3 Things I Love About Urban Oreganics

Urban Oreganics – simple and eco-friendly wellness store.

I am always on the look out for shops that share my values. Simple products, sustainable production practices, and zero or low waste packaging. This isn’t always an easy combination to find.

Here’s why:

Natural product companies are often more concerned about what’s in their products than what they put their products in.

When I find companies that do both it is always exciting that’s why today we are looking at Urban Oreganics.

No, that wasn’t a typo.

Urban Oreganics is a small company run by a husband and wife duo out of Portland, Oregon. Get it now?

Organics + Oregon=Oreganics!

Whether they’ve already won you over, or set your teeth on edge, with that pun stick around because there is so much more to learn about this growing company.

I’ve put together the three biggest things that keep bringing me back to this store and the people who run it, so without further ado, let’s get into it!

One: Humble Beginnings

Cory & Emily’s journey to starting UO began when Emily was pregnant with their first child. Like many new mom’s Emily started taking a closer look at her lifestyle.

It was the knowledge that she was sharing her body with another life that made her wonder about the things she was putting on her skin. This may seem a little paranoid to the more skeptical reader.

But consider this:

Many of the things we put on our skin can be absorbed into our bloodstreams.

In fact, this is how medications like those for motion sickness, nicotine addiction, and even birth control can be applied in patches. The patches deliver the medicine through the skins ability to absorb.

Stay with me, now!

While we can’t know the exact rate at which every potentially harmful chemical applied to the skin may absorb at, we do know that some may absorb in a matter of seconds.

The longer your exposure to any topical, the more danger there is of potentially unwanted things getting into your bloodstream.


This is what was on Emily’s mind when she started UO.

At first, Emily was making these products for personal use, to protect her health and the health of the child sharing her blood.

Luckily for us,

She decided to share the love via her online store. Not only did this business opportunity allow the couple to make products they were proud to call their own, it has also allowed the two of them to put their family first.

This passion can is obvious in their line of Mama/Little products with the gentle baby shampoo and wash bar, the moisturizing baby oil, and baby butter. This is a company that wouldn’t sell anything they wouldn’t use themselves or recommend to their loved ones.

Urban Oreganic’s products are all handmade and never tested on animals and that is something that they never plan to change.

Both Cory and Emily now work full time creating products they love and collaborating with brands that share their passion for healthier people and planet.

If that’s not the dream I’m not sure what is!

Two: Guilt Free Luxuries

Think back to when you first started looking closer at the products in your life. Whether that was last week or ten years ago, from food to fashion, to cleaning, and cosmetics:

There were somethings you’d have to give up entirely to stick to your guns.

At least that’s what I thought. This is why it’s so exciting to find stores that stock ——natural and sustainable versions of products you thought you’d have to live without.

It’s liberating.

While a lot of natural brands focus solely on utility, Urban Oreganics is there for you when you just need some me time as well.

On top of that, you can count on them to make sure that every item you purchase from their shop is made of the highest quality, vegan, cruelty free, and natural ingredients.

From deliciously scented cleansing bars—that are sure to make for a lovely bath—to the indulgent face masks and body scrubs, UO has everything you need to help you look good and feel good without harming your body or the planet.

First let’s talk about the face wash that started it all…

Cleansing Grains:


Urban Oreganic’s dry formula facial cleanser may seem a bit strange at first, but no water means that this wash is shelf stable without all the preservatives that traditional products use.

It also lets you control the consistency by customizing your ratio of product to water.

As the name suggests, this formula uses natural grains—along with matcha and French green clay—to soothe and refresh your skin.  

This was the first product that Emily sold online when starting UO and it’s still a popular one among customers today!

Next up, a little something for the gentlemen…

Beard Tonic:


This woodsy smelling, moisturizing, and itch fighting tonic will help you tame anything from the budding beard to the well-established facial forest!

In a sleek black-glass bottle, this tonic will serve your stubble well with the moisturizing power of avocado and camellia seed oil.

Regular application should help with dryness and—with time—help your beard become less coarse and wiry.

With bright uplifting notes from lavender and lime as well as the rustic scents of cedarwood and vetiver oils, you’ll smell as good as you look.

Last, but not least something for a relaxing soak…

Vanilla+Rose Bath Salts:


Made with Himalayan pink salt, rose petals, and soothing essential oils these Bath salts will transport you to your own personal spa day!

You can trust that all of Urban Oreganic’s products come with all of the quality without the compromise.

Remember, when you use any of these products, they didn’t come off an industrial factory line, they were made with love. And with ingredients that are not only good for your body, but also responsible choices for our environment.

After all, taking care of our home here on earth may be the best kind of self-care.

Three: Practically Plastic Free

While the occasional product in the shop may have a plastic lid, sprayer head, or dropper, all of these are reusable, and many are recyclable.

Urban Organics has worked hard to eliminate plastic from as many of their products as they can, with many serving as alternatives to plastic products.

On top of that:

They pack all of their items without the use of things like bubble wrap or styrofoam and are protect them with things like recyclable shredded paper instead.

When I was first introduced to Urban Organics site, I found a number of items for sale that I didn’t even know existed so let me share a couple of those with you!

First up, the LastSwab:

Whether you are used to using disposable cotton swabs for make up applications or personal grooming there is a reusable zero-waste option for you, and you can find it right here at UO.

The sticks of cotton swabs are often made of plastic, couple this with the mass-produced cotton used in the buds and you have a less than ideal product.

With two kinds, one perfect for getting that annoying bit of moisture out of the arch of your ear after a shower, the other tapered for perfect application why not make this swab your LastSwab?

Next, up eco-friendly cosmetics!

UO carries several cosmetics that come in sustainable packaging including a bronzing serum, brow balm, liquid eyeliner, and lipsticks, not to mention adorable pouches to carry them all in!

Finally, the DIY Repurposing Kit:

At Urban Oreganics, they recognize that before turning to recycling to handle out waste products, we should always consider repurposing first!

That’s why they offer a couple of different options on their shop for reusing their glass jars.

Want a cute little candle?

Done! With the candle kit you will get everything you need to turn your old UO jar into a lavender, soy-wax candle.

Want an easy way to label your old jars?

Done! Get a pack of chalkboard labels and the chalk pen for the many future lives of your jar.

Final thoughts:

If it isn’t easy to see why I am loving this shop so much, it may be time for you to take a look for yourself!

There are so many awesome products that I didn’t have time to include in this feature—that I guarantee you will fall in love with—over at Urban Oreganics. There is definitely something for everyone with the wide range hair, body, grooming, personal hygiene, and self-care items.

But my admiration for UO goes further than just that

I can’t tell you how much I love seeing companies strive to make awesome stuff without plastic. It has always been my belief that our creativity as people, to find new ways to do things, was the best way forward regarding the problem of plastic waste.

The reality is that we have created so many of these problems for ourselves as humans.

Many of the products that use plastics, that use artificial ingredients, are products we never needed in the past. It isn’t realistic to ask everyone to give up using the things they love in their everyday lives.

That’s where companies like Urban Oreganics come in!

By reverse engineering, safer, more sustainable, higher quality, versions of the things we know and love, they are helping to shift the tide.

To not only be looking out for the health of their customers, but also the health of the planet, is something we should all admire.