Sustainable Toothbrush [Find Out My Favorite One]

Sustainable toothbrush – check out this article to find out my favorite one!

Brushing your teeth is a small, but important part of your daily routine. It removes plaque, fights gingivitis, and freshens your breath.

zero waste oral hygene

What if I told you that you that it could also combat climate change?

Okay, it may seem like a stretch, but trust me. The choice of what kind of products you use to take care of your dental health contributes to your environmental footprint.

Everything we consume has some sort of larger implication.

Get this:

Around one billion toothbrushes are sent to landfill each year in the United States of America.

plastic toothbrush

Most of these toothbrushes, if not all, are currently made from plastic. The production of plastic releases harmful toxins into our air and waterways. Plastic is generally a polluting material that takes forever to break down.

There is more:

You may be justifying your plastic toothbrush by saying, “Hey! It is recyclable.” Well, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but more often times than not, your toothbrush actually can not be recycled. Here is why:

Many toothbrushes are designed with the human hand in mind. This means that they are ergonomic and have soft plastics where you hold it and hard plastic where you do not. This also means that it is composed of many different plastics that the recycling facility can not separate.

Do not worry:

sustainable toothbrush
EcoRoots Bamboo Toothbrush (14.90$)

Luckily, there are sustainable toothbrushes out there. By simply swapping out your plastic toothbrush for an alternative made from sustainable materials, you can do your part in fighting climate change.

It may seem too good to be true, but it really is that simple. Join me and check out these amazing sustainable products:

My Favorite Sustainable Toothbrush

Okay, my favorite toothbrush by far has to be Eco Roots Natural Toothbrush Set. With a bamboo handle and a minimalist design, this toothbrush has quickly become one of my favorites.

sustainable toothbrush
EcoRoots Bamboo Toothbrush Set of 4 (14.90$)

Here is why:

First off, I love the functionality of this zero waste toothbrush.

The bristles are so soft and it always does a great job at cleaning my teeth everyday. The handle is also very light and easy to hold. It works just as good, if not better than my old plastic toothbrush!

I love that it is made of bamboo. Bamboo is a great sustainable material. It is quickly regenerative, meaning it grows super fast. The production of bamboo also does not require a lot of irrigation or any pesticides.

There is more:

This renewing resource is also anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. It makes perfect sense to have this as a toothbrush material because it will stay fresh and clean. It also biodegrades!

Listen to this:

Once your toothbrush become old and worn, do not throw it into the trash! Instead, remove the nylon bristles by cutting them off and throw the handle into your compost bin. It will biodegrade within just a few months.

biodegradable toothbrush

Think about it:

Compare this breakdown time to the centuries a plastic toothbrush will take to break down in the landfill! It is so much faster!


The American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every three months, and this toothbrush is no exception. We are all for reusing things, but a toothbrush is one of those things that just has to be replaced every now and then.

sustainable toothbrush
EcoRoots Bamboo Toothbrush (14.90$)

It gets better:

Not only are the materials of this toothbrush sustainable, they are also ethically sourced. This sustainable toothbrush is also vegan, plastic-free, BPA-free, and non-toxic. I love it!

The toothbrushes are packaged in a cardboard box which can either be recycled or composted. This is a true zero waste toothbrush!

No sneaky plastic packaging here.

I really love that this product is sold in a pack of four. If you are buying it for yourself, you are basically set for a year. It also is great for an entire household, so you and your family can make the sustainable toothbrush switch together.

zero waste packaging
EcoRoots Bamboo Toothbrush Set of 4 (14.90)

By being a bulk set, it ends up being so affordable! Each toothbrush comes out to be a little less than $4, which really is not that bad. This price is comparable to the toothbrushes you would find in your local convenience store.

There’s more:

I also think that buying repeat buys in bulk help saves on transportation emissions.

Think about it:

If you try this toothbrush and love it, you will keep ordering it. Instead of using the resources and energy to send you one each time, you can bulk up with a set of four. It just makes more sense in my head.

