. Vegetable Peeler

Vegetable Peeler (9.97$)

This veggie peeler is plastic free, dishwasher safe, and will make quick work of carrots potatoes and more. Since these are stainless steel from head to toe, these guys can be recycled if they ever need to be! These may be shipped in some amount of plastic, but it should be minimal.  


Not only are these sleek looking and durable, they also come with a lifetime warranty in case the blades fail to stay sharp! Definity a great item for a zero waste shop to carry.

24. Bottle Brush

Wooden Bottle Brush (7.99$)

How are you going to clean all your reusable water bottles, coffee mugs and tumblers you ask?

With a plastic free bottle brush of course!

This brush is made with beechwood and natural horsehair bristles, which makes it compostable at the end of its life. This brush comes in minimal packaging.

A good bottle brush is a must have for any zero waste home, it makes a once frustrating task into something fast and easy!

25. Cleaning Kit

EcoRoost Cleaning Kit (29.99$)

With a dish soap block to ditch the bottle, a bamboo soap tray to keep everything dry and longer lasting, and a plastic free dish washing brush with replaceable head, what more could you ask for?

Well, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Natural, compostable, recyclable, and low water impact materials
  • Packaged 100% plastic free

In short, this kit is everything you need to start washing dishes plastic free!

26. Market Kit

string bag
EcoRoots Market Kit (32.50$)

A mesh bag great for larger items, produce bags to keep things organized and bulk bags for smaller things like grains and flours.

All the bags are made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Arrives at your door without any plastic packaging.

Start zero waste shopping today, because this kit has everything you need to start getting your groceries, no plastic needed!

27. Sporks

Reusable Spork (7$)

This overengineered spork is durable, lightweight, and corrosion resistant. Which makes it great for camping and back-packing. Plus, it’s reusable and dishwasher safe!

As the name suggests the titanium spork is made from 100% titanium.  It ships without plastic, but that’s not even the best part about this item

This spork actually has a fully functional spoon unlike its dinky plastic competitors.  

Bath & Beauty

28. Refillable Hair Styling Products

Simply Curls carries styling products for a variety of hair types but specializing in curly hair care. Their formulas are plant based with no silicones, parabens, or common allergens

You’ll love their refillable products, which come in stainless steel containers. Send them back where they will be sanitized, refilled, and sent back to you to enjoy! I love that they stock many CGM friendly products. It’s a great way to do zero waste styling for those who don’t have time to DIY.

29. Safety Razor

EcoRoots Safety Razor (32.50$)

This gorgeous rose gold razor is easy to clean, has replaceable blades and a sturdy plastic free handle. The razor comes with replacement blades, so you don’t have to worry about buying more for a while. The whole razor is made with a highly polished, corrosion resistant finish. Enjoy the peace of mind of plastic free shipping.

The best part?

If you are like me and like to let things grow a bit, a safety razor means never have to worry about clogged blades again!

30. Shaving Soap

Organic Shaving Soap (9.57$)

Solid formula means easy traveling, and unlike traditional foams you can see your hair as you shave.

This bar is made without harsh detergents and with organic, vegan, ingredients instead. The bar is packaged plastic free and I love that it moisturizes as you shave.

31. Post-Shave Oil

Lavender Lemongrass Body Oil (22.00$)

Oil based formula means a little goes a long way. Plus, it comes in a reusable or recyclable glass bottle with pump for easy application.

Moisturizing blend of oils to soothe post shave skin: sunflower, hemp, jojoba and coconut will soothe post-shave skin. I love incorporating the sweet, calming scent of lavender into my self-care routines whenever I can.

32. Last Swab

Reusable Bud (9.99$)

This replacement for the cotton bud, whose stems are usually plastic, is reusable and easy to sanitize.

Since it is made with sturdy long-lasting materials, this should be, as the name implies, your last swab. Both versions Packaged plastic free and comes with a corn-based travel case. The case makes it easy to take on the go

Plus, it comes in a make-up applicator version as well!

32. David’s Toothpaste

Davids Toothpaste (10.97$)

This toothpaste is made without SLS and other harmful synthetic ingredients. The formula is fluoride free and comes in a charcoal version as well. David’s always comes packaged in a recyclable aluminum tube with stainless steel tube key for easy squeezing.

I love this brand as a fluoride-free non-toxic option for young kids.

