Vapour Organic Beauty: My Review

Vapour Organic Beauty – my full review on this brand!

Have you ever thought about the sustainability of your beauty regime?

Ever looked at the powder you are ready to dust on your face and asked, “What is this?” If you have great! If not, don’t be down about it. Ideally, cosmetics should not have to be something we question.

However the beauty industry has some really nasty habits beneath the glam. Fortunately there are many clean beauty companies coming into view.

Vapour Organic Beauty is the one I am buzzing about. They turned my world green, with an all-natural, organic beauty line. The products are top notch.

vapour organic beauty
Vapour Organic Beauty (25$)

I feel good, I look good, and mother earth is happy too.

Dirty Secrets

The beauty industry rakes in about $500 billion per year globally.

Ads market products through visuals of striking models, in elegant poses, leading luxury lifestyles.

This lucid dream disappears once you break the seal. From conception to sales counter, products plague the environment.

Plastic is used reprehensibly; water sources are drained; ingredients are synthetic, cause horrible health effects, are tested on animals, and lethal to the ecosystem.

Read more about the beauty industry’s dirty laundry here.

Beauty Industry Plastic Waste

120 billion—with a Bunits of packaging are created in the cosmetic industry each year.

A third of the plastic in the landfill is credited to the beauty industry!

beauty industry

Why? Package design holds one clue. Intriguing branding has a role in cosmetic sales.

Consumers often make purchases based on the outside vs. the inside.

Not to mention, mechanics are a factor. Many products are portioned into tiny devices.

Single-use plastics or mixed component containers are usually the go-to.

A large majority, are not recycled.

There is plastic in products as well, micro beads and glitter dominate the beauty industry. Often these tiny pieces infiltrate our water systems and sadly the ocean.

Thankfully legislation to ban their use is gaining speed.

Read here to know more about plastic waste in the beauty industry.

The Big Blue

There is a problem of water. Water is the number one ingredient in products.

After World War II, products were designed to be drain friendly. Water is used throughout the entire process of production from harnessing ingredients to texture purposes.

The demand for water could soon outweigh the supply.

This is especially true in drought prone nations where many ingredients are sourced.

More Issues

In case you are not aware, the beauty industry likes to scent products artificially. Perfume ingredients are highly toxic and have been known to be the underlying cause for a variety of diseases.

vapour organic beauty

It is nice to smell good, but do not kill yourself for it. Scented products pollute our air with toxic VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

A recent study discovered chemicals used for fragrance, are just as detrimental to air quality as car emissions.

Skin Deep

Beauty products are used on our bodies, absorbed into our system. It is startling to know that some of the most popular ingredients are toxic. To name a few: phthalates, lead, parabens, peg compounds, butylated compounds, carbon black, siloxanes, etc.

Do you know what they do?

vapour organic beauty

These ingredients take no issue in penetrating your skin and wreaking havoc. Many mess with hormones, cause allergies and affect organ development.

Here is more about the damaging effects of these ingredients.

Safety first, last, and always with organic beauty

Need help finding safe beauty products, but don’t have time to research? Curious about what exactly is swimming around in those bottles?

Get the Think Dirty app.

You can scan barcodes on products at the store, to see what is beneath the veil.

They have a rating system from 0-10 (safe to dangerous) for all products in their library. They list the ingredients, side effects, and have articles and studies to back up the ratings.

You can add new products too, their archives are always expanding. Keep track of your favorite clean beauty products in your “bathroom.”

Bonus you can go social and spy on other bathrooms.

I try to keep my bathroom rating at a 3. One day I will get to 0.

Clean with Vapour Oragnic Beauty

Sustainability measures the impact of the end-to-end process of a product. Co-Founders Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley get this right with Vapour Organic Beauty.

vapour organic beauty

They came together, to reveal natural beauty within and around us. The company hails from Taos, New Mexico. The high desert valley inspires a wild nature to their line.

This cosmetic company has built a reputation for clean beauty products.

They are taking the industry by storm with honorable mentions from Elle and Allure. But beyond the chatter, the products are good.

They take business transparency seriously. As a customer visiting their site, I always feel clear about what I am buying.

The brand upholds integrity in the supply chain with ingredient purity. Most of all they have set a high standard of health and sustainability for the environment.

Values and morals are everything

  • Ingredient Purity

Vapour is selective when it comes to ingredients.

They retain “Champion Safety Status” from the Environmental Working Group and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

The entire lifecycle of an ingredient is scrutinized. This ensures it is supportive in the ecosystem.

Everything is natural and organic. The company is no friend to pesticides and agricultural woes suffered by such use. Farming these ingredients needs to be nurturing for local wildlife.

And of course, farmers should be healthy cultivating the ingredients.

What’s not in these products?!

There are NO artificial fragrances.

