17 Cruelty Free Moisturizer to Try Out

Cruelty-free moisturizer – are there any out there?

Spring is in the air, but if you live in the center United States, like me, real spring time could be months away still. This is the point in the year when your skin is really struggling along, with almost four months of wind chill and indoor heating that’s been battering at your face.

Your skin needs some intense, no holds barred, Tender Loving Care right about now. A spa day isn’t going to cut it at this point, you need something to get you through the day without another dry patch breaking out.

Am I right or am I right?

If you’re as desperate as I am at this point, you’re probably itching to just slather yourself in the next petroleum-based, mineral oil substance you can get your hands on. But let me talk you down from the ledge – there’s no need to sacrifice cruelty free ethics at the altar of good skin. Very much the opposite in fact!

Finding a new moisturizer can be daunting work however, so we took on the trial and error so you don’t have to. We’ve compiled today a comprehensive list of the absolute best cruelty free moisturizers, for any skin type or condition. We have sunscreens, light gel creams, super rich ointments, all produced by companies that value simplicity, sustainability, and treating animals with respect.

That’s right: these 17 moisturizers all range in prices, consistencies, and ingredients, but every single one is completely cruelty free – and I’m willing to bet you it’s miles better than the alternative. Say good bye to harmful addititives and animal testing and say hello to your new favorite moisturizer.

Without further ado, I present the best 17 vegan moisturizers.

The 17 Best Cruelty Free Moisturizer

1. Tatcha Water Cream

Tatcha The Water Cream (68$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Not Sure
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all plastic, glass, and paper packaging is recyclable.

If you thought this list wouldn’t have anything luxurious to offer, think again. Tatcha’s the ultimate glam skincare line, no matter your stance on its cruelty free and botanical formulations.

I first became familiar with Tatcha with their Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder, that hit the beauty blogs a few years ago. Ever since I’ve kept an eye on Tatcha, with it’s deluxe ingredients and a backbone in Japanese beauty traditions – which includes Japan’s rigorous standards for the safety and purity of any cosmetic products. Japan is actually known for having the most rigorous standards for cosmetics, the world over. This also means Tatcha’s entire line is plant-based and cruelty free.  Fun fact about the background of this wonderful brand: Tatcha’s founder, Victoria Tsai sought to create a brand that paid direct homage to the Geisha’s ancient beauty regimine. That’s how you know these totally cruelty free moisturizers, serums, and essences really do work.

This.  Moisturizer. I’m getting a little emotional thinking about it.  A single application of this stuff is the gallon of water your skin is thirsting after – with the natural power of algae, rice, and green tea, and even a bit of 23-karat gold. Which is to say, this is the most lavish, beautifully fragranced, richly-textured, gallon of water you or your skin has ever drank.

Tatcha’s Water Cream is perfect for anyone who combats oiliness or acne breakouts since this formula is light, even while it’s deeply humidifying.

One of the cool things about Tatcha’s Water Cream is that it also comes with a small metal spatula for a more hygienic application; now you can really embody your fantasy of being an alluring courtesan or princess in your daily skin care routine.

2. Lano Face Base Vitamin E Day Cream

  • Cruelty Free?Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? No

Lano serves up a truly unique and very effective dry-skin saver. If you’ve tried and loved their lanolin-based wonder ointment, then you’ll love this Day Cream.

If you’re not aware of this skin care indie darling, then allow me to introduce you. Lano is indeed cruelty free, though the brand’s key ingredient, lanolin is derived from the wax residue on shorn sheeps’ wool. Because sheeps’ wool grows continuously, however, (and most importantly, Lano’s humane farming practices) you’ll find this is one of the very few examples where an animal biproduct is being used without animal cruelty. I wouldn’t throw my money at any product with lanolin, but this moisturizer is worth every penny.

Lano’s Face Base Vitamin E Day Cream will get you through the winter and beyond, especially if you deal with chronically dry skin. Lanolin, their titular ingredient, closely mirrors the molecular structure of humans’ skin oils, thus making this a natural choice for dry skin in serious need of some nourishment. You’ll also find soothing colloidal oatmeal, creamy milk, and detoxifying Vitamin E oil in this miraculous moisturizer. Anyone in these last couple months of winter weather – no need to thank me.