While we are on the topic of transportation, let me talk a little about Eco Root’s amazing shipping promises.

Let’s get into it:

Eco Roots will not use any plastic while shipping your order. All shipping materials are recyclable or compostable. This includes using cardboard boxes, craft paper tape, and recycled paper.

Once you open your order, be sure to properly sort and dispose of your packing materials. Please do not send anything to the landfill!

sustainable toothbrush
Zero Waste Toothbrush (14.90$)

This sustainable toothbrush is such an easy swap. I always recommend it to anyone who is just hopping on to the zero waste train or simply wants to live more sustainable. It is such a zero waste staple.

Since there is no color or anything that is very stylistic about this toothbrush, it is really universal. I think everyone would love it no matter who they are! It’s minimal, classic design really speaks for itself.

The bamboo toothbrush also makes a great gift. If you want your family or friends to adopt more sustainable living practices, this would be a great starting point for them. I think the bamboo toothbrush craze is just beginning. We need to spread the word!

All in all, I love this sustainable toothbrush because it is eco-friendly, ergonomic, affordable, and stylish. This is one of my staples in my zero waste daily kit. Try it out for yourself!

A sustainable toothbrush is just the start when it comes to your zero waste dental care. There are various sustainable flosses, mouthwashes, and toothpastes, too!

Zero Waste Floss Alternative

We have already established that brushing your teeth is integral, but do not forget to floss either! Majority of the flosses on the market are made from plastic and have plastic packaging. That is a thing from the past!

Check this out:

Eco Roots carries the most awesome zero waste floss out there. Here is the deal:

zero waste floss
Vegan Floss (9.99$)

This floss is made from biodegradable bamboo fiber! That means that after use, the strands of floss can go straight into your compost bin or be buried into the soil. It will break down within 60-90 days.

zero waste floss

Isn’t that cool?

Unlike some other sustainable flosses that I have seen out there that are made from silk, this one is plant-fiber based, so it is vegan and cruelty-free. The bamboo fibers that are used are certified organic and infused with activated charcoal.

It gets better:

The packaging is also plastic-free. The floss is housed in a glass container with a metal lid. This packaging can be recycled, but there’s an even better option out there: it is reusable!

Eco Roots also carries refill packs so you can easily pop a new floss into the container. This completely eliminates the need for single-use plastic packaging. It is great!

zero waste floss

The glass container of floss comes packaged in a recycled cardboard box. It can either be recycled or composted. See? Zero waste flossing made easy!

There also are no preservatives or colorings added to this floss. Tea Tree and Peppermint oils are added to make the product antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. It works so great on my teeth and I’m sure you will love it, too!

You use it just like any other floss. Wrap it around your fingers and floss it in between your teeth in order to remove plaque.

I hope you think about trying this lovely zero waste floss!

Coming Together to Stop the Plastic Crisis

If everyone in this country swapped their plastic toothbrush with a compostable one, we would save 50 million pounds of plastic waste from going to landfill annually. That is extremely significant!

Landfill waste has a direct correlation to climate change. Decomposing waste in a landfill creates greenhouse gases since it is not the right environment for matter to break down. These gases are responsible for melting the ice caps, causing extreme weather events, and mass extinctions.

If you care about the future of this planet for generations to come, I urge you to take action. By making conscious decisions about our consumption habits, we all can be stewards of the Earth and make a difference.

sustainable toothbrush

A toothbrush may seem like an insignificant, cheap product, but when you really think about it, they are ubiquitous. It is such an easy thing that we can change that can have a large positive impact on fighting waste.

I urge you to try this amazing product and if you like it, tell others! We need everyone we can get to spread awareness around these issues. Maybe a sustainable toothbrush is just the start of the journey.

Next it could be zero waste floss, mouthwash, or toothpaste! Once you have your dental care down, you can move onto shampoo bars.

The list of swaps to make and work to do is endless, but obtainable.

sustainable toothbrush

We will move towards a zero waste society by coming together and taking small actions. These actions will domino effect each other and sooner or later, we will all be living sustainably!

Let’s do it!