33. Georganics Toothpaste

Georganics Toothpaste (9.99$)

A different approach to toothpaste, Georganics paste comes in a plastic free glass jar, and whitens through a polishing effect.

Fluoride and SLS free, this toothpaste is made with an organic, high mineral content, formula.

It’s awesome to know that Georganics’ products are handmade with locally sourced ingredients in the UK.

34. Georganics Mouthwash Tablets

Georganics Mouthwash Tablets

Enjoy no-hassle travel with these solid mouthwash tablets! Since this is a denser product, you aren’t paying to ship water. These tablets are made with vegan and organic ingredients.

No SLS. No fluoride. No worries.

The come packaged in a recyclable or reusable glass jar.  

I can’t get over the idea of longer lasting fresh breath without that huge plastic jug! These should be in every zero waste store!

35. DentTabs

DentTabs (10.39$)

Want waste free toothpaste but need a fluoride version? I’ve got you covered! These are solid tooth tablets, making them great for both travel and everyday use.

Simply chew, polish, and rinse!


DentTabs are made in Germany and come in fluoride and fluoride free versions. They come packaged in a fully compostable paper pouch. These are possibly my favorite item in this section because it is so easy to keep yourself—or your kids—accountable by counting out tabs for the week then making sure they all get used!

36. Tongue Scraper

Tongue Scraper (8.99$)

Plastic free construction and made with medical grade stainless steel. Comes with two travel cases for fresh breath anywhere you go!

Get to the root of bad breath without impossible to recycle scrapers.

If you have struggles with tonsil stones, a good tongue scraper is probably one of the best purchases you can make. Now you can take steps to better oral hygiene without having to buy an impossible to recycle product!

37. Bamboo Floss

dental lace
Bamboo Floss (9.99$)

Was there ever a floss before plastic floss? I am not sure, but the future of floss is plastic free and biodegradable!

To top it off, it’s vegan too! Free of synthetic coatings, this bamboo floss of the future comes from bamboo fiber. Used floss can be composted and it comes in glass jar with metal dispenser-lid.


Who knew there was a solution to make my dentist and the planet happy!

38. Bamboo Toothbrushes

Bamboo Toothbrush Set of 4 (14.90$)

Do you replace your toothbrush every three month as the ADA recommends?

If you do, buy a bamboo brush next time!

These little wonders can be composted at the end of their lives unlike traditional brushes, which, often cannot even be recycled! Handle is made from fast-growing, antimicrobial; bamboo and it comes packaged 100% plastic free!

Keeps your teeth clean without contributing to the landfill.

39. Dental Kit

Dental Kit (29.00$)

This kit comes with one year’s supply of bamboo toothbrushes, a bottle of David’s toothpaste, and one vegan floss.

It’s all packaged plastic free and is everything you need to begin plastic free dental hygiene!

40. Shampoo Bars

Solid Shampoo Bars (10.50$)

Who decided all our health and beauty products should come bottled in plastic?

I’m not sure, but whoever they were, they totally missed the magic of bars:   Dense product, means no more paying for water weight!

These shampoo bars use natural, plant-based ingredients, come in a variety of scents and are vegan and cruelty free. Order this bar and you’ll receive it packaged without plastic!

Shampoo bars are great for traveling, TSA won’t care how many ounces it is if it’s solid!

41. Conditioner Bars

Solid Conditioner Bars (10.50$)

These pair great with a shampoo bar or can be used as a co-wash.  They offer a variety of moisturizing formulas including ingredients like coconut, Moroccan, and jojoba oils.

Just like the shampoo bars these little gems are packaged plastic free.

I especially love that these conditioner bars are made with 100% CGM (curly girl method) friendly ingredients!

42. Bar Facial Soap

Facial Bar Soap (12.50$)

This gentle soap is great for dry skin and is made with pore cleansing charcoal and anti-bacterial tea tree. This is another solid bar with plastic free packaging!

It’s great to see that this formula is detergent free, so it won’t dry out your skin!

43. Bar Body Soap

shea moisture soap
Bar Body Soap (10$)

Say goodbye to the big bulky bottle on the side of the tub!

This body soap bar is made with vegan ingredients and lots of moisturizing oils such as shea, sunflower, and coconut to name a few. Again, this one is packaged plastic free

The unique peppermint grapefruit scent of this bar makes it a great addition to your self-care collection!

44. Soap Saver Bag

Soap Saver Bag (5.97$)

These bags make it so easy to keep your bar soap products from melting away, simply hang to dry!