3. Andalou Naturals Sensitive  1000 Roses Beautiful Day Cream

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Day Cream (13.74$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all packaging is 100% recyclable and BPA free.

If you’re craving the warmth and the floral growth of spring, then this moisturizer should more than just pique your interest. It’s also more than a beautiful name on a jar alone, however.  This really does contain Alpine Rose stem cells and rosehip oil, to generate the cruelty free moisturizer your skin, soul and senses have been craving all winter. This is perfect for anyone whose face has been feeling particularly chapped and stinging with the application of your mildest moisturizers, as it was devised with sensitive skin in mind. Andalou’s Sensitive 1000 Roses Beautiful Day Cream will replenish the most dehydrated cheeks.

Andalou Naturals is also a completely cruelty free and sustainably-minded company, as a whole — and it’s one that gets serious results. Not only is all of their packaging recyclable, but they also have created unique formulations, without synthetic scents, texturizing agents, or any typical ingredients that should make any sustainably-minded consumer recoil. In fact, Andalou has developed a trademarked fruit stem cell extraction you can’t find in any other products.

Even with all that, Andalou Naturals is an affordable bath and beauty brand worth your attention, one you can find at Target, Whole Foods or Amazon (linked above).

4. Perricone MD Nourishing Moisturizer

Hypoallergenic Nourishing Moisturizer (32.42$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, like most of Perricone’s packaging, the jar is made from glass.

Perricone MD is the ultimate brand for anyone with one eye on luxury and the other on practicality. You can tell just from their cobalt, amber, and citrine colored glass bottles, the clean and beautiful design of their labels that their cruelty free moisturizers, face washes and serums are put together with intention . These aren’t just a gaggle of pretty jars and bottles to decorate your medicine cabinet – these products get to work. Each one of their products is backed by serious research and development, with board-certified dermatologist and best-selling author, Dr. Nicholas Perricone at the helm. The ingredients list of each product is meticulously chosen to bring out the best in your skin year round, with a bevy of botanical and organic compounds. Even better, Perricone MD has taken a firm stance as an entirely cruelty free brand.

Perricone MD’s Nourishing Moisturizer is the one to beat, out of all their beautiful formulations. When I say nourishment, this moisturizer delivers capital-N Nourishment. It’s like a cloud of fragrance-free and totally non-comedogenic, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, and Shea butter, rolling over your totally parched, wind-burned face as the ultimate nourishment. Literally, this is like a glass of water for your pores.

Anyone looking for their moisturizer to totally rejuvenate their belief in the power of skincare: look no further.

5. Yes To Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer

Yes To Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer (11.85$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes, all formulas are 95% organic
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all packing is 100% recyclable

Anyone who has some temperamental skin will know that dry skin can create a vicious cycle when not treated correctly. First your skin is dry and flaking, so you go a little too hard with the heavy oils and creams, so next thing you know, even while dry patches persist, a volley of pimples strikes. Now you’re left trying to juggle astringent acne care against the smothering power of a uber-rich face lotion – not an ideal position to be found in. But no longer do we have to fret, my friends.

Yes To, beloved organic bath and beauty brand, has this absolutely facesaving offering.

Right about now is when we all need a little something to bring some balance to our skin, and this is just the thing for it. Light and refreshing to the touch, but still packs a punch with some sebum busting ingredients alongside nourishing antioxidants, Yes To’s Tomatoes Daily Balancing cruelty free doesn’t mess around. If you’ve just about had it with your winter-skin woes, this one’s for you.

Breathe easy knowing that when you buy this lotion, you’ll be not only purchasing a great moisturizer, but Yes To is also a company that uses totally recyclable packaging, 95% natural ingredients, and financial contributions to nonprofits to support women internationally.

6. Mad Hippie Triple C Night Cream

Triple C Night Cream (32.99$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all of Mad Hippie’s packing is completely recyclable – either via your own recycling bin, or Mad Hippie’s Terracycling program.

