13 Eco Friendly Purses Ethically Made

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13 Eco friendly purses for every budget.

Sadly, luxury accessories are not made with the environment in mind. We are going to explore this lack of moral code.

Find your new favorite accessory on the list of 13 eco friendly purses below.

Hot Couture Right Now

Six major conglomerates own forty of the top luxury fashion brands. The amount of influence these companies have is monopolizing. They decide the money moves. They allow animals and people to be tortured for profit. Allocating funds to sustainable materials, paying fair wages, and innovating fashion technology are all in their realm of capabilities. Are they acting? No. That type of paradigm shift has too much risk.

Subliminal Advertising

Starting with advertising, fashion corporations thrive on it. They spread their seed via expensive conventional and digital ads: billboards, buses, banners, radio, television, videos, search engines, email, etc. Meanwhile purchasing body space on some notable figures: musicians, actors, athletes, etc. Teeming with money the fashion industry subliminally forces product into our lives. They tell us these names—Versace, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and more—define “luxury.” It works. We validate this ideal by buying their purses and other goods. This enables them to exploit the earth.

Leather – the bad, the ugly

Many high-end purses use leather. Leather rapes society in an awful way, and a handful of people profit. Fans of animal leather claim that is better to use the entire cow, versus let it go to waste. They are right. That is something we learned from Native Americans. Example: the buffalo. It was hunted and used to the fullest extent. In an ideal world this would be great. That is not the world we live in. The industry makes more money when more animals are killed. Even when there is little demand for meat, there is demand for hide.

And this..

The agriculture industry requires land. Land has to be cleared. Established ecosystems are cut away. Co2 is released into the air. Greenhouse gases increase. This is a huge problem in the Amazon Rainforest where deforestation is rampant. With that farming commences. Mass scale farming operations opt for extreme confinement. Animals are kept in close quarters with horrible living conditions. They are stuffed with self-feeders until they are bursting at the seams.

..there is more

At a certain stage cattle are crammed into trucks and transported to a slaughterhouse. The journey is tough: no food, no water, in heat or cold. They are poked and prodded off the truck. Then they go through the slaughter chute. Each cow is supposed to be shot with a captive bolt gun. This renders a painless death. But the line is never stopped for a missed animal, that is still alive. So many cows are chopped limb from limb while they are conscious.

Even More

Tanning cowhide is the next step. 80% of animal leather in the world is tanned using chromium, a highly toxic chemical. It results in 800,000 pounds of toxic waste runoff into our landfills and waterways. This is common in countries with poor environmental regulations like China, India, and Bangladesh. People die from working in tanneries. How do they die? By being boiled alive, drowning or buried in chemicals. People in contact with the chemicals or polluted water runoff suffer from severe illnesses. Cancer, respiratory, endocrine, and genetic maladies are just a few inflictions.

Not done yet

Moving on to the labor factories. Major brands pay workers very little. They all claim to be houses of quality and exclusivity. Yet many products are manufactured in the same factories, some in Italy and some in China. Labor costs are always being squeezed. In factories you find poor working conditions, long hours and low wages. Illegal immigrants are a source of cheap labor. Often workers get little training, and are put to work with dangerous equipment. While these factory owners like to boast zero medical incidents, workers report otherwise. With no medical insurance, they are cut out of jobs and left with life-altering injuries.

No More Leather

We do not need to settle for killing animals, people and the planet. If we are talking eco friendly purses then the best made without leather. There are plenty of new advances lighting a fire into fashion. Ingenuity comes in the form of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Did you know?

Faux leathers made out of plastics are on the rise. They have the same look, feel, and durability. Plus they account for a fraction of the petroleum used for animal leather. More eco-friendly materials like fruit waste, canvas, cork, and linen also create unique textures. A few accessory brands have taken on the challenge of repurposing materials. Old tires, seat belts, or car interiors are just a few leather alternatives.

13 Eco-Friendly Purses:

1. Sakroots Women’s Eco-Twill Metro Tote – $78.99


The Company: Sakroots makes affordable, eco-friendly, and consciously crafted products. They develop thoughtful products built on handcrafted details and environmentally responsible practices. And their prints support Oceana, whose mission is to protect and restore the world’s oceans.

Sustainability and Ethics: Sakroots supports environmental organizations that help make the world a better place. And all of their products are 100% PETA approved and vegan certified. They have recycled 1.7 million plastic bottles and counting.