You may also find that they help produce a quick lather. Since these are made from sisal, they are compostable at end of life.

Not only that, these bags are versatile and can be used to collect small soap scraps so you can use Every. Last. Bit.

45. Soap Dish

Bamboo Soap Dish (7.87$)

Do all of the new soap bars in your life need a plastic free place to call home?

I got your back!

These soap dishes help keep solid soaps dry and prevent melting! Plus, they are made from bamboo, which is naturally anti-microbial, they come packaged plastic free.

I know aesthetics aren’t everything, but you can’t help but appreciate the nice geometric style and neutral color which helps these trays fit into most any decor

46. Soap Travel Box

Don’t give in to the travel size gimmick!

Bring along your favorite bar soaps without having to buy a plastic container instead. While these aren’t being marketed for this, these tin-plated steel containers should fit most small to medium soap bar sizes.

It’s nice to know you can keep using your favorite plastic free products wherever life takes you!

47. Reusable Cotton Rounds

Reusable Cotton Rounds (10.97$)

These reusable cotton rounds, are machine washable, made of GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo fiber!

They are packaged plastic free and are compostable when the time comes.

Use them for washing, applying moisturizers, or even makeup, just about anything to do with your face.

48. Forest Friendly TP

100% Recycled Toilet Paper

Not quite ready to go TP free? These rolls come individually wrapped in recycled paper. Who Gives a Crap carries options for recycled and sustainably grown bamboo TP.  Plus, their TP is safe for composting toilets and septic systems too!

My favorite part?

Never worrying about running out. Subscribe to have it delivered right to your door!

49. Washable Period Pads

Reusable Period Pads (18.50$)

Reusable, comfortable, and washable. Reusable Period Pads are the waste free pad replacement you’ve been looking for.

They come in a variety of styles and absorbency and are great for those with sensitivities to synthetic pads.

Rest easy knowing they are made with certified organic cotton

Since they are made with cloth you can finally ditch the “diaper” feel.

50. Period Panties

Thinx Period Panties (39$)

We all already have a favorite pair of panties for that time of the month, why not take it one step further?

Thinx are like reusable pads, but without extra bulk. A variety of styles to fit your flow make it easy to create a plan for your cycle. They have GOTS organic certified options too.

On top of it all,

I love their body and period positive marketing!

51. Lena Cup

Lena Menstrual Cup (29.99$)

Menstrual cups catch blood, not absorb it.

This means they won’t cause drying or irritation.

Lena cup is made with medical grade silicone and can be sanitized for reuse for years to come.

What is absolutely amazing about these is that you can forget you are on your period, maybe, for up to 12 hours depending on your flow.

52. Body Lotion Balm

Plaine Products, come to you in reusable aluminum bottles.

Order your first with a pump then, when you order a refill, simply move the pump to the refill and send back your empties! Ingredients are natural, biodegradable, vegan and suitable for sensitive skin.

Or you can choose a solid balm version, 100% zero-waste.

Are you wondering how to use it? Very easy.

Rub and massage the balm bar freely on the skin. The bar will melt with your own heat. How cool is this?

53. Shea Butter Body & Hand Cream

Shea Butter Body & Hand Cream (17.00$)

Comes in a plastic free, recyclable tin and is made with organic ingredients including soothing shea butter, lavender, and jojoba oil to hold in moisture.

I am a big fan of products like this that can be used for several purposes! This shea butter moisturizer is perfect for winter chapped lips and hands. For face, I love this rosehip zero-waste face moisturizer. This is made with clean ingredients and has plastic-free packaging.

54. Vegan Lip Balm

Vegan Lip Balm (14.00$)

Paper push-pop style tube= No Plastic!

This vegan lip balm is made with organic ingredients and ships plastic free!

I like that I get to pick from three yummy scent options: Rosemary Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange Tangerine, and Coconut Cacao.

55. Yay for Earth

YayforEarth Face Lotion (12.00$-25.00$)

This zero waste face lotion comes in either a one-ounce tin (travel version) or two-ounce glass jar.

Natural, organic ingredients combine forces to create a great daily moisturizer

A little goes a long way with this one!

56. Wooden Hairbrush

Wooden Hair Brush (8.98$)

Plastic free handle, check. Wooden bristles, check.  Rubber air cushion to help prevent tangling, check. If you were looking for a great plastic free brush, I may have found the one!

Bonus: the natural version causes less static than plastic brushes and helps to transfer oils from roots to ends.

