Everlane Jeans Review & Info About This Brand

Everlane Jeans Review and everything you need to know about this brand.

After watching The True Cost, a fashion documentary my lifestyle was turned upside down.

The movie was a brilliant exposé on how the fashion industry is wreaking havoc on earth. Since I awoke to the horrors of the fast fashion, I altered my mentality about shopping. No longer do I feel the need to keep up with the latest trends.

With this change of mind, I am a conscious consumer.

In my quest for sustainable apparel I found Everlane! They are a slow fashion brand that makes my purchase easy and ethical.

I stumbled upon some great finds that I simply must share in my Everlane Jeans Review below. 

Fast Fashion Waste

I’ll be the first to admit that fast fashion brands like Zara, H&M, and Target were a simple solution for my personal style. They offered a robust inventory of up-to-the-minute items I had to have.

Cheap too—that is how they reel you in. Big brands like these fail at sustainability in so many ways.

A report states the fashion industry is the 1/6th largest contributor to climate change. The factory workers suffer because of a massive increase in the amount of clothes being purchase and quickly tossed.

Read this to know more about fast fashion!

Water, the elixir of…fashion?

20% of global water goes down the drain from clothing manufacturing.

Water is used to make jeans and dye textiles. Pollution is rampant from toxic dyes and the clothing fibers that permeate into the water system.

The amount of water wasted could service entire populations. In many cases drinking water is diverted from communities to serve factories.

Textile Destruction

Plants are grown in the agricultural sector to make fabric.

Genetically modified seeds are favored due to high yields and a resistance to pests.

High yields contribute to over farming soil of vital nutrients, leading to unusable land. Pest resistant seed forces something unnatural to grow in our world.

Pests form intolerance to the plants and become super bugs, having a long-term effect on farming.

These plants are then harvested and shipped off to textile manufacturing companies who weave it into clothing fiber, adding synthetic plastic fibers for durability.

Artificial fibers are petroleum-based.

The end game is an article of clothing raping the ecosystem and is near impossible to recycle.

The Human Factor

Aside from the environmental factors, labor is an issue. The bottom line is pressured to make clothing at an alarmingly high rate. This is to feed incessant fashion seasons and new collections.

Major fast fashion chains sell clothing at a low cost to the consumer while expecting high company profits. They often pay mere pennies to the people making clothes. In order to make this business model work, fast fashion brands outsource to third world countries.

Buildings are unsuitable, hours are long, and pay is low. The practice is just shy of being slave labor

My Everlane Jeans Review

Empowerment comes from having a personal style that is eco-friendly.

No more guilt, just appreciation for everything I own.

I delight in finding closet staples that tell a story before they reach my hands. Better than having blood on my hands. I like to follow a couple self-guidelines.

I ask myself these three questions when shopping:

Is it sustainable and ethical? Who made it? How long will it last?

Everlane hit the mark on all of them.

Everlane Pants

Read on to see my top three pairs of Everlane pants.

Ethical Clothing Brand – The Myth, Magic, and Legend

Everlane is changing the fashion world.

Their mission is simple: ethical clothing, made from premium materials, and radical transparency.

What does this mean?

Customers can rest at night knowing their fashion choices are made in vetted factories. Each item in their store lists a factory of origin.

The clothing is meant to last, decades in fact. They want to curb customers from fast fashion. Each item comes with a cost/profit breakdown for shoppers.

The Factory

Ethical factories really get all the shine at Everlane.

They perform stringent audits and require factories to score 90+ to be part of the family. Accountability is the main priority.

The brand is sure that each factory provides fair wages, reasonable hours, and good working conditions. These are basic labor rights the U.S. passed dating back to the 1930’s. Why wouldn’t we expect the same rights for the people who make our clothes?

For Example

Since this is an Everlane jeans review, I wanted to dig up some dirt on the production line.

The bad news, no dirt, the great news, this brand has some amazing partnerships.

I was able to go directly to the denim source.

Their jeans are made at Saitex International in Bien Ho Vietnam. This factory is leading the way for sustainable apparel manufacturing.

How they reduce, reuse, and recycle water during their entire process is revolutionary.

By collecting rainwater they are able to get water with limited impact on neighboring waterways. The machines they use to wash the jeans are atypical in the industry. It is normal to see “Belly” machines in the denim industry that waste 1500 liters per pair of jeans.

Saitex machines are a closed water system where only .4 liters of water are lost.

After use, they filter out jean fiber sludge and any other pollutants. The clean water is sent back into the community. The jean sludge is given to a nearby brick company used to construct homes. This is just one example of the Everlane sponsored factories.

If you want to learn about each factory in their registrar go here.

There is more

Everlane is people-centric. Here is why I made this Everlane Jeans Review.

Sizing is inclusive and made to fit every body.

Everlane Pants

The models are all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, etc.

Currently, they are working towards greater web accessibility. They want to ensure that all people can search and find their products. By 2020 the site will be available to those with disabilities, so everyone can join the fashion party.

Much much more

Everlane is encouraging slow fashion and high morale. Black Friday is a day that fast fashion brands thrive on. On one side of the spectrum slow fashion companies are banning Black Friday sales, opting for a closed store. Everlane decided there is a lot of money to be made here.

Why not put it to good use?

They donate ALL profits from Black Friday directly to factory workers. They initiated the Black Friday Fund to improve the lives of the people that make this company so great.

My Top Three Pairs of Pants

  1. Corderoy Straight Leg – White

These are my go-to cords when the seasons change.

I was in need of something thicker than jeans. Rocky mountain winters can freeze a girl. So when the weatherman calls for bone chilling winds, I shimmy these on.

They are high-rise and cropped. I feel like I popped out of a movie with Audrey Hepburn. I like to pair them with flats, or tennis, and a sweater for a casual look. Or I can dress them up with ankle boots and a button up top. They are so soft in feel and color.

Oh my! The neutral white allows me to mix and match light or rich hues. The coolest feature, their transparent pricing.

These corduroys cost $25 to make. Customer pricing is set at $78.

I feel satisfied knowing that the people making the pants aren’t getting a raw deal.

2. The High Rise Skinny Jean – White

I love these jeans. I just bought them in white.

Be aware they are a slim fit, but my booty looks so good.

For $68 these jeans contour my lumps and bumps. I feel glorious in white. I break the rules and wear them year round. I bring these jeans with me when I travel because they are so versatile.

They can be dressed up or down. A little game I like to play with myself (and I always win) is transitioning these jeans from coffee to cocktails. With quick changes during the day, I create stress-free outfits.

The denim has a quality thickness to it. I am so excited to have these in my closet for the years to come.

3. Wide Leg Crop Pant – Black

Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pant – Black (68$)

This brings me to my third purchase. I went out on a whim and bought a style I do not normally go for. Wide leg crop pants.

I was worried they would be unflattering. Not at all the case. The pants are just the right touch for meetings.

They give off an effortless yet sophisticated vibe in the office. I glide through the day, something that is needed for stressful deadlines. These pants remind me to let loose, and go with the flow. Every girl has a little sailor in her.

Everlane for life

They set the bar when it comes to ethical factories.

They are a slow fashion brand focused on clothing meant to last. Their radical transparency method tells their truth.

I love that what I am buying will live in my closet for the long haul, not just a season. I side with brands that care about the world, and this one does.