The Bag: 100% eco-twill made from REPREVE material from recycled water bottles, this stylish and durable tote comes in five print options.

2. Haiku Jaunt Eco-Friendly RFID Blocking Travel Crossbody – $70

The Company: Haiku builds bags with a purpose. By using recycled materials, they reduce their (and our) impact on the environment and keep plastic out of our oceans. All of their bags are made from recycled fabrics, repurposing hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles each year. Additionally, they use recycled polyester instead of virgin materials to conserve other resources like water and oil.

Sustainability and Ethics: They track their process and impact on their website with regular updates. As of this date, they have saved 1.9 million+ bottles from landfills, conserved 1.3 million+ gallons of water, conserved nearly 8 thousand gallons of oil and reduced 124 tons of CO2 emissions.

The Bag: Made from a durable polyester fabric made from post-consumer beverage bottles, this bag saves 12+ bottles from spending the next several hundred years in a landfill. And with secure closures, several pockets, an ID holder, and a secure card pocket that prevents scanning by strangers, this crossbody bag is perfect for travelers and explorers.

3. JW PEI Women’s Top-Handle Crossbody Bag – $64.99

The Company: JW PEI’s motto is, “accessible, effortless, empowering.” Based out of Los Angeles, this brand was founded by a husband and wife who care about minimalist design and sustainable, vegan materials.

Sustainability and Ethics: All JW PEI products use sustainable materials, including vegan leather and certified fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles.

The Bag: Made from 100% vegan leather and recycled plastic lining, this crossbody bag with a removable top-handle shoulder strap is both animal and eco-friendly. It comes in beige and black for options that go with any outfit.

4. Natalie Therese Cork Hip Bag / Small Cross Body – $52


The Company: Natalie Therese products are proudly handmade in the United States using simple and sustainable, clean, and earth-conscious materials, including 100% natural cork. Cork is a natural fiber harvested from trees in Portugal. Lightweight, waterproof, stain-resistant, and antimicrobial, cork is an excellent material for eco-friendly products.

Sustainability and Ethics: The cork used in Natalie Therese products is harvested without harming the trees it comes from. The bark regenerates naturally, making cork a renewable resource. The brand also uses faux leather, a greener alternative to vinyl and animal leathers, and 100% organic certified cotton, which has a low environmental impact.

The Bag: This 100% genuine and sustainably harvested cork bag can be worn two ways: crossbody or at the hip. It is durable, stain-resistant, waterproof, and the perfect size for a night out.

5. Dasein Top-Handle Shoulder Bag with Matching Clutch – $49.99


The Company: Dasein makes bags that are built better.  

Sustainability and Ethics: Their bags are eco-friendly and vegan, so our planet and animals go unharmed. They are primarily made with vegan leather, which is not only eco-friendlier, but also anti-scratch and tear-resistant, and it holds its shape well.  

The Bag: As an eco-friendly set that comes in 23 different color options with adjustable and removable shoulder straps, this one is ideal for all occasions that require a little extra purse space.

6. Baggallini Eco Go Bag – $35.25


The Company: Baggallini is all about looking good, feeling good, minimizing clutter, and using eco-friendly materials to create chic and versatile products.

Sustainability and Ethics: This brand’s bags are made from eco-friendly alternatives, including recycled water bottles, for a more planet-friendly experience.

The Bag: Practical, stylish, and planet-friendly, the Eco Go bag comes in three cute colors, has multifunctional pockets, and contains a removable wristlet that blocks passing card scanners so scammers can’t steal your information when you’re on the go.

7. Ahtine Handwoven Round Bag with Crossbody Strap – $27.55

The Company: Ahtine is an Australian brand that makes eco-friendly handbags and accessories. They are lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly; good for the environment, unique for you.

Sustainability and Ethics: Ahtine rattan bags are handmade from 100% natural rattan and other eco-friendly and plant-based materials.

The Bag: Available in white, tan, and black, this small and natural crossbody bag effortlessly matches every outfit and situation. And they hold more than you would think, which makes them perfect for beach trips, date nights, and other outings.

8. Lam Gallery Vegan Cork Clutch Bag – $22.99

The Company: Lam Gallery makes colorful and natural eco-friendly products that hold us to a higher standard. No animals harmed and no harsh chemicals used – just sustainable fashion.