Wider-spaced, thicker bristles are ideal for detangling thick hair. What more could a girl ask for?

57. Zero Waste Tinted SPF Moisturizer

zero waste essentials
Zero Waste Tinted Sunscreen (17.99$)

If BB cream had a zero waste baby, this would be it! In addition to being packaged in a reusable, recyclable tin, this tinted moisturizer is reef safe, broad spectrum, and SPF 30!

Great as a daily facial moisturizer and sunscreen two in one!

58. Zero Waste Sunscreen

Zero Waste Sunscreen (19.99$)

From the same company, this sunscreen uses non-nano Zinc and natural, cruelty-free ingredients.

This stuff is water resistant upwards of 80 minutes and extremely moisturizing! That’s better than you can say about your average plastic packaged equivalent!  

59. Zero Waste Deodorant

Zero Waste Deodorant (15.97$)

Moisturizing coconut oil is the first ingredient in this coco-stick. The cardboard push pop design is back to deliver odor fighting power to your pits! This stick has baking soda to neutralize bacteria and cornstarch to absorb sweat.

Plus, it’s free of pore-clogging aluminum!

Try it scented only by the natural scent of virgin coconut oil or try the lemongrass tea tree version! For more info check this article to find your favorite plastic free deodorant.

60. Baking soda free Deodorant

Baking Soda Free Deo (14.00$)

Similar tube design to the coco-sticks, this deo-stick is vegan and also free of aluminum.  

Utilizes magnesium to fight bacterial growth and arrowroot to absorb moisture Comes in three lovely scents and is a great for those sensitive to baking soda formulas! You can also check this deodorant cream option. Learn more about deodorant cream here.

61. Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone (9.97$)

If you buy this, you are buying a rock.

A completely natural, volcanic rock, that makes a perfect natural alternative to harsh chemical exfoliants.

Callouses be gone!

This may come packaged in a small amount of plastic but should last for a very long time!

Yes, you are buying a rock, but a useful one!

62. Bandage Strip Patch

Compostable Bandage Stip Patch (8.99$)

Compostable, sustainable, and hypoallergenic. Who knew you could get all that in a bandage?

Made of 100% organic bamboo and mineral-based adhesives, Patch bandages are vegan and latex free.
These are perfect for all the clumsy people in your life, even if you are the clumsy one.

63. Jade Roller

Jade Roller (6.99$)

This jade roller is made without plastic but may come packaged in a small amount of it.

Reduce wrinkles? Increase circulation?


But one thing is for certain, these rollers make a great addition to your self-care routine. The cool stone roller is like a relaxing massage for your face.

64. Toilet Brush

Bet you wouldn’t expect this description for a toilet brush:

  • Beechwood handle and stand.

Compostable except for the loop of steel in the brush head.

It’s not often you can say that a toilet brush looks like a product that was created with quality in mind, this one is the exception to the rule!

65. Zero Waste Travel Kit

This kit provides a plastic free alternative to the typical trash we generate on trips it comes with:

  • Silicone travel size bottles for personal care items on the go
  • Compact utensil kit and stainless-steel straw,
  • Silicone sandwich bag and stainless-steel container for snacks or whatever else you may need

Hit the road without the trash and never go back!

66. Natural Bath Sponge

This is the real deal, renewable, wool sea sponge, not plastic. They are soft and luxurious when wet which is how they got their name.

Plus, natural sponges make your products last longer because they lather better than washcloths or synthetic loofahs.

If you buy from local harvesters, ones you live near or when you visit areas where they are common you can often buy them package free.

Home & Living

67. Soy Wax Candles

Soy Wax Candles (25$)

These vegan candles come in glass and are made from American grown soy with organic cotton wicks. Scents range from musky Patchouli and Tobacco to floral Rose Garden.

A perfect gift for the aromaphile in your life or as a treat for yourself!

68. Organic Bamboo Sheets

These are sheets made from your favorite fast growing, sustainable wonder material.  Breathable and cooling these certified 100% organic bamboo sheets are a bit pricey but worth the investment!

69. Natural Duvet

Do you want a GOTS certified organic cotton Duvet made with Oeko-Tex approved dyes that is synthetic and static free? Here it is! I couldn’t find out if this cover will come packaged in plastic, but you can rest easy knowing it was produced with sustainability in mind.