Some of you see the above moniker as proof alone that this night cream is thoughtfully produced, while others might give pause to the thought of a mad hippie turned scientist. Let me set the record straight for you from the outset: this Triple C Night Cream was awarded Betternutrition’s Best of Natural Beauty for 2020.

You guys, listen to me when I say this stuff is like giving your face a warm bath – except without the drying effects of hot water, and all the moisture your chapped cheeks are lacking.

The ingredients list reads like a poem to natural beauty, with cloudberry, Reishi (AKA the “mushroom of immortality” in Chinese medicine), Shea Butter and turmeric extract. Oh, yes, we stan. This is the vegan moisturizer you always hoped would come true, here to save you from dry, unbalanced and uncooperative skin.

Mad Hippie as a brand is dedicated to conservation and sustainability, with a robust Terracycling program in place for any products of theirs you might buy with plastic packaging. They also work with Save the Elephants and the Whole Planet Foundation to really put their money where their mouth is. Let your money go to this moisturizer if you’re in doubt. This brand might be the one to beat.

7. Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food Body Cream (15.87$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all of Weleda’s packing is completely recyclable – either via your own recycling bin, or Weleda’s Terracycling program.

You can’t have a list of organic, cruelty-free beauty and not mention Weleda, and it would be a worse crime to not mention Skin Food on this list in particular. I’ve used Skin Food for years to get me through the winter time, and is the moisturizer I judge all others against. In fact, I knew at the outset that this would find a place in the best 17 Cruelty Free Moisturizers, and I was right to assume as much.

This moisturizer gives a deep and long lasting moisture replenishment, and makes an excellent primer before makeup. Skin Food is a lotion that won’t evaporate after a couple hours, and leaves your skin luminous, silky and soft. I love that it can multitask as a hand cream as well, since we all know if your face is dry, so are your cuticles. Skin Food has a thick, ointment-like texture, with a surprisingly fresh, citrusy scent courtesy of its organic ingredients.

Skin Food isn’t the only vegan moisturizer in Weleda’s product line.

Weleda has been cruelty free as a whole for some time, with a history of using botanical ingredients for nearly a century. You’ll also find that Weleda has been certified by NATRUE, Europe’s certification for sustainability and staying cruelty free.

8. Raw Elements Face and Body Certified Natural Sunscreen

Face & Body Reef Safe Sunscreen (19.99$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes the packaging is completely recyclable

Anyone in the market for a plastic free moisturizer, you can stop your search now. You read that right: Raw Elements’ Face and Body Certified Natural Sunscreen comes in a nice little tin.

I had to include this one, first because even if we have plenty of overcast days to go before it’s spring, everyone still needs a good sunscreen. Even if the sun is behind cloud cover, or if you’re just not particularly susceptible to sunburns, everyone needs to protect their skin from the sun’s penetrating rays. If you’re here, I’m assuming you don’t need a refresher on the effects of global warming, but I’ll just say the sun’s effects on your skin are getting stronger.

With a deeply skin-quenching combination of sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, mango butter, and the invigorating properties of green tea, rosemary oil extract, and coffee beans, this Face and Body Sunscreen is the perfect lotion to bring you into warmer climes.

Raw Elements has earned a host of certifications, such as the Environmental Working Group, which rates the safety and performance if sunscreens, the coveted Leaping Bunny, and the Natural Products Association certification. Furthermore, Raw Elements has gone as far as establishing World Reef Day in 2019, to urge awareness for the pollution affecting the ocean’s coral reefs. That’s definitely a couple steps beyond being a cream alone. Despite all that, Raw Elements remains an affordable brand, definitely worth your investment.

9. Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer

  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, packaging is recyclable

Juice Beauty is a brand you’ll see at almost any Whole Foods, but have you given it a try? I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while now, and this one is maybe my favorite of their many beautifully and lotions. Juice Beauty’s Nutrient Moisturizer is formulated to nourish all skin types, whether it’s dryness, oiliness, or signs of age you’re looking to address. The ingredients found in this lotion are gentle and soothing, without the use of petroleum, parabens, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Instead Juice Beauty has made a wonderful blend of primrose, linseed, borage and grape seed oils, packed with necessary vitamins and minerals.