Vapour Organic Beauty gets those olfactory senses going with pure essential oils and natural fruit flavors.

Next, these products do NOT contain synthetic FD&C and Lake colorants. These are petroleum-based pigments that may contain coal, tar or heavy metals.

They have been known to contribute to cancer. NO carcinogens here! Vapour has opted to use mineral pigments and carmine for radiant hues.

  • Performance  

When clean beauty lines came into the game, products could not stand next to conventional make-up. Often products would fade fast. Colors were not as vibrant.

Your make-up would not last a full day. Reapplication was vital. Products had a tendency to dry skin out.

vapour organic beauty

Vapour Organic Beauty is revolutionizing clean beauty because they are steadfast about performance.

The make-up is lightweight, and the colors flawless.

Due to purity of the ingredients you are not just putting a make-up on. It is beneficial for the skin, nourishing from the inside out.  

  • Transparency

Do not let the beauty industry fool you. As discussed earlier some of the prettiest things are the ugliest.

This company does not hide anything. They have achieved a high quality product, from pure ingredients that they dare to show off. Hop over to the website to see this handy dandy ingredient glossary.

  • Environmental Respect

Currently they are set at 50% renewable energy.

Soon, by 2022 it will be 100%.

If that is not enough, this company is close to waterless.

97% of their products are made WITHOUT water.

Since so much inspiration is derived from the stunning desert landscape, Vapour has no intention of tainting it.

  • Recycling

They tout a wonderful recycling program.

vapour organic beauty

Vapour Organic Beauty has partnered with Terra-Cycle a company that accepts ALL types of used plastic containers to re-purpose. Send back your empties to Vapour.

They are happy to give you a $15 credit for their store.

  • Cruelty-Free

These products are never tested on animals. They do not sell to countries that require animal testing.

vapour organic beauty

They are classified as a Leaping Bunny, or rather a certified cruelty-free brand.

  • Giving Back

Both founders have been affected by cancer. So, product donations, to cancer patients undergoing treatment, bring light in such a dark hour.

This year they have picked up a few more charities.  

Products go to breast cancer survivors of the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation and the Lipstick Angels a group that provides bedside beauty services to seriously ill cancer patients.

  • Packaging Journey

Vapour Organic Beauty is the first to admit they have a packaging dilemma. They are always open to improvement.

organic beauty

Any ideas? The founders have traveled around the world and experimented with different methods of packaging, landing with no clear answer. In the mean time they encourage recycling with Terra-Cycle.

My Top Vapour Organic Beauty Products

  1. Velvet Glow Foundation
vapour organic beauty
Vapour Organic Beauty Velvet Glow Foundation (48$)

I go out the door with this one. In the event that I wake up late, with no time to put my face on, this foundation is a life-saver.

It makes my skin feel soft, like a babies bum.

Probably because of the array of oils: Desert Date, Macadamia, Sweet Almond, and Jojoba. I swear it is not oily!

Some magic happens during application because it is a matte finish. A little goes a long way.

My beauty regime requires some layering and Velvet Glow is buildable without feeling cakey. The line has inclusive skin tones for all beauties. The website has high quality pictures, to find the right match.

The mineral pigments highlight my natural undertones. I never feel like I am wearing a mask, it is all me.

2. Highlight Stick

vapour organic beauty
Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer (25$)

This stick makes me shine so bright. Conditioning with avocado and jojoba oils. Orange peel wax makes it last all day.

Which is good because I like to highlight like I am fresh out of a moon bath. I bet that is why they named it Moonlight. It is a nice light gold with the perfect iridescence that says, “pardon me, forest tree nymph dancing through.” Best part, NO GLITTER!

3. High-Voltage Lipstick

vapour organic beauty
Vapour Organic Beauty Lipstick (25$)

It is startling to think there are so many artificial colors in lipstick. Once I realized everything I was putting on my mouth, I started to think less of myself.

Those intense pigments can be addicting, but I refuse to put my health at risk for lip shade. For my vogue statements during the week, I decided to give these eco-friendly lipsticks a try. Blaze is the perfect desert red.

vapour organic beauty

A poppy color, with a matte finish. It conveys all the punch with no added muck.

Beauty that makes you truly feel good

The beauty industry is part of the environmental crises. They are at a crossroads and a drastic change is needed.

We as the consumer need to be part of that conversation. You, me, us can dictate which way the market goes.

Every purchase holds power.

vapour organic beauty

Awareness and integration of better living practices have a grand effect on the current state of affairs.

Kristine Keheley from Vapour put it wonderfully “…if each of us finds our own small way to contribute to making the world a little cleaner and more conscious, then all of those small acts move the needle and the world is made better.”

With Vapour Organic Beauty I know that what I am using is made from the earth. When I wash it off, it is going back without any injury.

Ready to give clean beauty a go?