Sustainability and Ethics: Lam Gallery’s cork clutch bags are sustainable, vegan, and eco-friendly. As we mentioned earlier, cork is a naturally occurring resource that can be harvested from trees in Portugal without harming the source. It is also recyclable and biodegradable.

The Bag: Large enough to cold cash, cards, phone, and keys, this colorful vegan cork clutch bag is the perfect accessory when you only need to carry a few things with you, or you don’t want to dig through dozens of items in a larger purse to find your lipstick.  

9. Scarleton Satchel Handbag – $35.99

The Company: Scarleton was founded in 2011 in Los Angeles by a passionate mother-daughter duo. They’ve sold millions of bags of all different kinds, crafted with vegan and cruelty-free fabrics. Unique fashion and affordable prices meet better-for-the-planet materials.

Sustainability and Ethics: Vegan and cruelty-free, Scarleton’s purses, crossbody bags, backpacks, and diaper bags are made better for a planet-friendly fashion experience.

The Bag: These satchels come in 11 color options and two ways to wear: shoulder purse or crossbody bag. There are several compartments and pockets for big and small items.

10. Tribe Azure Hobo Handbag – $22.99

The Company: Tribe Azure makes high-quality, handmade, unique, and fair-trade products. 

Sustainability and Ethics: Fairtrade is the most recognized and trusted sustainability label in the world. Fairtrade items are known to be made with sustainability in mind, from the materials used to the ways that the finished products are made. They also tend to come from companies that choose fairer and safer working conditions for their employees.

The Bag: Tribe Azure’s adorable hobo bag is large and roomy, hand-woven, and carried on wide, comfortable shoulder straps.

11. LOVEVOOK Mini Clutch – $15.98


The Company: LOVEVOOK was established in 2014 and continues to be a brand that cares about creative, planet-friendly products, social responsibility, and a healthy, tasteful lifestyle. They make handbags, backpacks, and messenger bags.

Sustainability and Ethics: Made with eco-friendly materials, including smooth vegan leather, LOVEVOOK products are better for the environment.

The Bag: This eco-friendly clutch comes in three conveniently matchable colors. It is large enough to hold everyday essentials and comes with a detachable strap, which makes it more versatile.

12. Orchid Bay Cork Clutch Wallet – $12.98

The Company: Orchid Bay strives to source eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable products through its line of natural cork products. They are simple but chic, lightweight, stylish, practical, and trendy.  

Sustainability and Ethics: Their line of natural cork products is sustainable, renewable, and incredibly environmentally friendly.

The Bag: This innovative natural cork wallet is unique, soft, and sustainable. There’s enough room for all the things you normally stow in your wallet when you leave the house, including cards, coins, keys, and your phone.

13. Karen’s Line Evil Eye Handmade Clutch Purse – $26.99


The Company: Karen’s Line makes eco-friendly gifts and handmade planet-friendly accessories, including clothing, shoes, handbags, and shoulder bags. Their website states that their brand is where sustainability meets style. They aim to combine fashion and function, using their handmade bags to honor traditions and protect the environment.

Sustainability and Ethics: Made with natural burlap and other eco-friendly materials, their products are better for the Earth, sustainable, and unique.

The Bag: This handmade crocheted clutch purse has a fun, funky design, a water-resistant interior for easy cleaning, and is the perfect size to hold in your hand or carry under your arm.

The fashion industry is going through a renovation. Lucky us! We are witnesses to the magic. Consumers are raising the bar. Brands cannot snub the earth for profit. Thanks to technology, information is readily available. It is easier for us to discover the truth about materials and labor. Let’s welcome brands making an effort to change. We have to fail in order to succeed. Past failures are sparking change. Change in mindsets and skillsets.

As we move away from unsustainable practices we will be reducing our footprint. A much needed relief for the planet. With scientists warning us about the dangers of climate change. One eco friendly purse or a sustainable backpack can make a difference. Let people live in peace. Let animals know peace.

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My Zero Waste Blog

My Zero Waste Blog

I am passionate about the environment, sustainability, low-waste lifestyle, and conscious fashion. I love connecting and inspiring other people through my personal experience on how to live a more conscious and low-impact lifestyle.
My Zero Waste Blog

My Zero Waste Blog

I am passionate about the environment, sustainability, low-waste lifestyle, and conscious fashion. I love connecting and inspiring other people through my personal experience on how to live a more conscious and low-impact lifestyle.

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