Not only does Juice Beauty work to produce exclusively sustainably farmed, organic and vegan face washes, and toners, this excellent company also has partnered with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners and the Environmental Working Group to spread a message of not only eco-consciousness, but social consciousness as well. It’s important to remember the effects the environment has on humanity, and us on an individual level.

10. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream

Rich Moist Soothing Cream (22.00$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? No, though their ingredients are alcohol-free, paraben-free, and free of artificial coloring.
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? No

If you’re like me, you might be fascinated by the 10. 20, sometimes 30 step Korean beauty routine, but a little too overwhelmed to dip your toes in yourself. Lo and behold, I came across the perfect place to start for anyone, no matter your experience level: Klairs’ Rich Moist Soothing Cream is the perfect vegan moisturizer for sensitive skin – anyone who knows K-beauty knows Soko Glam, and what high praise it is to have earned a slot on 2017 Soko Glam Best of K-beauty Awards.  This goes on like butter, if butter was full of jojoba oil, ceramides, and fruit seed extracts and not animal fat and other ingredients we generally avoid. This lotion instead has everything you’ve been needing in your skin care routine. This Rich Moist Soothing Cream gently restores your moisture barrier, and leaves you with the dewy complexion you thought only the stuff of Instagram filters.

Like many products you’ll find in the K-beauty market, Klairs is a very reasonably priced company. Even still, you’ll find that this is one of the few brands that is totally cruelty free, with an inclination towards eco-consciousness. Their entire line of skincare is crafted without animal testing or byproducts, and with simple, clean ingredients plucked from nature. Klairs has rightfully earned its reputation as a Korean beauty brand for the environmentally concerned consumer.

11. Origins Ginzing Oil-Free Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer

Origins Ginzing Moisturizer Cream (29.80$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, packaging is recyclable

Who doesn’t need a little pick me up this time of year? Well, so does your face, and Origins Ginzing Oil-Free Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer is just the vegan moisturizer for the job. Origins has created a super revitalizing blend of coffee, ginseng, grapefruit, and spearmint to give you the ultimate refreshed glow we all wish we had after months of hibernation. Let me amend my earlier statement: Origins Ginzing is more than a pick me up, it’s a jolt to your senses. This lotion is perfect for anyone with more oily, acne-prone skin, and is ideal for brooking the transition from spring into summer months.

Origins is one of the staple skincare lines you can find at Sephora, and there’s a good reason it’s such a mainstay. Not only does Origins pick its ingredients with a high standard for purity and efficacy, but Origins keeps their eye on humane animal treatment (as in, no animal cruelty, or biproducts other than their cruelty free sourced beeswax and honey), as well as reforestation efforts.

If you’re looking for a moisturizer to rocket you into spring time,, this should be it.

12. Coola Classic Face Organic Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50

COOLA Organi Daily Face Sunscreen (32$)
  • Cruelty Free?
  • Organic?
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, packaging is recyclable.

If you’ve been looking for an organic sunscreen then you may have come across Coola in your search – it’s named on just about every best-of sunscreen list you can find, organic or not, and for good reason. This is a more traditional version of the sunscreen-moisturizer, if Raw Elements’ tinned sun protection seems too unfamiliar to you.

Coola’s Organic Sunscreen Lotion does so much more than protect your face from getting grilled – it’s packed with luscious antioxidants in their patented Plant Protection mixture, a blend that’ll give you a real dose of hydration. This lotion will last you 80 minutes of sweaty outdoor activity, so it doesn’t skimp on the sun protection either. I recommend you go with this SPF 50 over the SPF 30, so you can get maximum amount of coverage.

Coola as a brand makes a whole line of vegan moisturizers and balms, all with wellness and an active lifestyle in mind. They use Farm to Face ingredients, so no pesticides, preservatives, or texturizers make their way into Coola’s  products — only the purest and most natural for your face and body if you look to Coola for sun protection or just an excellent day time lotion.

13. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream

Jasmine & Vitamin E Hawaiian Moisture Cream (13.20$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all packaging is recyclable.

Alba Botanica is one you can find just about anywhere – I’ve seen it at my grocery store, drug store, Target, Whole Foods, and Amazon (linked above). That’s because this brand makes affordable, skincare that really works. In fact, I think they do a particularly impressive job of taking high end formulas and pricing it for those of us who can’t afford the high end price tag – all without animal testing, fillers and unwanted and unnecessary chemicals. That’s right; no need to sacrifice your ethics in order to afford good skincare. 

This is a great cruelty moisturizer in particular, for pretty much any skin type, as it’s lightweight, hypoallergenic, and pH balanced, with the mellowing effects of jojoba, vitamin e, and sweet almond oil. Jasmine and papaya extracts punch this formula up, to protect your skin from free radicals. I’ve used this cream many times in the past, and it was a pleasure to revisit it for this list.

When you purchase any of Alba Botanica’s moisturizers, body lotions and hair care products, you’re supporting a company that produces biodegradable formulas, keeps their sunscreens reef friendly, and has banned microbeads from their products. Everything they make is thoughtfully produced, so you know when you buy their Hawaiian Moisture Cream, it’s beautifying  yourself and the planet.

14. Mineral Fusion Intense Hydration Face Cream

Mineral Fusion Intense Hydration Cream (17.82$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all of their products come in 100% recyclable, and printed with soy inks.

Mineral Fusion is a brand I’ve been aware of for some time, but until recently I didn’t realize they had their own skincare line. I’ve loved their makeup and nail polishes for years, and I honestly thought that was the extent of their product line. 

Looking back, I can’t believe what a massive oversight that was, so I’m here now to spread the good word of Mineral Fusion’s Intense Hydration Face Cream as one of the best cruelty free face moisturizers on the market. This tube of lotion seriously gave a new life to my dull and dry weather & indoor-heat worked over face. Not only does this moisturizer contain the requisite Hyaluronic Acid any good super-hydrating moisturizer needs, but it also contains antioxidant peptides to give your complexion a little more collagen and bounce. This also helps clear and calm your skin, after the harsh treatment your face has gotten, November through February.

Mineral Fusion’s brand as a whole is very no nonsense when it comes to keeping their products cruelty free, vegan, and paraben free, all backed by some serious science and research. Mineral Fusion also works closely with women’s empowerment nonprofit, Dress for Success, to help women break out of the poverty cycle at an international. This is in addition to their EWG verification, so not only do they care about the planet, but they care about the people that live on it. You won’t find that with your average mega corporation.

You won’t go wrong with this product, should you choose it.

15. Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme

Natural Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme (48$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all of their products come in 100% recyclable packaging.

One of the first cruelty free moisturizer I knew I wanted to get my hands on when I set out to make the ultimate list, was Herbivore’s standout Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme. I mean, if I’m a sucker for anything, it’s for packaging, and I fell head over heels for this little ultra-minimalist jar of light pink, whipped lotion. Just looking at the jar sitting next to me makes me feel like I’ve been steamed and oiled up in the finest, rose-scented  spa of my dreams. The best part is that the packaging and presentation is the least of what makes this cream a fantasy turned real.

Herbivore has invented a combination of completely natural ingredients, without anything remotely synthetic.

Seriously, not even 1% Herbivore’s Pink Cloud moisture creme contains synthetic additives. Herbivore intentionally sought to create a lotion that contained only ingredients found in nature, and what they came up with is absolutely dreamy.  Its unique solution of White Tea Extract, Kukui Oil, and Rose Water makes for a light lotion that leaves your skin glowing and soft, but never oily.

Herbivore is the brand to know if you’re looking for a brand that’s both ethically-minded and concerned about keeping your beauty routine aesthetics on lock.

16. DERMA E Advanced Peptides and Collagen Moisturizer

Advanced Peptide & Collagen Moisturizer (21$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? Yes, all products come in 100% recyclable packaging.