70. Biodegradable Phone Case

Compostable Phone Case (39.00$)

Pela cases are compostable and made from a waste product of flax production. Why use create a product that will last forever for a phone you’ll only keep for two years max? They come free of plastic packaging and I love that each one has a unique look to it.

71. Water Bottle

zero waste essentials
Reusable Water Bottle (34.95$)

Double walled stainless-steel bottles like these keep cold things cold and hot things hot far longer than most plastic versions. I hardly go anywhere without my favorite water bottle; it makes it easy to stay hydrated without single use plastics.

72. Urban Composting :Vermibag &Urban Worm Bag

Do you have worms? Well, why not? Both of these are continuous flow through vermicomposting systems.

This means worms are the primary things breaking down your food scraps, so, there should be minimal to no odor! These systems don’t require sifting or plastic trays and are great for creating healthy compost in small homes or apartments.


73. Unpaper Towels

Use them again and again, compost when you are done! These are GOTS certified, unbleached, and organic cotton. There’s more! I’ve selected an option for you that is produced in a carbon neutral solar powered factory! These unpaper towels are shipped in minimal, sustainable packaging and are great to pair with natural cleaning products!

74. Forest Friendly Paper Towels

Made from a blend of bamboo and sugar cane these paper towels are welcome in the compost bin if free of cleaning chemicals. Shipped wrapped in recycled paper and delivered right to your door!

Who Gives A Crap also donates 50% of their profits toward building toilets for people in need. It seems like they really do “give a crap” after all!

75. Spray Bottles

Reusable Spray Bottles – 2 Pack (19.98$)

Reusable glass spray bottles can be used again and again with no concerns about leaching. These ones are amber colored glass which protects their contents from UV damage.

These ones come with labels for easy organizing!

76. Refillable Cleaning Products

Blueland’s Forever Bottles are built to last and be refilled with tablet-based cleaning solutions. One tablet makes 20 oz of cleaning solution or 9 oz of hand soap.

All packaging is fully recyclable, and the tablet packets can be composted or recycled. Blueland has made a simple and practical zero waste cleaning system.

77. Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls (8.95$)

These are an alternative to synthetic dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener. Made from natural wool fiber, dryer balls will also help speed up drying process. I love to drip on a few drops of my favorite essential oils for a fresh scent!

78. Microfiber Catcher

The Cora Ball collects synthetic the micro-fibers released during your wash cycle to prevent them from entering water ways.

Millions of tiny synthetic fibers are released in the average wash cycle, the Cora ball is proven to be effective in collecting a significant number of those fibers.

Get the full life out of your synthetics without washing them down the drain!

79. Bamboo Fleece Duster

Washable and reusable duster made from a blend of bamboo and organic cotton fleece with a wooden handle.

Dust is a big problem in my house so having a zero waste option like this is amazing!

80. Reusable Swedish Dish Cloth

Reusable Dish Cloth (6.50$)

Fabric cloths not cutting it? Try these super absorbent reusable dish cloths! These are a blend of cellulose and cotton which composts easily. A single cloth can outlive 15 rolls of traditional paper towels.


Plus, they come in fun cute colors!

81. Zero Waste Detergents

I have found three great zero waste detergent possibilities, check them out!

Zero Waste Laundry:  Fragrance free, dye free, plastic free, laundry detergent sheets. Need I say more?

laundry detergent sheets
Dropps Detergent Sheets (19.95$)

Soap Nuts: The naturally saponin rich fruit of the soap berry tree, simply toss a few in a linen pouch and wash away!

Soap Nuts (26.90$)

82. Reusable Sachet:

Harnesses the antimicrobial cleaning power of magnesium. One sachet lasts up to 365 loads or one year!

Pet Products

83. Cat Brush

Cat Brush (9.50$)

Keep your kitty happy without a plastic grooming brush! This sustainably packaged brush is made with dense natural pig bristle to help collect loose fur and has a stylish, varnished beechwood handle.

84. Dog Brush

Dog Brush (28.99$)

Don’t forget Fido! This plastic free design has two sides: one with wooden bristles and the other with pig bristle.  The natural rubber cushion allows for tug free grooming. Should come packaged free of plastic.

85. Dog Shampoo Bar

Dog Shampoo Bar (8.50$)

Solid, organic certified, your pup will be pampered by the soothing oats and oils of this shampoo bar! Keep itchy skin and pests at bay all without plastic packaging!

With this bar you can respect your pet, and the planet!

86. Dog Paw Salve

This wax comes in a recyclable tin and uses organic ingredients to condition dry cracked paw pads. Better yet It’s non-toxic just in case your pup decides to lick it off!

87. Zero Waste Pick-up Bags

Zero Waste Pick-up Bags (8.99$)

Stop wrapping poo in plastic!  I will never understand why this is the way we decided to deal with pet waste. The no touch system of these eco-poop scoop bags will guarantee you won’t go back! The bags are made of biodegradable recycled paper and come packaged plastic free.

Kids and Family

88. Zero Waste sunscreen for kids

Zero Waste Sunscreen (17.99$)

Sensitive skin formula, and organic ingredients selected with kiddos in mind. Like the other sunscreens on this list this one is packaged in a recyclable, reusable tin, is reef safe, and uses non-nano zinc.  This formula is also moisturizing and water resistant for over 80 minutes.  

89. Organic Diapers

Honest diapers are made with a high amount of plant-based, organic and sustainable materials. These are a great option for those not ready to jump into cloth diapering. Honest diapers are not entirely biodegradable, but a good compromise option.

90. Cloth Wipes

These wipes are washable, reusable, and hypoallergenic. They are made with SKAL certified, unbleached, organic cotton, are synthetic free and can be composted when no longer needed!

Best of all they are,

Sewn in the USA!

91. Baby Bits Wipes Solution

Simply add water to your wipe warmer for a gentle, vegetarian, cleansing wipes solution. Baby bits are good for sensitive skin. You can also use this solution in any other applications where you may have used baby wipes. For example: as teat wipes for dairy animals or even a quick refresh for you between showers.

92. Baby Brush

The soft natural goat bristles of this brush were designed to be gentle on baby’s scalp. This whole brush is biodegradable as it is made from wood and goat hair!

93. Baby Bibs

These adorable bibs are made with organic cotton, magnetic clasps and lined with leakproof TPU. While they are not fully biodegradable, they are reusable, washable, and sustainably produced

94. Kids Toothbrush

Kids Toothbrush (8.99$)

These are the Kid size version of bamboo toothbrushes. The handle is fully biodegradable, and the bristles are of BPA free nylon made in Germany. These come in a couple of cute colors to tell kids brushes apart and have a handle that is easier to grip with tiny hands.

95. Kids Water Bottle

When dropping off your kiddo at soccer practice, or whatever-practice, a refillable and BPA free water bottle is a great alternative to the disposable version. These come in fun patterns so that your kids will love them as much as you do.

96. Baby Bottle

This is a stainless-steel bottle so that means reusability without leaching concerns. The nipple is made from medical grade silicone nipple and the lid is BPA free. Steel is a reusable option without the worry of your clumsy-self breaking glass ones.

Zero Waste Makeup

97. Axiology Lip Colors

Axiology Lip Stick (30$)

These lipsticks come in 100% recyclable packaging and tubes. Axiology products are vegan and never tested on animals. Their focus on lip care means they’ve got it this part of your makeup routine on lock.

98. Zao Shadows and More

ZAO Make Up Products

Zao’s makeup comes in refillable bamboo compacts and cases. Their powders are made with bamboo, organic rice powder, and moisturizing organic flax seed oil and are manufactured in Europe

As of 2019 Zao began to transition all remaining plastic packages to cardboard.

99. Elate Cosmetics Foundation

Elate Loose Powder

Elate offers liquid, pressed, and loose powder foundations options. All their items are packaged with minimal, recyclable, plastics or none at all

When one of Elate’s products has a minor flaw, they sell them at discount to decrease waste.

 How cool is that?

100. Tata Harper Serums, Creams and Cleansers

Tata Harper Products

Farm to face is not a phrase we often here, but that is exactly how Tata Harper’s products are made! Most of their packaging is glass apart from pumps and other parts that are required for functionality. Tata Harper’s boxes are 100% postconsumer material. 

This is some seriously luxurious stuff and all of it is made ethically

Beat that!

101. ILIA Multi-Stick

ILIA Multi-Stick (34$)

When a product is multi-use that means one product’s worth of packaging for more than one function. The ILIA multi-sticks can be used as lip and cheek color! Plus, they are packaged in recycled, recyclable, and sustainable packaging!

Whew, what a list!

Did I get them all?

I hope this list gives you an idea of how many things in our lives produce waste and the kind of creative people who are working to change that!

Let me know what other things you’d want in your ideal zero waste store!