Derma E is a cornerstone of clean skincare and sustainable manufacturing and it would be insane to leave them off a list like this one. Derma E’s Advanced peptides and Collagen Moisturizer is especially close to my heart, with a roster of rarefied elements, like Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, and C-Ester to boost your collagen. This formula is perfect for anyone looking to firm up your face and neck line, which also happens to have some great benefits for acne-prone skin. It accomplishes all this while maintaining its cruelty free, soy free, vegan, and GMO free status. Even better, this vegan moisturizer comes with Wind Energy certification, so you can feel better about your carbon footprint while serving your need for good skin care.

Derma E is very serious about clean beauty, with a rigorous standard for the safety and potency of their ingredients. So rigorous, in fact, that Derma E has created a Refuse to Use list of over 2,700 ingredients used frequently in skin and health care that are not only toxic to humans, but also to our environment. Derma E’s Refuse to Use list has been in effect since 1984, so it’s basically built into their company DNA to stick with clean and sustainable beauty.

This incredible little lotion would be a great place for anyone to start with sustainable beauty products. 

17. Embryolisse Lait-Créme Concentrè

Lait-Crème Concentré Face & Body Moisturizer (28$)
  • Cruelty Free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Is the Packaging Recyclable? No

I wasn’t expecting to find this French drug-store favorite when I sought out cruelty free moisturizers, so imagine my surprise when I did nonetheless. French skincare is revered for good reason after all.

Emryolisse’s Lait-Creme Concentrate is a great example of what it’s all about, with simple, plant-derived ingredients, that does all the leg-work for your skin, so you can wear less makeup and age gracefully but not perfectly. Using Lait-Créme Concentrè won’t only make you chic, it will really give you a deep down, much needed, flush of hydration. This is the product to get you through the last of the winter season, so your skin is ready to glow when spring has sprung.

This is one of the many examples on this list that shows quality skin care shouldn’t come with animal testing. Embryolisse isn’t like many of the other companies on this list since they are not a strictly natural beauty company, but they prove that even then you can find an incredibly powerful moisturizer without animal testing.

Ooh la la!  Let that be your incentive for trying out this cruelty free cult favorite.

Conclusion: These cruelty free moisturizers are life changing.

These 17 brands have shown me a few important things about sustainability and its place in the beauty industry.

First, it’s evident to me that taking a strong ethical stance as a consumer reaps you higher quality products. No more am I, or should anyone else, be a slave to mineral oil or petroleum, or multinational conglomerates that make their money on the backs of poorly paid labor.

Have I mentioned animal testing? You see a beauty product without a cruelty free certification these days, and you should know it’s far from your only option. 

Move over L’Oreal and Unilever, we’re caring about the environment and keeping our skincare, moisturizers and all, cruelty free in 2020 and beyond. If you’ve hesitated in setting aside your Vaseline or Ponds, or some other holdover from a time past, these 17 cruelty free moisturizers are a signal it’s time to move on!

Seriously, there is a completely cruelty free moisturizer for any concern, any time of year, and any occasion. You can lavish yourself with Tatcha’s Water Cream, and adorn yourself with lotion like a princess, or slather your nose and brow in Coola’s surf-ready sunscreen. In the brutal winter you can moisturize in style with Embryolisse’s Lait-Creme Concentre, or get serious with Weleda’s totally essential Skin Food ointment. I had imagined when I set out to find cruelty free moisturizers the selection might be more limited, but it’s far from it.

No matter your place in the realm of sustainability, whether you’re just starting to dip your toes in, or you’re a seasoned, zero-waste super star, everyone can agree that finding new skincare products can be a thorny mess to untangle. With that in mind, we leave you with these 17 moisturizers, so you can kick back, relax, and moisturize.

Give up your old moisturizer that maybe you picked out at random, overwhelmed with choices, at your local drug store – or maybe it was recommended to you even, but without consideration to animal testing or the environment. Use it up (because we don’t believe in waste around here, of course), and then pick something that works for your skin and the planet. One of these 17 moisturizers is the one that deserves your money, so which will you choose?

Tell me which cruelty free moisturizer is your favorite?

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